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A Crisis of Fate (Fates Book 4) - Danielle Bourdon

A Crisis of Fate (Fates Book 4)Danielle Bourdon

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Something eerie is afoot in the Lord of Chaos’ castle. Something menacing. Stalked, spooked and harassed, Farris discovers a fatal flaw in the job she was born to do, resulting in one of the most terrifying journeys of her young life. To su… more

A Crisis of Fate (Fates Book 4)
Danielle Bourdon
Wildbloom Press , English
PsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas... - Peter J. Carroll

PsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas...Peter J. Carroll

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A witty and iconoclastic commentary on magick and modern occult subculture by one of the founders of Chaos Magick. PsyberMagick contains astonishing, controversial and revolutionary ideas on the theory and practice of magick, the structure … more

PsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick
Peter J. Carroll
The Original Falcon Press , English
River of Souls (Chronicles o... - J. Steven Young

River of Souls (Chronicles o...J. Steven Young

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The Zidu’Si is being rebuilt and the Shadow is fighting for dominance The balance of dark and light is again threatened in Ersetu. The land of Aurderia is at the center of the struggle between the forces aligned with the dark, and the rest… more

River of Souls (Chronicles of Aurderia Book 2)
J. Steven Young
The Balance (Chronicles of A... - J. Steven Young

The Balance (Chronicles of A...J. Steven Young

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A Land of Fantasy and Elemental Magic is falling into chaos from Ancient Sumerian interference.

What has happened to the magical world? Ersetu, it is a land of wonders in sorcery, spells, and weaving of elemental magics. These abilities co… more

The Balance (Chronicles of Aurderia Book 1)
J. Steven Young
The Named (Guardians of Time) - Marianne Curley

The Named (Guardians of Time)Marianne Curley

1 rating
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Ethan is a member of the Named, sworn to fight the Order of Chaos, an evil group determined to permanently change the course of history. But he is also a normal high school student trying desperately to keep up with his homework and fit in…. more

The Named (Guardians of Time)
Marianne Curley
Bloomsbury USA Childrens , English
The Key (Guardians of Time) - Marianne Curley

The Key (Guardians of Time)Marianne Curley

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The battle to protect the future is coming to an end as the evil Order of Chaos launches their final attack on the Named. To defeat the Order, the Named must locate the Key to a treasury of weapons hidden somewhere in the ancient city of At… more

The Key (Guardians of Time)
Marianne Curley
Bloomsbury USA Childrens , English
Judge Dredd Vol. 2 - Duane Swierczynski

Judge Dredd Vol. 2Duane Swierczynski

In “The Long Fail” technology is failing all over Mega-City One, causing blackouts, explosions, radiation leaks, and other nasty surprises. As the city spirals into chaos Judge Dredd must fight back with no weapon, no ride, and no backup. A… more

Judge Dredd Vol. 2
Duane Swierczynski
IDW Publishing , English
1: Chaos - Pack Alpha (The P... - Carys Weldon

1: Chaos - Pack Alpha (The P...Carys Weldon

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Chaos is a player, always has been. As alpha male at Pack City, hooking up with someone long term puts them on a death list. So, he plays it cool with Tee, keeps an eye on her, puts the hands off sign out, but never gets close. He’d rather … more

1: Chaos - Pack Alpha (The Pack Series)
Carys Weldon
Mojocastle Press , English
Selling to China: A Guide to... - Stanley Chao

Selling to China: A Guide to...Stanley Chao

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The conventional wisdom that only large corporations can do business in China is a thing of the past. Small- and medium-sized businesses today enjoy the same opportunities in China once granted only to large, multinational conglomerates. In… more

Selling to China: A Guide to Doing Business in China for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies
Stanley Chao
iUniverse , English
Below Mercury - Mark Anson

Below MercuryMark Anson

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Deep in the permanent darkness of Chao Meng-fu crater on Mercury, the ruins of Erebus Mine lie abandoned and forgotten after a devastating explosion that claimed the lives of 257 people. After an eight-year legal battle, the relatives of th… more

