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Brother David - J.A. Pak

Brother DavidJ.A. Pak

All her life she’s depended on her big brother. Now he’s dying of cancer and has one last wish: to eat the cookies their mom used to make for them when they were little. Can she find the right recipe in time? A version of this short story w… more

Brother David
J.A. Pak
Eden Street Press , English
Half Blood, Emily's Curse (H... - Alanna Williams

Half Blood, Emily's Curse (H...Alanna Williams

Emily was passed from one home to another until finding herself placed in a residential home. Now Emily was eighteen and no longer in the care system she set about trying to find her parents. Nothing could have prepared her for the truth or… more

Half Blood, Emily’s Curse (Half-Blood)
Alanna Williams
A Williams , English
For People I Know: Poems of ... - Cherita Banton

For People I Know: Poems of ...Cherita Banton

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I know someone who’s lost a child. I know someone who’s died of cancer. I know someone who’s struggled with their finances, pressed their way through college, fought to save a marriage. I know someone who felt as if every time they made pro… more

For People I Know: Poems of Inspiration
Cherita Banton
Wasteland Press , English
Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics - Robert Kane, Joseph Ouslande...

Essentials of Clinical GeriatricsRobert Kane, Joseph Ouslande...

A classic in the field! This concise, practical guide is packed with critical information on geriatric assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Emphasizes the clinical evaluation of the geriatric patient and features expanded content on end-of… more

Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics
Robert Kane, Joseph Ouslander, Itmar Abrass
McGraw-Hill Professional , English
Me and My Hat - Ruth Street

Me and My HatRuth Street

This is not a story for children. It is the story of my journey to womanhood with cancer as a passenger.

Me and My Hat
Ruth Street
The Hidden Truths About Heal... - Jophan Chan

The Hidden Truths About Heal...Jophan Chan

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This short ebook is about how vitamin B17, which is found e.g. in apricot kernels, is deliberately shown as something harmful to people although there is enough evidence that this vitamin can actually show healing effects for cancer.

The Hidden Truths About Healing Cancer
Jophan Chan
If They Say I Never Loved You - AJ Romano

If They Say I Never Loved YouAJ Romano

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DayDaytime is vague—a varying paradox pondered by the planesbetween reason and gut-wrenching late-night Sci-Fi B movies come to mindbecause the fog is hard to inhale with lungstoo scarred for their age torn by vigorous drags on numerous c… more

If They Say I Never Loved You
AJ Romano
KPMedia Artistic Collective , English
The Reason for Reality: And ... - Ronald Lee Hancock

The Reason for Reality: And ...Ronald Lee Hancock

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The “Reason for Reality” presented in this book is derived from non-theistic ideas ,although it does not rule out theistic origins. The prime notations use cosmological (e.g. singularities), atomic evolution (e.g. quarks to iron) and galact… more

The Reason for Reality: And Other Bio-Philosophical Topics
Ronald Lee Hancock
iUniverse , English
Dangerous Journey - Brian H. Jones

Dangerous JourneyBrian H. Jones

Living with cancer, surviving cancer: a personal memoir of hope, experience, and fortitude. From the book: ‘Like most people, I feared cancer. Like most people, I called it ‘the Big C’, or something similar. Like most people, I pitied anyon… more

Dangerous Journey
Brian H. Jones
Natural Causes - Carl Burrows

Natural CausesCarl Burrows

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Natural Causes is a romantic mystery involving the dilution of medicines. Two young people team up to investigate a cancer clinic.

Natural Causes
Carl Burrows
Center for Cancer Research: ... - Robert H.  Wiltrout PhD

Center for Cancer Research: ...Robert H. Wiltrout PhD

This booklet shares a substantive return on the nation’s investment in cancer research. The following pages provide glimpses of our patient focused pursuit of cancer; they showcaseseveral of our major accomplishments and demonstrate our lon… more

Center for Cancer Research: Explore, Discover, Translate
Robert H. Wiltrout PhD
Cancer: What Causes It, What... - American Cancer Society

Cancer: What Causes It, What...American Cancer Society

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Covering topics such as how cancer starts and why, who is at risk for cancer, the cancer risks that are controllable, and how to interpret the latest studies and reports, this guide provides the facts needed to judge which cancer risks are … more

Cancer: What Causes It, What Doesn’t
American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society , English
Harley's Story - Lisa K.  Butler

Harley's StoryLisa K. Butler

A story to encourage families who are going through cancer. This book is based on a child’s viewpoint and can be read to all ages. It is to bring hope to all involved.

Harley’s Story
Lisa K. Butler
Lisa K. Butler , English
speaking of vegetables, I ha... - Stephanie Doyle

speaking of vegetables, I ha...Stephanie Doyle

Here it is, February of 2007, three years since my diagnosis. Time flies when you’re having fun. Cancer seems like a dream now. I can’t really imagine that it really happened to me. To many people (most people, probably), cancer is still a … more

speaking of vegetables, I have cancer
Stephanie Doyle
PublishAmerica , English
Lippincott's Illustrated Q&A... - Michael A. Lieberman, Rick Ricer

Lippincott's Illustrated Q&A...Michael A. Lieberman, Rick Ricer

Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Review of Biochemistry offers up-to-date, clinically relevant board-style questions-perfect for course review and board prep! Approximately 400 multiple-choice questions with detailed answer explanations cover f… more

Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Review of Biochemistry
Michael A. Lieberman, Rick Ricer
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins , English


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The basic premise of “Send Me an Angel: Overcoming Cancer with Faith, Medicine & Miracles” is asking questions commonly raised upon diagnosis of cancer: Is That Really Cancer? Can You Overcome Cancer?* Do Faith & Prayers Help You in Overc… more

Sattar Memon MD
Sattar Memon MDp , English
Beyond Cancer - D. Marie Cooper

Beyond CancerD. Marie Cooper

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The benefit of buying my book isthat my book was written not because I am a “famous” public figure who istrying to tell people how great I am because I survived cancer.  It was written by an ordinary person for theordinary man, woman and c… more

Beyond Cancer
D. Marie Cooper
AuthorHouse , English
The Birds Nest Outside My Be... - Cynthia M. Sauter

The Birds Nest Outside My Be...Cynthia M. Sauter

The birds nest outside my bedroom window is a true account of watching eggs in a nest which was so close I could have touched it. It was written when the family was dealing with the cancer of a loved one and his dying process. Thus, these b… more

The Birds Nest Outside My Bedroom Window
Cynthia M. Sauter
AuthorHouse , English
Hope in the Face of Cancer: ... - Dr. AJ Redding

Hope in the Face of Cancer: ...Dr. AJ Redding

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Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with cancer?

Are you struggling to accept the fact that you or a loved one has cancer?

Cancer is one of the most difficult things to deal with in ones life or in a loved ones life. It can be… more

Hope in the Face of Cancer: How to Handle being told you have Cancer
Dr. AJ Redding
Naked Janes Bares All - Jane Schwartzberg, Marcy Tol...

Naked Janes Bares AllJane Schwartzberg, Marcy Tol...

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The 31-year-old newlywed is diagnosed with cancer. She is “cured” for 10 years—during which she miraculously bears two healthy children—until the doctors and prognoses all prove wrong. Through slice-of-life vignettes, Jane tells her story, … more

Naked Janes Bares All
Jane Schwartzberg, Marcy Tolkoff Levy