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A Season Called Love - V.S. VASHIST

A Season Called LoveV.S. VASHIST

A Story of mismatched LoveWhat happens when you realize your love for someone after that person has gone from your life? And, what will you do if you come to know that even that person had same feelings for you, but you never noticed?Chris… more

A Season Called Love
Selfish Love Vol.1 Part 3 - Naduki Koujima

Selfish Love Vol.1 Part 3Naduki Koujima

An excellent collection of 5 one-shot yaoi stories including childhood friend love, salaryman (businessman) uke, toshishita (younger) seme, and more!Age 18+Explicit contentSuggested for mature readers

Selfish Love Vol.1 Part 3
Naduki Koujima
Libre Publishing Co.,Ltd., Animate U.S.A., Inc. , English
Italian Sugar Daddy (Escort ... - Kate Addario

Italian Sugar Daddy (Escort ...Kate Addario

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Ariel meets a wealthy European businessman and forms a relationship with him. After she moves into his showcase home, she discovers that having a sugar daddy is more of an adventure than she ever could have imagined. Warning: This book … more

Italian Sugar Daddy (Escort Chronicles)
Kate Addario
Kate Addario , English
What Successful People Know ... - Daniel Delgado

What Successful People Know ...Daniel Delgado

If you are interested in boosting sales and reaching a wider customer base, you need to know the secrets of creating new business through lead generation and mailing lists. Whether you’re just starting out or you are a hugely successful bu… more

What Successful People Know : Learning To Use Mailing Lists As Part Of Your Marketing Plan
Daniel Delgado
Daddy, You Promised to Breed... - Sonia Robinson

Daddy, You Promised to Breed...Sonia Robinson

Suzy was the spoiled stepdaughter of a wealthy millionaire businessman. She always got her way. Entering her 20’s without any skills or talents, she felt the sudden urge to get pregnant and be studded by the most masculine person in her lif… more

Daddy, You Promised to Breed Me (Erotica Pseudo-Incest Impregnation)
Sonia Robinson
Yellow Foam (Fractures Book 1) - Mark Flanagan

Yellow Foam (Fractures Book 1)Mark Flanagan

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The globe’s secret powerbrokers are positioning themselves for the game of the century… until in step two British teenagers to turn the world on its head

The year is 2017 and the modern world is facing its big crisis – yet hardly anybody… more

Yellow Foam (Fractures Book 1)
Mark Flanagan
Lale Media Ltd , English
Heaven on Earth - Alan Vincent

Heaven on EarthAlan Vincent

This book is a treatise on the Kingdom of God and the need for the Church to forcefully advance it across the earth. No longer can the businessman sit back in the pew and expect the pastor to do all the work. No longer can the lonely widow … more

Heaven on Earth
Alan Vincent
Treasures Media Inc , English
Japanese Macabre (Vol. 1) - Jeremy Tanaka

Japanese Macabre (Vol. 1)Jeremy Tanaka

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Japanese Macabre (Vol. 1)5x Japanese short stories featuring the Macabre, the Gothic and the Ghostly.Included in this mini-anthology:(1) Trouble at the DamBusinessman Kobayashi-san has a dark and disgusting past unknown to his new friend. O… more

Japanese Macabre (Vol. 1)
Jeremy Tanaka
CME - Jerry D Young

CMEJerry D Young

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A businessman gets ready for a CME

Jerry D Young
Romance in Dallas - Tycoon! - Nancy Fornataro

Romance in Dallas - Tycoon!Nancy Fornataro

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Ramsey Knowles, a rich, powerful, successful businessman, hounded by the press and paparazzi, just wants the one thing he can never have again. He’s amassed great fortune and fame, but at what price? Can he ever be whole again while staring… more

Romance in Dallas - Tycoon!
Nancy Fornataro
How to make a deal in an easy way ? - Ganesh Padmanabhan

How to make a deal in an easy way ?Ganesh Padmanabhan

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This book explains sales , deals , communication , conversation techniques with examples , dragging technique , how to make money , how to apply the techniques , a step by step approach to sales ,who is a sales man , sec… more

How to make a deal in an easy way ?
Ganesh Padmanabhan
amazon.com , English
TOO MANY CLIENTS (Nero Wolfe... - Rex Stout

TOO MANY CLIENTS (Nero Wolfe...Rex Stout

A bidding war for his services interrupts Nero Wolfe’s attempts to solve the case of the businessman who died in his love nest—a case in which the police seem oddly uninterested.

TOO MANY CLIENTS (Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 34)
Rex Stout
Crimeline , English
Cheating is in the Air Tonight - Brin Reid

Cheating is in the Air TonightBrin Reid

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In this sexy short story Stacey comes home to find her fiancé screwing the neighborhood prostitute to one of their favorite songs. She leaves him there and gets on a bus to go to a bar. There she meets a businessman who buys her drinks and … more

Cheating is in the Air Tonight
Brin Reid
The Guru's Guide to List Bui... - Daniel Delgado

The Guru's Guide to List Bui...Daniel Delgado

If you are interested in boosting sales and reaching a wider customer base, you need to know the secrets of creating new business through lead generation and mailing lists. Whether you’re just starting out or you are a hugely successful bu… more

The Guru’s Guide to List Building, Email & Direct Mail Marketing : The Secrets Of Successful Marketers & How They Create Effective Mailing Lists
Daniel Delgado
The Journey (Hell in a Hand ... - Damara Blackthorne

The Journey (Hell in a Hand ...Damara Blackthorne

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The Journey (Hell in a Hand Basket Book 1)
Damara Blackthorne
Damara Blackthorne , English
The Libertines Motorcycle Cl... - Max Billington

The Libertines Motorcycle Cl...Max Billington

Average wait: 13h

Enter the world of an outlaw motorcycle club from the point of view of Connor, a white collar man who goes from not owning a bike to joining an outlaw motorcycle gang. The shift from civilian to 1%er outlaw biker is fraught with crime, viol… more

The Libertines Motorcycle Club: An Outlaw Is Born
Max Billington
That's No Way To Negotiate! ... - Asaf Shani

That's No Way To Negotiate! ...Asaf Shani

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Whether you’re a businessman unable to close a deal or a parent who can’t get your kid to quit spending too much time playing games on the computer, being on the losing end of a negotiation can be quite frustrating.

The good news, though,… more

That’s No Way To Negotiate! - Common Negotiation Mistakes And What You Can Do To Avoid Them (Conflicts and Negotiations series)
Asaf Shani
Crossing A Line An Erotic Ta... - Anal Amy

Crossing A Line An Erotic Ta...Anal Amy

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Amy loves sex. She’s admitted that she’s a slut. She likes doing the things that other girls won’t do. She loves sucking cock, she didn’t earn the name Anal Amy by accident, and she craves cum on her. However, there are some things that she… more

Crossing A Line An Erotic Tale Of A First Time Call Girl And Her Two Clients
Anal Amy
Entrepreneur Essentials - Joy Thomas

Entrepreneur EssentialsJoy Thomas

How To Develop The Mindset Of A Businessman Even If You Have No Business Skills

Entrepreneur Essentials
Joy Thomas
Consequence (a gripping crim... - Eli Yance

Consequence (a gripping crim...Eli Yance

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The lives of two hardened hitmen, two experienced conmen and one millionaire businessman are about to change forever. Embroiled in separate worlds of drugs, theft, fraud and murder, their vices combine in a heartless and brutal cataclysm of… more

Consequence (a gripping crime thriller)
Eli Yance
Compulsion Books , English