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Whatever Happened to the Pow... - Michael L. Brown

Whatever Happened to the Pow...Michael L. Brown

Have you ever wondered why there is so much prayer for the sick in Pentecostal, Charismatic and Word of Faith churches, yet so few of the seriously ill are healed? Or why people fall down under the Spirit s power but are often no different … more

Whatever Happened to the Power of God?/It’s Time to Rock the Boat
Michael L. Brown
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Why The Wilderness: A Forty ... - Walter Brown Jr

Why The Wilderness: A Forty ...Walter Brown Jr

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Jesus’ wilderness experience in the fourth chapter of Matthew formed the basis for his inspired relationship with God. His devotional life was key to navigating difficult times. Jesus knew how to systematically get into the presence the Fa… more

Why The Wilderness: A Forty Day Devotional Guide: God Sends Angels After We Go Through!
Walter Brown Jr
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Rosamond - or, the Youthful ... - Mary Jane Holmes

Rosamond - or, the Youthful ...Mary Jane Holmes

With a blanched cheek Mr. Browning read this letter through—then tore it into fragments, wondering much who gave her the information. There were no spies about his premises. Rosamond would not do it, and it must have been his sister, thoug… more

Rosamond - or, the Youthful Error (Annotated by Lycium Classics)
Mary Jane Holmes
Lycium Classics , English
Beyond The Rocks - Elinor Glyn

Beyond The RocksElinor Glyn

The hours were composed mostly of dull or rebellious moments during the period of Theodora”s engagement to Mr. Brown. From the very first she had thought it hard that she should have had to take this situation, instead of Sarah or Clement… more

Beyond The Rocks
Elinor Glyn
The Kissless Virgin (Introdu... - Stefania Smillie

The Kissless Virgin (Introdu...Stefania Smillie

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The Kissless Virgin is a new series about Mr. Brown, who is a 24 years old virgin. He never even kissed a girl. Now he wants power and money. Will he succeed? Or maybe he will find love and forfeit his greed? Who knows!

The Kissless Virgin (Introduction Book 1)
Stefania Smillie
How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas: ... - Chris Barez-Brown

How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas: ...Chris Barez-Brown

The one-stop resource for your own brilliant ideas!Stuck in a rut? Bored? Dissatisfied? Uninspired? Got a problem you don’t know how to solve? What if you knew exactly what you wanted and could make it happen, right now? To get there, you n… more

How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas: Shake Up Your Business, Shake Up Your Life
Chris Barez-Brown
Skyhorse Publishing , English
The Interracial Experience: ... - Ursula M. Brown

The Interracial Experience: ...Ursula M. Brown

The number of black-white mixed marriages increased by 504% in the last 25 years. By offering relevant demographic, research, and sociocultural data as well as a series of intensely personal and revealing vignettes, Dr. Brown investigates h… more

The Interracial Experience: Growing Up Black/White Racially Mixed in the United States
Ursula M. Brown
Praeger , English
The Best Corned Beef Recipes - Jason Donald

The Best Corned Beef RecipesJason Donald

You don’t have to go to a New York deli to get the best corned beef!This booklet contains the old family style recipes on making the best corned beef. The delicious meet is tender and perfect for rueben sandwiches or just on the plate.Anyon… more

The Best Corned Beef Recipes
Jason Donald
Forgiving the Weight Away (W... - Dr. Clarence W. Brown III

Forgiving the Weight Away (W...Dr. Clarence W. Brown III

Dr. Brown’s key message in this powerful work is: “Forgiveness, or the lack thereof, may be what is preventing you from living your best life. Holding on to negative emotions affects all aspects of our lives.” Dr. Brown explains how forgive… more

Forgiving the Weight Away (Weight Away Series Book 1)
Dr. Clarence W. Brown III
The Kissless Virgin (The int... - Stefania Smillie

The Kissless Virgin (The int...Stefania Smillie

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Mr Brown, the kissless virgin started to search a job. He gets his first interview, where he meets Anne the tall girl. He got a thing for tall girls. Maybe this is going to be his life changing moment?

