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The Taking of Clara 2: Taken... - Sam Crescent

The Taking of Clara 2: Taken...Sam Crescent

Matthew has settled all of Clara’s debts and all of them are because of her gambling father. He will do everything in his power to keep her safe even if that means taming his basic nature of being a Dominant.Clara can’t believe Matthew paid… more

The Taking of Clara 2: Taken by the Boss
Sam Crescent
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
Survival Ain't Enough - L. Darnell Hill

Survival Ain't EnoughL. Darnell Hill

Average wait: N/A

The extreme poverty of Appalachia carried an attitude of just doing enough to stay alive. One girl, Clara, wanted to lift herself into education, new ways of thinking and progress, rather than stagnation. This book follows her through har… more

Survival Ain’t Enough
L. Darnell Hill
Savage Love - Tracy Alton

Savage LoveTracy Alton

Average wait: N/A

19 year old Clara is stuck in the middle of the prairie, bored and lonely. That’s all about to change when Running Elk shows up and claims her for his own.

This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 9,400 words. It contains … more

Savage Love
Tracy Alton
Black Serpent Erotica , English
Clara Vaughan, Volume III (of III) - R. D.  Blackmore

Clara Vaughan, Volume III (of III)R. D. Blackmore

Average wait: N/A

Excerpt:Child Clara, for your own dear sake, as well as mine and my sweet love’s, I will not dwell on that tempestuous time. If you cannot comprehend it without words, no words will enable you. If you can, and I fear you do, no more words a… more

Clara Vaughan, Volume III (of III)
R. D. Blackmore
Clara Vaughan, Volume III (of III) - R. D. Blackmore

Clara Vaughan, Volume III (of III)R. D. Blackmore

Child Clara, for your own dear sake, as well as mine and my sweet love’s, I will not dwell on that tempestuous time. If you cannot comprehend it without words, no words will enable you. If you can, and I fear you do, no more words are wante… more

Clara Vaughan, Volume III (of III)
R. D. Blackmore
Shattered Dreams: A Romantic... - Beatrice Harrison

Shattered Dreams: A Romantic...Beatrice Harrison

Average wait: N/A

Clara dreams were shattered when she loses her job and her lover who is her boss broke up their two year secret love affair and relationship. Clara felt betrayed, filled with vengeance and jealously when she finds out that her ex-lover is e… more

Shattered Dreams: A Romantic Suspense Novel
Beatrice Harrison
Cuckold - One Week - Nail em

Cuckold - One WeekNail em

Average wait: N/A

* FOR ADULTS ONLY My wife Clara and I have been married for a little over 5 years now. Our sex life could be better. I’ve agreed to let my beautiful wife, Clara, see other people for the next one week. I will be her submissive, and d… more

Cuckold - One Week
Nail em
Nailem , English
Scandal at the Farmhouse - Cody Young

Scandal at the FarmhouseCody Young

Average wait: N/A

A sexy, historical novella with beautiful English prose and a very enjoyable ending…”

Clara is a headstrong Victorian girl with a problem, she’s soon to marry a man she doesn’t love, and about to be shipped off to India. For help, she a… more

Scandal at the Farmhouse
Cody Young
Golden Bay Press , English
Clara's Song (A Moment in Ti... - Kitty Margo

Clara's Song (A Moment in Ti...Kitty Margo

Average wait: N/A

Clara was born with a veil, and the ability to see into the future. This much she knows. What she doesn’t know is what other gifts will be revealed when she turns eighteen in a few months. While her grandmother has been diligent in her effo… more

Clara’s Song (A Moment in Time Novel Book 1)
Kitty Margo
Buttercup Publishing , English
Diaper Slave Series: Clara - DaddyJ

Diaper Slave Series: ClaraDaddyJ

When Clara’s husband beats her with his belt, she presses charges and send him to prison. She didn’t expect his Russian Mafia family to seek revenge. They kidnap and ship her to Russia where they intend to train her to be a subservient wife… more

