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The Business Man's Encyclopedia - A.W Shaw Company

The Business Man's EncyclopediaA.W Shaw Company


The Business Man’s Encyclopedia
A.W Shaw Company
James J. Jones , English
Ade's Fables (Illustrated Version) - George Ade

Ade's Fables (Illustrated Version)George Ade

EXCERPT all and don’t try to Force. He is sure to blow up sooner or later. Take another Lesson to-morrow morning and then publish your Defi in the afternoon.”He never had been strong enough to stand off Ambition. So the next Day he took on … more

Ade’s Fables (Illustrated Version)
George Ade
The ten-day tourist - Sniffs... - William Bigg

The ten-day tourist - Sniffs...William Bigg

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(…)” FOR eleven months and a-half in the year, we, who are busily engaged in professional or commercial pursuits, lead a life of all-exacting labour; and so severe is the discipline -which the standard of business character in this countr… more

The ten-day tourist - Sniffs of the mountain breeze
William Bigg
The Derelict - Heide Braley

The DerelictHeide Braley

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A short story of a successful business man who loses everything and becomes a derelict.

The Derelict
Heide Braley
Interview Success - John Trevelyn

Interview SuccessJohn Trevelyn

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A concise guide to how to get into the correct mindset to ace any job interview. Written by a successful business man who has been interviewing and hiring job applicants at all levels for over 30 years.Studies show that people make up their… more

Interview Success
John Trevelyn
Eating out, Sucking off & Fu... - Michelle Castella

Eating out, Sucking off & Fu...Michelle Castella

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He was alone in a restaurant, waiting for a meeting which would never happen.Sophia set her sights on Dominic the very second she laid eyes upon him. He was a business man in control of his world, and she wanted to make him lose his tightl… more

Eating out, Sucking off & Fucking hard (Erotic Romance - Hot Public Sex Story - Hardcore Restaurant Erotica)
Michelle Castella
Apron Strings - Jaime Samms

Apron StringsJaime Samms

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A successful business man and philanthropist, Neil has the sinking sensation he’s having less stellar results in his personal life. He thinks his lover Danny is slipping away from him, now that his own career is taking off. Despite all Neil… more

Apron Strings
Jaime Samms
Freya’s Bower , English
Countdown - Ben Larson

CountdownBen Larson

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When a friend is kidnapped and a rescue attempt ends with disastrous results, three friends since childhood must race against the clock and the power of an evil business man to find their friend. Failure could mean her death…and their own.

Ben Larson
The Reunion: Shelby's Chance... - Angelina Rose

The Reunion: Shelby's Chance...Angelina Rose

After being with her high school sweetheart for 22 years, Shelby is left wondering how to start her life over after their divorce. Juggling kids, a job and a new life, she commits to a crazy plan with her nursing school friends that require… more

The Reunion: Shelby’s Chance Meeting (Starting Over Series Book 4)
Angelina Rose
Hired (Dangerous Dom Series) - Suzanne Steele

Hired (Dangerous Dom Series)Suzanne Steele

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To the reader: *To the reader: This is not fluff romance, it is DARK ROMANCE. There are elements of BDSM woven within the story line. It is recommended for audiences ages 18+ These are men who will stop at nothing to get the woman that they… more

Hired (Dangerous Dom Series)
Suzanne Steele
Suzanne Steele , English
Six Silver Bullets - Zahid  Zaman

Six Silver BulletsZahid Zaman

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When a millionaire business man hires a contract killer, how will it end?

Six Silver Bullets
Zahid Zaman
The Billionaire's Kiss: A Ro... - May Banks

The Billionaire's Kiss: A Ro...May Banks

Amanda works for a fashion magazine and is about to interview her lifelong idol - a celebrity business man who has conquered all before him. But can he conquer Amanda and her desires?

The Billionaire’s Kiss: A Romance Short Story
May Banks
Run Free Publishing , English
Business Psychology -  Hugo Münsterberg

Business Psychology Hugo Münsterberg

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Business psychology (1918)The understanding of psychology is one of the most important roads to success for the modern business man. Industrial and commercial work are in thousand-fold contact with the mental life. Salesmanship and advertis… more

Business Psychology
Hugo Münsterberg
Sex Addiction - Sexual Demon... - Benjamin Struck

Sex Addiction - Sexual Demon...Benjamin Struck

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Sex addiction. We all have personal demons.

Am I insane? I need to fuck. What is wrong with me? I need to fuck. Am I the only person on the planet feeling this way? I need to fuck. I cannot control this demon inside me. I need to fuck… more

Sex Addiction - Sexual Demons Confessions of the Everyday Man
Benjamin Struck
Gunfighter's Revenge - Gary Lee Davis

Gunfighter's RevengeGary Lee Davis

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A young cowhand that turned gunfighter at an early age, do to unfavorable circumstances, goes to wish his brother well at his wedding.  When he gets there he finds his brother missing and later finds him dead.  Whoever had him killed is ou… more

Gunfighter’s Revenge
Gary Lee Davis
AuthorHouse , English
Vanishing Acts - Rodney "Kamal" Jackson

Vanishing ActsRodney "Kamal" Jackson

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Jay is a good looking and successful, playboy type business man. On a routine trip to the mall he meets Vivian. He’s just looking for his next piece but they really hit if off and things get hot and steamy. She’s sexy, fun, outgoing, unin… more

Vanishing Acts
Rodney “Kamal” Jackson
Dapwati Entertainment , English
Recycled By Grace - The Stor... - Shane West

Recycled By Grace - The Stor...Shane West

1 rating

At the age of 14, Shane West was given a quarter gram of cocaine as a present from a family member. Nobody ever dreamed that present given that night would lead to many nights of pain, agony, misery, tragedy, and hopeless addictions. Crack … more

Recycled By Grace - The Story of Shane West
Shane West
Recycled By Grace - Shane West

Recycled By GraceShane West

At the age of 14, Shane West was given a quarter gram of cocaine as a present from a family member. Nobody ever dreamed that present given that night would lead to many nights of pain, agony, misery, tragedy, and hopeless addictions. Crack … more

Recycled By Grace
Shane West
Shane West , English
Breakfast Dainties,(Illustrated) - Thomas J. Murrey

Breakfast Dainties,(Illustrated)Thomas J. Murrey

What are the different from the other books (Illustrated) :- Original art- Make up a bit for make the content look attractive and easy to read- Images in some interesting meals ###Description :The importance of preparing a variety of dainty… more

Breakfast Dainties,(Illustrated)
Thomas J. Murrey
amazon.com , English
Unconditional: One Man's Love - Maurice C.J.

Unconditional: One Man's LoveMaurice C.J.

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Meet Franklin Tanner, a humble successful business man that has had his share of tribulations growing up on the south side of Chicago. Journey with him and experience his life as he realizes a valuable lesson along the way. Which is how, “T… more

Unconditional: One Man’s Love
Maurice C.J.