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The Guardian - J.L McFadden

The GuardianJ.L McFadden

Forget everything that you have been told about what goes bump in the night; this story is going to explain some of secrets and open a few more questions. John almost dies in a car accident, but was saved by a female vampire, later he finds… more

The Guardian
J.L McFadden
J.L McFadden , English
A Little Bit Horror: A colle... - Juliet Boyd

A Little Bit Horror: A colle...Juliet Boyd

Average wait: N/A

A collection of three short horror stories. The past, the present and the future hold many secrets and sometimes we discover what they are.Cause and Effect  - Carl wakes up after a car accident. As he tries to determine whether or not he re… more

A Little Bit Horror: A collection of three short stories
Juliet Boyd
Juliet Boyd , English
Angel and Molly - R. J. Sands

Angel and MollyR. J. Sands

This is the story of Angel, an eight year old blind girl. Blind since being in a car accident that killed her mother. Angel has lost her mother and lost her sight but she has never lost her faith. She and her father go to the animal shelter… more

Angel and Molly
R. J. Sands
R. J. Sands , English
No body to return to - Steven Deman

No body to return toSteven Deman

I was in a car accident this morning, but feeling great.Being in what clearly appears to be a hospital I can bet my life on the fact that I will be out there first thing tomorrow.Dead right. But not in the state that I did expect it to be.

No body to return to
Steven Deman
Steven Deman , English
Beyond Wild Imaginings - Brieanna Robertson

Beyond Wild ImaginingsBrieanna Robertson

Kelly’s outlook on life is bleak. Car accident, bad break up, controlling sister — even her creative muse seems to be MIA. And she keeps having strange dreams about a sexy, winged man that seems familiar to her… Kelly has always written ab… more

Beyond Wild Imaginings
Brieanna Robertson
Amira Press , English
Rediscover - Michael T Campbell

RediscoverMichael T Campbell

Two lovers are killed in a car accident. Two stranger wake up without any memories. Why are they connected?

Michael T Campbell


Average wait: N/A

Someone walks back into your life. Will love be better the second time around?

Margriet had to seize the moment. She had last seen Robert thirty years ago, a lifetime for many. Their short and ill-fated affair, when she was a student and h… more

Jan Vivian
Jan Vivian Books , English
The Stripper's Awakening: A ... - Anna Price

The Stripper's Awakening: A ...Anna Price

Average wait: N/A

The Stripper’s Awakening: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica StorySarah the Stripper Episode OneAfter a terrible week with problems in school, a car accident, and sudden unemployment, Sarah is at her wit’s end. Her roommate Carolyn gets her a job… more

The Stripper’s Awakening: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story (Sarah the Stripper Book 1)
Anna Price
DigiSmith Press , English
Regrets - Laura's Story - D.J. Hunt

Regrets - Laura's StoryD.J. Hunt

Laura is an attractive older woman whose marriage had to be saved some three years ago following a car accident that nearly killed her husband. She had her own reasons for saving it and they were not to the benefit of both parties. As she r… more

Regrets - Laura’s Story
D.J. Hunt
Another Healing - M. Raiya

Another HealingM. Raiya

1 rating

When James first discovers he can heal, he thinks he has a rare and miraculous gift. But when he learns the price, it feels more like a curse. He falls passionately and completely in love with every person, male or female, he heals. But onl… more

Another Healing
M. Raiya
Dreamspinner Press , English
Justify the Means - Jacque Spangler

Justify the MeansJacque Spangler

Average wait: N/A

When the police visit Abbye Marion to tell her about her husband’s car accident, her whole life changes. To recover and regroup, Abbye returns to her parent’s home in Abaton to start over and plan her life. But fate interrupts her plans. Wh… more

Justify the Means
Jacque Spangler
iUniverse , English
The Fraudulent Fiancee - Muriel Jensen

The Fraudulent FianceeMuriel Jensen

9 Months Later Amnesia A marriage of convenience A secret baby Amnesia. A marriage of convenience. A secret baby. Two brothers are in a car accident. Greg is killed. Keith is left with amnesia. And the only person he remembers at all is Emi… more

The Fraudulent Fiancee
Muriel Jensen
Harlequin Treasury-Harlequin Superromance 90s , English
Destroyers - M Kelly Fox

DestroyersM Kelly Fox

Average wait: N/A

This story is about how one young individual in his early twenties overcame the down falls of his young life. After loosing his his parents in a car accident and later looses his girlfriend he started drinking heavily. Along with the few … more

M Kelly Fox
Between Shadows - Joanne Durann

Between ShadowsJoanne Durann

Average wait: N/A

Imagine if when you looked into someone’s eyes you saw their death. This is only one part of Miranda’s “disability.” From the time she was born Miranda could also see your past, present and future, as well as how you would die. At the age o… more

Between Shadows
Joanne Durann
Electric Moon , English
Beautiful Illusion - Jacquie Underdown

Beautiful IllusionJacquie Underdown

1 rating

A beautiful, spiritual story about a woman who meets the man of her dreams — and then wakes up… The last thing Leah thought she’d get out of a shocking car accident was the perfect boyfriend. But there was Brennan in the hospital bed next… more

Beautiful Illusion
Jacquie Underdown
Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises, Australia Pty Ltd , English
The Old Man - Frederic Sowa

The Old ManFrederic Sowa

Average wait: N/A

An elderly man loses his wife in a car accident,caused by a criminal on the run.Struggling to adapt to a life alone,he discovers how painful each and every day are,until he realises he has nothing to lose. He knows someone who could do thin… more

The Old Man
Frederic Sowa
Frederic Sowa Productions , English
the S.H.E. Anthology - Stacey Meyers, Julie  Hanson...

the S.H.E. AnthologyStacey Meyers, Julie Hanson...

Sandy Hook Elementary- We feel your pain!Wen our neighbors lost family members including parents to premature deaths due to things such as car accidents and cancers- we relied of one another to struggle through. The writers and real people… more

the S.H.E. Anthology
Stacey Meyers, Julie Hanson, Jenny Hanson, Thai Thalia, Cynthia Meyers-Hanson
Sarah the Stripper: The Full... - Anna   Price

Sarah the Stripper: The Full...Anna Price

Average wait: N/A

Sarah the Stripper: The Full Collection Here is the full collection of Anna Price’s, Sarah the stripper. Read along as Sarah progresses from inexperienced college girl to complete stripper slut!All Episodes One to Eight:Sarah the Stripper … more

Sarah the Stripper: The Full Collection
Anna Price
DigiSmith Press , English
A Kiss from Heaven - Rashana

A Kiss from HeavenRashana

Average wait: N/A

A Kiss from Heaven was inspired by a true story and written to help children grieve the loss of a loved one.

One day Rashana learned that a former classmate had tragically lost his wife in a car accident, leaving him with two young daug… more

A Kiss from Heaven
Inner Nature Publishing , English
Murder on the Rocks - Harriett Price

Murder on the RocksHarriett Price

Average wait: N/A

Judy stood at the edge of the cliff, scream after scream pouring from her throat. Diane grabbed the young girl by the shoulders. Judy crumpled against her. “I thought it was you.” she sobbed. Then Diane saw the twisted body sprawled on the … more

Murder on the Rocks
Harriett Price
Xlibris , English