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Dude, The Boss Wants to See You - Dallas Sketchman

Dude, The Boss Wants to See YouDallas Sketchman

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Some more hot stories about when a CEO finds a good fuck buddy in his cadre of workers. And what happens next.

Dude, The Boss Wants to See You
Dallas Sketchman
Dallas Sketchman , English
A CEO's Secret Weapon - Frumi Barr

A CEO's Secret WeaponFrumi Barr

Prevent the grinding sands of conflict from seizing the gears of business decision-making. A CEO’s Secret Weapon offers 10 results-oriented chapters packed with essential techniques every CEO needs to know. The book begins with the real c… more

A CEO’s Secret Weapon
Frumi Barr
Smashwords , English
Effective Leadership in Unce... - Matt Rawlins

Effective Leadership in Unce...Matt Rawlins

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A multinational company had 30 different locations around the world that were in trouble. The CEO didn’t know what to do so he hired a team of consultants to work with each location to figure out what was wrong. The consultants traveled to … more

Effective Leadership in Uncertain Times
Matt Rawlins
Matt Rawlins , English
My New Table (Thai Edition) - Verawat Kanoknukroh

My New Table (Thai Edition)Verawat Kanoknukroh

This is the book which can lead you to the best CEO and SEO of the world like Mark the facebook.

My New Table (Thai Edition)
Verawat Kanoknukroh
Verawat Kanoknukroh , Thai
Controlled On The Job (Mind ... - Bonnie Wilkens

Controlled On The Job (Mind ...Bonnie Wilkens

Christine is new to the job. She’s in PR, and the CEO says she needs to spin their new product just right. The thing is that he wants her to test it first, and what she finds out is that little ring does more than advertized. She loses cont… more

Controlled On The Job (Mind Control, Rough Sex)
Bonnie Wilkens
Chasing Comets: A Little Sto... - Ernest Dempsey

Chasing Comets: A Little Sto...Ernest Dempsey

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Dempsey transcends the typical self-help formula.” -Real Amazon.com readerGet the book readers are calling “Life changing.” We struggle. In life, our relationships, our finances, and many other areas, it seems like we can never get things … more

Chasing Comets: A Little Story About a Powerful Way to Live
Ernest Dempsey
Enclave Publishing , English
Change of Life (Girlfriends Book 2) - Lillian Wade

Change of Life (Girlfriends Book 2)Lillian Wade

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Melanie steps down as CEO of the company she founded to spend more time enjoying life before she is “too old to enjoy it.” Almost immediately, she finds herself confronted with issues stemming from decisions she made 40 years ago. The stren… more

Change of Life (Girlfriends Book 2)
Lillian Wade
Lillian Wade , English
The Last Kiss 2 (Ashley's We... - L.N. Pearl

The Last Kiss 2 (Ashley's We...L.N. Pearl

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Save 50% by purchasing the complete series, now available in a box set of 4 books: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Y0LJVIW

Ashley is successful and has everything in life. At 36, she’s beautiful, independent, funny, and is the CEO of h… more

The Last Kiss 2 (Ashley’s Wet Dreams)
L.N. Pearl
Riding The Omni - Philipp Knechtle

Riding The OmniPhilipp Knechtle

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What happens when a Fortune 500 CEO finds out that the freedom he wanted to create through his business empire actually kept him enslaved?He follows his soul and surprisingly finds a new level of freedom that he never knew existed.

Riding The Omni
Philipp Knechtle
This Business of Love (Bare ... - Martha Farabee

This Business of Love (Bare ...Martha Farabee

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Julianne might be poster child for independent modern businesswomen—until her father—with the connivance of her fiancé—jerks the rug from under her feet. Infuriated when her chance to become CEO of the family company she’s been managing d… more

This Business of Love (Bare Buddies Book 2)
Martha Farabee
Martha Farabee , English
First Time with the Billiona... - Vivian Vixen

First Time with the Billiona...Vivian Vixen

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One night a shadow comes to Julie in a dream, bringing her to the edge of ecstasy. But only to the edge—she needs to finish!

