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Outspoken by Whom? - Sally Jennings

Outspoken by Whom?Sally Jennings

This book is a quick reference guide for all those stuttering in the spotlight. From the person yelling in the alleyway to the CEO bumbling in the boardroom, this book will improve your rant!Tips and tricks for impromptu and prepared public… more

Outspoken by Whom?
Sally Jennings
Controlled On The Job (Mind ... - Bonnie Wilkens

Controlled On The Job (Mind ...Bonnie Wilkens

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Christine is new to the job. She’s in PR, and the CEO says she needs to spin their new product just right. The thing is that he wants her to test it first, and what she finds out is that little ring does more than advertized. She loses cont… more

Controlled On The Job (Mind Control, Rough Sex)
Bonnie Wilkens
Corporate Governance Matters... - David Larcker, Brian Tayan

Corporate Governance Matters...David Larcker, Brian Tayan

Corporate Governance Matters gives corporate board members, officers, directors, and other stakeholders the full spectrum of knowledge they need to implement and sustain superior governance. Authored by two leading experts, this comprehens… more

Corporate Governance Matters: A Closer Look at Organizational Choices and Their Consequences
David Larcker, Brian Tayan
Pearson Prentice Hall , English
Pursue Your Passion: How to ... - Kalu Igwe Kalu

Pursue Your Passion: How to ...Kalu Igwe Kalu

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It is time to pursue your passion. Kalu Igwe Kalu takes you ahead of the game and street ahead and be extremely happy with what you have gotten. This work of genius will give you the courage of convictions to put your best foot forward, to… more

Pursue Your Passion: How to Take Charge of Your Life and Be Happy with What You Have Gotten.
Kalu Igwe Kalu
Booktango , English
A Wolf in Billionaire's Clot... - Jocelyn Riske

A Wolf in Billionaire's Clot...Jocelyn Riske

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Words: 8500At Ellie’s new internship, she finds the young and devilishly handsome billionaire CEO of the company to be utterly terrifying for reasons she can’t understand. Drawn to him by animal magnetism, she becomes embroiled in a world o… more

A Wolf in Billionaire’s Clothing (Monster Breeding Erotica)
Jocelyn Riske
Don't Let 'em Treat You Like... - Liz Weber

Don't Let 'em Treat You Like...Liz Weber

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If you’re looking for a book to bash men and blame others for your career, this isn’t it.

What this book IS however, is a quick-reading, insightful guide to help you identify: - Which leadership traits are most admired - What your leader… more

Don’t Let ‘em Treat You Like a Girl: A Woman’s Guide to Leadership Success
Liz Weber
RidgeRunner Publications, LLC , English
Acquired: The CEO's Small-To... - Catherine Mann

Acquired: The CEO's Small-To...Catherine Mann

The people of Vista del Mar were about to pay. Now that Rafe Cameron had made his fortune, he was out to settle old debts. Except he hadn’t counted on running into Sarah Richards—his feisty ex-flame who was determined to put an end to his f… more

Acquired: The CEO’s Small-Town Bride
Catherine Mann
Harlequin Desire , English
Merge Ahead: Mastering the F... - Gerald Adolph, Justin Pettit...

Merge Ahead: Mastering the F...Gerald Adolph, Justin Pettit...

Prior to the economic downturn of 2008–2009, thenumber of mergers and acquisitions reached anhistoric high. Whatever happens next, one thing isclear: mergers, acquisitions, and growth will bemore important than ever. Those who preparetheir … more

Merge Ahead: Mastering the Five Enduring Trends of Artful M&A (Future of Business Series)
Gerald Adolph, Justin Pettit, Michael Sisk
McGraw-Hill , English
Making the Billionaire's Bab... - Kylie Ashcroft

Making the Billionaire's Bab...Kylie Ashcroft

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The steamy sequel Try, Try Again is available now! Shannon is broke, having a hard time getting over her ex and his hot booty calls and stuck working a dead-end temp job. On her second day at work, she catches the billionai… more

