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Your Complete Guide to Boxer... - Aaron King

Your Complete Guide to Boxer...Aaron King

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Are you looking to add a new Boxer puppy to your family? Well if you are, then this is the book for you! In ‘Your Complete Guide to Boxer Puppies!’ you’ll learn: Are you ready for a Boxer puppy? What to expect with a Boxer? How much does … more

Your Complete Guide to Boxer Puppies!
Aaron King
The Boxer rebellion; a polit... - Paul Henry Clements

The Boxer rebellion; a polit...Paul Henry Clements

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The Boxer rebellion; a political and diplomatic review. 258 Pages.

The Boxer rebellion; a political and diplomatic review
Paul Henry Clements
AMAZING BOXER DOGS: A Childr... - Anita Williams

AMAZING BOXER DOGS: A Childr...Anita Williams

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BOXER DOGS ARE STRONG, LIVELY, HELPFULThe boxer is one of the most popular dog breeds. It’s well-loved by many, and it’s a common choice for a family pet. It’s very intelligent, sociable, and obedient. There happen to be many misconceptions… more

AMAZING BOXER DOGS: A Children’s Book About Boxer Dogs and their Amazing Facts, Figures, Pictures and Photos: (Dog Books for Kids)
Anita Williams
12Amazing.com , English
Blow by Blow - Keith Thomas Walker

Blow by BlowKeith Thomas Walker

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Lanisha Elder thought she found a diamond in the rough. Her sexy boxer beau has nine first-round knock-outs under his belt, and Lonzo put a ring on her finger, promising to never stray as he pursues his championship dreams. But it’s hard to… more

Blow by Blow
Keith Thomas Walker
Genesis Press , English
Fight or Die: The Vinny Paz Story - Tommy Jon Caduto

Fight or Die: The Vinny Paz StoryTommy Jon Caduto

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Fight or Die is about a boxer and a boxing culture, but it is not a boxing book. It is about the human spirit, blind loyalty, and self-preservation. Vinny Paz’s dramatic victories inside the ring are recounted in detail, but it is his victo… more

Fight or Die: The Vinny Paz Story
Tommy Jon Caduto
Lyons Press , English
Kratos' Night Out (The Adven... - Brett Droege

Kratos' Night Out (The Adven...Brett Droege

Kratos is a 3 year old boxer who loves attention and playing. Join him as he goes on his first adventure. His parents are at work so he decides to jump the fence and see what is on the other side. He meets new friends along the way and lear… more

Kratos’ Night Out (The Adventures of Kratos Danger)
Brett Droege
Godzilla Vol. 2 - Duane Swierczynski

Godzilla Vol. 2Duane Swierczynski

Boxer and his team decide it’s time to turn their sights to the big game—Godzilla! But, a perfect plan goes awry when a billionaire adventurer gets his hands on Mechagodzilla and the world’s governments have branded them outlaws. Nothing wi… more

Godzilla Vol. 2
Duane Swierczynski
IDW Publishing , English
Boxer Dog Tips and Secrets - Bill Barchi

Boxer Dog Tips and SecretsBill Barchi

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Learn boxer dog tips and secrets for a healthier and happier dog. Discover how to care for your boxer and enjoy this new family member. Specific details for every boxer dog owner. Must read information.

Boxer Dog Tips and Secrets
Bill Barchi
I Saved Myself for Daddy (Ga... - Valentino Blu

I Saved Myself for Daddy (Ga...Valentino Blu

At 19, Jeff was still a virgin. He wasn’t sure what he was saving it for…until his step-father showed him why it was worth waiting for.aprox word count: 2911Excerpt: My step dad moved to sit on the edge of my bed. I thought he was going… more

I Saved Myself for Daddy (Gay Step Father Erotica)
Valentino Blu
Dirty Facial - Laura Vixen

Dirty FacialLaura Vixen

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WARNING: This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetrationDescription: A man watches a young girl putting her make up on on the train and get… more

