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Breeding My Virgin Daughter ... - Bianca Lee

Breeding My Virgin Daughter ...Bianca Lee

The sizzling, standalone sequel is now available! Brandon had wanted to father a child of his own for years, especially after raising his stepdaughter alone and watching her grow into a beautiful woman. However, when al… more

Breeding My Virgin Daughter (daddy daughter breeding taboo family sex erotica)
Bianca Lee
Bianca Lee , English
Punishing the Babysitter - Mia Roeth

Punishing the BabysitterMia Roeth

Was he about to make her one-handed fantasy a four-handed reality?Babysitting for hot, forty-something Dave was no big deal until one night, when 19-year-old Cindy finally dumps her loser boyfriend and decides to indulge in a little self-pl… more

Punishing the Babysitter
Mia Roeth
Caught By His Neighbor - Fiona Piper

Caught By His NeighborFiona Piper

Average wait: N/A

Dustin convinced his wife to go to the theater so he could have a few hours home alone. He didn’t tell her what he had planned. The moment his wife left, he slipped on her newest dress and heels. Unfortunately for him, his neighbor Cindy… more

Caught By His Neighbor
Fiona Piper
Satin Falls Press , English
The Box - Christina G Gaudet

The BoxChristina G Gaudet

Average wait: N/A

Some gifts should be left unopened.

When her gran passes away, the only item left to Lou is a small wooden box. Although it’s not the car that her sister, Cindy, receives, Lou knows it could have been worse. She could have gotten Gran’s co… more

The Box
Christina G Gaudet
Fallen Angels - Audrey Hart

Fallen AngelsAudrey Hart

Average wait: N/A

Gwen is a beautiful 34 year-old housewife trapped in a miserable marriage. She finds herself dreaming of desperate ways of getting out of it, and spends less and less time with her husband and more with her neighbor, Cindy. The two women … more

Fallen Angels
Audrey Hart
My Wife's Master: Her Husban... - J.W. McKenna

My Wife's Master: Her Husban...J.W. McKenna

Average wait: N/A

Brian thinks he understands his wife, but he has no idea what she really desired! He finds out one day when he comes home to find a handsome black man making love to Cindy. He is angry, of course, but he is also turned on to watch his wife … more

My Wife’s Master: Her Husband Watched Her Succumb!
J.W. McKenna
J.W. McKenna Publishing , English
Denial: The Key to Her Enslavement - Ashley K. Bennet

Denial: The Key to Her EnslavementAshley K. Bennet

Average wait: N/A

This tale is all about one girl who misbehaved. Now she’ll be punished with ongoing orgasm denial.Chloe has always been a brat, but she gets away with it because she is smart, funny, and beautiful. Her classmates listen to her and do whatev… more

Denial: The Key to Her Enslavement
Ashley K. Bennet
Bridle Books , English
The Magic of Cindy - Robin Scott

The Magic of CindyRobin Scott

It had been over six months since Cindy saw Hannah, and she would be there at any minute.Cindy lived alone in an apartment in the middle of the city. Her party attitude had not faded since college and she had a knack for being a bit of an o… more

The Magic of Cindy
Robin Scott
The Deadly Path - Will Granger

The Deadly PathWill Granger

Average wait: N/A

In this short story, five-year-old Cindy watches from her bedroom window as an old man passes by in the middle of the night. Strangely drawn to the man, Cindy sneaks out of her house and finds him by following a golden path that only they c… more

The Deadly Path
Will Granger
Cindy Gets Wet: Taboo Erotica - J.C. Wilde

Cindy Gets Wet: Taboo EroticaJ.C. Wilde

Average wait: N/A

Though my TABOO stories are about pushing the limits and breaking all the rules, it seems there are just some guidelines that we all have to follow. Of course, when Amazon banned my original titles for being too hot and controversial, I won… more

Cindy Gets Wet: Taboo Erotica
J.C. Wilde
Hot Pink Press , English
Gang Bang Gang - Saucy Sally

