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The Adventures Of Fembot Sally - Samantha Faulkner

The Adventures Of Fembot SallySamantha Faulkner

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For the first time in one volume, the complete adventures of Fembot Sally, including two brand new stories.

“My official designation is Fembot 1969/Z49/2A73 but you can call me Sally. I am a second generation Organisation Fembot. I started… more

The Adventures Of Fembot Sally
Samantha Faulkner
Remote Control - Brian Jackson

Remote ControlBrian Jackson

British intelligence can no longer afford to risk its finest minds inthe field. Now female control agents who are trained and retained atheadquarters remotely communicate with male field agents who are long onbrawn and short on brain.Angie… more

Remote Control
Brian Jackson
Alias George Wood (Studies i... - Anthony Quibble

Alias George Wood (Studies i...Anthony Quibble

A brief case history of a determined, idealistic German that British intelligence called “best agent of the war.”

Alias George Wood (Studies in Intelligence Book 10)
Anthony Quibble
Central Intelligence Agency , English
Dirty Work (Stone Barrington) - Stuart Woods

Dirty Work (Stone Barrington)Stuart Woods

1 rating

Hired to prove infidelity in an heiress’s marriage, Stone Barrington goes undercover. But the work turns dirty-and catastrophic-when the errant husband is found dead and the other woman disappears without a trace. Now, Stone must clear his … more

Dirty Work (Stone Barrington)
Stuart Woods
Signet , English
The M Room: Secret Listeners... - Helen Fry

The M Room: Secret Listeners...Helen Fry

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From a specially equipped M Room in three stately homes deep in the heart of the English countryside, British Intelligence bugged the conversations of Nazi PoWs for the duration of the war. These grand houses were rigged with the latest and… more

The M Room: Secret Listeners who Bugged the Nazis in WW2
Helen Fry
Codename: Moneyman (Codename... - Mark Arundel

Codename: Moneyman (Codename...Mark Arundel

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An action-packed, thrilling story of one elite soldier who must uncover international espionage or die trying… Can he find the spy planted in the very heart of London?               British SIS [SIS: secret intelligence ser… more

Codename: Moneyman (Codename File Book 1)
Mark Arundel
Laughing Gulls , English
See Charlie Run (The Charlie... - Brian Freemantle

See Charlie Run (The Charlie...Brian Freemantle

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Back at work for British intelligence, Charlie’s Japanese assignment might just be his lastCharlie Muffin was once the toughest agent in British intelligence. He wasn’t strong, fast, or charming, but he knew how to survive. When his agency … more

See Charlie Run (The Charlie Muffin Series, 7)
Brian Freemantle
Open Road Media , English
Confessional (Liam Devlin) - Jack Higgins

Confessional (Liam Devlin)Jack Higgins

A rogue terrorist in Northern Ireland prepares for his final deadly strike—to assassinate the pope   The classic Jack Higgins thriller—now available as an ebook   Trained by the KGB, the assassin known as Cuchulain has been wreaking hav… more

Confessional (Liam Devlin)
Jack Higgins
Open Road , English
Viva Jacquelina!: Being an A... - L. A. Meyer

Viva Jacquelina!: Being an A...L. A. Meyer

The vivacious Jacky Faber returns in the tenth tale in L. A. Meyer’s Bloody Jack Adventures, a rip-roaring young-adult series applauded for its alluring combination of adventure, romance, history, and humor. Once again under the thumb of Br… more

Viva Jacquelina!: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, Over the Hills and Far Away (Bloody Jack Adventures)
L. A. Meyer
HMH Books for Young Readers , English
Into Temptation - Jeanie London

Into TemptationJeanie London

For the love of the chase…MI6 agent Lindy Gardner always gets what she wants. And right now she wants Joshua Benedict to come clean about his relationship with the criminal mastermind behind the White Star amulet’s disappearance. She know… more

Into Temptation
Jeanie London
Harlequin Blaze , English


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Liberated from a German labour camp at the end of World War Two, British Intelligence Officer, Bill Carne, is diagnosed with lung cancer. Although devastated by the news, he is determined, with the time he has left, to journey back to the s… more



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Eddie Jenkins is driving back from London in atrocious weather when he comes across a young woman hitchiking. She is in obvious distress and he gives her a lift down to Cornwall and puts her up in his cottage overnight. The next morning the… more

How They Stopped Hitler's Nu... - Bohdan O. Szuprowicz

How They Stopped Hitler's Nu...Bohdan O. Szuprowicz

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Germany discovered nuclear fission in 1938 and by 1941 they patented a design for a plutonium bomb. As soon as WW2 started German Army began development of a nuclear weapon. British intelligence tried to find ways to stop such activity an… more

How They Stopped Hitler’s Nuclear Weapons Program
Bohdan O. Szuprowicz
21st Century Research , English
Leaving Shadows - Eric J. Gates

Leaving ShadowsEric J. Gates

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The Head of British Intelligence is kidnapped.A ransom demanded.A private security company is tasked with his recovery.But nothing is as it seems…Opposing forces clash with deadly consequences as they race to control the most devastating … more

Leaving Shadows
Eric J. Gates
Eric J. Gates , English
Tempting a Sinner (The Sinne... - Kate Pearce

Tempting a Sinner (The Sinne...Kate Pearce

1 rating
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Known only to a select few, these inscrutable men are bound by dangerous desires and enigmatic pasts. They are the Sinners Club. . .Cold CalculationWithin the circles of British intelligence, Benedict, Lord Keyes, is known for his cold b… more

Tempting a Sinner (The Sinners’ Club Book 2)
Kate Pearce
Kensington Books , English
House of Cards (The Chronicl... - W.J. May

House of Cards (The Chronicl...W.J. May

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Rae Kerrigan is three months away from graduating from Guilder Boarding school. She is now moonlighting as an operative for the Privy Council, a black ops division for British Intelligence. She’s given a mentor, Jennifer, who fights like a … more

House of Cards (The Chronicles of Kerrigan Book 3)
W.J. May
Dark Shadow Publishing , English
Noho (Fear in Fitzrovia) - James Davis

Noho (Fear in Fitzrovia)James Davis

When a dead dancing girl with all the wrong connections is found with Nick Valentine’s name scrawled on a scrap of paper in her pocket, life gets complicated for the disgraced Great War hero.Unwillingly drawn into a web of espionage and cri… more

Noho (Fear in Fitzrovia)
James Davis
Wild Wolf Publishing , English
St. Peter in Chains (Peter S... - M Pepper Langlinais

St. Peter in Chains (Peter S...M Pepper Langlinais

Praise for “St. Peter in Chains”:”A cross between an old John LeCarre novel and Mad Men” — Emma, Goodreads”Ends with a delightful zing” — Tammy K, Goodreads”A really satisfying read that will leave you thinking” — Ev, Amazon.comPeter Sto… more

St. Peter in Chains (Peter Stoller Trilogy)
M Pepper Langlinais


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England. June 1942. The Second World War for Britain is on a knife edge between either eventual victory or total defeat. British Intelligence gets knowledge of a possible German invasion plan on the Sussex coast. Only one man and his collea… more

David Havley
Ratcatcher (John Purkiss Spy... - Tim Stevens

Ratcatcher (John Purkiss Spy...Tim Stevens

1 rating
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AN AMAZON TOP 10 TECHNOTHRILLERBOOK ONE IN THE JOHN PURKISS SERIES** “Superb spy thriller…The prose is so vivid you can almost feel the action as it takes place…” - Jeremy Duns, author of The Dark Chronicles** “A high octane, fast… more

Ratcatcher (John Purkiss Spy Mystery Thriller Series Book 1)
Tim Stevens