Diaper Slave Series: Clara
How To Make A Grump HAPPY - Carmen Mojica-Rodriguez

How To Make A Grump HAPPYCarmen Mojica-Rodriguez

Average wait: N/A

This book is about a little girl named Clara who is determined to make her grumpy neighbor, Mr. Bradley, smile. When Clara gets in a bind and becomes sad like her grumpy neighbor, her mom finds a way to get her back to being a happy little … more

How To Make A Grump HAPPY
Carmen Mojica-Rodriguez
Carmen Mojica-Rodriguez , English
The Cowboy's New Bride: A Hi... - Angelina Vance

The Cowboy's New Bride: A Hi...Angelina Vance

Average wait: N/A

At the Wild J, six weeks is just enough time to lose your heart… Clara is trying to escape a loveless marriage, and where better to go in the early 1900s than out west? At the Wild J Divorce Ranch in Reno, six weeks’ residence and a handf… more

The Cowboy’s New Bride: A Historical Romance Novel (The Wild J Divorce Ranch Book 1)
Angelina Vance
Pub Yourself Press , English
Apparatta: The Claiming - Ep... - Kennedy Castille

Apparatta: The Claiming - Ep...Kennedy Castille

Average wait: 4h

From space came humanity’s end, and its salvation. All the Apparatta asked in return was the right to seek brides among us to save their own species. Anyone female may be screened, but only the willing are Claimed.

Her future is uncertain … more

Apparatta: The Claiming - Episode One
Kennedy Castille
Red Moon Romance , English
Ghost Rings Convergence - Robert Graham

Ghost Rings ConvergenceRobert Graham

Average wait: N/A

When Jonas dies, the adventure of his life truly begins. Through meeting a girl named Clara, Jonas discovers that by using a special ring passed down through his family, he’s able to come back to physical form to help the girl that he loves… more

Ghost Rings Convergence
Robert Graham
The Savage Vengeance (#4): A... - Tamara Rose Blodgett

The Savage Vengeance (#4): A...Tamara Rose Blodgett

Average wait: 47d, 14h

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Terrible Love… 19th century Victorian America collides with biospheres fueled by steam-punk technology. An epic romance between a “fated” princess and a Savage unfolds despite every obstacle… more

The Savage Vengeance (#4): Alpha Warriors of the Band (The Savage Series)
Tamara Rose Blodgett
Tamara Rose Blodgett , English
A Futanari Cinderella Story:... - Adrian Adams

A Futanari Cinderella Story:...Adrian Adams

Average wait: N/A

Includes all three tales in the series.

Follow Clara from her time with the two women with something extra down below, to her fateful encounter with a beautiful princess who makes all her dreams come true.

This story contains explicit sex… more

A Futanari Cinderella Story: Complete (futa on female, futa on futa)
Adrian Adams
The Redolence - Andre Terra

The RedolenceAndre Terra

Average wait: N/A

During one of her hunts, Clara comes across Amelia who is only five years old. Torn between her blood thirst and her maternal instinct, Clara, a 158-year-old vampire, is trying desperately to salvage her long lost humanity.But what are her … more

The Redolence
Andre Terra
Andre Terra , English
Heart of the Thief - Xssa Annella

Heart of the ThiefXssa Annella

Their eyes meet and the flicker of passion between Nick and Clara will grow to consume them both.After just a glance, she will tempt him, help him…endanger him. What starts as mere sex becomes so hot that it transforms into a desire for so … more

Heart of the Thief
Xssa Annella
Whispers Publishing , English
Go Away Girls: The Mirror - Lenni

Go Away Girls: The MirrorLenni

Average wait: N/A

Note: This story contains erotic material.As a Sacred Sister, Audrey meets a wide variety of clients. But when a client ends up dead outside the temple and a mirror belonging to a powerful high-born family is left in Audrey’s rooms, she… more

Go Away Girls: The Mirror
Fancy Nancy: Pajama Day: I C... - Jane O'Connor

Fancy Nancy: Pajama Day: I C...Jane O'Connor

Nancy is all set to wear something special for Pajama Day at school. But when Bree and Clara show up in matching outfits, Nancy feels left out. Will this Pajama Day be as fun as she thought?

Fancy Nancy: Pajama Day: I Can Read Level 1 (I Can Read Book 1)
Jane O’Connor
HarperCollins , English