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Riders of the Spew - Robert Thompson

Riders of the SpewRobert Thompson

Riders of the Spew God removed all the good people from Earth and transferred them to another place. The Devil spewed all the people in Hell to the vacated earth and went on vacation. Six couples team up in this action, demon filled novel o… more

Riders of the Spew
Robert Thompson
Createspace , English
Confessions of a Butcher-Eat... - John Smith

Confessions of a Butcher-Eat...John Smith

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No Longer be at the mercy of your butcher! Confessions of a Butcher provides you the consumer with detailed information on all the basic cuts of beef and pork with entries on lamb, veal and poultry. Each entry contains an explanation of the… more

Confessions of a Butcher-Eat Steak on a Hamburger Budget and Save$$$
John Smith
Ark Essentials Publishing , English
The Butcher of Khardov - Hug... - Dan Wells

The Butcher of Khardov - Hug...Dan Wells

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His blind fury is infamous, his strength without rival, but the legend of the man known as the Butcher of Khardov was forged in a crucible of pain . . .

The legacy of the massacre near Boarsgate at the hand of the warcaster Orsus Zoktavir … more

The Butcher of Khardov - Hugo Nominated Novella (The Warcaster Chronicles Book 2)
Dan Wells
Skull Island eXpeditions , English
The Butcher's Wife - Adamu Kyuuka Usman

The Butcher's WifeAdamu Kyuuka Usman

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The Butcher’s Wife by Adamu Kyuuka Usman

The Butcher’s Wife
Adamu Kyuuka Usman
AuthorHouse , English
HOW TO TRAIN THE MEMORY: The... - Rev. R. H. Quick


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Written in 1888 and published in 1891, this book tells how to cultivate your memory through the use of the three A’s. They are; Attention, Association, and Arrangement.Excerpt:…..There seem to be different kinds of memory, so to speak. On… more

Rev. R. H. Quick
Digital Text Publishing Company , English
Self Reliance Illustrated Issue 19 -

Self Reliance Illustrated Issue 19

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Issue 19 of SRI is the homesteading issue. Read articles about the homestead that can also be applied to around the house or in the woods too. Learn to process your deer, butcher chickens, make wine, and keep an old house going. Read review… more

Self Reliance Illustrated Issue 19
Self Reliance Illustrated, LLC , English
Divine Help: A Jacob Alexand... - Kerry Fowers

Divine Help: A Jacob Alexand...Kerry Fowers

Jacob’s once normal life was shattered when a serial killer called The Butcher tortures his beloved girlfriend to death. He is torn between wanting justice for his girlfriend’s murder and moving on with his life when he moves to a new city … more

Divine Help: A Jacob Alexander Mystery
Kerry Fowers
Tiger Dynasty Publishing , English
Divine Help (Divine Series Book 1) - Kerry Fowers

Divine Help (Divine Series Book 1)Kerry Fowers

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Jacob’s once normal life was shattered when a serial killer called The Butcher tortures his beloved girlfriend to death. He is torn between wanting justice for his girlfriend’s murder and moving on with his life when he moves to a new city … more

Divine Help (Divine Series Book 1)
Kerry Fowers
the Butcher Shop (Enigmatic ... - Neil Austin

the Butcher Shop (Enigmatic ...Neil Austin

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It’s so rare to find someone who understands that murder is an art.”Take your garden variety sociopath turned serial killer. Amateurs, all of them. Your average serial killer would wait until dark to cross the street here to where the youn… more

the Butcher Shop (Enigmatic Moon Mysteries)
Neil Austin
ILYNFO Limited Ink , English
Slasher - Darrin Patterson

SlasherDarrin Patterson

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It was supposed to be another fun season back in 1989 at the peaceful summer camp until something very disturbing happened that changed everything for everyone.

It is ten years later, and someone returns to murder the new counselors who we… more

Darrin Patterson
The Complete Guide to Small ... - Melissa Nelson

The Complete Guide to Small ...Melissa Nelson

Starting a small scale farm is the dream of Americans young and old, from those who watched the majesty of the great western farm in films during their youth to those who spent their childhood actually working on a farm. However, for many o… more

The Complete Guide to Small Scale Farming: Everything You Need to Know About Raising Beef Cattle, Rabbits, Ducks, and Other Small Animals (Back to Basics Farming)
Melissa Nelson
Atlantic Publishing Group Inc. , English
The New Pun Book - Thomas A. Brown

The New Pun BookThomas A. Brown

The New Pun Book”He’s a professional grafter.”“Who?”“The nurseryman.” * * * * *”You know Fatty Schultz the butcher. What do you suppose heweighs?”“I don’t know, what does he weigh?”“Meat.” * * … more

The New Pun Book
Thomas A. Brown
36 Butcher's Suggestions For... -

36 Butcher's Suggestions For...

An article on 36 Butcher’s Suggestions For Cutting Meat Bills.

36 Butcher’s Suggestions For Cutting Meat Bills
99 Price Books , English
Sweet Memories of Pain & the... - Tammyjo Eckhart

Sweet Memories of Pain & the...Tammyjo Eckhart

For twelve years TammyJo Eckhart’s writing has challenged the stereotypes of female dominants and male submissives in complex stories whose characters use bondage, pain and pleasure to change their lives. Her tales explore how the mind, bod… more

Sweet Memories of Pain & the Future of Present
Tammyjo Eckhart
Nazca Plains , English
Angels in Disguise (Hawkman Book 8) - Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Angels in Disguise (Hawkman Book 8)Betty Sullivan La Pierre

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Hawkman has reservations about a unique grandmother who reads strange books, and a butcher’s daughter who keeps him in turmoil.

Angels in Disguise (Hawkman Book 8)
Betty Sullivan La Pierre
SynergEbooks , English
My Lesbian Awakening with Lu... - Marilyn More

My Lesbian Awakening with Lu...Marilyn More

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It all happened kind of accidentally. We were watching a scary movie and ended up in each other’s arms with every scary thing that happened. Before long, the hugs were lasting longer, and then it just happened. It was my first time with … more

My Lesbian Awakening with Lully (When My Best Friend and I Became More): A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story
Marilyn More
Mmmmore Productions , English
The Cut Up - A Short "Gory" - James W.  Lewis

The Cut Up - A Short "Gory"James W. Lewis

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Sometimes a wife can remain calm, cool, and collected–even when catching her husband in bed with a young girl over half his age. One possible response? Invite the bold bitch to dinner! That was one possible reaction of civility, but Eve qui… more

The Cut Up - A Short “Gory”
James W. Lewis
J-Dub Publications , English
A Dog's Life - Kris Katzen

A Dog's LifeKris Katzen

The crew sticks together, down to the very last crewmember: the captain’s dog. Now the captain’s kidnapped dog, snatched by ungrateful aliens the ship aided.

A Dog’s Life
Kris Katzen
Bluetrix Books , English
Nell, of Shorne Mills - Charles Garvice

Nell, of Shorne MillsCharles Garvice

Dick, how many are twenty-seven and eight?”The girl looked up, with narrow eyes and puckered brow, from the butcher’s book, which she was laboriously “checking,” at the boy who leaned back on the window seat picking out a tune on a banjo.

Nell, of Shorne Mills
Charles Garvice
Personality Assessment in Ma... -

Personality Assessment in Ma...

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In response to the many challenges facing mental health professionals in the era of managed care, this highly respected group of contributors from academia, managed care, and full-time clinical practice, outline the importance of personalit… more

Personality Assessment in Managed Health Care: Using the MMPI-2 in Treatment Planning
Oxford University Press , English