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The Cult of the Presidency: ... - Gene Healy

The Cult of the Presidency: ...Gene Healy

The Bush years have justifiably given rise to fears of a new Imperial Presidency. Yet despite the controversy surrounding the administration’s expansive claims of executive power, both Left and Right agree on the boundless nature of preside… more

The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power
Gene Healy
Cato Institute , English
Social Work with Immigrants ... -

Social Work with Immigrants ...

Successful social work with immigrants must begin with an understanding of their legal status and how that status impacts their housing, employment, health care, education, and virtually every other aspect of life. Chang-Muy and Congress pr… more

Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees: Legal Issues, Clinical Skills and Advocacy
Springer Publishing Company , English
Harboring Data: Information ... -

Harboring Data: Information ...

As identity theft and corporate data vulnerability continue to escalate, corporations must protect both the valuable consumer data they collect and their own intangible assets. Both Congress and the states have passed laws to improve practi… more

Harboring Data: Information Security, Law, and the Corporation (Stanford Law Books)
Stanford Law Books , English
Military Recruiting and Rete... -

Military Recruiting and Rete...

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Responding to a national crisis in defence manpower, Congress passed the FY00 National Defense Authorization Act, which raised military pay and increased bonus ceilings and benefits. This work estimates the effects of the act’s basic pay in… more

Military Recruiting and Retention After the Fiscal Year 2000 Military Pay Legislation
Rand Corp , English
Yesterday Returns -Episodes ... - Ian Davies

Yesterday Returns -Episodes ...Ian Davies

The sequel and conclusion to the original story Yesterday Returns - Episode One

Over the next few days, the transmissions from home became more a concern and a hindrance than of any useful assistance to us. These were also seen and heard b… more

Yesterday Returns -Episodes Two & Three (a short story)
Ian Davies
Phyxcion Digital , English
Congress and the Politics of... - E. Scott Adler, John D. Wilkerson

Congress and the Politics of...E. Scott Adler, John D. Wilkerson

How do issues end up on the agenda? Why do lawmakers routinely invest in program oversight and broad policy development? What considerations drive legislative policy change? For many, Congress is an institution consumed by partisan bickerin… more

Congress and the Politics of Problem Solving
E. Scott Adler, John D. Wilkerson
Cambridge University Press , English
Could Fixing America's Probl... - David Buck

Could Fixing America's Probl...David Buck

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An insight into Congress, political contributions, the voters, judges, entitlements and more. What is wrong with them, and how could the problems be solved?

Could Fixing America’s Problems Be This Simple?
David Buck
David A. Buck , English
Deliberation, Social Choice ... - David van Mill

Deliberation, Social Choice ...David van Mill

Social choice theory and theories of deliberative discourse have deeply impacted on the way political scientists understand the dynamics of democratic politics and decision-making. Deliberation, Social Choice and Absolutist Democracy addres… more

Deliberation, Social Choice and Absolutist Democracy (Routledge Innovations in Political Theory)
David van Mill
Routledge , English
Letter to James Monroe - Jun... -  Thomas Jefferson

Letter to James Monroe - Jun... Thomas Jefferson

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(…)the exportation or importation of any particular species of goods. Leaving these two points free, Congress may by treaty establish any system of commerce they please. But, as I before observed, it is by treaty alone they can do it. Th… more

Letter to James Monroe - June 17 - 1785
Thomas Jefferson
Constitutional Coup: America... - Robert Berry

Constitutional Coup: America...Robert Berry

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The American character is one of optimism; the indispensable quality of a free people. But as power has been consolidated by the elites inside Washington’s Beltway, the greatest risk is that our innate optimism will be replaced with despai… more

Constitutional Coup: America’s New Lease on Liberty (The Amendments Agenda Book 2)
Robert Berry
Back in Black: Preserving So... - Senator Tom  Coburn M.D.

Back in Black: Preserving So...Senator Tom Coburn M.D.

