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Canadian Charter of Rights a... - Joseph W. Jacob B.A. M.P.A.

Canadian Charter of Rights a...Joseph W. Jacob B.A. M.P.A.

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Canada currently has the fairest and most comprehensive charter of rights and freedoms in the world. It is the most important set of laws in Canada, as it overrides all other Canadian laws, including all municipal and provincial statutes. … more

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Joseph W. Jacob B.A. M.P.A.
Trafford , English
The Foreigner - Ralph Connor

The ForeignerRalph Connor

In Western Canada there is to be seen to-day that most fascinating of all human phenomena, the making of a nation. Out of breeds diverse in traditions, in ideals, in speech, and in manner of life, Saxon and Slav, Teuton, Celt and Gaul, one … more

The Foreigner
Ralph Connor
Learning To Live (Zombie Ove... - C. M.  Wright

Learning To Live (Zombie Ove...C. M. Wright

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This third book in the Zombie Overload series begins at the same emotional moment that book two ended.How much more can Canada take - both emotionally and physically? Her body is bruised and abused. Bloody and torn. But her heart is what hu… more

Learning To Live (Zombie Overload Series Book 3)
C. M. Wright
C. M. Wright , English
The Tupper Boys - Walter Schoen

The Tupper BoysWalter Schoen

The ups and downs of a group of Central European city people with no farming experience establish themselves on farms in Canada’s hinterland. Told with frankness and humour.

The Tupper Boys
Walter Schoen
Trafford Publishing , English
Hockey - Kate Jaimet

HockeyKate Jaimet

A satirical short story on Canada’s national obsession.

Kate Jaimet
Northern Spirits: John Watso... - Robert C. Sibley

Northern Spirits: John Watso...Robert C. Sibley

The recovery of Watson’s thought is particularly valuable. Sibley shows that Watson, an internationally respected philosopher in the early twentieth century, discussed idealism and support for imperialism in ways that are particularly relev… more

Northern Spirits: John Watson, George Grant, and Charles Taylor - Appropriations of Hegelian Political Thought
Robert C. Sibley
MQUP , English
The Seigneurs of Old Canada ... - William Bennett Munro

The Seigneurs of Old Canada ...William Bennett Munro

This digital book includes an annotated bibliography of select works associated with Canada (added 2011).Originally published 1922.CONTENTS Page I. AN OUTPOST OF EMPIRE 1 II. GENTLEMEN OF THE WILDERNESS 33III. THREE SEIGNEURS OF OLD CANADA-… more

The Seigneurs of Old Canada - A Chronicle of New-World Feudalism (Annotated)
William Bennett Munro
First Love (Dark Times Ahead... - Alice Young

First Love (Dark Times Ahead...Alice Young

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A shy young woman with a traumatic past gets her life turned upside-down as her family and everyone she knows are slaughtered before her eyes. She is spared, perhaps saved even, by mutated humans that are trying to eradicate the carriers, o… more

First Love (Dark Times Ahead Book 1)
Alice Young
Alice Young , English
Haunted Whispers - Joseph Mulak

Haunted WhispersJoseph Mulak

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A university student doing a thesis on fear takes his research too far…A man learns he’s next in line to be the Grim Reaper, but doesn’t want to give up his life…An angel forces a man to relive his worst memory…A former Nazi hiding in Canad… more

Haunted Whispers
Joseph Mulak
Unveiled: A Canadian Muslim ... - Farzana Hassan

Unveiled: A Canadian Muslim ...Farzana Hassan

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Unveiled: A Canadian Muslim Woman’s Struggle against Misogyny, Sharia and, Jihad, is the testimony of a Muslim woman’s personal struggle to oppose radicalism and misogyny within her faith community. Farzana Hassan challenges the ideas that … more

Unveiled: A Canadian Muslim Woman’s Struggle Against Misogyny, Sharia and Jihad
Farzana Hassan
Freedom Press Canada Inc. , English
Beautiful Life - James Peter

Beautiful LifeJames Peter

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Beautiful Life A romantic story tells about what’s happened in a small village in Canada. Read now.

