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Surprising My Master (A week... - Steffie Dawn

Surprising My Master (A week...Steffie Dawn

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In Bucharest as the fifth day of Ella’s adventure begins, the little sub is in for as many surprises as Master. Waking up alone near aggravates the submissive but gives her some time to prepare her body for him and a later lunch date sends … more

Surprising My Master (A week with my Romanian #5)
Steffie Dawn
Barbeth Publications , English
Needing My Master (A week wi... - Steffie Dawn

Needing My Master (A week wi...Steffie Dawn

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As the third day dawns, Ella is almost half way through her week in Bucharest. After an exciting start to the day, Ella’s snide comment leads to a series of unexpected events for our couple. Join Ella as Master lets her in and our beginner … more

Needing My Master (A week with my Romanian #3)
Steffie Dawn
Barbeth Publications , English
Running Bucharest (Running t... - Ulrik Solberg

Running Bucharest (Running t...Ulrik Solberg

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Running Bucharest’ is a runners – or walkers – brief guide with two proposals of where to run in the capital of Romania. It is for natives, residents, visitors and tourists alike. There is a 4-5 km run - ‘shorty’ - and a 8-10 km run - ‘lo… more

Running Bucharest (Running the EU Book 6)
Ulrik Solberg
Ulrik Solberg , English
Nobody Comes - Anthony Cleary

Nobody ComesAnthony Cleary

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This is the true story of the (ultimately successful) endeavour to find, extract and adopt an infant from an ‘orphanage’ in post revolutionary Romania despite the unhelpful and sometimes downright obstructive attitude of both the UK and the… more

Nobody Comes
Anthony Cleary
Crux Publishing , English
Romania: Bucharest & Beyond ... - Volker Moser, Corina Chirile...

Romania: Bucharest & Beyond ...Volker Moser, Corina Chirile...

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Update: The 2014 guide is now available in electronic format. You can purchase it at the link below: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IEFPRO2

The must have guide to living and traveling in Romania. Written by both expats and locals - packed wit… more

Romania: Bucharest & Beyond 2013 (City Compass Romania Guides)
Volker Moser, Corina Chirileasa, Liam Lever
City Compass SRL , English
A Visionary's Quest - Alicia Ramirez

A Visionary's QuestAlicia Ramirez

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Andrei lives in Romania and is raised by his grandparents after he loses both his parents. His mother died from complications while giving birth to triplets. Andrei has dreams about his future and decides to move to the US to find work as a… more

A Visionary’s Quest
Alicia Ramirez
Alicia Ramirez , English
A week with my Romanian - Steffie Dawn

A week with my RomanianSteffie Dawn

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“Printesa mea…” “…Master.” Ella is a twenty two year old submissive who has been sharing an online relationship with a Dominant for a year. She flies out to Bucharest in Romania, the home of her Master, to spend a… more

A week with my Romanian
Steffie Dawn
Barbeth Publications , English
Dark Journeys - Neil Benson

Dark JourneysNeil Benson

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The short stories and poems In Dark Journeys describe perilous paths taken by mortals, vampires, and other creatures of the night. In the first story, A Problem with Werewolves, the relationship between a mortal male and his beautiful femal… more

Dark Journeys
Neil Benson
Neil Benson , English
Vlad's Journey into the Othe... - Sinziana Popescu

Vlad's Journey into the Othe...Sinziana Popescu

Have you ever wondered how would you feel to get up in the morning next to an Uncanny Winged Horse asking for some hot embers to eat? That’s exactly what happened to Vlad Ionescu, a common boy, jealous on his newborn twin brothers. He accid… more

Vlad’s Journey into the Other Realm / Calatoria lui Vlad in Celalalt Taram (Romanian edition) (Andilandi)
Sinziana Popescu
Mediamorphosis , Romanian
Obeying My Master (A week wi... - Steffie Dawn

Obeying My Master (A week wi...Steffie Dawn

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Ella’s journey came to an unexpected halt when she had a run in with Master’s brother Vladimir but now her decision has been made and her journey continues but was it the right one?Continue with Ella on her Bucharest adventure as she redisc… more

Obeying My Master (A week with my Romanian #4)
Steffie Dawn
Barbeth Publications , English
Sylvia & Michael; the later ... - Compton Mackenzie

