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Toy Soldiers - Dahlia Rose

Toy SoldiersDahlia Rose

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The small boy trotted up to him with a crumpled piece of paper in his hand while his mother stood patiently and watched. As the child spoke, Captain Caine McIntosh fell in love with the curly-haired tot who asked for a dad to help protect h… more

Toy Soldiers
Dahlia Rose
Sugar and Spice Press , English
Hell On The Heart - Nancy Brophy

Hell On The HeartNancy Brophy

1 rating

Two men. One has goodness, the other only the appearance of it. Like flip sides of a coin, one represents every girl’s dream, handsome and rich. While the other lives an isolated existence, scarred and damaged from a life lived in the trenc… more

Hell On The Heart
Nancy Brophy
Nancy Brophy , English