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School's In-Chicago South Side City - Susie Redfern

School's In-Chicago South Side CitySusie Redfern

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Comprehensive Directory of Child Care Centers and Preschools in the South Side Chicago section of the Greater Chicago Area.

School’s In-Chicago South Side City
Susie Redfern
Life on Earth - 2012 ABNA Entry - Matthue Roth

Life on Earth - 2012 ABNA EntryMatthue Roth

Oren and Galiene have nothing in common. They didn’t realize until it was too late — not long after their whirlwind romance, and just after Oren convinced her to to move across the world, to Chicago, away from her family and her life. And … more

Life on Earth - 2012 ABNA Entry
Matthue Roth
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award , English
Lope de Oviedo (Spanish Edition) - Luis López Triviño

Lope de Oviedo (Spanish Edition)Luis López Triviño

Jacobo es un joven antropólogo de Chicago que ha llegado a un punto muerto en la redacción de su tesis doctoral. Pero un día, gracias a un e-Mail, hace un descubrimiento que puede revolucionar la historia cultural de Norte América. La inve… more

Lope de Oviedo (Spanish Edition)
Luis López Triviño
Bohodón Abey , Spanish
Dancing With Kate (Little Ar... - Laura M. B. Brown

Dancing With Kate (Little Ar...Laura M. B. Brown

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Kate is a happy little girl who lives in Chicago. She loves her family and loves to have fun, but sometimes she’s lonely or sad. It can be hard on a little girl sometimes. In this book your little one will join Kate as she learns a valuable… more

Dancing With Kate (Little Artists Book 1)
Laura M. B. Brown
Studio Torii , English
A Flutter of Lashes - Morgan Drake

A Flutter of LashesMorgan Drake

Chicago is invaded by a universal sexual invader determined to create pain which thrills, to drive the unsuspecting into a pulsating rhythm of intimate encounter. This is a first in lust and exquisite torment.

A Flutter of Lashes
Morgan Drake
Disruptive Publishing, Inc. , English
Fire in the Streets - Kekla Magoon

Fire in the StreetsKekla Magoon

What means more, shared values or shared blood? Maxie’s choice changes everything in this acclaimed companion to The Rock and the River.Bad things happen in the heat, they say. Maxie knows all about how fire can erupt at a moment’s notice, … more

Fire in the Streets
Kekla Magoon
Aladdin , English
Dark Bites:  Four Tales of Horror - Robert Ropars

Dark Bites: Four Tales of HorrorRobert Ropars

1 rating

This collection combines Dark Bites 1-4 & includes an exclusive bonus story: Part 5 - As the Crow Flies (sequel to Part 1-Windy City of the Dead). Enjoy true horror as 4 women in Chicago from 1979 to the far future face zombies, were-wolves… more

Dark Bites: Four Tales of Horror
Robert Ropars
The Mosquito Song - M. L. Kennedy

The Mosquito SongM. L. Kennedy

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Hunted by amateur assassins, confounded by a mysterious notebook, and vexed by modern technology, a derelict vampire travels to Chicago for answers. And maybe a little blood.

The Mosquito Song
M. L. Kennedy
Tiny TOE Press , English
Trick or Treat - Richie Tankersley Cusick

Trick or TreatRichie Tankersley Cusick

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A young girl is tormented by her new house’s terrible pastMartha wants to be happy for her father. She likes his new wife—even if she’s a terrible cook—but she doesn’t understand why they had to leave Chicago and move to this horrible house… more

Trick or Treat
Richie Tankersley Cusick
Open Road Media Teen & Tween , English
The Jungle - Upton Sinclair

The JungleUpton Sinclair

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Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, is a work of fiction describing the lives of immigrants working in Chicago’s meatpacking industry. This edition includes a table of contents.

The Jungle
Upton Sinclair
Waxkeep Publishing , English
Becoming Alec - Darwin S. Ward

Becoming AlecDarwin S. Ward

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Alec always thought she was a lesbian. She got thrown out of her house for it as a teenager, in fact. But when she moves to Chicago she begins a journey of self- discovery that leads to a place that she never imagined possible. She discover… more

Becoming Alec
Darwin S. Ward
MBM Press , English
Obama the One-Trick Pony - d h cook

Obama the One-Trick Ponyd h cook

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The story of a 1,000 pound black horse from the suburbs of Chicago.

Obama the One-Trick Pony
d h cook
Strategic eBusiness-Cook Consulting , English
Spilled Milk - Kit Campbell

Spilled MilkKit Campbell

This is the story of what happens when “happily ever after” doesn’t work out. Or does it? Get ready for an intimate look at what goes on in the life and mind of a Chicago girl when her successful, charmed life falls apart at the seams. It’s… more

Spilled Milk
Kit Campbell
iUniverse , English
Across the Mesa - Helen Bagg

Across the MesaHelen Bagg

It was a cold wet day in the early spring of 1920, and Chicago was doing her best to show her utter indifference to anyone”s opinion as to what spring weather ought to be. It was the sort of day when, if you had any ambition left after a … more

Across the Mesa
Helen Bagg
Red Light, Green Light - Debra R. Borys

Red Light, Green LightDebra R. Borys

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How far will a kid go to survive on the streets of Chicago? When life is a series of stops and starts, it’s easy to go too far before you know it. Chris started out like a golden apple on a tree. Will he ripen in the sunshine and reach h… more

Red Light, Green Light
Debra R. Borys
The Chicago Precinct Captain - Tim Sullivan

The Chicago Precinct CaptainTim Sullivan

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This is a story of the attitudes and thoughts of people in politicsduring the late fi fties and sixties. The explosion of the Blackpopulation and their steady migration westward from their historicenclaves on the East Side of Chicago was st… more

The Chicago Precinct Captain
Tim Sullivan
Xlibris , English
The Revolutionary - Russell Scott Day, Nancy Alex Day

The RevolutionaryRussell Scott Day, Nancy Alex Day

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The Revolutionary is the story of Weldon, a young working class man caught up in the revolutionary fervor of Chicago in the late ‘60s. In a riot on LSD Weldon runs over a cop. He manages to escape with the aid anarchist friends he was att… more

The Revolutionary
Russell Scott Day, Nancy Alex Day
Death Always Wins - Bill Albert

Death Always WinsBill Albert

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It’s Chicago in 1924 and Joey has has had a good run as a hit man for Mister Scapelli. He’s survived gun shots and evaded capture and he’s a number one man for the mob. He’s even faced death several times and walked away. If he can beat dea… more

Death Always Wins
Bill Albert
Wolfsmage (Witchlock Book 3) - Cyrese Covelli-Sherwood

Wolfsmage (Witchlock Book 3)Cyrese Covelli-Sherwood

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(Book Three of the Witchlock Series)For Ascher Rafferty, life was just getting back to normal. Well, as normal as it can be for a fifteen year old half-witch, half-warlock. Of course, that was before she was bitten by the son of Chicago’s m… more

Wolfsmage (Witchlock Book 3)
Cyrese Covelli-Sherwood
The Religious Cultural Girls... - S.L. Jones

The Religious Cultural Girls...S.L. Jones

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Two outgoing friendless sisters, Tori & Gg try to survive while living a religious life on the westside of Chicago. In the end, they survived by their mothers prayer and graduated with many friends. This book was written for the girl that s… more

The Religious Cultural Girls: Sister’s Sticking Together
S.L. Jones
SL Jones , English