Beautiful Life
James Peter
This Canada of ours and other poems -  David James Edgar

This Canada of ours and other poems David James Edgar

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[…] Let other tongues in older lands Loud vaunt their claims to glory, And chaunt in triumph of the past, Content to live in story. Tho’ boasting no baronial halls, Nor ivy-crested towers, What past can match they glorious youth… more

This Canada of ours and other poems
David James Edgar
Creature of The Mists (Accid... - Sigmund Brouwer

Creature of The Mists (Accid...Sigmund Brouwer

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Winning a science contest brings Ricky and friends to Canada to search for the fabled lake creature Ogopogo. But strange events reveal something even more ominous than a legendary monster.

Creature of The Mists (Accidental Detectives)
Sigmund Brouwer
Uneasy Partners: Multicultur... - John Ibbitson, Haroon Siddiq...

Uneasy Partners: Multicultur...John Ibbitson, Haroon Siddiq...

After decades of extraordinary successes as a multicultural society, new debates are bubbling to the surface in Canada. The contributors to this volume examine the conflict between equality rights, as embedded in the Charter, and multicultu… more

Uneasy Partners: Multiculturalism and Rights in Canada (Canadian Commentaries)
John Ibbitson, Haroon Siddiqui, Will Kymlicka, Janice Stein, David Robertson Cameron, John Meisel, Michael Valpy
Wilfrid Laurier University Press , English
Fundamentals: Perspectives o... - David Gregory, Christy Raymo...

Fundamentals: Perspectives o...David Gregory, Christy Raymo...

This textbook will serve as a foundational teaching text for undergraduate nursing students in Canada. Like most fundamentals texts, this text will include such topics as hiistorical aspects of nursing Canada, teaching and learning, nursing… more

Fundamentals: Perspectives on the Art and Science of Canadian Nursing: Perspectives on the Art and Science of Canadian Nursing
David Gregory, Christy Raymond-Seniuk, Linda Patrick, Tracey C. Stephen
Wolters Kluwer Health , English
Lost in the Backwoods - Catherine Parr Traill

Lost in the BackwoodsCatherine Parr Traill

The interesting tale contained in this volume of romantic adventure inthe forests of Canada, was much appreciated and enjoyed by a large circleof young readers when first published, under the title of “The CanadianCrusoes.” After being many… more

Lost in the Backwoods
Catherine Parr Traill
On the Front Line of Life: S... - Alan Bowker

On the Front Line of Life: S...Alan Bowker

In the last decade of his life, Leacock turned to writing informal essays that blended humour with a conversational style and ripened wisdom to address the issues he cared about most - education, literature, economics, Canada and its place … more

On the Front Line of Life: Stephen Leacock: Memories and Reflections, 1935-1944
Alan Bowker
Dundurn , English
Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished - R. M. Ballantyne

Dusty Diamonds Cut and PolishedR. M. Ballantyne

The other story concerns the mother of one of the boys, with too many children, a drink-habit, and a wife-beating and criminal husband: plainly there’s not much going for her, but her eldest daughter manages to bring life together for the f… more

Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished
R. M. Ballantyne
O Canada! Her Story (O Canad... - Karla Akins

O Canada! Her Story (O Canad...Karla Akins

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O Canada! Her Story takes you on a grand tour of Canada through the ages. Historical narratives and biographies tell her story in a creative and lively way that draws the reader in, grabbing his or her attention from the start. Learn about … more

O Canada! Her Story (O Canada: Her Story Book 9)
Karla Akins
Bramley Books , English
Never Plead Guilty - Edwin Pearson

Never Plead GuiltyEdwin Pearson

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A Canadian Self-Defence Guide for the Cannabis Culture. If you are ever arrested for the simple possession of cannabis - you need this book. Any citizen charged with a “crime” should defend themselves. Our guide will help you stand up fo… more

Never Plead Guilty
Edwin Pearson
Church of the Universe , English