The Kissless Virgin (The interview Book 2)
Stefania Smillie
Mom Knows Best - Gooseberry Patch

Mom Knows BestGooseberry Patch

Exclusively designed by Gooseberry Patch. Over 200 easy recipes shared by modern moms, plus tips for serving up meals kids will love. You can’t miss with chapters like Grab & Go Breakfasts, Brown-Bagging It, Healthy Bites for Snacking, Dinn… more

Mom Knows Best
Gooseberry Patch
Gooseberry Patch , English
The Spiritual Legacy of the ... - Joseph Brown

The Spiritual Legacy of the ...Joseph Brown

This book offers fascinating insights into the world of the pre-reservation Indians. It is a collection of classic essays that examines the universal characteristics of American Indian culture and tradition. This new edition also offers a p… more

The Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian: Commemorative Edition with Letters while Living with Black Elk (The Perennial Philosophy Series)
Joseph Brown
World Wisdom , English
Beyond The Rocks A Love Story - Elinor Glyn

Beyond The Rocks A Love StoryElinor Glyn

The hours were composed mostly of dull or rebellious moments during the period of Theodora’s engagement to Mr. Brown. From the very first she had thought it hard that she should have had to take this situation, instead of Sarah or Clementin… more

Beyond The Rocks A Love Story
Elinor Glyn
My Friend, Mr. Brown: A Pres... - S. L. Poulton

My Friend, Mr. Brown: A Pres...S. L. Poulton

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My Friend, Mr. Brown meets a splotchy-blotchy giraffe, a lion king and a slithery snake on his search for new friends dressed in brown.

From the plains of Africa to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, you will meet many new friends from arou… more

My Friend, Mr. Brown: A Preschool Early Learning Colors Picture Book (My Color Friends 4)
S. L. Poulton
S. L. Poulton , English
CHILD - Richard Jay

CHILDRichard Jay

WARNING: CHILD is NOT for the faint of heart! CHILD needs you to go beyond your current limits. It needs you to question all your beliefs about life and about EVERYthing. If you are brave enough, let the CHILD take your hand, let the CHILmore

Richard Jay
Happily Ever After:Keys to U... - M. Div. Jayne and David Brown

Happily Ever After:Keys to U...M. Div. Jayne and David Brown

Happily Ever After:Keys to Unlocking God’s Fairy Tale EndingJayne and David Brown, M. Div.

Happily Ever After:Keys to Unlocking God’s Fairy Tale Ending
M. Div. Jayne and David Brown
AuthorHouse , English
The Chris Brown Quiz Book - ... - Tom Henry

The Chris Brown Quiz Book - ...Tom Henry

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Do you know everything about Chris Brown? Are you his biggest fan?This book will test the knowledge of even Chris Browns biggest fans, test your family and friends, find out who is his greatest fan.Do you all about his family life, romances… more

The Chris Brown Quiz Book - How Well Do You Know Him?
Tom Henry
Waiting to Live - Dr. Asa Don Brown

Waiting to LiveDr. Asa Don Brown

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Dr. Asa Don Brown’s insightful message of unconditional love will transpire your way of thinking. Dr. Brown reveals a profound way of looking at life, forgiveness, and happiness. He explores with the reader the concepts of love and forgive… more

Waiting to Live
Dr. Asa Don Brown
iUniverse , English
Black Mail: Book II - Michelle Hall

Black Mail: Book IIMichelle Hall

He’s at it again. Only this time, he’s slid down to Savannah, Georgia and Leah Brown is his victim. She’s twenty-nine and knows exactly what it is that she wants out of life: a husband, children, a little financial security, and the ability… more

Black Mail: Book II
Michelle Hall
So Fundamental Publications , English
NO EVIL LESSONS - Richard Jeffcock, Richard Jefferies

NO EVIL LESSONSRichard Jeffcock, Richard Jefferies

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WARNING: NOT for the faint of heart! This book is as controversial as the Da Vinci code by Dan Brown. Buy it now and have your say on who or what you think the small boy is.

Here are some of the things which have been said about NO EVILmore

Richard Jeffcock, Richard Jefferies