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The ten-day tourist - Sniffs...William Bigg

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(…)” FOR eleven months and a-half in the year, we, who are busily engaged in professional or commercial pursuits, lead a life of all-exacting labour; and so severe is the discipline -which the standard of business character in this countr… more

The ten-day tourist - Sniffs of the mountain breeze
William Bigg

Ade's Fables (Illustrated Version)George Ade

EXCERPT all and don’t try to Force. He is sure to blow up sooner or later. Take another Lesson to-morrow morning and then publish your Defi in the afternoon.”He never had been strong enough to stand off Ambition. So the next Day he took on … more

Ade’s Fables (Illustrated Version)
George Ade

The Business Man's EncyclopediaA.W Shaw Company


The Business Man’s Encyclopedia
A.W Shaw Company
James J. Jones , English

Eating out, Sucking off & Fu...Michelle Castella

He was alone in a restaurant, waiting for a meeting which would never happen.Sophia set her sights on Dominic the very second she laid eyes upon him. He was a business man in control of his world, and she wanted to make him lose his tightl… more

Eating out, Sucking off & Fucking hard (Erotic Romance - Hot Public Sex Story - Hardcore Restaurant Erotica)
Michelle Castella

Six Silver BulletsZahid Zaman

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When a millionaire business man hires a contract killer, how will it end?

Six Silver Bullets
Zahid Zaman

The DerelictHeide Braley

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A short story of a successful business man who loses everything and becomes a derelict.

The Derelict
Heide Braley

The Reunion: Shelby's Chance...Angelina Rose

After being with her high school sweetheart for 22 years, Shelby is left wondering how to start her life over after their divorce. Juggling kids, a job and a new life, she commits to a crazy plan with her nursing school friends that require… more

The Reunion: Shelby’s Chance Meeting (Starting Over Series)
Angelina Rose

CountdownBen Larson

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When a friend is kidnapped and a rescue attempt ends with disastrous results, three friends since childhood must race against the clock and the power of an evil business man to find their friend. Failure could mean her death…and their own.

Ben Larson

Apron StringsJaime Samms

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A successful business man and philanthropist, Neil has the sinking sensation he’s having less stellar results in his personal life. He thinks his lover Danny is slipping away from him, now that his own career is taking off. Despite all Neil… more

Apron Strings
Jaime Samms
Freya’s Bower , English

Interview SuccessJohn Trevelyn

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A concise guide to how to get into the correct mindset to ace any job interview. Written by a successful business man who has been interviewing and hiring job applicants at all levels for over 30 years.Studies show that people make up their… more

Interview Success
John Trevelyn

Business Psychology Hugo Münsterberg

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Business psychology (1918)The understanding of psychology is one of the most important roads to success for the modern business man. Industrial and commercial work are in thousand-fold contact with the mental life. Salesmanship and advertis… more

Business Psychology
Hugo Münsterberg

A Summary Of Escape The Rat ...E.J. Waters

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This book is a summary of the contents of E.J. Waters’ “Escape The Rat Race In 6 Steps”. The summary provides an overview of the key issues raised in the full text version of the book which provides an autobiographical account of the lesson… more

A Summary Of Escape The Rat Race In 6 Steps
E.J. Waters
Highmead Publishing , English

The Early BirdGeorge Randolph Chester

A delightful business man’s love story. Written by the author of The Making Of Bobby Burnit Originally published in 1910

The Early Bird
George Randolph Chester

Secrets Unleashed!Y. W.

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Leisha is a young college student focusing on her studies, when during a chance encounter she meets Ant. Although she wasn’t looking for love somehow love had found her. She took a chance on Ant, who is a young business man that was doing w… more

Secrets Unleashed!
Y. W.

Sandone's Austin A Gay Love ...Doyle Mills

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Meeting Angel had been the best thing to ever happen to Sandone a wealthy business man only to have his love ripped from his life at the hands of a mad man. Consumed with grief Sandone spent days alone with only his memories and his tears t… more

Sandone’s Austin A Gay Love Story by Doyle Mills
Doyle Mills
Doyle Mills , English

Afterthoughts: A Charity McA...Elizabeth Storme

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Three years ago, Charity McAdams was dumped by her fiance, the night of their rehearsal dinner.

She is finally ready to move on with her life and step outside the shadows of her past heartbreak. She is in a serious relationship with a han… more

Afterthoughts: A Charity McAdams Novella (The Charity McAdams Novellas)
Elizabeth Storme

Hopeville: The City of LightFran Capo

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One night, a little boy, an old man, a widowed mother and a successful business man all pray for the same thing. The power of their individual voices all expressing the same thought reaches the heavens and God decides to send down an angel … more

Hopeville: The City of Light
Fran Capo
Fran Capo , English

H.A. Pendant - Elena's Educa...H.A. Pendant

H.A. Pendant erotic tales are famous for replacing much of the “naughty” body parts and deeds usually associated with this genre with “clean” words.This title contains Mature Content, and is suitable for Adults Only.CONTAINS SEPARATE FM, FMmore

H.A. Pendant - Elena’s Education (A Wet Weather Campus Story - WWC)
H.A. Pendant
XAMBooks , English

Secrets Unleashed! (Preview ...Y.W.

Leisha is a college student focusing on her studies, when during a chance encounter she meets Ant. Although she wasn’t looking for love somehow love had found her. Apprehensive at first she decides she is willing to chance it for Ant. Ant i… more

Secrets Unleashed! (Preview Chapter 1-5)

Adela (The Guardian)J.L McFadden

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Adela: Is a beautiful young woman of a very wealthy family in Eastern Europe who is fending off advances from an older aristocratic German business man that has an evil presence about him. She falls madly in love with another man to see her… more

Adela (The Guardian)
J.L McFadden