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Transforming Prayer: How Eve... - Daniel Henderson

Transforming Prayer: How Eve...Daniel Henderson

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Praying Christians are hungry to learn how to connect with God in a way that takes them beyond the typical grocery-list approach. Transforming Prayer explores the profound difference between seeking God’s hand (what he does for people) and … more

Transforming Prayer: How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s Face
Daniel Henderson
Bethany House Publishers , English
Please Don't Feed the Atheists - Dwayne Conyers

Please Don't Feed the AtheistsDwayne Conyers

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“The greatest single cause of atheism in the world todayIs Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lipsThen walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle.That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”From the DC Talk … more

Please Don’t Feed the Atheists
Dwayne Conyers
Powerhouse Publications , English
My Christian Testament - Alice Snider

My Christian TestamentAlice Snider

A personal testimony of how God has remained with me throughout adversity and hardship.

My Christian Testament
Alice Snider
Monticello , English
The Gospel in a Pluralist Society - Lesslie Newbigin

The Gospel in a Pluralist SocietyLesslie Newbigin

How does the gospel relate to a pluralist society? What is the Christian message in a society marked by religious pluralism, ethnic diversity, and cultural relativism? Should Christians encountering today’s pluralist society concentrate on … more

The Gospel in a Pluralist Society
Lesslie Newbigin
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing , English
How to Stay Christian in Col... - J. Budziszewski

How to Stay Christian in Col...J. Budziszewski

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How do you stay open about your faith in the face of potential ridicule? A must-read for every college student, How to Stay Christian in College will guide you through the maze of campus realities, including dating, sex, honesty, and more.

How to Stay Christian in College (Think)
J. Budziszewski
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. , English
Augustine and World Religion... -

Augustine and World Religion...

Augustine and World Religions examines Augustine’s thought for how it can inform modern inter-religious dialogue. Despite Augustine’s reputation as the father of Christian intolerance, one finds in his thought the surprising claim that with… more

Augustine and World Religions (Augustine in Conversation: Tradition and Innovation)
Lexington Books , English
The Pilgrim's Progress In Pl... - John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress In Pl...John Bunyan

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There are many books you should read before you die; there are few that you have to. The Pilgrim’s Progress is one of the books you have to read! It has been translated into 200 language, never been out of print, and has often been called o… more

The Pilgrim’s Progress In Plain and Simple English - Part One and Two (A Modern Translation and the Original Version)
John Bunyan
BookCaps Study Guides , English
The Gift: The Holy Spirit in... - Alan Schreck

The Gift: The Holy Spirit in...Alan Schreck

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Who is the Holy Spirit? What role does the Spirit play in the life of the Church and of the individual Christian? Beginning with the belief in the Holy Spirit as a Person of God, and not just a “force,” this book reveals the Catholic unders… more

The Gift: The Holy Spirit in Catholic Tradition
Alan Schreck
Paraclete Press , English
Samurai Summer - Ake Edwardson

Samurai SummerAke Edwardson

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Looked at from the outside, the annual summer camp in the countryside seems idyllic. But for Kenny, a boy with a Samurai soul, it is no more than a prison camp, run by a sadistic woman who is sometimes helped by her salacious son, Christia… more

Samurai Summer
Ake Edwardson
Skyscape , English
Glamorous May Pasta Dishes - Marshella Goodsworth

Glamorous May Pasta DishesMarshella Goodsworth

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Tasty pasta dishes that are easy to make and will leave your taste buds craving more. Perfect for any occasion. Happy cooking! . Get the book now!

Highly recommended! Get the book now!

