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Planning America's Security:... - John G. McGinn, John Tedstrom

Planning America's Security:...John G. McGinn, John Tedstrom

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This report identifies key lessons from the Nationa Defense Panel and makes recommendations to the Congress, the administration, and future NDP teams.

Planning America’s Security: Lessons from the NAtional Defense Panel
John G. McGinn, John Tedstrom
Rand Publishing , English
The Cult of the Presidency: ... - Gene Healy

The Cult of the Presidency: ...Gene Healy

The Bush years have justifiably given rise to fears of a new Imperial Presidency. Yet despite the controversy surrounding the administration’s expansive claims of executive power, both Left and Right agree on the boundless nature of preside… more

The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power
Gene Healy
Cato Institute , English
Democracy Hijacked: What you... - BJ Williamson

Democracy Hijacked: What you...BJ Williamson

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Time is growing short for Americans to take back control of our government. Learn the secrets behind why Congress passed harmful visa legislation that let foreign workers take millions of our best jobs. Discover how foreign nations are exe… more

Democracy Hijacked: What you need to know before the 2012 election to ensure the integrity of our election, and to end outsourcing lobbies that corrupt politicians.
BJ Williamson
Lanite Publishing, LLC , English
Harboring Data: Information ... -

Harboring Data: Information ...

As identity theft and corporate data vulnerability continue to escalate, corporations must protect both the valuable consumer data they collect and their own intangible assets. Both Congress and the states have passed laws to improve practi… more

Harboring Data: Information Security, Law, and the Corporation (Stanford Law Books)
Stanford Law Books , English
The Missing Link: People and... - James Jeffries

The Missing Link: People and...James Jeffries

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Our political system is out of whack. Congress is gridlocked and the voters are unenthusiastic.I know how to make the Congress function again and put the voters back in the voting booth.

The Missing Link: People and Politics
James Jeffries


An Alternative To Holy War introduces the reader to the beliefs of the Congress of Sunni Sect of Islam.  It furnishes an overview of basic Islamic beliefs concerning theology and history, with sweeping recommendations to improve the well-b… more

An Alternative To Holy War
AuthorHouse , English
Bureau Of  Ethnology Eighth ... - J. W. Powell

Bureau Of Ethnology Eighth ...J. W. Powell

INTRODUCTION. The prosecution of research among the North American Indians, as directed by act of Congress, was continued during the fiscal year 1886-‘87.The general plan upon which the work has been prosecuted has been explained in former … more

Bureau Of Ethnology Eighth Annual Report - J. W. Powell
J. W. Powell
If Women Ruled the World - Sheila Ellison

If Women Ruled the WorldSheila Ellison

With women making up only 14 percent of Congress and with only eight women CEOs in the entire group of Fortune 500 companies, women’s collective voices are clearly underrepresented. Nor are they proportionately present on the airwaves or in… more

If Women Ruled the World
Sheila Ellison
New World Library , English
Early Release for Federal In... - Nathan James

Early Release for Federal In...Nathan James

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Congress has shown interest in ways to reduce the size of the federal prison population by reducing the amount of time inmates serve in prison though such measures as allowing inmates to earn credit toward their sentences for participating … more

Early Release for Federal Inmates: Fact Sheet
Nathan James
Congressional Research Service , English
Clinical Congress Program Book 2011 - American College of Surgeons

Clinical Congress Program Book 2011American College of Surgeons

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The Clinical Congress program is organized into thematic tracks that address content of interest to all surgical sprecialties and specialty-based tracks that address the learning needs of various specialty groups.

Clinical Congress Program Book 2011
American College of Surgeons
Congress and the Politics of... - E. Scott Adler, John D. Wilkerson

Congress and the Politics of...E. Scott Adler, John D. Wilkerson

How do issues end up on the agenda? Why do lawmakers routinely invest in program oversight and broad policy development? What considerations drive legislative policy change? For many, Congress is an institution consumed by partisan bickerin… more

Congress and the Politics of Problem Solving
E. Scott Adler, John D. Wilkerson
Cambridge University Press , English
Hearings Regarding H.R. 1567... - United States. Congress. Hou...

Hearings Regarding H.R. 1567...United States. Congress. Hou...

Hearings regarding H.R. 15678, H.R. 15689, H.R. 15744, H.R. 15754, and H.R. 16099, bills to curb terrorist organizations. Hearings, Eighty-ninth Congress, second session (1966)

Hearings Regarding H.R. 15678, H.R. 15689, H.R. 15744, H.R. 15754, and H.R. 16099, bills to Curb Terrorist Organizations. Hearings, Eighty-ninth Congress,Second Session
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities Un-American Activities
Military Recruiting and Rete... -

Military Recruiting and Rete...

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Responding to a national crisis in defence manpower, Congress passed the FY00 National Defense Authorization Act, which raised military pay and increased bonus ceilings and benefits. This work estimates the effects of the act’s basic pay in… more

Military Recruiting and Retention After the Fiscal Year 2000 Military Pay Legislation
Rand Corp , English
The Accuracy of Information ... - The Federal Trade Commission Staff

The Accuracy of Information ...The Federal Trade Commission Staff

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This is a report to Congress Under Section 319 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 which was largely buried and came to some very startling conclusions including that one in every five Americans has an error in his or h… more

The Accuracy of Information in Credit Reports
The Federal Trade Commission Staff
The Federal Trade Commission , English
Children of the Mind: 4 (The... - Orson Scott Card

Children of the Mind: 4 (The...Orson Scott Card

6 ratings

The planet Lusitania is home to three sentient species: the Pequeninos; a large colony of humans; and the Hive Queen, brought there by Ender. But once against the human race has grown fearful; the Starways Congress has gathered a fleet to d… more

Children of the Mind: 4 (The Ender Quintet)
Orson Scott Card
Tor Books , English
Dilemmas of Representation: ... - Sally Friedman

Dilemmas of Representation: ...Sally Friedman

In-depth analysis of the representational styles of several members of Congress from New York State.

Dilemmas of Representation: Local Politics, National Factors, and the Home Styles of Modern U.S. Congress Members
Sally Friedman
State Univ of New York Pr , English
Social Work with Immigrants ... -

Social Work with Immigrants ...

Successful social work with immigrants must begin with an understanding of their legal status and how that status impacts their housing, employment, health care, education, and virtually every other aspect of life. Chang-Muy and Congress pr… more

Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees: Legal Issues, Clinical Skills and Advocacy
Springer Publishing Company , English
Writings of the Sufi: The My... - Omar Khayyam

Writings of the Sufi: The My...Omar Khayyam

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A selection of writings and verse from the Sufi, the mystic sect of Islam. Includes the Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam, the Songs of Kabir, the Congress of Birds, and A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty.

Writings of the Sufi: The Mystical Tradition in Islam
Omar Khayyam
Red and Black Publishers , English


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An Introduction to Islamism introduces the reader to the beliefs of the Congress of Sunni Sect of Islam.  It furnishes an overview of basic Islamic beliefs concerning theology and history, with sweeping recommendations to improve the well-b… more

AuthorHouse , English
Xenocide: 3 (The Ender Quintet) - Orson Scott Card

Xenocide: 3 (The Ender Quintet)Orson Scott Card

6 ratings

The war for survival of the planet Lusitania will be fought in the heart of a child named Gloriously Bright.On Lusitania, Ender found a world where humans and pequininos and the Hive Queen could all live together; where three very different… more

Xenocide: 3 (The Ender Quintet)
Orson Scott Card
Tor Books , English