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Demonspawn - Scott Reeves

DemonspawnScott Reeves

1 rating
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In this dark epic fantasy that crackles with sinister sorcery and eldritch energy, ancient evil and prophecy collide as an unsuspecting medieval kingdom, still recovering from a hellish oppression that devastated the land a thousand years e… more

Scott Reeves
Aether Wind , English
Bismarck - A.J.P. Taylor

BismarckA.J.P. Taylor

A reevaluation of Bismarck’s motives and methods, focusing on the chancellor’s rise to power in the 1860’s and his removal from office in 1890.From the Paperback edition.

A.J.P. Taylor
Vintage , English
The Book of Dragons (Illustrated) - Edith Nesbit

The Book of Dragons (Illustrated)Edith Nesbit

So he took The Book of Beasts out into the rose garden and opened the page next to the one where the Dragon had been just a tiny bit to see what the name was. He could only see “cora,” but he felt the middle of the page swelling up thick wi… more

The Book of Dragons (Illustrated)
Edith Nesbit
Convergence: Dragonics & Run... - A. Wrighton

Convergence: Dragonics & Run...A. Wrighton

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Never belonging anywhere was something you got used to—at least in Bandorea. Wanting something more, was something you learned to shun.

But when presented with the chance to change your fortune and pursue your dreams, do… more

Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III
A. Wrighton
Little Green Eyed Press , English
The 100 (The Hundred series) - Kass Morgan

The 100 (The Hundred series)Kass Morgan

No one has set foot on Earth in centuries — until now.Ever since a devastating nuclear war, humanity has lived on spaceships far above Earth’s radioactive surface. Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents — considered expendable by society -… more

The 100 (The Hundred series)
Kass Morgan
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers , English
Blood Rage - A Paranormal Ro... - Tara Shuler

Blood Rage - A Paranormal Ro...Tara Shuler

It was a woman who started it all. Her love was the one thing he never expected would ignite the war and bring about the destruction of all humanity. Love - weak, disgusting human love, would be the one thing that would bring about the war … more

Blood Rage - A Paranormal Romance Novella (Blood War Chronicles Book 1)
Tara Shuler
German Politics Today 2nd edition - Geoffrey K. Roberts

German Politics Today 2nd editionGeoffrey K. Roberts

This revised and updated edition provides the reader with a comprehensive description and analysis of the institutions of the German political system. The historical development of German politics is surveyed, and special attention is given… more

German Politics Today 2nd edition
Geoffrey K. Roberts
Manchester University Press , English
The Manlifter - Philip Greenwood

The ManlifterPhilip Greenwood

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Drome had been a flourishing town, but after the airfield closed it completely lost its way, becoming a commercial and cultural backwater. The local government is plagued by petty politics, and a general state of apathy provides a perfect c… more

The Manlifter
Philip Greenwood
Philip Greenwood , English
Athmaren : Book Two - Nick King

Athmaren : Book TwoNick King

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Chancellor Ohren’s proposition is tempting, but Armoth is hesitant to accept - It may mean laying aside any hope of being a master in the Ranges of Elytrea. Rheil is perplexed when introduced to the chancellor. The, “grey,” shroud seems to … more

Athmaren : Book Two
Nick King
King’s Legacy Productions - Books , English
Prisoner (Wolves of Icaria s... - Sov Skaars

Prisoner (Wolves of Icaria s...Sov Skaars

Average wait: 536d, 12h

A lover stolen, an alpha heartbroken - and a dominant wolf willing to do anything to break the spirit of a defiant young shifter. In the fifth novella in the Wolves of Icaria series, Kent, the infamous half-blood whelp must do his best to s… more

Prisoner (Wolves of Icaria series Book 5)
Sov Skaars
Sylvie and Bruno - Lewis Carroll

Sylvie and BrunoLewis Carroll

All this I saw from the open window of the Warden’s breakfast-saloon, looking across the shoulder of the Lord Chancellor, who had sprung to his feet the moment the shouting began, almost as if he had been expecting it, and had rushed to the… more

