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The New Controller Guidebook - Steven Bragg

The New Controller GuidebookSteven Bragg

The New Controller Guidebook covers every aspect of being a controller, including the management of accounts payable, cash, collections, inventory, payroll, and more. It also shows you how to close the books, which reports to issue to the m… more

The New Controller Guidebook
Steven Bragg
AccountingTools , English
Alphabet & Numbers 1-20 Flas... - inkroe

Alphabet & Numbers 1-20 Flas...inkroe

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Letters A through Z and Numbers 1 through 20 are included. One letter or number is displayed per page, with lowercase letters, uppercase letters and numbers grouped in separate sections. Each page of a section has convenient links to all le… more

Alphabet & Numbers 1-20 Flash Pages - Flash Cards (Reading and Math Flash Cards)
inkroe , English
Mind Control NOW: A Powerful... - James Darko

Mind Control NOW: A Powerful...James Darko

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Learn The Power of Mind Control Today

In this book I will teach you everything you need to know to start using mind control NOW! Not tomorrow not next week now! If you’ve ever wanted the ability to control those around you look no further… more

Mind Control NOW: A Powerful Guide to Manipulation, Persuasion and Human Psychology That Works!
James Darko
XBOX repair guide (Pink Pand... - Pink Panda Publishing

XBOX repair guide (Pink Pand...Pink Panda Publishing

Do you have Xbox? This book will guide you step by step on how to clean your Xbox dvd drive, open a controller, usb port installation, hard drive upgrades and many more. Don’t miss the chance to have this important guide for Xbox owners.

XBOX repair guide (Pink Panda Publishing) (Kindle Edition)
Pink Panda Publishing
Pink Panda Publishing , English
#09 The Planet of the Giant ... - Gilles Adrien, Alain Broders

#09 The Planet of the Giant ...Gilles Adrien, Alain Broders

The Planet of the Giant is a very strange place. The planet itself is a stone giant, and each body part is managed by a different ruler. But ever since Talamus, the controller of the giant’s brain, stopped responding to messages and started… more

#09 The Planet of the Giant (The Little Prince)
Gilles Adrien, Alain Broders
Graphic Universe TM , English
Living in the Now: Less Stre... - Jill Jacques

Living in the Now: Less Stre...Jill Jacques

If you are stressed out, exhausted by life or simply feel that there are too few hours in the day to get everything done, it is time to slow down, take a deep breath and embrace Living in the Now. Mulling over the problems of the past and w… more

Living in the Now: Less Stress, More Happiness
Jill Jacques
Zebra Press (Random House Struik) , English
Necahual - Tobias S. Buckell

NecahualTobias S. Buckell

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Originally published in So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction and Fantasy (May 2004)We drop out the wormhole towards a mess of a planet by the ochre light of a dying sun. From the cant of orbit, upside down and even then throu… more

Tobias S. Buckell
Shadows On The Plain - R.K. Troughton

Shadows On The PlainR.K. Troughton

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The great cities of the world still lay in ruin a thousand years after rebellion freed the plainsmen from the yoke of the thought-controllers. All across the endless plains, the clans have abandoned technology and returned to a more primiti… more

Shadows On The Plain
R.K. Troughton
R.K. Troughton , English
Women from the Ashes - Roy Station

Women from the AshesRoy Station

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Dystopian-looks into a time when females are scarce and rarely tolerated.However, for some, they have a mysterious magical quality. Despite a futuristic setting, present day prejudice, understanding, humour, sex, and love prevail.

Women from the Ashes
Roy Station
Wilson. , English
The Controller: Delivered - JC Stand

The Controller: DeliveredJC Stand

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When John gets a text from The Controller telling him to drive over to an address in the nude, he has no idea what lies ahead. He only knows that he must do as instructed and submit to whatever the person he is being delivered to wants. How… more

The Controller: Delivered
JC Stand
Quest for the Well of Souls ... - Jack L. Chalker

Quest for the Well of Souls ...Jack L. Chalker

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Welcome to the Well World: a construct of an ancient defunct race known as the Markovians. The Well World acts both as the controller of and the gateway to 1560 worlds created by the Markovians at the end of their time.

