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Heat in the Night - Margaret L. Carter

Heat in the NightMargaret L. Carter

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Vampires don’t fall in love with each other. When a female enters one of her rare heat periods, she chooses a mate for a night or two of raw sex to satisfy their mutual lust and possibly conceive a child. But young vampire Ingrid, brought u… more

Heat in the Night
Margaret L. Carter
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
The Advent of Sorcery Linker... - Cyrille Mendes

The Advent of Sorcery Linker...Cyrille Mendes

In the realm of Ethyr there was the province of Aldaël, full of forested hills and streams. At the edge of the Old Forest, south of Aldaël, stood the village of Bron. There lived alone a young lad, Célian, who had lost his parents in the wa… more

The Advent of Sorcery Linker (Shadow Watchers Book 1)
Cyrille Mendes
Cyrille Mendes , English
The Arm of the Stone - Victoria Strauss

The Arm of the StoneVictoria Strauss

“Treated with unusual depth.”—LocusLong ago, when the worlds were one… So begins the Tale, the ancestral legend Bron’s family has guarded for a thousand years. Once, they were the keepers of the Stone, the most sacred object on earth, fro… more

The Arm of the Stone
Victoria Strauss
Phoenix Pick , English
Autumn Silks (Shadow Watcher... - Cyrille Mendes

Autumn Silks (Shadow Watcher...Cyrille Mendes

Around the humble village of Bron, leaves Old Sylve, adorned with a bronze appearance. The old aunt Célian, Ysaëlle had pulled his time to spin wool, to his nephew principal supply of wood from the forester who kept his house behind the vil… more

Autumn Silks (Shadow Watchers Book 2)
Cyrille Mendes
Cyrille Mendes , English
Dark Green Religion: Nature ... - Bron Taylor

Dark Green Religion: Nature ...Bron Taylor

In this innovative and deeply felt work, Bron Taylor examines the evolution of “green religions” in North America and beyond: spiritual practices that hold nature as sacred and have in many cases replaced traditional religions. Tracing a wi… more

Dark Green Religion: Nature Spirituality and the Planetary Future
Bron Taylor
University of California Press , English
His Highness The Duke (Drago... - Michelle M. Pillow

His Highness The Duke (Drago...Michelle M. Pillow

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Paranormal Dragonshifter Romance Dragon Lords 5: His Highness The Duke

The would-be heroine…

Aeron wants nothing more than to continue to live out her very long, solitary life in a small metal room listening to communications for the Fede… more

His Highness The Duke (Dragon Lords Book 5)
Michelle M. Pillow
The Raven Books , English
The Garden of the Stone - Victoria Strauss

The Garden of the StoneVictoria Strauss

Sequel to THE ARM OF THE STONE*”A powerfull tale of repression, rebellion, and prophecy.”-Locus”A superior and original novel.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)”Strauss has created a complex plot filled with action, suspense, intrigue,… more

The Garden of the Stone
Victoria Strauss
Phoenix Pick , English
Nightingale - David Farland

NightingaleDavid Farland

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Grand Prize Winner of the Hollywood Book Festival, placed first in all genres, all categories. Winner of the 2012 International Book Award for Best Young Adult Novel of the Year!Finalist in the Global Ebook Awards.                          … more

David Farland
East India Press , English
Nightingale - David Farland

NightingaleDavid Farland

“We all become lost children at one time or another. When no one else can find us, we must find ourselves.” – Olivia Bron Jones was abandoned as a newborn. Thrown into foster care, he is rejected by one family after another, until he meet… more

David Farland
East India Press , English
Moonflower (Priestess of the... - Lawrence Carringer

Moonflower (Priestess of the...Lawrence Carringer

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Raised to the elite sciences of his Vanadis and realm, Bron Thorsen must learn the arcane powers of the ancient Goddess Realm of Iolann, fallen into darkness and lost beyond the count of years…Erika and Bron Thorsen have taken refuge in the… more

Moonflower (Priestess of the Realm Part II Book 2)
Lawrence Carringer
Lawrence Carringer , English
Firedaughter (Priestess of t... - Lawrence Carringer

Firedaughter (Priestess of t...Lawrence Carringer

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Finding welcome at her husband’s family hearth, understanding that her harp and songs will give her the only authority a High Priestess may wield in the realm, Erika strives to muster her strength for a trial she sees fast approaching, the … more

Firedaughter (Priestess of the Realm Part IV Book 4)
Lawrence Carringer
Lawrence Carringer , English
Desire of the Heart (De Bron... - Katherine Vickery

Desire of the Heart (De Bron...Katherine Vickery

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In a war-torn land, they fought for their powerful, turbulent love.From the moment they met their destinies were entwined - Kendra, the daughter of a once proud Saxon family and Geoffrey de Bron, a Norman cleric and friend to Thomas Becket…. more

Desire of the Heart (De Bron Saga Book 1)
Katherine Vickery
Pocket , English
Erika (Priestess of the Real... - Lawrence Carringer

Erika (Priestess of the Real...Lawrence Carringer

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Erika, a young priestess of the Goddess and the last of her ancient line, flees a tragedy in her homeland and finds herself in the wilds of an unfamiliar land…Bron Thorsen, an ambitious Ranger captain of the Vanirania Realm, is deployed to … more

Erika (Priestess of the Realm Part I Book 1)
Lawrence Carringer
Lawrence Carringer , English
Maiden of the Crescent Moon:... - P.J.  Kerti

Maiden of the Crescent Moon:...P.J. Kerti

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Synopsis:In a time and place long forgotten, the Maiden of the Crescent Moon seeks her destiny in this enthralling new fantasy adventure.Long ago in a tiny village in New England, young Crescena makes a promise to her ailing teacher. She ag… more

Maiden of the Crescent Moon:The Isle of Sovereigns
P.J. Kerti
Eloquent Books , English
Taking Smart Risks: How Shar... - Doug Sundheim

Taking Smart Risks: How Shar...Doug Sundheim

In today’s market, playing it safe is not an option Lead your company to sustainable success by taking the RIGHT RISKS The business world is in flux, and you have to think and act quickly in order to stay competitive. But the last thing you… more

Taking Smart Risks: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High (EBOOK)
Doug Sundheim
McGraw-Hill Education , English
How Very Interesting! - Pete... - Dan Kieran

How Very Interesting! - Pete...Dan Kieran

Who is The Zsa Zsa Man? What are the demands of The Sydney Darlow Dancing Troupe? What lurks Behind The Fridge? What was The Glidd Of Glood’s true nature? Why can’t we go to Heaven when we die? What was the true genesis of Monty Python’s Pa… more

How Very Interesting! - Peter Cook’s Universe And All That Surrounds It
Dan Kieran
Snowbooks , English