Making the Billionaire’s Baby (An Erotic Romance)
Kylie Ashcroft
Kylie Ashcroft Stories , English
Moving Up in Your Career - Jeff Davidson

Moving Up in Your CareerJeff Davidson

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Moving Up in Your Career offers insightful and practical advice for making the most of your career. Whether you’re a new career professional or a seasoned veteran, you’ll learn how to hone your skills, make the right connections and become … more

Moving Up in Your Career
Jeff Davidson
Balance of Power - Nikki Soarde

Balance of PowerNikki Soarde

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Teal Kinzie has finally gotten her life in order. At thirty-nine she’s reached the apex of her career as the CEO of a large teaching hospital—and she has her daughter back after an eighteen-year separation. They’ve even stopped fighting and… more

Balance of Power
Nikki Soarde
Ellora’s Cave , English
Riding The Omni - Philipp Knechtle

Riding The OmniPhilipp Knechtle

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What happens when a Fortune 500 CEO finds out that the freedom he wanted to create through his business empire actually kept him enslaved?He follows his soul and surprisingly finds a new level of freedom that he never knew existed.

Riding The Omni
Philipp Knechtle
Erotica Romance - Billionair... - Makay Longe, Marie Shore

Erotica Romance - Billionair...Makay Longe, Marie Shore

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Lance is a self-made, wealthy, successful man. He is the CEO of a multinational company who wants for nothing, but the companionship of both a lover and a friend. Sure there are women falling all over him and into his bed, but their interes… more

Erotica Romance - Billionaire Looking For Love
Makay Longe, Marie Shore
Erotic Romance Reads by Makey Longe , English
Surviving Loneliness ("41") - K W Rosso

Surviving Loneliness ("41")K W Rosso

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At 41, a mother two, Kimberly had all but given up on love. A CEO of a major corporation, she made it without help. She worked hard to get where she was, a new job, a new building, a new office, and a new begining. Then she meets Nicola… more

Surviving Loneliness (“41”)
K W Rosso
CreateSpace , English
Claiming the Delivery Girl (... - Soichiro Irons

Claiming the Delivery Girl (...Soichiro Irons

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Under normal circumstances, Jenny’s drunken antics at the company party probably would have gotten her fired. When the CEO hears the things she said about HIM while under the influence, though, she’s brought before him…literally!

Claimin… more

Claiming the Delivery Girl (Erotic Romance)
Soichiro Irons
My New Table (Thai Edition) - Verawat Kanoknukroh

My New Table (Thai Edition)Verawat Kanoknukroh

This is the book which can lead you to the best CEO and SEO of the world like Mark the facebook.

My New Table (Thai Edition)
Verawat Kanoknukroh
Verawat Kanoknukroh , Thai
Tower of Thieves, AIG - Andrew Spencer

Tower of Thieves, AIGAndrew Spencer

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This is a true story of personal greed and downfall, corporate greed fueled with economic and social treachery, shareholder waste and discrimination at AIG, 70 Pine Street in the heart of the financial district. This address is known as the… more

Tower of Thieves, AIG
Andrew Spencer
Brick Tower Press , English
My Boss Wants My Cock - Volu... - Chris William

My Boss Wants My Cock - Volu...Chris William

Mrs Smith is the autocratic 100% owner, founder, and CEO of one of the largest recruitment firms in the country.She calls one of her male employees into her office and demands that he becomes her lover.He has to decide between fucking his b… more

My Boss Wants My Cock - Volume 1 - An Indecent Proposal
Chris William
Dude, The Boss Wants to See You - Dallas Sketchman

Dude, The Boss Wants to See YouDallas Sketchman

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Some more hot stories about when a CEO finds a good fuck buddy in his cadre of workers. And what happens next.

Dude, The Boss Wants to See You
Dallas Sketchman
Dallas Sketchman , English
Jay Z: Rise to the Top - Herman Edwards

Jay Z: Rise to the TopHerman Edwards

Jay Z’s journey from the streets of Brooklyn to CEO

Jay Z: Rise to the Top
Herman Edwards