Sylvia & Michael; the later ...Compton Mackenzie

Sylvia & Michael; the later adventures of Sylvia Scarlett by Compton Mackenzie.AUTHOR’S NOTEI need scarcely say that in 1915 there was no Passport Office in Bucharest, and that so far as I am aware there are no portraits in this book. If an… more

Sylvia & Michael; the later adventures of Sylvia Scarlett
Compton Mackenzie
iBam , English
Under a Red Sky: Memoir of a... - Haya Leah Molnar

Under a Red Sky: Memoir of a...Haya Leah Molnar

Eva Zimmermann is eight years old, and she has just discovered she is Jewish. Such is the life of an only child living in postwar Bucharest, a city that is changing in ever more frightening ways. Eva’s family, full of eccentric and opiniona… more

Under a Red Sky: Memoir of a Childhood in Communist Romania
Haya Leah Molnar
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) , English
Betrayal (Varigo 6) - S H Villa

Betrayal (Varigo 6)S H Villa

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BetrayalVarigo: Volume 6El Capitán has disgraced himself once again and La Señora feels betrayed. La Sargenta Carmen has been asked to resume her position as CO of the Guardia Civil in Varigo. She is deeply suspicious but cannot see how th… more

Betrayal (Varigo 6)
S H Villa
Love, Sex & Bucharest (Varigo 5) - S H Villa

Love, Sex & Bucharest (Varigo 5)S H Villa

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Jesús the curandero, recognising the strong attraction between Sargenta Carmen Ramírez Paragón and the Romanian gangster Jorge, real name Gheorghe Petrescu, ‘marries’ them. So begins a rocky and unlikely relationship. Carmen continues her i… more

Love, Sex & Bucharest (Varigo 5)
S H Villa
Sanguinarium Chronicles The ... - NvD

Sanguinarium Chronicles The ...NvD

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Enter the world of Original Romanian vampires… Meet the real Vlad Tepes the Impaler and a bunch of other guys…

But…before you do, answer these questions: - Tired of eternally in love vampires? - Tired of Romantic off-chutes of Vlad Tepes… more

Sanguinarium Chronicles The Vampire Damian
Only You (The Mephisto Coven... - Stephanie Feagan

Only You (The Mephisto Coven...Stephanie Feagan

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              He's waited a thousand years for her, and he can never have her... Raised by abusive relatives in Bucharest, Mariah learned to box up agonizing memoriesand put them in permanent mental storage. Now almost nineteen, she's s... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00FWTWWEG/#editorial-review">more</a>
Only You (The Mephisto Covenant Series)
Stephanie Feagan
Pink Publishing, LLC , English
Sylvia & Michael: The later ... - Compton  MacKenzie

Sylvia & Michael: The later ...Compton MacKenzie

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Sylvia & Michael: The later adventures of Sylvia Scarlett by Compton MacKenzieAUTHOR’S NOTEI need scarcely say that in 1915 there was no Passport Office in Bucharest, and that so far as I am aware there are no portraits in this book. If any… more

Sylvia & Michael: The later adventures of Sylvia Scarlett
Compton MacKenzie
BookNet , English
Meeting My Master (A week wi... - Steffie Dawn

Meeting My Master (A week wi...Steffie Dawn

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Having been dreaming of meeting her Romanian Master since the day they met online Ella is on a trip of a lifetime to Bucharest! Join her & her Master on a journey of discovery & learning. On her arrival Ella is thrown into the deep end with… more

Meeting My Master (A week with my Romanian #1)
Steffie Dawn
The White Tyger (A Princess ... - Paul Park

The White Tyger (A Princess ...Paul Park

This is a truly magical tale, full of strangeness, terrors and wonders. Many girls daydream that they are really a princess adopted by commoners. In the case of teenager Miranda Popescu, this is literally true. Because she is at the fulcrum… more

The White Tyger (A Princess of Roumania)
Paul Park
Tor Books , English
Hot TABOO Erotic Stories vol... - Vincent B

Hot TABOO Erotic Stories vol...Vincent B

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Hot TABOO Erotic Stories is a series of short erotic stories that will excite you in a short time. This series is for those who don’t want to lose too much time to integrate in the world of forbidden erotic dreams.In the first volume is rel… more

Hot TABOO Erotic Stories vol. 1 Daughter and Stepfather
Vincent B