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Dancing with Death: Living w...Micah Klug

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Grief has always been difficult no matter the person’s foundation within themselves, their faith, spirituality, family, social class, or any other determining factors that can (and will) influence an individual’s life. The truth is this: we… more

Dancing with Death: Living with Grief and Grieving Rituals
Micah Klug

Helps for Young Christians -...James Olah

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Helps for New Christians

When I became a chaplain for hospice I was required to go through training to prepare me for my new position. I learned what hospice was about, how the rules regulated what we could talk about, how to keep safe whe… more

Helps for Young Christians — For Believers who need Guidance and Direction in their Walk of Faith (Basic Christianity)
James Olah
SOJO Books , English

Stand Strong, Spiritual Resi...Jack Scott Stanley

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How to prepare, fight, and win victory over the battles of life as warriors for God.Chaplain Stanley has provided a practical study guide on Ephesians, couched in the military terms of spiritual combat. The book is well illustrated with the… more

Stand Strong, Spiritual Resiliency the Ephesians Way
Jack Scott Stanley
McClain Productions , English

Chaplains of the Bible: Insp...Richard E. Geyer, Patricia M. Geyer

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This book is for all who have the desire and opportunity to help others in many different settings, from major disasters to the places of quiet crisis where there is no yellow tape to be found. Chaplains of the Bible inspires and equips thr… more

Chaplains of the Bible: Inspiration for Those Who Help Others in Crisis
Richard E. Geyer, Patricia M. Geyer
Ambassador International , English

The Chaplain is In: Journey ...Joy Le Page Smith

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The Chaplain is In: Journey to Health and Happiness will help you process the difficult times you face in life. Within these pages, you will find stories, insights, wisdom, science, and spirituality to assist you as you cope with life’s cha… more

The Chaplain is In: Journey to Health and Happiness
Joy Le Page Smith
Pathways to Healing — Ministries of Joy , English

Christian, are you going to court?Kelly La Plante

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As a volunteer chaplain in Corrections I saw the fear many have before going to court.There are biblical truths and spiritual laws that can affect the outcome. These are truths which have helped set people free.

Christian, are you going to court?
Kelly La Plante
Kelly La Plante , English

The Work of the Chaplain (Wo...Naomi K. Paget

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The Work of the Chaplain is the ideal starting point for all?including seminarians?who are exploring a call to minister outside the walls of the church. Unlike most other books in this field which are specific to one form of chaplaincy and … more

The Work of the Chaplain (Work of the Church)
Naomi K. Paget
Judson Press , English

The Next StepDennis Leger

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Could David salvage the life he had squandered as a youth? The Chaplain had rescued him and helped him prepare for the future, but now he was making new enemies to go with those he had brought with him from Illinois. Falling in love with No… more

The Next Step
Dennis Leger
Dennis Leger , English

The General of the Dead Army...Ismail Kadare

This is the story of an Italian general, accompanied by his chaplain, charged with the mission of scouring Albania in search of the bones of their fallen countrymen, killed twenty years earlier during World War II.

The General of the Dead Army: A Novel
Ismail Kadare
Arcade Publishing , English

Ultimate Journey: Death and ...

Like taxes, death is inevitable. Everyone experiences it sooner or later. This book offers perspectives on death and dying from all major religions, written by experts in each of those religions. Focusing on the major world traditions, i… more

Ultimate Journey: Death and Dying in the World’s Major Religions
Praeger , English

Faith in the Fight

For both Union and Confederate soldiers, religion was the greatest sustainer of morale in the Civil War, and faith was a refuge in a great time of need. Guarding and guiding the spiritual well-being of the fighters, army chaplains were a vo… more

Faith in the Fight
Stackpole Books , English

On the Wings of the WindRev. James C. Taylor, Patric...

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Chaplain and Mrs. Taylor provide a spiritual road map that will aid readers who seek intimacy with God and a compass for their life’s journey. A newly-wed grandmother takes a leap of faith, becoming an army chaplain’s wife and embarking wit… more

On the Wings of the Wind
Rev. James C. Taylor, Patricia Eytcheson Taylor
Patricia Eytcheson Taylor , English

Answering Evil: Crisis, Comp...Jay McCarl

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Sudden Extreme Crisis…IT’S YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE—and it’s only a matter of time until you are called to comfort someone shattered by a sudden, extreme crisis. Yet few are actually prepared to answer on God’s behalf to those torn by terribl… more

Answering Evil: Crisis, Compassion and Truth in an Age of Uncertainty
Jay McCarl
Biblical Dinners Ministries , English

The Persecution of Stronghol...Lleslie Johnson

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Chaplain Stronghold Believer was called before the arbitration board when several bishops complained she was teaching faith and prosperity. The church leaders accused her of being hyper faith and giving their members unrealistic expectation… more

The Persecution of Stronghold Believer
Lleslie Johnson
Lleslie Johnson , English

Driving as a Spiritual DisciplineRobert Nelson

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Almost everyone in our society drives and everyone knows about the frustrations of driving. These can include heavy traffic, aggressive drivers, mindless drivers, mechanical problems, tickets, crashes, injuries and even death. Our reactions… more

Driving as a Spiritual Discipline
Robert Nelson

In Times of Peril : A Tale o...G.A. Henty

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Very bright and pretty, in the early springtime of the year 1857, were the British cantonments of Sandynugghur. As in all other British garrisons in India, they stood quite apart from the town, forming a suburb of their own. They consisted … more

In Times of Peril : A Tale of India : complete with original Illustration and Writer Biography (Illustrated)
G.A. Henty
G.A. Henty , English

The Arts of Contemplative Ca...Cheryl A. Giles

The Arts of Contemplative Care: Pioneering Voices in Buddhist Chaplaincy and Pastoral Work collects together in one volume the voices of pioneers in the widening field of “Contemplative Care”—an exciting new domain of vocational Buddhism in… more

The Arts of Contemplative Care: Pioneering Voices in Buddhist Chaplaincy and Pastoral Work
Cheryl A. Giles
Wisdom Publications , English

Death Angel:The Journey of a...Deborah Woods

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Death Angel:The Journey of a Hospice Chaplain- Deborah Woods

Death Angel:The Journey of a Hospice Chaplain
Deborah Woods
AuthorHouse , English

The Better CountryScott Johnson

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What causes brother to rise up against brother? Can men, nations, and families ever experience true unity and peace? Will racism and hatred finally be eradicated? War often seems to be man’s answer for settling disputes and thwarting evil. … more

The Better Country
Scott Johnson

Benefit Beings!: The Buddhis...Danny Fisher

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Benefit Beings!” was written to help Buddhists engaged in professional chaplaincy work in North America, and those who wish to join their ranks. The book is organized into several chapters, each offering a brief history of a particular cha… more

Benefit Beings!: The Buddhist Guide to Professional Chaplaincy
Danny Fisher