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Hungry Dead: Episode 2 (The ... - Steven T. G. Hill

Hungry Dead: Episode 2 (The ...Steven T. G. Hill

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When the corpses of the recently dead began returning to life, the world slept. The military, the police, the doctors and nurses and countless other people and organizations in place to deal with crises are the first victims, leaving humani… more

Hungry Dead: Episode 2 (The Zombie Apocalypse Series)
Steven T. G. Hill
Olivia Takes Dicktation: An ... - Amy Dupont

Olivia Takes Dicktation: An ...Amy Dupont

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Olivia is a ticking time bomb waiting to climax, and that’s on a normal day. It’s been about a month since she was last man handled and needs it bad, so bad she aches for it. Along comes Chad, the hot guy in her office, and look out becau… more

Olivia Takes Dicktation: An Erotic Tale of Office Sex
Amy Dupont
Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press , English
Lunar - A.M. Evanston

LunarA.M. Evanston

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When Scarlet has a hallucination about being attacked by a werewolf, she thinks she’s going crazy. It’s only when the rescuer from her hallucination appears that she learns the truth about what happened the night she lost control of her own… more

A.M. Evanston
Daddy Blackmails Me For Sex ... - Samantha N. Limits

Daddy Blackmails Me For Sex ...Samantha N. Limits

Gina is in trouble — and she knows it.When the 18-year-old accidentally dents her mother’s car, she’s offered a choice by her stepfather, Chad: Pay for the damage herself, or have sex with him and he’ll fix it.Gina initially balks. Still, … more

Daddy Blackmails Me For Sex (Virgin Erotica)
Samantha N. Limits
Not My Will: How Much Will S... - Francena H. Arnold

Not My Will: How Much Will S...Francena H. Arnold

Average wait: N/A

Eleanor’s secret love for Chad could mean losing her inheritance and giving up a life-long dream. Will she follow her own will, or make the hard choice to submit her life to Christ’s leadership? Now available with a contemporary new look, N… more

Not My Will: How Much Will Surrender Cost
Francena H. Arnold
Moody Publishers , English
I was a Guy, Now I'm a Horny... - JB Richards

I was a Guy, Now I'm a Horny...JB Richards

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Todd needs a little extra money, and what better way than medical experimentation? His latest is an unknown shot that has the strange consequence of turning him from a hunky guy into a buxom - and exceptionally horny - girl! Awash with new … more

I was a Guy, Now I’m a Horny Girl (Gender Swapping Erotica)
JB Richards
The Stranger Bent Me Over an... - Alice Farney

The Stranger Bent Me Over an...Alice Farney

Average wait: N/A

Molly can’t believe her boyfriend Chad broke up with her. She’s angry and goes to a club to blow off steam. Before she knows it, she’s in a situation she never expected. Before she knows it, she’s in a hot and heavy situation with a stra… more

The Stranger Bent Me Over and Took My Ass! A First Anal Sex Erotica Story
Alice Farney
BJ Hardcore Erotica Press , English
The Virgin and the Troll - Harold Jones

The Virgin and the TrollHarold Jones

Average wait: N/A

He can’t escape his fantasy of having hot, gay sex. Andre determines to break free. How it all turns out doesn’t even matter. He wants to know just who and what he is. Thanks to the internet he meets somebody equally willing to take a chan… more

The Virgin and the Troll
Harold Jones
Long Cool One Books , English
Curse of the Double Digits - Lynn Kelley

Curse of the Double DigitsLynn Kelley

Average wait: N/A

Becky is sure turning ten on the 10th day of the tenth month will be magical.

The whole class is invited to her party, including Chad, the cutest boy in the fifth grade. So is Darlenie-the-Meanie.

Becky wants to look cute for her big … more

Curse of the Double Digits
Lynn Kelley
Chad: Picture Book (Educatio... - Planet Collection

Chad: Picture Book (Educatio...Planet Collection

Average wait: N/A

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “CHAD” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Chad. Toddlers and babies will love looki… more

Chad: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection 189)
Planet Collection
Planet Collection , English
The Sexy Stranger - Marisa Michaels

The Sexy StrangerMarisa Michaels

When Lena’s fiancé, Chad, cancelled at the last minute, their mountain vacation turned into a girl’s only weekend. Hurt by Chad’s abandonment, Lena meets a sexy stranger named Derek. They spend time together and share a kiss before Lena pus… more

The Sexy Stranger
Marisa Michaels
Party Of Four (Blooming Book 1) - Nevea Lane

Party Of Four (Blooming Book 1)Nevea Lane

Average wait: N/A

Pregnancy is not the time a woman feels her sexiest. In general, its pretty much the exact opposite and Kailee is no exception to the rule. Already heavy with her and her husband’s first child after seven years of the marriage the last thin… more

Party Of Four (Blooming Book 1)
Nevea Lane
Shara Azod LLC , English
My Sisters Husband - Sue Wills

My Sisters HusbandSue Wills

My sister and I had always been very close so when she brought her new boyfriend Chad home I was a bit worried that he might get between us. Eventually they got married and I went to live with them for a short while. The three of us got on … more

My Sisters Husband
Sue Wills
Jake Maddox: Paintball Invas... - Jake Maddox

Jake Maddox: Paintball Invas...Jake Maddox

Josh and Chad have been using the same place as a paintball field forever. But now, someone’s attacking them, and it isn’t someone they know. Who is out to stop their paintballing fun? It’s going to take all their skills and teamwork to … more

Jake Maddox: Paintball Invasion: 0 (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)
Jake Maddox
Stone Arch Books , English
My Hot Step Mother - Morgan Taylor

My Hot Step MotherMorgan Taylor

Chad’s dad is getting re-married to a smoking hot blonde. What his dad doesn’t know is that his new wife to be has eyes for Chad and wants to fool around during the wedding reception.What normally would be a boring event for Chad turns into… more

My Hot Step Mother
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor , English
Throwing It Down - Harold Jones

Throwing It DownHarold Jones

Average wait: N/A

After a successful week-long tryst by the lake, three weeks have gone by and Andre is just dying to see Chad again. His fantasy has become reality, bringing with it new challenges. Rising to the occasion, Andre is throwing it down, sexually… more

Throwing It Down
Harold Jones
Long Cool One Books , English
A Dream Come True - Clay Aitken

A Dream Come TrueClay Aitken

A True, Lighthearted, Love Story……Chad wasn’t even a teenager yet—he had just started his first year of high school. Filled with pant-soiling fear, he was unsure if he could make it in these unfamiliar surroundings. Then, he met Alice, … more

A Dream Come True
Clay Aitken
Every Little Secret (Second ... - Kate Ashton

Every Little Secret (Second ...Kate Ashton

Average wait: N/A

Needing to love…

Every day I’m with Chad, I prove my dad wrong, that I can be loved…that I am loveable. So why is our relationship so hard? When we’re together on the dance floor or between the sheets, I pray for a small twinge of lust or … more

Every Little Secret (Second Chances #2)
Kate Ashton
Ashton Books , English
Dunk - David Lubar

DunkDavid Lubar

To the Bozo, the clown who sits inside the cage above the dunk tank, everyone is a “mark.” Once he has zeroed in on his victim, the Bozo comes up with the perfect wisecrack—something funny enough to make people stop and listen, and cruel en… more

David Lubar
Clarion Books , English
Your Time Will Come - Dave Hammer

Your Time Will ComeDave Hammer

Average wait: N/A

Chad loves to play baseball but every time he goes up to bat he would swing so hard that he strike out. What happens when every time you think you are ready to succeed, something goes wrong?

Your Time Will Come
Dave Hammer