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DATE YOUNG WOMEN Volume 1 - R. Don Steele

DATE YOUNG WOMEN Volume 1R. Don Steele

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This book’s title used to be How To Date Young Women for Men over 35. The title now is, DATE YOUNG WOMEN. When I wrote it, I thought my problems were because of my age, NOPE! My problems were from being out of the dating scene for 20 years … more

R. Don Steele
SBP , English
Cold Calls - Charles Benoit

Cold CallsCharles Benoit

Three high school students—Eric, Shelly, and Fatima—have one thing in common: “I know your secret.” Each one is blackmailed into bullying specifically targeted schoolmates by a mysterious caller who whispers from their cell phones and hold… more

Cold Calls
Charles Benoit
Clarion Books , English
God for Today - Denise Lorenz

God for TodayDenise Lorenz

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:God For Today In this day and age, it can be hard to find things to keep our faith strong. We’re so distracted by the minor things in life, television, money, work, we forget to focus on the major things, like our spiritual wellbeing. God … more

God for Today
Denise Lorenz
Life Changer Press , English
The Electrified Mind: Develo... -

The Electrified Mind: Develo...

The Electrified Mind helps therapists understand and empathize with patients who rely heavily upon cell phones and the internet for the purposes of self-expression as well as for defensive avoidance of actual interpersonal contact. The chap… more

The Electrified Mind: Development, Psychopathology, and Treatment in the Era of Cell Phones and the Internet (Margaret S. Mahler)
Jason Aronson, Inc. , English
More Shit that Pisses Me Off - Peg Tittle

More Shit that Pisses Me OffPeg Tittle

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Why do men spit (and women don’t)? What’s the real problem with cellphones? What’s wrong with wedding leave? Do you remember Grade Ten History? Why isn’t being a soldier more like being a mother? What did God really promise? And let’s… more

More Shit that Pisses Me Off
Peg Tittle
Magenta , English
The Complete Idiot's Guide D... - Eve Adamson, Dream Genie

The Complete Idiot's Guide D...Eve Adamson, Dream Genie

15,000 entries—from abduction to zebra … Everybody dreams—and now there’s a dream dictionary for everyone! With 15,000 entries, this reference showcases the most up-to-date vocabulary of dream symbols, such as cell phones. It also includes… more

The Complete Idiot’s Guide Dream Dictionary
Eve Adamson, Dream Genie
Alpha , English
Informal Learning: Rediscove... - Jay Cross

Informal Learning: Rediscove...Jay Cross

Most learning on the job is informal. This book offers advice on how to support, nurture, and leverage informal learning and helps trainers to go beyond their typical classes and programs in order to widen and deepen heir reach. The author … more

Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance
Jay Cross
Pfeiffer , English
Annoying: The Science of Wha... - Joe Palca, Flora Lichtman

Annoying: The Science of Wha...Joe Palca, Flora Lichtman

Two crackerjack science journalists from NPR look at why some things (and some people!) drive us crazyIt happens everywhere?offices, schools, even your own backyard. Plus, seemingly anything can trigger it?cell phones, sirens, bad music, co… more

Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us
Joe Palca, Flora Lichtman
Wiley , English
Barr's Meadow: Julian's Priv... - Eldot

Barr's Meadow: Julian's Priv...Eldot

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An adventure about boys … Eldot presents a fresh new novel for adults.The coming of age story is embedded in anepisodic two-week summer camp full of variety and fun.Julian kept two scrapbooks. This special onehas not been shared until no… more

Barr’s Meadow: Julian’s Private Scrapbook Part One
Xlibris US , English
Contemplations 2nd Edition - Dan Thomas

Contemplations 2nd EditionDan Thomas

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The purpose of this book is to inspire thought on some of the more important and profound subjects of the human experience. It is about asking questions, and seeking answers, that we as a people might grow in our understanding of ourselves,… more

Contemplations 2nd Edition
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas , English
GOD1 - ipam


Can you guess the meaning of the dots and dashes? Teen love for the ancient folks. 101,000 words.Teenage Greek, Hindu, Roman, African, Mexican & American gods and goddesses defend their souls using…oddly enough….cell phones, wrist watch… more

Pamela Joan Barlow , English
The Radio - Susan Thrower

The RadioSusan Thrower

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Collecting dust and cobwebs, the old radio sat on the shelf in the basement. Technology had taken its place. Computers and cell phones have taken over in this modern world. Johns grandfather has died, leaving the young boy his hobby, the ol… more

The Radio
Susan Thrower
The Ax Murderer's Online Qui... - L.D. Coons

The Ax Murderer's Online Qui...L.D. Coons

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Do you have a Pocket Lover? Do burqas have pockets for snacks and cell phones? What do you do with the imagined lives of your old lovers? Do you “dis” yourself or ax your old lovers? These cultural dilemmas and more from the mavens of menop… more

The Ax Murderer’s Online Quilt Group: Pocket Lovers
L.D. Coons
SELL with Speech Starters: O... - Rix Quinn

SELL with Speech Starters: O...Rix Quinn

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WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS BUSINESS REPORT?Many of us must make business or social presenations occasionally. That’s what this long (5,500 words) report is about.WHY ALL THE HISTORICAL REFERENCES?Rix Quinn believes that audiences appreciate a … more

SELL with Speech Starters: Over 70 offbeat openers
Rix Quinn
Rix Quinn Communications, L.L.C. , English
Sext Messages From Madly in Love - Derek Wyncrest

Sext Messages From Madly in LoveDerek Wyncrest

Known as the “get a room” couple, Eric & Sarah couldn’t keep their hands off each other, or their cell phones while texting each other. This story gives passion a bad name, for it far exceeds the norm. Based on actual texts from Sarah’s sid… more

Sext Messages From Madly in Love
Derek Wyncrest
Cool Kitchen Gadgets! - Sylvia Green

Cool Kitchen Gadgets!Sylvia Green

In this hi-tech world of tablets and cell phones we can still get a kick out of REAL gadgets that actually do something in our kitchen!You would be amazed at the latest gadgets that do the coolest things!This collection of article style rep… more

Cool Kitchen Gadgets!
Sylvia Green
Once Upon a December Nightmare - Cherie Reich

Once Upon a December NightmareCherie Reich

They were only going out to dinner and a movie.But when their plans go astray, friends Cassie, Mary, Denise, and James decide to take a detour down a lonely mountain road. A felled tree blocks their passage and forces them to turn around in… more

Once Upon a December Nightmare
Cherie Reich
Wild Child Publishing , English
Jane and the Raven King - Stephen Chambers

Jane and the Raven KingStephen Chambers

Outside the window, a squirrel in a tree popped out with a little black suitcase. At first, Jane was sure she must be mistaken, but as she watched, the squirrel opened the tiny suitcase and began arranging nuts and acorns inside…The anima… more

Jane and the Raven King
Stephen Chambers
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky , English
The Arcana of the Two Hands of God: The Christian Mystic’s Book of Balance
Queue McPherson
Keeper's of the 2012 World (Book 1) - Chappell Mosley

Keeper's of the 2012 World (Book 1)Chappell Mosley

In 2012 a new world was formed. With this new world came a new state of consciousness. When the people of Earth woke up on the day of December 22nd 2012, they found themselves living in a realm in which their past lives have taken over. M… more

Keeper’s of the 2012 World (Book 1)
Chappell Mosley