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Judgment Day: RetributionJE Gurley

Book 3 in “The Judgment Day” zombie series.Judgment Day has come.The zombies are mutating into a new species threatening to supplant the surviving humans. The military is even worse, treating those immune from the plague as human blood bank… more

Judgment Day: Retribution
JE Gurley
Severed Press , English

Captain Jinks HeroErnest Howard Crosby

Bless my soul! I nearly forgot, exclaimed Colonel Jinks, as he came back into the store. To-morrow is Sam”s birthday and I promised Ma to bring him home something for a present. Have you got anything for a boy six years old ”

Captain Jinks Hero
Ernest Howard Crosby

Axon RaidersAntonia Childs

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Tully has spent his whole life as an Axon Raider and thought he had come to the end of his career. He expected he would spend the rest of his life riding the boundary and living peacefully at Axon. It’s such an inconvenience when things do… more

Axon Raiders
Antonia Childs
Anthony Kidd , English

A Book of Ghosts [Illustrated]Sabine Baring-Gould

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A classic collection of more than twenty ghost stories, including The Red-haired Girl, Colonel Halifax’s Ghost Story, and The White Flag. Includes the original black & white illustrations.Enjoy this classic title, professionally formatted f… more

A Book of Ghosts [Illustrated]
Sabine Baring-Gould
Certified Classics , English

AntiChrist's Dark Hour; The ...Jesus Villalobos

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Anti-Christ has come of age, but is still not in total control. He is busy making sure all his ducks are in a row before he takes power. Those under him are both elated and fearful as his day comes ever closer. Our heroes have their hands f… more

AntiChrist’s Dark Hour; The Revelation of the Children of Light (AntiChrist’s Birth)
Jesus Villalobos
Jesus Villalobos , English

The Army's White SlavePeter Marriner

The world order has turned upside down and white women are much sought after and captives of those who now rule the world. Jane is one such hapless captive, used as a convenient sex object by genetically modified soldiers. Her only ‘escape’… more

The Army’s White Slave
Peter Marriner
W&H Publishing , English

SculpturesCain Berlinger

It’s war, and the opposing rebels are desperate to bring conflict to an end. But the Colonel has a more complex agenda of keeping his growing dungeon of living ‘sculptures’ alive and hidden from the public. Almir is the son of one of the op… more

Cain Berlinger

WHY Did the Chicken Cross the Road?Phillip Duke

Chicken humor at its funniest- chicken jokes, cartoons, stories, situations, pets, and a super chicken soup recipe. Chicken holds up sign saying “Eat more beef and pork.” “When a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick” (explained in b… more

WHY Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Phillip Duke
Phillip Duke , English

Adela Cathcart, Vol. 1 (Orig...George MacDonald

EXCERPT we drew up, I saw that he was a young man, with a certain expression in his face which a first glance might have taken for fearlessness and power of some sort, but which notwithstanding, I felt to be rather repellent than otherwise…. more

Adela Cathcart, Vol. 1 (Original Version)
George MacDonald

The Stuff of Legend, Vol. 1:...Mike Raicht, Brian Smith

The year is 1944. An allied force advances along a war-torn beach in a strange land, outnumbered and far from home. Together, they fight the greatest evil they have ever known. Never ending waves of exotic enemies come crashing down on them… more

The Stuff of Legend, Vol. 1: The Dark Part 1 (The Stuff of Legend V1: The Dark)
Mike Raicht, Brian Smith
Th3rd World Studios , English

Destiny's BloodMarie Bilodeau

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A thief of valuable blooms, Layela’s dream is finally coming true with the opening of her flower shop on the small remote planet of Collar. But the disappearance of her twin sister leaves her with a difficult choice: to continue tending to … more

Destiny’s Blood
Marie Bilodeau
Dragon Moon Press , English

Frost FlowersDavid P. Maurer

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An American POW, a discipline-obsessed German colonel, a gay giant, and a monster that the Brothers Grimm never dreamed of are all caught in a blizzard in the final days of the war.

Frost Flowers
David P. Maurer
David P. Maurer , English

Le Colonel Chabert - French ...Honoré de BALZAC

Le Colonel Chabert, l’une des œuvres les plus connues de BALZAC. Le soldat revient de la guerre alors que tout le monde l’a cru mort. Il tente de récupérer ses biens.One of the most famous book of BALZAC. A soldier come back after the Napol… more

Le Colonel Chabert - French - Français (Grands Classiques Français) (French Edition)
Honoré de BALZAC
eBooksEditor.com , French

BOOT CAMP FITNESS FOR ALL SH...Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein USAR-...

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Get right to work on your health and fitness goals with Colonel Weinstein’s Boot Camp Fitness For All Shapes and Sizes. What you get: Lots of easy to perform exercises and charts to get stronger, loss excess weight and eat right. There’s no… more

Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein USAR-Ret., Joseph Weinstein
Health Colonel Publishing , English

Miss Tibbles' Folly (Westcot...April Kihlstrom

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Miss Tibbles. Colonel Merriweather. Both accustomed to command. What happens when they turn their attention to one another? Love, intrigue, interference from friends and family, all conspire to make certain their courtship is not an easy on… more

Miss Tibbles’ Folly (Westcott Series)
April Kihlstrom

The Terror of the French ResistanceAlexis Kypridemos

Colonel Vasoline had planned his ambush on the Germans to the last detail. But he had no way of expecting…The Terror of the French Resistance! Part of short story collection “Tales of the Wild.”

The Terror of the French Resistance
Alexis Kypridemos

Miss Santa Claus of the PullmanAnnie Fellows Johnston

The Exciting Book Story Name “Miss Santa Claus of the Pullman”Author ByAnnie Fellows Johnston and Was Published in 1913.Author of “The Little Colonel Series,” etc.

Miss Santa Claus of the Pullman
Annie Fellows Johnston

Three short works of William...William Byrd

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Three short works. 1 - The First Survey In The Dismal Swamp2 - A Visit To Colonel Spotswood3 - A Profitable Day

Three short works of William Byrd (1674-1744)
William Byrd
Byrd, William , English

A Voice in the Night (From t...Dana Smythe

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Marci Renault never thought that she was particularly special, but then she received a text message that changed her life forever. It was a picture, just a picture, showing a patch of shadow in an otherwise sunny park, where no shadow shoul… more

A Voice in the Night (From the Corner of Your Eye)
Dana Smythe
Colonel Chabert (Translated) (French Edition)
Honore de Balzac