She awakes fidgety, but already in a rush to start the first day of her internship. Arriving downtown at the offi… more

First Time with the Billionaire Vampire
Vivian Vixen
Balance of Power - Nikki Soarde

Balance of PowerNikki Soarde

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Teal Kinzie has finally gotten her life in order. At thirty-nine she’s reached the apex of her career as the CEO of a large teaching hospital—and she has her daughter back after an eighteen-year separation. They’ve even stopped fighting and… more

Balance of Power
Nikki Soarde
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
How Cohesive is your Company... - Ravi Kathuria

How Cohesive is your Company...Ravi Kathuria

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How Cohesive is your Company? - Do your company’s executives and employees truly appreciate the passion and purpose behind the company? - Do your company’s management philosophies and strategies leave room for ambiguity? Are employees obl… more

How Cohesive is your Company?: A Leadership Parable - Top-notch business performance is impossible until you cohesively align mission, vision, goals, strategy, execution & culture
Ravi Kathuria
SeemaCorp , English
Tower of Thieves, AIG - Andrew Spencer

Tower of Thieves, AIGAndrew Spencer

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This is a true story of personal greed and downfall, corporate greed fueled with economic and social treachery, shareholder waste and discrimination at AIG, 70 Pine Street in the heart of the financial district. This address is known as the… more

Tower of Thieves, AIG
Andrew Spencer
Brick Tower Press , English
The Company Way - don arsenault

The Company Waydon arsenault

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The CEO of a Fortune 500 company is forced to resign because of decreased sales, earnings and a sluggish stock price. An “outsider” is chosen as his replacement. “Change is good,” the new CEO insists incorporating “Friction Management” and … more

The Company Way
don arsenault
DRA , English
Increase Your Confidence in ... - Olga Levancuka

Increase Your Confidence in ...Olga Levancuka

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This Unique Book is most beneficial when treated as a Workbook. Confidence is a feeling we create and keep while being in constant progress. For that reason the book contains exercises which can boost your confidence almost at once. Some ex… more

Increase Your Confidence in One Day… and Stay Confident for the Rest of Your Life!
Olga Levancuka
Skinny Rich Coach , English
Behave! How to get 100% of y... - Bill Burnett, Raj Jayaraman,...

Behave! How to get 100% of y...Bill Burnett, Raj Jayaraman,...

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“100% of your employees will be fully engaged—GUARANTEED!” Only one company in the world makes this guarantee and this book “Behave!” explains how they do it.

Every aspect of success in business involves human interactions. Either you… more

Behave! How to get 100% of your workers fully engaged
Bill Burnett, Raj Jayaraman, Anup Manchanda, Howard Schwedel, Glenn Turner
WBurnett LLC , English
Djinn Fantasy (Djinn Escapes... - Tempest Harte

Djinn Fantasy (Djinn Escapes...Tempest Harte

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Meet Sakura: A good girl who follows her parents’ life plan and becomes a successful CEO of her own multimillion dollar company, fulfilling their dreams. But now she yearns for new adventures outside the boardroom. And this time Sakura i… more

Djinn Fantasy (Djinn Escapes Book 1)
Tempest Harte
Daddy's Boss - Kelsey Charisma

Daddy's BossKelsey Charisma

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Olivia slipped away in the middle of her father’s stuffy dinner party when his boss, the CEO, entered the bathroom, where she’d hidden to smoke a joint. With all the confidence of a man never turned down, he helped himself to more than the … more

Daddy’s Boss
Kelsey Charisma
Outspoken by Whom? - Sally Jennings

Outspoken by Whom?Sally Jennings

This book is a quick reference guide for all those stuttering in the spotlight. From the person yelling in the alleyway to the CEO bumbling in the boardroom, this book will improve your rant!Tips and tricks for impromptu and prepared public… more

Outspoken by Whom?
Sally Jennings