Sylvie and Bruno
Lewis Carroll
Alpha (Wolves of Icaria seri... - Sov Skaars

Alpha (Wolves of Icaria seri...Sov Skaars

Average wait: N/A

In the aftermath of a kidnapping, alpha Stavros Laskaris and his whelp Kent are finally free to be with one another – or are they? The death of a chancellor has to be accounted for and with rumors of a wolf of legend returning to unite the … more

Alpha (Wolves of Icaria series Book 6)
Sov Skaars
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: ... - J. G. Hertzler, Jeffrey Lang

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: ...J. G. Hertzler, Jeffrey Lang

The true test of a warrior is not without…it is within.” Sins of the past collide with hopes for the future as Martok fights for the right to lead the Klingon Empire. With the secret of his usurper exposed, the ousted chancellor and his… more

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Left Hand of Destiny Book Two
J. G. Hertzler, Jeffrey Lang
Pocket Books/Star Trek , English
Guardian's Challenge (Dark D... - Bronwyn Green

Guardian's Challenge (Dark D...Bronwyn Green

Average wait: N/A

No good deed goes unpunished… When Neeve returns to the kingdom of Maelgwn to help a friend, she finds herself face to face with the man she ran from nine months ago. Before she fled, she’d promised a year of service to the Guardians of t… more

Guardian’s Challenge (Dark Destinies Book 2)
Bronwyn Green
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English
The Chancellor's Bride - Kirsten Saell

The Chancellor's BrideKirsten Saell

Average wait: 204d, 13h

Her love for two men could save their future. Her secrets could destroy them all. Recently re-elected Chancellor Collin sur-Gaerig is a rising star on the political scene, and everyone expects he’ll soon be rewarded with an estate and title… more

The Chancellor’s Bride
Kirsten Saell
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Cosmos' Promise (Cosmos' Gat... - S. E. Smith

Cosmos' Promise (Cosmos' Gat...S. E. Smith

Average wait: 158d, 1h

Cosmos Raines is considered to be one of the most brilliant inventors in the world. A prodigy, he is a self-made billionaire who would rather be in his lab than jet-setting around the world. Things change when his latest experiment literall… more

Cosmos’ Promise (Cosmos’ Gateway Book 4)
S. E. Smith
Tunnel Terror (Close Encount... - Deborah Cannon

Tunnel Terror (Close Encount...Deborah Cannon

Average wait: N/A

The dogs were straining at their leads in the direction of some flame bushes. Drey ran to the brilliant red foliage, Chancellor right behind her. They furiously parted the branches but saw nothing.

Then unexpectedly a cold, clawed hand to… more

Tunnel Terror (Close Encounters of the Cryptid Kind Book 7)
Deborah Cannon
Athmaren : Book I - Nick King

Athmaren : Book INick King

Average wait: N/A

Why would the chancellor send for Airy?” Benaia wants to know. As a matter of fact, Sheredan is wondering herself. Why would the chancellor, an important Administration official, send for her twin brother? Athmaren is a giant, complex city… more

Athmaren : Book I
Nick King
King’s Legacy Productions - Books , English
Seven for a Secret - Elizabeth Bear

Seven for a SecretElizabeth Bear

Average wait: 5h

The sequel to New Amsterdam!The wampyr has walked the dark streets of the world’s great cities for a thousand years. In that time, he has worn out many names—and even more compatriots.Now, so that one of those companions may die where she … more

Seven for a Secret
Elizabeth Bear
Subterranean Press , English
Primitive Love and Love-Stories - Henry T. Finck

Primitive Love and Love-StoriesHenry T. Finck

On page 654 of the present volume reference is made to a custom prevalent in northern India of employing the family barber to select the boys and girls to be married, it being considered too trivial and humiliating an act for the parents to… more

Primitive Love and Love-Stories
Henry T. Finck