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Alice (Werewolf Breeding Ero...Harmony Raines

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Alice is in trouble, kidnapped and left as the virgin sacrifice for the beast, she knows things are not going to end well. But Alice is resourceful and manages to escape, right into the arms of a different kind of beast, or rather six of th… more

Alice (Werewolf Breeding Erotica) (Saved By The Pack)
Harmony Raines
Silver Moon Erotica , English

IntimateNoelle Adams

              They've loved each other for years, but they've never been intimate before.Marissa has decided to live without sex, since it's brought her nothing but trauma. At twenty-three, she'd rather just be celibate, and not even he... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00DFM9Z9M/#editorial-review">more</a>
Noelle Adams

Solid As A Rock (A Gay Love Story)Owen Burke

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A sexy new relationship. Dangerous secrets. One manin trouble. When Nate takes on a part-time modeling gig tosave his home, he ends up in a situation that pays the bills but leaves himfeeling miserable. The only bright spot in his life is t… more

Solid As A Rock (A Gay Love Story)
Owen Burke
ButtonFly Books , English

TrustPeter Giglio

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Who can you turn to when there’s no one left to trust?Amy knows her best friend Caleb is “different,” but he’s always been there for her, ever since they were kids. But when she picks up an old man hitch hiking in a storm, she never expects… more

Peter Giglio
Etopia Press , English

Wedding Night SubstituteJean-Luc Cheri

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An erotic short story. It’s Chelsea and Trent’s wedding day, and she’s looking forward to spending a special wedding night with him. But he’s enjoying the reception a little too much, getting drunk in his revelry. When he needs assistanc… more

Wedding Night Substitute
Jean-Luc Cheri
Eradygm Publishing , English

Finding My OwnMandee Mae

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Hiding from his past and the people that surround him, Caleb is convinced that he is meant to spend his life isolated. That is, until he meets his sexy new neighbor. This “hell cat” keeps him on his toes in more way than one, but can he con… more

Finding My Own
Mandee Mae

Our Purpose (Short Story)L. D. Harmison

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Contemporary Romance with an Erotic Twist Adult Readers Only 18+

Everyone has a purpose in life. Some good, some bad.

As for Aria, she always thought her purpose in life was meaningless. As a kid, she was constantly abused by her parents… more

Our Purpose (Short Story)
L. D. Harmison

Chair Games: Story 3 of the ...Arla Coopa

Average wait: N/A

The wives in the third round are more out to please, and thus more out to win. The Centurion men will be expecting more from them. How will Kendra do against all of this? And how will her husband, Caleb, react?

Chair Games: Story 3 of the Wife Games
Arla Coopa

Nomma ManLee Timotheos

Average wait: N/A

When a young college student named Caleb wins big on a contest hosted by a large candy company, it seems all his wildest dreams are about to come true; or are they? His world is shaken up when a mysterious visitor arrives at his party dress… more

Nomma Man
Lee Timotheos

Jared Morgan [Seven Brothers...Anitra Lynn McLeod

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA] No one is perfect…As McBride struggles to hold his world together, he is forced to make sacrifices that block him from any chance of h… more

Jared Morgan [Seven Brothers for McBride 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
Anitra Lynn McLeod
Siren Publishing , English

Heart & Soul (Blood Vengeance)Mikayla Houston

Average wait: N/A

Ariel’s life is finally getting back to normal with as little complication as possible. She was taking a break from men, guarding her heart from the pain that all relationships bring. But fate had other plans. Asher and Caleb come into her … more

Heart & Soul (Blood Vengeance)
Mikayla Houston

My Gay Country NeighborNate Tanner

Average wait: N/A

Farm boy Caleb has been loveless since his boyfriend went away to college. But when he catches studly neighbor Kevin in a private moment, masculine sparks start flying. Who knows where their chance encounter will lead…?WARNING: This scorc… more

My Gay Country Neighbor
Nate Tanner

An Unruly TongueJoannie Kay

1 rating
Average wait: 116d, 14h

Colonial wife Hester has an unruly tongue. Raised by two doting grandparents, she is very spoiled and selfish, and when she is married at 18 to a man ten years older, he is forced to take her fimly in hand. But the lessons are not fully lea… more

An Unruly Tongue
Joannie Kay
Blushing Books , English

Cassie & Caleb Discover God'...Susan Hunt, Richard Hunt Jr.

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May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace.” Psalm 144:12Boys and girls, from 5 to 8 years of age, will love the fun world of Cassie and Caleb, two energetic an… more

Cassie & Caleb Discover God’s Wonderful Design
Susan Hunt, Richard Hunt Jr.
Moody Publishers , English

The Charmed: Book One of the...Christine Wenrick

1 rating
Average wait: 31d, 17h

In The Charmed—Book One of The Charmed Trilogy—Olivia Ann Greyson sees only one future for herself—to compose and perform the music she has loved since she was a child. But that future changes in an instant when a commuter train taking her … more

The Charmed: Book One of the Charmed Trilogy
Christine Wenrick
Red Treehouse Publishing, Seattle, Washington , English

If This Is Wrong (Fall Fires)K.L. Platt

As children, Thomas and Caleb formed an unlikely friendship, which has continued through tragedies and celebrations and into manhood. They have grown together over the years, but now their relationship is changing into something more. Can t… more

If This Is Wrong (Fall Fires)
K.L. Platt
Renaissance Romance Publishing , English

Be Mine (Caught By Cupid)Gwendolyn Cease

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

In a heated Valentine weekend, Caleb and Jacqueline explore just how far their friendship can go. Caleb and Jacqueline have been friends for nearly two years since he was engaged to her best friend. But now the engagement is over and Jack w… more

Be Mine (Caught By Cupid)
Gwendolyn Cease
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English

Falling StarKrista McLaughlin

Seventeen-year-old Evelyn Moore never believed that something bad could happen to her. She lived alone with her parents in a small Iowa town. One dark night in October, everything changed as Evelyn is raped and beaten almost to the point … more

Falling Star
Krista McLaughlin

Delirium TremensRobert Reilly

Average wait: N/A

Jacob’s life has been ripped apart after the murder of his wife and daughter, leaving his drink-addled mind with a sole purpose; avenging their death by tracking down his brother Caleb and bringing him to justice for the crime he is certain… more

Delirium Tremens
Robert Reilly
Mirador Publishing , English

TakenAnya Bast

1 rating
Average wait: 94d, 8h

Sometimes love knocks softly…and sometimes it breaks down your door. Anne’s morning starts like any other normal day—and ends in a race for her life. The surprise that interrupts her regular date with a latte looks a lot like Frankenstein, … more

Anya Bast
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English