Below Mercury
Mark Anson
Glenn Field Publishing , English
Mystery of the Gushing Cup - Robert Woodwose

Mystery of the Gushing CupRobert Woodwose

When the Miami nightlife demands an extra dose of the weird and magical, Caliver and Carina, two adept occultists, have the answer: Radioactive magic mushrooms and a stroll down Coconut Grove. This potent combination will allow them to crea… more

Mystery of the Gushing Cup
Robert Woodwose
Robert Woodwose , English
Promised Land: Hooded Swan, Book 3 - Brian Stableford

Promised Land: Hooded Swan, Book 3Brian Stableford

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In a galactic culture that extends from quasi-Utopian worlds like new Rome to vermin-infested slums like Old Earth, the Star-Pilots are the great heroes of the day, and Grainger has become a legend in his own time, flying the revolutionary … more

Promised Land: Hooded Swan, Book 3
Brian Stableford
Wildside Press , English
Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel - Kristen Ashley

Own the Wind: A Chaos NovelKristen Ashley

6 ratings

Too hot to handle … Tabitha Allen grew up in the thick of Chaos-the Chaos Motorcycle Club, that is. Her father is Chaos’ leader, and the club has always had her back. But one rider was different from the start. When Tabby was running wi… more

Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel
Kristen Ashley
Forever , English
The Chinese Origin of the Ag... - Chao C. Chien

The Chinese Origin of the Ag...Chao C. Chien

Europeans going to sea in the fifteenth century and ushering in the Age of Discovery was the result of coming into geographical knowledge of the world inherited from the Chinese, which infers that the Chinese had explored and charted the wo… more

The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery
Chao C. Chien
Diogenes Research , English
GENETIC TREE (The Logos Book... - Bryan Higby

GENETIC TREE (The Logos Book...Bryan Higby

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What happened to Byron Bigby at the end of The Diary of a Logos? Where did Marko end up after being kidnapped by the Chaos Affiliates in A Logos At Large? Here are the answers in this long awaited third volume in the original Logos Books se… more

GENETIC TREE (The Logos Books Book 3)
Bryan Higby
BH BOOKS , English
Christmas Eve in Bangkok - Morgan McFinn

Christmas Eve in BangkokMorgan McFinn

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This is a long short story that might also be staged as a one or two act play. It is set in a suite at the prestigious Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The story concerns several characters who have volun… more

Christmas Eve in Bangkok
Morgan McFinn
Bookflurry.com , English
The Inception of Time: Book ... - Terri-Ann Millman

The Inception of Time: Book ...Terri-Ann Millman

They are ancient beings beyond the realm of human understanding. Theirs is a world where all worlds are created from. Two brothers from this realm who are in the midst of a feud of opposing views, so ancient in its inception.The Nameless O… more

The Inception of Time: Book One in the Chronicles of Turyia
Terri-Ann Millman
iUniverse , English
Tun-huang (New York Review B... - Yasushi Inoue

Tun-huang (New York Review B...Yasushi Inoue

More than a thousand years ago, an extraordinary trove of early Buddhist sutras and other scriptures was secreted away in caves near the Silk Road city of Tun-huang. But who hid this magnificent treasure and why? In Tun-huang, the great mod… more

Tun-huang (New York Review Books Classics)
Yasushi Inoue
NYRB Classics , English
Max Steel: Haywire: Haywire - Tom Pinchuk

Max Steel: Haywire: HaywireTom Pinchuk

A shadowy new villain hits Earth with a super computer virus that takes down technology and creates communications chaos. Can Max figure out how to get things back online—without using his usual techno-tricks to do it?!   Story by Tom Pinch… more

Max Steel: Haywire: Haywire
Tom Pinchuk
VIZ Media: Perfect Square , English
Chaos: Motorcycle Club Romance - C. C. Davenport

Chaos: Motorcycle Club RomanceC. C. Davenport

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“When I first saw Bodie, my legs grew weak. Why did he have to be a biker!”

When Nikki discovers a motorcycle club is setting up shop next to her store, her anxiety builds. She underwent a frightening encounter with a biker when she was a … more

Chaos: Motorcycle Club Romance
C. C. Davenport