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The Wolf in the Wardrobe - Susan Brocker

The Wolf in the WardrobeSusan Brocker

Finn had seen those eyes before. They were golden yellow, like the colour of the moon hanging low in the sky. And they were full of pain. When Finn comes across a car accident, little does he realise his life is about to change forever. The… more

The Wolf in the Wardrobe
Susan Brocker
HarperCollins , English
Bridal Bliss (Bridal Bliss Series) - Janae M. Robinson

Bridal Bliss (Bridal Bliss Series)Janae M. Robinson

Average wait: N/A

Asha’s life has always been school, work, church, and Amara. Her mother constantly tells her that she needs to get out and meet new friends. Asha has dealt with double heartbreak when her child’s father and best friend were killed in a car … more

Bridal Bliss (Bridal Bliss Series)
Janae M. Robinson
Krystol Diggs Publishing , English
Murder on the Rocks - Harriett Price

Murder on the RocksHarriett Price

Average wait: N/A

Judy stood at the edge of the cliff, scream after scream pouring from her throat. Diane grabbed the young girl by the shoulders. Judy crumpled against her. “I thought it was you.” she sobbed. Then Diane saw the twisted body sprawled on the … more

Murder on the Rocks
Harriett Price
Xlibris , English
Two Minutes To Midnight - Marcus August Seim

Two Minutes To MidnightMarcus August Seim

Average wait: N/A

Two Minutes To Midnight consists of three horror short stories. A group of friends who go ghost hunting in a cemetery for fun. Nothing special happens all up until one of them pulls out a Ouija board from his back pack… A family has moved… more

Two Minutes To Midnight
Marcus August Seim
Heaven Only Knows- A Short Story - jessica wall

Heaven Only Knows- A Short Storyjessica wall

This is a short story, one of many to come.  After waking up in the hospital, Nissa begins to remember her car accident.  She has an even bigger surprise when she heads out.  

Heaven Only Knows- A Short Story
jessica wall
jessica wall , English
the S.H.E. Anthology - Stacey Meyers, Julie  Hanson...

the S.H.E. AnthologyStacey Meyers, Julie Hanson...

Sandy Hook Elementary- We feel your pain!Wen our neighbors lost family members including parents to premature deaths due to things such as car accidents and cancers- we relied of one another to struggle through. The writers and real people… more

the S.H.E. Anthology
Stacey Meyers, Julie Hanson, Jenny Hanson, Thai Thalia, Cynthia Meyers-Hanson
Equal Opportunities (Black Lace) - Mathilde Madden

Equal Opportunities (Black Lace)Mathilde Madden

David thinks his love life is over when he is left unable to walk after a car accident. But then he meets kinky Mary, who finds the idea of a boy in a wheelchair too sexy for words.But is their love affair just based on satisfying Mary’s ki… more

Equal Opportunities (Black Lace)
Mathilde Madden
Virgin Digital , English
Between Shadows - Joanne Durann

Between ShadowsJoanne Durann

Average wait: N/A

Imagine if when you looked into someone’s eyes you saw their death. This is only one part of Miranda’s “disability.” From the time she was born Miranda could also see your past, present and future, as well as how you would die. At the age o… more

Between Shadows
Joanne Durann
Electric Moon , English
The Old Man - Frederic Sowa

The Old ManFrederic Sowa

Average wait: N/A

An elderly man loses his wife in a car accident,caused by a criminal on the run.Struggling to adapt to a life alone,he discovers how painful each and every day are,until he realises he has nothing to lose. He knows someone who could do thin… more

The Old Man
Frederic Sowa
Frederic Sowa Productions , English
8-Eight Pages To The Other Side - John Joseph Hughes|| Margare...

8-Eight Pages To The Other SideJohn Joseph Hughes|| Margare...

