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Feral Eyes (The Loupen Pack) - Lupa Garneau

Feral Eyes (The Loupen Pack)Lupa Garneau

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In a world of confusion and chaos, there is one thing Adeliah is certain of- she’s dangerous.Leaving home at a young age, she has settled for a life of lonliness and regret in the heart of Chicago, hunting those that deserve death as an out… more

Feral Eyes (The Loupen Pack)
Lupa Garneau
Alyssa Visits Chicago - Ann Tucker

Alyssa Visits ChicagoAnn Tucker

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Alyssa and her parents spend the day visiting Chicago.Is Chicago a fun place for kids?It sure is.Come along with Alyssa and find out just how fun this city is.Another children’s picture books by Ann Tucker, “Seven Monsters Ready to Play”.Fo… more

Alyssa Visits Chicago
Ann Tucker
Spanielhill Publishing , English
School's In-Chicago South Side City - Susie Redfern

School's In-Chicago South Side CitySusie Redfern

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Comprehensive Directory of Child Care Centers and Preschools in the South Side Chicago section of the Greater Chicago Area.

School’s In-Chicago South Side City
Susie Redfern
Wanted: Single, Homeless Female - Linda Lea Graziani

Wanted: Single, Homeless FemaleLinda Lea Graziani

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This is a rapid, heart-pounding story about a young woman, whose seemingly suitable life abruptly ends, turning her new reality into a kind of waking nightmare. After being laid off from her well-paying job, in her dream city, Chicago, she… more

Wanted: Single, Homeless Female
Linda Lea Graziani
Linda Lea Graziani , English
Dark Bites:  Four Tales of Horror - Robert Ropars

Dark Bites: Four Tales of HorrorRobert Ropars

1 rating

This collection combines Dark Bites 1-4 & includes an exclusive bonus story: Part 5 - As the Crow Flies (sequel to Part 1-Windy City of the Dead). Enjoy true horror as 4 women in Chicago from 1979 to the far future face zombies, were-wolves… more

Dark Bites: Four Tales of Horror
Robert Ropars
Some Are Destined - Irene Slater

Some Are DestinedIrene Slater

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Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, an exciting time to be alive in Chicago during the year 1974. This is a tale about a man society turned its back on simply because he was different. In a moment of passion, he commits murder, then later encou… more

Some Are Destined
Irene Slater
Trafford , English
Return - Jack Richards

ReturnJack Richards

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This book includes four novellas:

Revelation After a long absence from his hometown, a successful executive returns to attend the funeral of a boyhood friend. While there, he gains insight into the events that caused him to run away as a… more

Jack Richards
Bookstand Publishing , English
Pasada la medianoche (Julia)... - Mira Lynn Kelly

Pasada la medianoche (Julia)...Mira Lynn Kelly

“Eres tan poco adecuado para mí”. Levi estaba totalmente de acuerdo. Lo era. Iba a marcharse de Chicago dentro de pocas semanas. Además, nunca se comprometía. Sin embargo, aquella noche y aquella chica eran tan especiales… hacían que se sin… more

Pasada la medianoche (Julia) (Spanish Edition)
Mira Lynn Kelly
Harlequin Ibérica, S.A. , Spanish
Chicago, a history and forecast - William Hudson  Harper

Chicago, a history and forecastWilliam Hudson Harper

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Chicago, a history and forecast (1921)

Chicago, a history and forecast
William Hudson Harper
Fire in the Streets - Kekla Magoon

Fire in the StreetsKekla Magoon

What means more, shared values or shared blood? Maxie’s choice changes everything in this acclaimed companion to The Rock and the River.Bad things happen in the heat, they say. Maxie knows all about how fire can erupt at a moment’s notice, … more

Fire in the Streets
Kekla Magoon
Aladdin , English
Tomorrow Girls #3: With the Enemy - Eva Gray

Tomorrow Girls #3: With the EnemyEva Gray

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In a terrifying new world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive.Evelyn has always suspected that things are more sinister and more complicated than they seem. Now that Maddie has been kidnapped, Rosie, Louisa, and th… more

