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Innovative Marketing Communi... - Guy Masterman, Emma Wood

Innovative Marketing Communi...Guy Masterman, Emma Wood

Innovative Marketing Communications for Events Management provides students and event managers with a complete insight into the strategic and innovative marketing of events of all scales and nature. The book builds a conceptual framework fo… more

Innovative Marketing Communications (Events Management)
Guy Masterman, Emma Wood
Routledge , English


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From the shadowy domain of secret societies emerges ‘The Goose’. His latest ambition is the overthrow of inefficient, democratic governments in favour of a world-wide military uprising. This will be achieved through emergency powers granted… more

Robert Jackson
Optical Switching - Tarek S. El-Bawab

Optical SwitchingTarek S. El-Bawab

Optical Switching is the most comprehensive and up to date reference book on its subject. After three decades of research and development efforts, optical switching has started to be deployed in cutting-edge networking initiatives. The opti… more

Optical Switching
Tarek S. El-Bawab
Springer US , English
Corporate Conversations: A G... - Shel Holtz

Corporate Conversations: A G...Shel Holtz

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Everything a company says sends a message to its employees. Organizations that communicate well with their employees boast higher profitability, better customer acquisition and retention, and enhanced reputation. Without a strategically man… more

Corporate Conversations: A Guide to Crafting Effective and Appropriate Internal Communications
Shel Holtz
AMACOM , English
The New Communications Techn... - Michael Mirabito, Barbara Mo...

The New Communications Techn...Michael Mirabito, Barbara Mo...

As new communications applications are developed and brought to market, it is vital for communications professionals to keep abreast of these issues. Since the technologies and applications also affect our daily lives, it is important to u… more

The New Communications Technologies: Applications, Policy, and Impact
Michael Mirabito, Barbara Morgenstern
Focal Press , English
Planning the Perfect Baby Shower - Sarah H. Lilton

Planning the Perfect Baby ShowerSarah H. Lilton

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ABOUT THE BOOK Hosting a baby shower is a great honor, whether you are planning the shower for a friend, colleague or family member. Far from just being another social event, a baby shower is a time for the mother-to-be to receive the love,… more

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower
Sarah H. Lilton
Hyperink , English
The Best of The Daily Inspir... - John Jones

The Best of The Daily Inspir...John Jones

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The Best of the Daily Inspirational Success Quotes Collection Anthology Volume 1: With 250 Quotes, Statements, Comments, and 63 Power Words contain the most popular success quotes.Do you really want to become successful? No, really that is … more

The Best of The Daily Inspirational Success Quotes Collection Anthology Volume 1: With 250 Quotes, Statements, Comments and 63 Power Words (The Best of … Success Quotes Collection Volume 1)
John Jones
All Together Publishing , English
Digital Academe: New Media i... -

Digital Academe: New Media i...

This book responds to an ever-increasing call from educators, policy makers, journalists, parents and the public at large for analysis that cuts through the hype surrounding the information revolution to address key issues associated with n… more

Digital Academe: New Media in Higher Education and Learning
Routledge , English
The Economics of Economic Or... - William T. White

The Economics of Economic Or...William T. White

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This book presents an extension of economic theory to economic organization. It argues that “”economic man”” seeks to better his lot through a combination of market maximization and cooperation with others, in contrast with the prominent v… more

The Economics of Economic Organization
William T. White
Authorhouse , English
Zombies in the Academy - Ruth Walker, Andrew Whelan, ...

Zombies in the AcademyRuth Walker, Andrew Whelan, ...

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Zombies in the Academy taps into the current popular fascination with zombies and brings together scholars from a range of fields, including cultural and communications studies, sociology, film studies, and education, to give a critical acc… more

Zombies in the Academy
Ruth Walker, Andrew Whelan, Christopher Moore
Intellect Ltd , English
Man-Kzin Wars IX (Man-Kzin W... - Larry Niven, Poul Andeson, P...