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Since its inception in 1935, the Social Security program has provided critical economic security to the nation’s retired and disabled populations and their families. The program’s place in the federal budget is also significant, compromisin… more

Back in Black: Preserving Social Security for Future Generations
Senator Tom Coburn M.D.
Review and Evaluation of the... - Audrey Burnam

Review and Evaluation of the...Audrey Burnam

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The purpose of this study was to inform Congress about the appropriateness of measures used in the current allocation formula and to identify factors that Congress might wish to take into account in the formula to attain greater equity in t… more

Review and Evaluation of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Block Grant Allotment Formula
Audrey Burnam
Rand Publishing , English
Congress: The Electoral Connection - David R. Mayhew Professor

Congress: The Electoral ConnectionDavid R. Mayhew Professor

Congress: The Electoral Connection

Congress: The Electoral Connection
David R. Mayhew Professor
Yale University Press , English
Congressional Deskbook: The ... - Robert Keith, Michael Koempe...

Congressional Deskbook: The ...Robert Keith, Michael Koempe...

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The Congressional Deskbook, now in its Sixth Edition, explains the legislative and congressional budget processes along with all aspects of Congress.Many of the sections are expanded online at CongressProfile.com And an expanded legislative… more

Congressional Deskbook: The Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Congress, Sixth Edition
Robert Keith, Michael Koempel, Judy Schneider
TheCapitol.Net , English
A Report to Congress on Barr... - United States Children's Bureau

A Report to Congress on Barr...United States Children's Bureau

This report to Congress outlines the findings of two adoption-research studies conducted as part of The Collaboration to AdoptUsKids. In the first study, a nationwide purposive sample of 300 families seeking to adopt children with special n… more

A Report to Congress on Barriers and Success Factors in Adoptions from Foster Care: Perspectives of Families and Staff Supported by the Adoption Opportunities Program
United States Children’s Bureau
Bureau Of  Ethnology Eighth ... - J. W. Powell

Bureau Of Ethnology Eighth ...J. W. Powell

INTRODUCTION. The prosecution of research among the North American Indians, as directed by act of Congress, was continued during the fiscal year 1886-‘87.The general plan upon which the work has been prosecuted has been explained in former … more

Bureau Of Ethnology Eighth Annual Report - J. W. Powell
J. W. Powell
The FMLA Compendium, A Compr... - Terrance Michael Murphy

The FMLA Compendium, A Compr...Terrance Michael Murphy

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The FMLA Compendium is a comprehensive guide for complying with the Family and Medical Leave Act As Amended 2011-2012. When thinking about and addressing the impact of the FMLA on Human Resources and Business Management this much is clear:… more

The FMLA Compendium, A Comprehensive Guide For Complying With The Amended Family & Medical Leave Act 2011-2012
Terrance Michael Murphy
AuthorHouse , English
The Politics of Apolitical C... - Giles Scott-Smith

The Politics of Apolitical C...Giles Scott-Smith

This book analyses a key episode in the cultural Cold War - the formation of the Congress for Cultural Freedom. This study combines archival research, cultural history and the theory of Gramscian political economy.

The Politics of Apolitical Culture: The Congress for Cultural Freedom and the Political Economy of American Hegemony 1945-1955 (Routledge/PSA Political Studies Series)
Giles Scott-Smith
Routledge , English
Congress in Context - John Haskell

Congress in ContextJohn Haskell

The U.S. Congress is by far the least popular branch of the federal government. It is also probably the least understood. It is not uncommon for high-ranking government officials to be confused about the workings of the institution and how … more

Congress in Context
John Haskell
Westview Press , English
The Accuracy of Information ... - The Federal Trade Commission Staff

The Accuracy of Information ...The Federal Trade Commission Staff

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This is a report to Congress Under Section 319 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 which was largely buried and came to some very startling conclusions including that one in every five Americans has an error in his or h… more

The Accuracy of Information in Credit Reports
The Federal Trade Commission Staff
The Federal Trade Commission , English