Tomorrow Girls #3: With the Enemy
Eva Gray
Scholastic Paperbacks , English
The Minds of Marginalized Bl... - Alford A., Jr. Young

The Minds of Marginalized Bl...Alford A., Jr. Young

While we hear much about the “culture of poverty” that keeps poor black men poor, we know little about how such men understand their social position and relationship to the American dream. Moving beyond stereotypes, this book examines how t… more

The Minds of Marginalized Black Men: Making Sense of Mobility, Opportunity, and Future Life Chances (Princeton Studies in Cultural Sociology)
Alford A., Jr. Young
Princeton University Press , English
Safeword Magazine - Kinky Notti -

Safeword Magazine - Kinky Notti

Welcome to the most fantastic, wonderful and downright dirty thing that’s happening today. Safeword Magazine – THE alternative lifestyle, BDSM, and fine arts magazine. Get the latest erotica previews, BDSM articles, music reviews, erotic po… more

Safeword Magazine - Kinky Notti
Wanna Play? Games of the 60'... - Debbie Grubb

Wanna Play? Games of the 60'...Debbie Grubb

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A fond look at childhood games during the 1960’s, growing up in Chicago. Neighborhood games are described and rated with an innovative 1 - 4 Bandaid system.This funny, warm, wish-I-was-a-kid-again, walk through the neighborhood gamefest wil… more

Wanna Play? Games of the 60’s as Seen Through The Eyes of a Catholic School Diva
Debbie Grubb
Improvised Dialogues: Emerge... - R. Keith Sawyer

Improvised Dialogues: Emerge...R. Keith Sawyer

Improvised Dialogues is the first social-scientific study of Chicago improv theater. It focuses on the collaborative verbal creativity that improvising actors use to generate their unscripted dialogues. The author spent two years as a per… more

Improvised Dialogues: Emergence and Creativity in Conversation (Publications in Creativity Research)
R. Keith Sawyer
Praeger , English
Lost Souls - Dave Robinson, Robert Nobile

Lost SoulsDave Robinson, Robert Nobile

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Becoming pregnant as a senior in high school wasn’t in Jackie’s plans, but it happened anyway. With a mother who chose drugs, lead her figuring out life for herself. Based on her true story, each journal chapter represents a month of pregna… more

Lost Souls
Dave Robinson, Robert Nobile
Xlibris , English
No Exit: Greed, Sex, Misery,... - Katherine Touhy

No Exit: Greed, Sex, Misery,...Katherine Touhy

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ABOUT THIS STORY: Hired to bring a daughter back to her rich suburban family, P.I. Cruz finds herself entangled in the Chicago prostitution underworld. As usual when physically threatened, Cruz leaves death and destruction in her wake. Warn… more

No Exit: Greed, Sex, Misery, Death (A Lesbian Noir Crime Story)
Katherine Touhy
Spectrum Diva , English
How To Quit Your Job And Lea... - Maya Smiley

How To Quit Your Job And Lea...Maya Smiley

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Testimonials:”This book helped me respectfully, efficiently, and effectively use my current working situation to my advantage when moving to another position within a large corporation. Great information, super helpful!” -Jennifer W. (Spri… more

How To Quit Your Job And Leave A Legacy: What I Wish I Knew Before I Quit My Job
Maya Smiley
Spilled Milk - Kit Campbell

Spilled MilkKit Campbell

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This is the story of what happens when “happily ever after” doesn’t work out. Or does it? Get ready for an intimate look at what goes on in the life and mind of a Chicago girl when her successful, charmed life falls apart at the seams. It’s… more

Spilled Milk
Kit Campbell
iUniverse , English
Wolfsmage (Witchlock) - Cyrese Covelli-Sherwood

Wolfsmage (Witchlock)Cyrese Covelli-Sherwood

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(Book Three of the Witchlock Series)For Ascher Rafferty, life was just getting back to normal. Well, as normal as it can be for a fifteen year old half-witch, half-warlock. Of course, that was before she was bitten by the son of Chicago’s m… more

Wolfsmage (Witchlock)
Cyrese Covelli-Sherwood