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Some Short Christmas Stories - Charles Dickens

Some Short Christmas StoriesCharles Dickens

Includes A Christmas Tree What Christmas is as We Grow Older the Poor Relation’s Story the Child’s Story the Schoolboy’s Story and Nobody’s Story.

Some Short Christmas Stories
Charles Dickens
Uplifting Publications , English
The Twelve Cheers of Christm... - Terri Marie

The Twelve Cheers of Christm...Terri Marie

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Start your holiday right with the “Twelve Cheers of Christmas”: A Guide to Get Your Through the Holidays with Your Best Christmas Spirit Ever. When you know how to create cheer at Christmas, your holidays will become a time to treasure. Foc… more

The Twelve Cheers of Christmas: A Guide to Get Your Through the Holidays
Terri Marie
The Mystery of Grandpa's Chr... - Nick Nichols

The Mystery of Grandpa's Chr...Nick Nichols

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What was so special about Grandpa’s Christmas cane that had little Christian so curious? As with many Christian Christmas books, this small book is based on special experiences I’d had with my own father and grandfather. It’s a quick read … more

The Mystery of Grandpa’s Christmas Cane
Nick Nichols
Virtual Tree Publishing , English
Meet Me Halfway - Amber T. Smith

Meet Me HalfwayAmber T. Smith

Beth can’t forgive her husband for cheating on her just after they lost their son during childbirth. Struggling to come to terms with his infidelity, Beth decides to push Mark out of her life for good, and books herself on a prolonged cruis… more

Meet Me Halfway
Amber T. Smith
Amber T. Smith , English
12 Days Of Christmas Counting Book - Cindy Bracken

12 Days Of Christmas Counting BookCindy Bracken

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Your little one will have fun counting the traditional 12 days of Christmas objects in this bright and colorful counting book.

12 Days Of Christmas Counting Book
Cindy Bracken
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

A Christmas CarolCharles Dickens

The combined qualities of the realist and the idealist which Dickens possessed to a remarkable degree, together with his naturally jovial attitude toward life in general, seem to have given him a remarkably happy feeling toward Christmas, t… more

A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
The Christmas Child (Beverly... - Beverly Crawford

The Christmas Child (Beverly...Beverly Crawford

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Darcy’s too busy fashioning the ‘perfect’ Christmas to realize that she’s missing the point. It takes a night of surprises, a brush with death and the birth of a child to lead her to the truth. You won’t want to miss this one!

The Christmas Child (Beverly Crawford’s Christmas Book 1)
Beverly Crawford
Annie Acorn Publishing LLC , English
Christmas Books For Kids: Ma... - Gary Dickinson

Christmas Books For Kids: Ma...Gary Dickinson

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Maddix The Spunky Monkey: The Magical Christmas Book is a children’s book about the adventures of Maddix a rather spunky monkey.

Maddix loves reading and today he is reading all about Christmas the Joy’s and Excitement around Christmas, … more

Christmas Books For Kids: Maddix The Spunky Monkey’s Magical Christmas Book (Children’s Picture Book)
Gary Dickinson
The 12 Dates of Christmas - Katie Kennedy

The 12 Dates of ChristmasKatie Kennedy

The holiday season can be such a busy and stressful time. Shopping and cooking, gift wrapping and getting everything crossed off your to do lists may mean less time to spend with loved ones. Especially our spouses. Instead of a busy seas… more

The 12 Dates of Christmas
Katie Kennedy
Christmas in the Alley - Erik Wecks

Christmas in the AlleyErik Wecks

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When you have a birthday party, you usually give presents to the person whose birthday you celebrate. Funny thing about Christmas, we don’t do it that way.

In Christmas in the Alley, Jesus tries to get on with his work while his followers … more

Christmas in the Alley
Erik Wecks
Elves - Danny Williams

ElvesDanny Williams

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Short story approximately 6,943 words. Two elven rangers are left behind to complete an important and very dangerous mission. Now it’s time to find their way home. Not your typical Christmas story.

Danny Williams
Force Seven: Talisman - M. R. Miller

Force Seven: TalismanM. R. Miller

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Talisman is a sequel to Prophecy and is currently being written.  I hope to have it finished before Christmas 2008.

Force Seven: Talisman
M. R. Miller
AuthorHouse , English
December 24th - Alessandro Del Vecchio

December 24thAlessandro Del Vecchio

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a Christmas novel

December 24th
Alessandro Del Vecchio
CHRISTMAS MAGIC - Karen  R. Clarke


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Christmas is a time for joy, love, caring and sharing. As a child I saw Christmas as “a magical time.” However as I grew older I lost that Christmas Magic or so I thought. However as a mother I regained that beautiful feeling that Christ… more

Karen R. Clarke
Karen R. Clarke , English
The Little Shepherd Girl: A ... - Juliann Henry

The Little Shepherd Girl: A ...Juliann Henry

Young Sarah wants to be a shepherd, even though usually only boys are allowed to tend the sheep. But with a family full of girls, what’s a father to do? Sarah goes to the fields with the flock and her cousins, and on her first night is asto… more

The Little Shepherd Girl: A Christmas Story
Juliann Henry
David C. Cook Distribution , English
Anticipation: An Advent Reader - Jon Swanson

Anticipation: An Advent ReaderJon Swanson

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When people think of the Christmas story, they often go to the book of Luke in the Bible. Years of hearing Linus recite the story of the shepherds put the words of Luke in people’s hearts. And for some people, it isn’t Christmas until they … more

Anticipation: An Advent Reader
Jon Swanson
A New Routine , English
For the Love of Mutt - Doris O'Connor

For the Love of MuttDoris O'Connor

A homeless shelter at Christmas may seem an odd place to find one’s soul mate, but love knows no boundaries—or does it?Anja has grown fond of the wolf-like dog hanging around the shelter. With her soon to be ex -boyfriend putting pressure o… more

For the Love of Mutt
Doris O’Connor
Breathless Press , English
Christmas Tongue Twisters for Kids - Riley Weber

Christmas Tongue Twisters for KidsRiley Weber

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Say, “Santa stuffed sugary sweets in seven strung stockings,” without messing up. Now try saying “Gifts given graciously gather grand friends gratefully,” as fast as you can. This book is filled with over 50 pages of funny illustrated ho… more

Christmas Tongue Twisters for Kids
Riley Weber
A Christmas Holiday With The... - Cheryl Kelley

A Christmas Holiday With The...Cheryl Kelley

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Kris and his dad decide to take a trip to the North Pole. They discover Santa’s Land during the flight to their destination. Many surprises are in store for the pair as they experience a magical holiday at Santa’s Land. Their journey is fil… more

A Christmas Holiday With The Clauses
Cheryl Kelley
Occupy LOL Street: The LOL C... - Travis Haan

Occupy LOL Street: The LOL C...Travis Haan

The LOL Cats go on a magical adventure with Santa Clause to discover the true meaning of Christmas and restore people’s Christmas spirit.

Occupy LOL Street: The LOL Cats Save Christmas
Travis Haan