Dirty Facial
Laura Vixen
Rita Rewards Her Man: An Exp... - Molly Synthia

Rita Rewards Her Man: An Exp...Molly Synthia

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It’s every wife’s worst nightmare. Rita walks into her husband’s office and he doesn’t know she’s there. Right behind the door, she hears a sexy young girl tell him everything she’ll do to get the job, and in this case there’s no mistaking … more

Rita Rewards Her Man: An Explicit Romance
Molly Synthia
Mmmmore Productions , English
Dodging Cupid - Kelly Fitzpatrick

Dodging CupidKelly Fitzpatrick

After a string of disastrous Valentine’s Days, broken hearts and failed relationships, Jenna’s decided to spend this Valentine’s Day in the least romantic spot possible—the coin-op laundry. No flowers. No candy. No annoying couples or roman… more

Dodging Cupid
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Shared By My Daddy and Broth... - Felicia Dewald

Shared By My Daddy and Broth...Felicia Dewald

After my mom left to be with a crackhead pimp, my step dad was forced to work many long hours. This meant that my 19 year old step brother and I had a lot of time to spend alone together. We could not afford television or Internet so we had… more

Shared By My Daddy and Brother (Taboo Family Erotica)
Felicia Dewald
Michael Shows Postwoman His ... - Kirstie Taylor

Michael Shows Postwoman His ...Kirstie Taylor

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Michael answers the door to the postwoman in just his boxer shorts. She hands him his parcel and just stands there looking at him, proper checking him out. At 18, Michael is at an age where he is easily aroused and soon his morning glory is… more

Michael Shows Postwoman His Morning Glory
Kirstie Taylor
Kirstie Taylor , English
TEACH ME HOW TO FUCK DADDY (... - Burt Maverick


PIMP DADDY 6Recently widowed, Rick, is trying to mend his broken heart through a endless succession of meaningless sexual encounters, and soon he’ll get release… from his own stepdaughter’s tight pussy…I pulled the covers back gently, a… more

Burt Maverick
The Pyramid Texts - Geoff Thompson

The Pyramid TextsGeoff Thompson

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I’ve got so much to say to you,kid. So much unsaid. What I didn’t teach you, what I was afraid to teach you , was that everyone is full of fear, some people just hide it better than others, We are all afraid.”

If we have been remiss in o… more

The Pyramid Texts
Geoff Thompson
Rita Rewards Her Man: An Ero... - Molly Synthia

Rita Rewards Her Man: An Ero...Molly Synthia

It’s every wife’s worst nightmare. Rita walks into her husband’s office and he doesn’t know she’s there. Right behind the door, she hears a sexy young girl tell him everything she’ll do to get the job, and in this case there’s no mistakin… more

Rita Rewards Her Man: An Erotic Romance
Molly Synthia
Mmmmore Productions , English
Bee Keeping for cats - Peter Tye

Bee Keeping for catsPeter Tye

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Under the soft fur of every domestic cat beats the heart of a killer and if you think your cat is an exception, think again! Do you really know what it gets up to when out on the prowl? Or for that matter, what it may be planning as it lies… more

Bee Keeping for cats
Peter Tye
Peter Tye , English
Godzilla (2011-2013) #12 - Duane Swierczynski

Godzilla (2011-2013) #12Duane Swierczynski

It all comes down to this… Godzilla vs. his mightiest enemy yet! The fate of the world hangs in the balance! What role will Boxer play? Will he be Godzilla’s salvation or destruction? It’s all been building to this, don’t miss it!

Godzilla (2011-2013) #12
Duane Swierczynski
IDW , English
Lando (Sacketts Book 8) - Louis L'Amour

Lando (Sacketts Book 8)Louis L'Amour

In Lando, Louis L’Amour has created an unforgettable portrait of a unique American hero.For six long years Orlando Sackett survived the horrors of a brutal Mexican prison. He survived by using his skills as a boxer and by making three vows…. more

Lando (Sacketts Book 8)
Louis L’Amour
Bantam , English