Man-Kzin Wars IX (Man-Kzin W...Larry Niven, Poul Andeson, P...

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THOSE KZIN DON’T KNOW WHENTHEYRE LICKED(AND MAYBE THEY AREN’T … .)It was so unfair! Here the Kzin were, warcats supreme, bringing the galaxy piece by piece under feline dominion, carving out satrapies for the home planet like the lords… more

Man-Kzin Wars IX (Man-Kzin Wars Series)
Larry Niven, Poul Andeson, Paul Chafe, Hal Colebatch
Baen Books , English
The Etiquette Edge: The Unsp... - Beverly Langford

The Etiquette Edge: The Unsp...Beverly Langford

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Intelligence, ambition, and skill can take you a long way to achieving your career goals - but no matter where or with whom you work, one of the factors most essential to your success is knowing how to act and interact with your colleagues… more

The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules for Business Success
Beverly Langford
AMACOM , English
Computers and Productivity: ... - Thomas Hempell

Computers and Productivity: ...Thomas Hempell

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) create potentials for considerable productivity gains and for higher economic growth. However, ICTs also pose varied challenges to firms in order to benefit from these potentials. Highlighti… more

Computers and Productivity: How Firms Make a General Purpose Technology Work (ZEW Economic Studies)
Thomas Hempell
Physica , English
Information, Power, and Poli... -

Information, Power, and Poli...

With the spread of information and communication technologies (ICTs) comes the potential both for new social and economic equalities and new forms of inequalities. Information, Power, and Politics: Technological and Institutional Mediations… more

Information, Power, and Politics: Technological and Institutional Mediations (Critical Media Studies)
Lexington Books , English
Sustainability Indicators: A... -

Sustainability Indicators: A...

While the concept of sustainability has been widely embraced, it has been only vaguely defined and is exceedingly difficult to measure. Sustainability indicators are critical to making the broad concept of sustainability operational by prov… more

Sustainability Indicators: A Scientific Assessment (Scientific Committee on Problems of the)
Island Press , English
Communication Skills: Stepla... - Richard  Ellis

Communication Skills: Stepla...Richard Ellis

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Essential reading for young professionals on the first rung of their career ladders, this second edition is an up-to-date and invaluable guide to improved communication skills, designed to develop the ambitious individual’s prospects in the… more

Communication Skills: Stepladders to success for the professional
Richard Ellis
Intellect Ltd. , English
Thinking and Learning with I... - Lyn Dawes, Rupert Wegerif

Thinking and Learning with I...Lyn Dawes, Rupert Wegerif

In this fascinating book, the authors outline a strategy for enhancing the effectiveness of computers for teaching and learning.

Thinking and Learning with ICT: Raising Achievement in Primary Classrooms
Lyn Dawes, Rupert Wegerif
Routledge , English
Getting Change Right: How Le... - Seth Kahan

Getting Change Right: How Le...Seth Kahan

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An innovative communication method for making change happen in any organizationGetting Change Right presents a new view of leadership communication that says change doesn’t flow top-down, bottom-up, or sideways, but inside-out. This is how … more

Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out
Seth Kahan
Jossey-Bass , English
Email From Mars: Outbound - Lon Grover

Email From Mars: OutboundLon Grover

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A crew of six brave men and women have set sail through the cosmos on a two-and-a-half year mission to the red planet, their only connection to home is the email communications with friends and family. But, while still a month out from Mar… more

Email From Mars: Outbound
Lon Grover
Lon Grover , English
True Confessions #1,2,3 : Ph... - Annabel Gold

True Confessions #1,2,3 : Ph...Annabel Gold

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Three original memoirs of a distance separated couple. They write the stories over the phone as its a sexy way to remember and embellish their past sexual encounters. The stories then get embellished so become an amalgam of fact,fiction and… more

True Confessions #1,2,3 : Phone-sex Fantasies [ (True Confessions one, two and three)
Annabel Gold