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That's a Wrap! 29 Easy and E...Lou Gideon

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Written specifically for women facing chemotherapy-related hair loss, That’s a Wrap! teaches the reader a multitude of step-by-step, head wrapping plans. With over 170 instructional color photos taken during the author’s own tress-less mont… more

That’s a Wrap! 29 Easy and Elegant Head-Wrapping Styles for the Tressless Chemo Babe
Lou Gideon

My Parent Has Cancer and It ...Maya Silver, Marc Silver

Real-life advice from real-life teens Currently one million American teenagers live with a parent who is fighting cancer. It’s a hard blow for those already navigating high school, preparing for college, and becoming increasingly ind… more

My Parent Has Cancer and It Really Sucks
Maya Silver, Marc Silver
Sourcebooks Fire , English

Tested Sponsoring Methods Ex...Michael Senoff

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Even if you think you’re mulling over an important decision, research shows your subconscious has already made up your mind in the first 30 seconds.That’s why appealing to that part of your prospects’ brains is absolutely critical when it c… more

Tested Sponsoring Methods Explained: An interview With MLM Expert Big Al Tom Schreiter
Michael Senoff
Michael Senoff , English

Constipation : Managing Chem...National Institutes of Healt...

Constipation : Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects“I had a difficult time going to the bathroom. Eating prunes and other high-fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, helped me. I also drank lots of water.What is constipation?Are you … more

Constipation : Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

Sponsoring Magic: An Intervi...Michael Senoff

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Even if you think you’re mulling over an important decision, research shows your subconscious has already made up your mind in the first 30 seconds.That’s why appealing to that part of your prospects’ brains is absolutely critical when it c… more

Sponsoring Magic: An Interview Big Al Tom Schreiter
Michael Senoff
Michael Senoff , English

Chemo: Secrets to ThrivingRoxanne Brown

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The thought of chemotherapy can be overwhelming, but getting through it doesn’t have to be.Chemo: Secrets to Thriving helps lighten the load. In chronological order, step-by- step, you learn what might occur, why it happens, what you can do… more

Chemo: Secrets to Thriving
Roxanne Brown
NorLightsPress , English

Perry's The Chemotherapy Sou...Michael C. Perry, Donald C. ...

Perry’s The Chemotherapy Source Book, now in its fifth edition, provides information on the choice of chemotherapeutic agents, the use of combination chemotherapy, and the toxicity of individual drugs. Organized by site, this is the only b… more

Perry’s The Chemotherapy Source Book
Michael C. Perry, Donald C. Doll, Carl E. Freter
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins , English

Holistic And Alternative Can...Erik Loebl

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In this book you are going to find out 10 holistic and alternative cancer fighting strategies you can implement today and, which will free you from the seemingly only alternative facing you probably right now, chemotherapy.

Holistic And Alternative Cancer Treatments - Survivor Story And 10 Critical Things You Need To Do Now!
Erik Loebl
Erik Loebl , English

Chemo for ClownsRoss Roberts

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So here is a booklet I wrote that I hope will help other cancer suffers who may undergo Chemotherapy to hopefully assist and relieve some of the worry associated with the experience.

The fact is that there is no such thing as being told, y… more

Chemo for Clowns
Ross Roberts

Appetite Changes : Managing ...U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH A...

Appetite Changes : Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects“Many days I’m just not hungry. I find it easier to eat 5 small meals, instead of 3 big meals each day. My nurse told me about foods that can help me keep up my strength.

Appetite Changes : Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

100 Greatest Science Inventi...Kendall Haven

This ready reference presents fascinating facts about 100 amazing inventions, a panoramic overview of the history of science, and a collection of engaging reads.Inventions are the stuff of dreams, quickly gaining widespread use, becoming ce… more

100 Greatest Science Inventions of All Time
Kendall Haven
Libraries Unlimited , English

Cancer Man: a survivors storyDavid Ard

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An intimate first hand account of one man’s battle with cancer. Cancer Man takes the reader through the entire journey from the diagnosis through the end of chemotherapy.

Cancer Man: a survivors story
David Ard
DEA Press , English

There Is Healing in His Hand...Leona Hong

You will read throughout this book how I struggled to keep my faith strong with Cancer growing in my body. It became a battle for me at times when I was not sure what was going to happen next, but I held onto my Lord’s hands and there were … more

There Is Healing in His Hands: A Cancer Story
Leona Hong
PublishAmerica , English

Cancer (Topics in Medicinal ...Rob Bradbury

This volume reviews advances in cancer chemotherapy research over the last 10 years. Chapters written by leading experts in their field reflect a range of current medicinal chemistry approaches to small molecule drugs. Each chapter covers t… more

Cancer (Topics in Medicinal Chemistry)
Rob Bradbury
Springer , English

Essential Cancer Pharmacolog...Sara K. Butler, Ramaswamy Govindan

Essential Cancer Pharmacology: The Prescriber’s Guide provides quick-reference information about cancer medications and supportive care medications commonly used or prescribed for cancer patients. This portable guide focuses on information … more

Essential Cancer Pharmacology: The Prescriber’s Guide (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Handbook)
Sara K. Butler, Ramaswamy Govindan
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins , English

The Cancer KillersSayer Ji, Ben Lerner, Charle...

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BECOME A CANCER KILLER!ELIMINATE THE CAUSE OF THE WORLD’S MOST DEADLY DIAGNOSISLooking for alternatives? Here’s where to start.With weeks to live, see how a doctor with stage 4 cancer that had metastasized to his brain didn’t just survive i… more

The Cancer Killers
Sayer Ji, Ben Lerner, Charles Majors
Maximized Living Inc , English

I'm Still Smiling, My Breast...Barbara Black Fox

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Nonfiction portions taken from my journal, during the time I was diagnosed, underwent surgery, and then chemotherapy for breast cancer. Hopefully, it will help others who are going through—or know others who are dealing with similar trial… more

I’m Still Smiling, My Breast Cancer Journal
Barbara Black Fox

Lay Me DownT. Scott McLeod

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A dream, surreal.

All the people I’ve know’d.

Every moment, gone – here then gone.

Spent so much of my life, complaining, what is there to complain about – wanting a different life – not leaning into this life, not living this life.

Liv… more

Lay Me Down
T. Scott McLeod
T. Scott McLeod , English

"From Chemo...with Love"Teresa Jones

What do you do when you find yourself in the battle for your life and feel like there are things that you cannot share with your friends and family?

In Callie’s case, she follows the advice of an old friend and gets a journal to share her … more

From Chemo…with Love”
Teresa Jones
Teresa Jones , English

The Twelve Steps, An In-dept...Fred Carter

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Most people have heard of the Twelve Steps, a program of recovery pioneered by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. In this book, the author looks at the Steps from the inside out and makes the principles of recovery accessible in a way t… more

The Twelve Steps, An In-depth Look at a Program of Recovery
Fred Carter
Fred H Carter , English