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A Radical Policy - Yogeshkumar Patel

A Radical PolicyYogeshkumar Patel

In the late 70’s China’s leaders realized it had a growing problem of overpopulation. What was to be done? One-Child Policy was enforced, but what impact has that had on the new generation of China?

A Radical Policy
Yogeshkumar Patel
Socialist China, Capitalist ... -

Socialist China, Capitalist ...

Focusing on why social tensions have arisen despite economic prosperity and how the state is responding, this book presents rich, original data about many of the social challenges facing China, including rural-urban migration, unemployment,… more

Socialist China, Capitalist China: Social tension and political adaptation under economic globalization (China Policy Series)
Routledge , English
Fertility, Family Planning a... - Carol S. Walther

Fertility, Family Planning a...Carol S. Walther

Bringing together contributions from leading academics, this topical book looks at the impact of the government’s strict control over planning and population growth on the family, the wider society and the country’s demography.

Fertility, Family Planning and Population Policy in China (Routledge Studies in Asia’s Transformations)
Carol S. Walther
Routledge , English
The New Superpower - China -... - History Series

The New Superpower - China -...History Series

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Who will be the next Superpower? Is this China?It seems modern China is a country of contradictions: a peasant society with some of the world’s most futuristic cities, heir to an ancient civilization that is still trying to find a modern id… more

The New Superpower - China - History Series - First Edition
History Series
Sourcing Goods finding a lis... - B Chings

Sourcing Goods finding a lis...B Chings

Sourcing Goods finding a list of trusted suppliersThis is a quick guide to help you with your Sourcing Goods finding a list of trusted suppliers from china. Just a quick compilation with about 30 trusted companies.This is a trial version, a… more

Sourcing Goods finding a list of trusted suppliers
B Chings
www.Bandclyde.com/sourcing.php , English
A Woman in China - Mary Gaunt

A Woman in ChinaMary Gaunt

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A British woman recalls her travels throughout China.Originally published 1914.

A Woman in China
Mary Gaunt
Chinese Society (Asia's Tran... - Mark Selden

Chinese Society (Asia's Tran...Mark Selden

This introduction to Chinese society uses the themes of resistance and protest to explore the complexity of life in contemporary China. The book draws on perspectives from sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and political science a… more

Chinese Society (Asia’s Transformations)
Mark Selden
Taylor & Francis , English
How to Make Homemade Porcela... - Doll Dressmaker

How to Make Homemade Porcela...Doll Dressmaker

Porcelain dolls, China dolls, etc, are made up of pottery and/or ceramic. The dolls are small, medium, and sometimes long. The twirps, Mellette, or youthful dolls may benefit from hailspot dresses, apron, shoes, socks, and so on. You can pu… more

How to Make Homemade Porcelain Doll Dresses
Doll Dressmaker
Summer Island - A Karst in Kweilin - Robin Russell

Summer Island - A Karst in KweilinRobin Russell

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Just when the children are settling into their surprise trip to China, events take a turn for the worse. Someone is plundering ancient temples and that’s only the tip of the karst! With no adults around, the children embark on their own inv… more

Summer Island - A Karst in Kweilin
Robin Russell
Arvon Books , English
Daughters of China -  Eliza Jane Gillett Bridgman

Daughters of China Eliza Jane Gillett Bridgman

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not considered worth the pains, time and money, of being taught to read; but the women of China have souls; and there are deep fountains there, sending out, as far as their situation admits, streams of maternal and sisterly affection. And … more

Daughters of China
Eliza Jane Gillett Bridgman
Chinese Perceptions of the J... - Zhou Xun, Xun Zhou

Chinese Perceptions of the J...Zhou Xun, Xun Zhou

While prejudice against Jews is a real and ongoing category in Western culture, little attention has been paid to the myths of the Jews’ and their impact in countries outside the West. This work draws on a wide variety of source materials f… more

Chinese Perceptions of the Jews’ and Judaism: A History of the Youtai (SOAS Centre of Near & Middle Eastern Studies)
Zhou Xun, Xun Zhou
Routledge , English
China: Picture Book (Educati... - Planet Collection

China: Picture Book (Educati...Planet Collection

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Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?As a part of the Planet Collection, “CHINA” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of China. Toddlers and babies will love looking at … more

China: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection 74)
Planet Collection
Planet Collection , English
The Illustrated Book of Rites - Chuncai  Zhou

The Illustrated Book of RitesChuncai Zhou

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In ancient China our forefathers created rite to safeguard the ecological idea that “man is an integral part of nature.” Because this theory considers harmony to be its highest purpose, rite is therefore elevated from the level of morals to… more

The Illustrated Book of Rites
Chuncai Zhou
Dolphin Books , English
The Song of the Cakes - Nat  Schachner, Arthur Leo Zagat

The Song of the CakesNat Schachner, Arthur Leo Zagat

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A vivid tale of the Manchu conquest of China, and the fulfillment of the old Ming prophecy, when blood ran red in Peking“As the Manchus began in Chung Kuo with a child in arms, so, with a child in arms, shall their dynasty pass from the mem… more

The Song of the Cakes
Nat Schachner, Arthur Leo Zagat
21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 12 -

21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 12

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Please visit ModernChinesePoetry.com for sample poems.

The quarterly journal of 21st Century Chinese Poetry was founded with the intention of introducing modern Chinese poetry to readers worldwide.

Moder… more

21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 12
Pathsharers Books , English
An Introduction to Feng Shui... - Ole Bruun

An Introduction to Feng Shui...Ole Bruun

Feng Shui has been known in the West for the last 150 years but has mostly been regarded as a primitive superstition. During the modern period successive regimes in China have suppressed its practice. However, in the last few decades Feng S… more

An Introduction to Feng Shui (Introduction to Religion)
Ole Bruun
Cambridge University Press , English
Crazy news from China -

Crazy news from China

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An amazing collection of weird and funny stories from China.

Crazy news from China
Paradoxes of China's Economi... - Martin King Whyte

Paradoxes of China's Economi...Martin King Whyte

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China’s stunning economic performance for the past three decades was not only unexpected but contradicts much received wisdom in the study of development. Four paradoxes posed by China’s record are critically examined: (a) China’s tradition… more

Paradoxes of China’s Economic Boom (Annual Review of Sociology Book 35)
Martin King Whyte
Annual Reviews , English