Gang Bang GangSaucy Sally

Average wait: N/A

Jilted by her boyfriend, Cindy lets her hair down with his five friends who show up at her house, ready for pool night.Cindy’s boyfriend leaves her for his business partner, leaving only a note behind, telling her she’s too much of a ‘good … more

Gang Bang Gang
Saucy Sally
Saucy Sally , English
Cindy's Dilemma - Dennis J. Pate, Jennie Jasmine

Cindy's DilemmaDennis J. Pate, Jennie Jasmine

Average wait: N/A

Suitable to be read to children of ages 4 to 8.

importance. and if children built the habit of fulfilling the commitments then they are such better humans. Story do not have a moral at the end but your kid will find the moral him/herself! … more

Cindy’s Dilemma
Dennis J. Pate, Jennie Jasmine
Cindy's Awakening Part One: ... - Ron Dawes

Cindy's Awakening Part One: ...Ron Dawes

While visiting her sister, Cindy stumbles upon home videos showing her sisters steamy encounters with her handsome husband in every imaginable position. Due to her poor choices in men, Cindy had no idea that a woman could find such pleasur… more

Cindy’s Awakening Part One: A bedtime story for women and couples
Ron Dawes
The Haunted House on Wheels ... - Dennis Yates

The Haunted House on Wheels ...Dennis Yates

Average wait: N/A

Brothers Jerry and Mark have taken a long summer trip to visit their cousin Cindy. When Cindy insists that they go see a haunted house at a traveling carnival, the boys are skeptical at first. It’s not until they actually see it for themsel… more

The Haunted House on Wheels (A Young Adult Carnival Mystery)
Dennis Yates
Naughty Mommy and Daddy Naug... - Angelina del Sado

Naughty Mommy and Daddy Naug...Angelina del Sado

Eighteen year old Cindy has never been that interested in sex, that is till she returns home from college for a short break and begins waking in the middle of the night with incredibly sexy thoughts. She thinks one or both of her parents m… more

Naughty Mommy and Daddy Naughtier Daughter
Angelina del Sado
All-Night Party (Fear Street... - R.L. Stine

All-Night Party (Fear Street...R.L. Stine

Fear Street — Where Your Worst Nightmares Live… It’s Cindy’s birthday, and her friends are throwing her a surprise party on Fire Island. It’s a private party — no parents, no cops…in fact, no one around for miles. Except there’s a m… more

All-Night Party (Fear Street Book 43)
R.L. Stine
Simon Pulse , English
The Dinner Guest - Emmanuel E. Erskine

The Dinner GuestEmmanuel E. Erskine

Cindy and Michael have been trying for sometime to have a child. This struggle has taken its toll on their marriage. As a result, they have decided to give each other a few day apart to cool down their emotions. Michael goes of to a ski res… more

The Dinner Guest
Emmanuel E. Erskine
Emmanuel E. Erskine , English
New Sex Toys (M/f couples er... - Stella Hayne

New Sex Toys (M/f couples er...Stella Hayne

Average wait: N/A

Cindy and Rick have been married for 4 years now, and love each other dearly. Unfortunately, the passion in bed has cooled a bit, but the two have taken steps to fix the situation and take each other to new heights of pleasure.It all begins… more

New Sex Toys (M/f couples erotica) (Bedroom Spice Book 1)
Stella Hayne
Too Good (An Erotic Story) - Aurora Cavender

Too Good (An Erotic Story)Aurora Cavender

Average wait: N/A

Born into a life of priviledge, Cindy’s entire life has been planned out for her. That is until she meets rebel and town delinquent Jake Turner.In the time of poodle-skirts and Elvis, Cindy and Jake couldn’t be more wrong for each other. Or… more

Too Good (An Erotic Story)
Aurora Cavender
Children's book - The amazin... - Alice Wood

Children's book - The amazin...Alice Wood

Average wait: N/A

The story of the amazing anything tree, bring into picture a family that has three children, 2 girls Cindy and Emily and one boy called Alvin. They all share the same birthday day but their age is different. Cindy is 5 years old and is the … more

Children’s book - The amazing anything tree: The road to success may be difficult and challenging, but the fruits are sweet.
Alice Wood