Exiles at the Well… more

Quest for the Well of Souls (Well World Saga: Volume 3)
Jack L. Chalker
Phoenix Pick , English
The Munich Syndrome (Tidal Nooses) - Steve Merrick

The Munich Syndrome (Tidal Nooses)Steve Merrick

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This is episode 5 of The Munich Syndrome. it explores the dreams of the characters through the minds eye view of Maggie the Controller, but humanity now only has seven days left before the great wipeout? this’ll kill you!

The Munich Syndrome (Tidal Nooses)
Steve Merrick
Steve Merrick , English
Alphabet Flash Pages - Flash... - inkroe

Alphabet Flash Pages - Flash...inkroe

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Letters A through Z, with one letter displayed per page. Lowercase and uppercase letters are grouped in separate sections. Each page of a section has convenient links to all letters in that section and to the table of contents. The links ar… more

Alphabet Flash Pages - Flash Cards (Reading and Math Flash Pages)
inkroe , English
Numbers 1-20 Flash Pages - F... - inkroe

Numbers 1-20 Flash Pages - F...inkroe

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Numbers 1 through 20 are included, with one number displayed per page. Each page has convenient links to all other numbers in the flash pages.The links are arranged in a way to reduce the number of controller moves needed to reach the other… more

Numbers 1-20 Flash Pages - Flash Cards (Reading and Math Flash Cards)
inkroe , English
Abducted ... and Loving It - Rod Harden

Abducted ... and Loving ItRod Harden

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They say that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and for many, “power exchange” is the ultimate expression of sexual desire. The stories in this book explore the dark, outer extreme of power exchange between an abductor and his unwilling vi… more

Abducted … and Loving It
Rod Harden
Sizzler Editions , English
The Stress Buster's Victory ... -

The Stress Buster's Victory ...

Everyone in this world suffers from some or the other kind of stress. Whether you wear your stress on your sleeve and keep yourself out of activities or you stifle your stress in some recess of your mind and do not let the world know about … more

The Stress Buster’s Victory - Overcome Mental Anguish And Create More Energy For Your Life!
From Stress to Strength - Ray Terris

From Stress to StrengthRay Terris

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Is the stress in your life building up to the point where you just want to scream? Or maybe you know someone who is ready to explode from the pressure.Stress can make a persons life totally miserable and often leads to depression and overwh… more

From Stress to Strength
Ray Terris
Ray Terris , English
JON-29 (Tales of the Outlands) - GARY MARK LEE

JON-29 (Tales of the Outlands)GARY MARK LEE

Raised by his “MOTHER” a highly advanced attack tank, JON-29 is a perfect fighting machine and the main controller of his war machine; raised from an infant inside his armored vehicle he battles the ENEMY along with others of his kind but w… more

JON-29 (Tales of the Outlands)
Bifurcation Control: Theory ... -

Bifurcation Control: Theory ...

Bifurcation control refers to the task of designing a controller that can modify the bifurcation properties of a given nonlinear system, so as to achieve some desirable dynamical behaviors. There exists no similar control theory-oriented bo… more

Bifurcation Control: Theory and Applications (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences)
Springer , English
Halo Reach Cheats - The Halo... - Derek Jarred

Halo Reach Cheats - The Halo...Derek Jarred

The Halo Reach Bible Of OMG, WTF And WOW Cheats,Hacks. Codes, Achievements And More!1. Best Controller Settings2. WOW! Halo Reach Unlockables!3. Map Pack Achievements Galore…4. Secret Halo Reach Hints5. Halo Reach Easter Eggs6. TeleLaunch… more

Halo Reach Cheats - The Halo Reach Bible Of OMG, WTF And WOW Cheats, Hacks. Codes, Achievements And More!
Derek Jarred
Derek Jarred , English