This book makes an ideal gift. Get the book for … more

Glamorous May Pasta Dishes
Marshella Goodsworth
The Virtues of Holiness: The... - Juan Luis Lorda

The Virtues of Holiness: The...Juan Luis Lorda

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The Virtues of Holiness offers a road-map for navigating our everyday activities: work, family, leisure pursuits. It shows how we can reach the heights of Christian life in and through these activities. For many people this is unfamiliar te… more

The Virtues of Holiness: The Basics of Spiritual Struggle
Juan Luis Lorda
Scepter Publishers , English


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Are we STILL STANDING or have we been defeated by the circumstances surrounding us? We have a choice! No more Stinking Thinking; No more Condemnation; No more Lies/Weakness; No more Confusion; No more Wavering Faith; No more Defeat. What I … more

STILL STANDING Equipped Grounded Praying
Kwasi Goes To Camp - Christian O'Briant, Kimel O'...

Kwasi Goes To CampChristian O'Briant, Kimel O'...

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Discover summer camp adventures with Kwasi the cat and her best friend Christian. Kwasi should be at home while Christian is away at summer camp, but Kwasi wants to help Christian have the best first summer camp adventure. Tag along as Kw… more

Kwasi Goes To Camp
Christian O’Briant, Kimel O’Briant, Christian Ray, Elizabeth O’Briant, J. Curt O’Briant
J. Curt O’Braint , English
99 Reasons Why No One Knows ... - B. J.  Oropeza

99 Reasons Why No One Knows ...B. J. Oropeza

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First it was Y2K and the foreboding year 2000, then a Christian radio show predicted the end in 2011, and then the Mayan calendar set the date for December 21, 2012 – what will be next? A crescendo of predictions arise from Bible-believin… more

99 Reasons Why No One Knows When Christ Will Return
B. J. Oropeza
Werewolves Like It Rough (Ti... - Lillian Dante, Jessi Bond

Werewolves Like It Rough (Ti...Lillian Dante, Jessi Bond

Shy virgin Kimberly has a secret fantasy. For months now, she’s been having lurid dreams about a pair of drool-worthy twins who meet her in a forest and have their way with her. It’s not all that unusual, except for the fact that they’re we… more

Werewolves Like It Rough (Timber Land Twins)
Lillian Dante, Jessi Bond
The Call to Joy and Pain: Em... - Ajith Fernando

The Call to Joy and Pain: Em...Ajith Fernando

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2008 Christianity Today Book Award Winner Joy and pain are both aspects of the call of God for the Christian. The Bible even presents pain as a trigger for joy. The Call to Joy and Pain explores how this is so, showing the connection betwe… more

The Call to Joy and Pain: Embracing Suffering in Your Ministry
Ajith Fernando
Crossway Books , English
The Child Abuse Story of the... - Raphael Verkest

The Child Abuse Story of the...Raphael Verkest

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The Child Abuse Story of the Decade is based on the true story of a large Belgian family spanning the year 1879 to the present day. It focuses on the shocking brutal treatment by one family member — who was a brother, husband and father — d… more

The Child Abuse Story of the Decade - based on a Shocking, but true Story
Raphael Verkest
Amazing April Pasta Dishes - Marshella Goodsworth

Amazing April Pasta DishesMarshella Goodsworth

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Tasty and easy pasta dishes that will add zest and delicious tastes to your meal. Your taste buds will water and want more. Get the book now!

Highly recommended! Get the book now!

This book makes an ideal gift. Get the book for family a… more

Amazing April Pasta Dishes
Marshella Goodsworth
Pilgrim's Progress (Unexpurg... - John Bunyan

Pilgrim's Progress (Unexpurg...John Bunyan

Here is one of the most influential Christian allegorical stories ever written. In it we follow Christian on his journey to the Celestial City. The journey is fraught with peril and Christian must overcome many obstacles and temptations alo… more

Pilgrim’s Progress (Unexpurgated Start Publishing LLC)
John Bunyan
Start Publishing LLC , English
Saturday or Sunday Meals Fro... - Marshella Goodsworth

Saturday or Sunday Meals Fro...Marshella Goodsworth

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Take the hassle out of planning meals on a Saturday or Sunday for company that is coming for the weekend or for your family, or both, by following this menu that is already prepared for you with all the listed ingredients and steps necessar… more

Saturday or Sunday Meals From Breakfast to Supper, With Some Delightful Extras
Marshella Goodsworth