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Finn's Christmas (An Endange... - Angel Martinez

Finn's Christmas (An Endange...Angel Martinez

Winter in Canada can be a little tedious. The cold, the snow, the ever-darkening days, the hibernation… Finn’s inability to stay awake has Diego worried sick and with Miriam visiting, he has a difficult time explaining his lover’s sudden na… more

Finn’s Christmas (An Endangered Fae Story)
Angel Martinez
Silver Publishing , English
Where There's A Will...There... - Kevin O'Brien CFP CDFA

Where There's A Will...There...Kevin O'Brien CFP CDFA

This is a comprehensive yet easy to read book on estate planning filled with stories and examples of how estate planning works. This book has been designed to help Canadians understand how estate planning works and why it is necessary to h… more

Where There’s A Will…There’s A Way: An Easy To Read Book on Canadian Estate Planning
Kevin O’Brien CFP CDFA
Trafford , English
Will To Live (Zombie Overloa... - C. M. Wright

Will To Live (Zombie Overloa...C. M. Wright

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Fifth book in the Zombie Overload Series.

Canada, Nick, and Vicki escape and are on the run. All she wants to do is get back to her family, but if it isn’t a zombie trying to kill her, it’s one of the living. Some answers will be revealed,… more

Will To Live (Zombie Overload Series Book 5)
C. M. Wright
C. M. Wright , English
Abbey's Pleasure: A Contempo... - Rose Wynters

Abbey's Pleasure: A Contempo...Rose Wynters

Novelette 4 - An Invitation From A Fairy Series

Sometimes it takes the magic of a fairy godmother and a wicked sexual fulfillment to find your destiny… and the love of a lifetime.

One night to fulfill their innermost sexual fantasies. A… more

Abbey’s Pleasure: A Contemporary Internet Romance (An Invitation From A Fairy Book 4)
Rose Wynters
My Daughter Doesn't Know She... - Peaches the Writer

My Daughter Doesn't Know She...Peaches the Writer

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This book is a must-read for White mothers of mixed children, especially girls.

When Amber left home for the first day of middle school, she was the same blonde-haired girl she had always been. However, when she came home that evening, she… more

My Daughter Doesn’t Know She’s Black
Peaches the Writer
Peaches Press , English
Realizing the United Nations... - Jackie Hartley

Realizing the United Nations...Jackie Hartley

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The contributors explain the provisions of the Declaration, and how it provides a framework for ensuring justice, dignity, and security for the world’s Indigenous peoples, the development and adoption of the Declaration, and ways and means … more

Realizing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:
Jackie Hartley
Purich Publishing Ltd. , English
The Drug Mule's Guide to Wea... - Wynn Walker

The Drug Mule's Guide to Wea...Wynn Walker

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Hauling a backpack full of drugs from Canada into the Pacific Northwest is the easy part. It’s the rest of his life that Alec struggles with. A dead brother, a dreary job with sanctimonious coworkers, and living with his parents has this … more

The Drug Mule’s Guide to Wealth, Love, and Happiness
Wynn Walker
The 13th Battalion Royal Hig... - Robert Collier Fetherstonhaugh

The 13th Battalion Royal Hig...Robert Collier Fetherstonhaugh

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The 13th Battalion Royal Highlanders of Canada

The 13th Battalion Royal Highlanders of Canada
Robert Collier Fetherstonhaugh
Canadian Charter of Rights a... - Joseph W. Jacob B.A. M.P.A.

Canadian Charter of Rights a...Joseph W. Jacob B.A. M.P.A.

Canada currently has the fairest and most comprehensive charter of rights and freedoms in the world. It is the most important set of laws in Canada, as it overrides all other Canadian laws, including all municipal and provincial statutes. … more

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Joseph W. Jacob B.A. M.P.A.
Trafford , English
The Lost American (The Cool ... - Andrew Wu

The Lost American (The Cool ...Andrew Wu

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In the distance future, American lost its economic prowess, the dollar became the Yen of the New World. Even American’s transport system was controlled by a foreign superpower. In such a wicked world, everyone’s life will be changed. It wa… more

The Lost American (The Cool Wars Book 1)
Andrew Wu
The Foreigner  A Tale of Sas... - Ralph Connor

The Foreigner A Tale of Sas...Ralph Connor

pubOne.info present you this new edition. In Western Canada there is to be seen to-day that most fascinating of all human phenomena, the making of a nation. Out of breeds diverse in traditions, in ideals, in speech, and in manner of life, S… more

The Foreigner A Tale of Saskatchewan
Ralph Connor
pubOne.info , English
How to Move to Canada: A Pri... - Terese Loeb Kreuzer, Carol Bennett

How to Move to Canada: A Pri...Terese Loeb Kreuzer, Carol Bennett

An easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to calling Canada home  More and more Americans are thinking of moving to Canada to find a job, attend colleges and universities, peace of mind–even retirement–and whatever their motivations, they will… more

How to Move to Canada: A Primer for Americans
Terese Loeb Kreuzer, Carol Bennett
St. Martin’s Griffin , English
The War Game - Crystal Black

The War GameCrystal Black

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Pearl, a teenage orphan of a lesbian couple and an illegal citizen of an Untied State, is shuffled around from camp to concentration camp. She meets John at a former amusement park turned prison and they hatch a plan to escape to Canada (be… more

The War Game
Crystal Black
The Conquest of New France: ... - George M. Wrong

The Conquest of New France: ...George M. Wrong

Great history of the wresting of Canada by the British.

The Conquest of New France: A Chronicle of the Indian Wars
George M. Wrong
Optal eBooks , English
Spiderwoman - Donna Kakonge

SpiderwomanDonna Kakonge

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A collection of short stories of the adventures of a black woman in Canada.

Donna Kakonge
Donna Kay Kakonge, M.A. , English
Octopus Dreams - Matthew Beck

Octopus DreamsMatthew Beck

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Gabriel is thrown into a bizarre adventure when his ditsy mother moves the family to Canada. Why is he being attacked by ducks and squirrels? Why does the Principal think he’s a ball thief? Gabriel only begins to learn the truth when an ali… more

Octopus Dreams
Matthew Beck
The History of Blacks in Can... - George H. Junne

The History of Blacks in Can...George H. Junne

This fascinating bibliography of source materials clearly demonstrates the significant roles blacks have played in the history and culture of Canada from its beginnings as well as their 400-year fight for equity and justice. Organized by ar… more

The History of Blacks in Canada: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies)
George H. Junne
Greenwood , English
Hawtrey's Deputy - Harold Bindloss

Hawtrey's DeputyHarold Bindloss

The frost outside was bitter, and the prairie, which rolled back from Lander’s in long undulations to the far horizon, gleamed white beneath the moon, but there was warmth and brightness in Stukely’s wooden barn. It stood at one end of the … more

Hawtrey’s Deputy
Harold Bindloss
DOGS...All They Need is Love - Andi Elliott

DOGS...All They Need is LoveAndi Elliott

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This book contains over 100 pictures of dogs that I have helped rescue and who are now rehomed in over 18 states and Canada.

DOGS…All They Need is Love
Andi Elliott
Andi Elliott , English
Seeing Reds: The Red Scare o... - Daniel Francis

Seeing Reds: The Red Scare o...Daniel Francis

At the end of World War I, Canada was poised on the brink of social revolution. At least that is what many Canadians, inspired by the Russian Revolution, hoped and others dreaded. Seeing Reds documents a turbulent period in Canadian history… more

Seeing Reds: The Red Scare of 1918-1919: Canada’s First War on Terror
Daniel Francis
Arsenal Pulp Press , English