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Lope de Oviedo (Spanish Edition) - Luis López Triviño

Lope de Oviedo (Spanish Edition)Luis López Triviño

Jacobo es un joven antropólogo de Chicago que ha llegado a un punto muerto en la redacción de su tesis doctoral. Pero un día, gracias a un e-Mail, hace un descubrimiento que puede revolucionar la historia cultural de Norte América. La inve… more

Lope de Oviedo (Spanish Edition)
Luis López Triviño
Bohodón Abey , Spanish
Witness to a Murder: The DJ Saw It - DJ Special Blend from Chicago

Witness to a Murder: The DJ Saw ItDJ Special Blend from Chicago

Childhood friends go to school together, play in the park together, and grow up to run a club together. When the establishment gets involved with the most notorious street gang in Chicago it brings date rape into the circle, it brings a lov… more

Witness to a Murder: The DJ Saw It
DJ Special Blend from Chicago
Citified Publications , English
ChiGrind Magazine Issue 3 -

ChiGrind Magazine Issue 3

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ChiGrind magazine is a Chicago based magazine that advertises businesses, artists, musicians as well as services provided by companies. If you have a item or service and or talent that needed promo and marketing we are here for you.

ChiGrind Magazine Issue 3
Alonzo Henley , English
The Lamia, Part 8, Force of Nature - Jim Heter

The Lamia, Part 8, Force of NatureJim Heter

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Dema Culver’s shaman experience has taught her not to be surprised when seemingly unrelated events turn out to be connected. But the link that turns up between events in Catemaco Mexico and in her home town of Chicago is nothing she might h… more

The Lamia, Part 8, Force of Nature
Jim Heter
Jim Heter , English
Feral Eyes (The Loupen Pack) - Lupa Garneau

Feral Eyes (The Loupen Pack)Lupa Garneau

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In a world of confusion and chaos, there is one thing Adeliah is certain of- she’s dangerous.Leaving home at a young age, she has settled for a life of lonliness and regret in the heart of Chicago, hunting those that deserve death as an out… more

Feral Eyes (The Loupen Pack)
Lupa Garneau
Timecaster - Joe Kimball

TimecasterJoe Kimball

Chicago, 2064: Talon Avalon is a timecaster-one of a select few peace officers who can operate a TEV, the Tachyon Emission Visualizer, which records events (most specifically, crimes) that have already happened. With crime at an all-time lo… more

Joe Kimball
Ace , English
There Are No Children Here: ... - Alex Kotlowitz

There Are No Children Here: ...Alex Kotlowitz

This is the moving and powerful account of two  remarkable boys struggling to survive in Chicago’s  Henry Horner Homes, a public housing complex  disfigured by crime and neglect.From the Trade Paperback edition.

There Are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in The Other America
Alex Kotlowitz
Anchor , English
Luke Walton: The Chicago Newsboy - Horatio Alger Jr.

Luke Walton: The Chicago NewsboyHoratio Alger Jr.

Young Luke lives with his mother in Chicago at the end of the nineteenth century. He spends his days trying to make a living as a newsboy until a letter arrives from his dead father and changes his life.

Luke Walton: The Chicago Newsboy
Horatio Alger Jr.
Nutshell Press , English
The Jungle - Upton Sinclair

The JungleUpton Sinclair

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Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, is a work of fiction describing the lives of immigrants working in Chicago’s meatpacking industry. This edition includes a table of contents.

The Jungle
Upton Sinclair
Waxkeep Publishing , English
Alyssa Visits Chicago - Ann Tucker

Alyssa Visits ChicagoAnn Tucker

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Alyssa and her parents spend the day visiting Chicago.Is Chicago a fun place for kids?It sure is.Come along with Alyssa and find out just how fun this city is.Another children’s picture books by Ann Tucker, “Seven Monsters Ready to Play”.Fo… more

Alyssa Visits Chicago
Ann Tucker
Spanielhill Publishing , English
The Mob Files. Chicago's Mob... - John Tuohy

The Mob Files. Chicago's Mob...John Tuohy

The names and histories of Chicago’s Mafia Bosses

The Mob Files. Chicago’s Mob Bosses. 1900-2000
John Tuohy
Bad Guys and Bullets Press.Com , English
Shore Drive - Zelma Blitzreiter

Shore DriveZelma Blitzreiter

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IN THIS HEART-WARMING SEQUEL TOJOURNEY LAKE” A CHICAGO SOCIALITE BEGINS TO BUILD A NEW LIFE. Recently divorced, Helena is excited about her new freedom. But finding a job, dealing with her ex-husband, and making peace with her lover’s d… more

Shore Drive
Zelma Blitzreiter
City Walks: Chicago: 50 Adve... - Christina Henry deTessan

City Walks: Chicago: 50 Adve...Christina Henry deTessan

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The perfect bring-along accessory for exploring Chicago like a native.Walks include:Millennium ParkThe LoopMagnificent MileNavy Pier…And more!

City Walks: Chicago: 50 Adventures On Foot
Christina Henry deTessan
Chronicle Books LLC , English
Obama the One-Trick Pony - d h cook

Obama the One-Trick Ponyd h cook

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The story of a 1,000 pound black horse from the suburbs of Chicago.

Obama the One-Trick Pony
d h cook
Strategic eBusiness-Cook Consulting , English
Becoming Alec - Darwin S. Ward

Becoming AlecDarwin S. Ward

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Alec always thought she was a lesbian. She got thrown out of her house for it as a teenager, in fact. But when she moves to Chicago she begins a journey of self- discovery that leads to a place that she never imagined possible. She discover… more

Becoming Alec
Darwin S. Ward
MBM Press , English
Wanton in the Windy City - Stefanie Scott

Wanton in the Windy CityStefanie Scott

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Penny is caught up in a sexless marriage that she isn’t going to leave. She has learned to fill the void with anonymous lovers on her frequent business trips. Now, even her ‘regulars’ have become a routine. But a new trip to a new town will… more

Wanton in the Windy City
Stefanie Scott
Stefanie Scott Stories , English
School's In-Chicago South Side City - Susie Redfern

School's In-Chicago South Side CitySusie Redfern

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Comprehensive Directory of Child Care Centers and Preschools in the South Side Chicago section of the Greater Chicago Area.

School’s In-Chicago South Side City
Susie Redfern
Making the Second Ghetto: Ra... - Arnold R. Hirsch

Making the Second Ghetto: Ra...Arnold R. Hirsch

This text argues that in the post-depression years, Chicago was a “pioneer in developing concepts and devices” for housing segregation. The book shows that the legal framework for the national urban renewal efforts was forged in the heat ge… more

Making the Second Ghetto: Race and Housing in Chicago 1940-1960 (Historical Studies of Urban America)
Arnold R. Hirsch
Univ of Chicago Pr , English
Conventional Lies of our Civ... -  Max Simon Nordau

Conventional Lies of our Civ... Max Simon Nordau

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[…] Chicago[…]”.

Conventional Lies of our Civilization
Max Simon Nordau
Wanted: Single, Homeless Female - Linda Lea Graziani

Wanted: Single, Homeless FemaleLinda Lea Graziani

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This is a rapid, heart-pounding story about a young woman, whose seemingly suitable life abruptly ends, turning her new reality into a kind of waking nightmare. After being laid off from her well-paying job, in her dream city, Chicago, she… more

Wanted: Single, Homeless Female
Linda Lea Graziani
Linda Lea Graziani , English