Average wait: N/A

My blurb is simple. So simple because it is. It is the way I’ve learned to meditate. Some people it happens fast and others slow. I have manifested things for myself but what helped the most is the imaginary world when you block this world … more

8-Eight Pages To The Other Side
John Joseph Hughes|| Margaret Daisy Rose Anderson
Margaret Daisy Rose Anderson , English
Astrology & Numerology Secre... - Kapiel Raaj

Astrology & Numerology Secre...Kapiel Raaj

World governments practice this science every hour of the day, but, only the true Vedic calculated methods which were used by Egyptians and Mayans. Saturn, according to these higher ups, is the most important and the most powerful planet ou… more

Astrology & Numerology Secrets (Astrology @ The Speed of Light)
Kapiel Raaj
Sarah the Stripper: Sarah's ... - Anna Price

Sarah the Stripper: Sarah's ...Anna Price

Average wait: N/A

Sarah the Stripper: Sarah’s Awakening Book OneHere are the first four episodes of Anna Price’s new series, Sarah the stripper. Read along as Sarah progresses from inexperienced college girl to complete stripper slut!Sarah the Stripper Epis… more

Sarah the Stripper: Sarah’s Awakening Book One (Sarah the Stripper Collection)
Anna Price
DigiSmith Press , English
Sentinel Warriors - The Righ... - Edie Johnson

Sentinel Warriors - The Righ...Edie Johnson

Average wait: N/A

A paranormal romance story about Annie, a young woman who finds out that, after her dear friends perished in a car accident, she now bears the responsibility of bringing their son, Will, her Godson, to a mysterious grandfather that neither … more

Sentinel Warriors - The Right Choice
Edie Johnson
Edie Johnson , English
Devlin's Beachside (Beachside CIty) - Caitlynn Reeves

Devlin's Beachside (Beachside CIty)Caitlynn Reeves

Derek had went out to get a job to support his growing family. Devlin wanted to surprise him with a romantic dinner so he went out to gather the surprise. Their love is put to the test when Devlin gets in a car accident. True love always co… more

Devlin’s Beachside (Beachside CIty)
Caitlynn Reeves
Destroyers - M Kelly Fox

DestroyersM Kelly Fox

Average wait: N/A

This story is about how one young individual in his early twenties overcame the down falls of his young life. After loosing his his parents in a car accident and later looses his girlfriend he started drinking heavily. Along with the few … more

M Kelly Fox
The Guardian - J.L McFadden

The GuardianJ.L McFadden

Forget everything that you have been told about what goes bump in the night; this story is going to explain some of secrets and open a few more questions. John almost dies in a car accident, but was saved by a female vampire, later he finds… more

The Guardian
J.L McFadden
J.L McFadden , English
The Fraudulent Fiancee - Muriel Jensen

The Fraudulent FianceeMuriel Jensen

9 Months Later Amnesia A marriage of convenience A secret baby Amnesia. A marriage of convenience. A secret baby. Two brothers are in a car accident. Greg is killed. Keith is left with amnesia. And the only person he remembers at all is Emi… more

The Fraudulent Fiancee
Muriel Jensen
Harlequin Treasury-Harlequin Superromance 90s , English
Concilium (The Concilium Ser... - Michelle K. Pickett

Concilium (The Concilium Ser...Michelle K. Pickett

Average wait: N/A

A tale of deadly creaturesand forbidden romance”Leslee hit a strange animal with her car. Now she’s marked for death.It was a simple car accident—the animal didn’t even die—but it drew the attention of the Cruor Imbibo. Driven by their i… more

Concilium (The Concilium Series Book 1)
Michelle K. Pickett
MuseItUp Publishing , English
A Little Bit Horror: A colle... - Juliet Boyd

A Little Bit Horror: A colle...Juliet Boyd

Average wait: N/A

A collection of three short horror stories. The past, the present and the future hold many secrets and sometimes we discover what they are.Cause and Effect  - Carl wakes up after a car accident. As he tries to determine whether or not he re… more

A Little Bit Horror: A collection of three short stories
Juliet Boyd
Juliet Boyd , English
Forgiveness Not Permission - Beth Kozine

Forgiveness Not PermissionBeth Kozine

Average wait: N/A

She lead a fairly normal life after losing her father to a car accident when she was 18 months old, for seven years she and her mother were inseparable, until her mother decided to marry a man with a secret, unknown to everyone. Unfortuna… more

Forgiveness Not Permission
Beth Kozine