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The Ridiculous Adventures of... - Jackie Vandall Thomas III

The Ridiculous Adventures of...Jackie Vandall Thomas III

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Do you like a story where a brave knight mounts his steed and saves a damsel in distress and the two of them live happily ever after? Well Michael Mattingly sure doesn’t! He’s writing the stories around here, and he likes his stories to b… more

The Ridiculous Adventures of Michael Mattingly: The TERRIBLE Monster
Jackie Vandall Thomas III
Boris and Doris and the Alle... - Rosie Hawkins

Boris and Doris and the Alle...Rosie Hawkins

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In this second part of the story of Boris and Doris, the Christmas Kittens are discovering the delights of Spring and Summer. There is a ‘Cat Wedding’ to go to and lots more adventures right through the year – but nasty old Scratcher and h… more

Boris and Doris and the Alley Cat Gang (A Tale of Two Cats Book 2)
Rosie Hawkins
Rosie Hawkins , English
Fiche de lecture L'Arrache-c... - Les Éditions de l'Ebook malin

Fiche de lecture L'Arrache-c...Les Éditions de l'Ebook malin

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La collection « Fichebook » vous offre la possibilité de tout savoir de L’Arrache-cœur de Boris Vian grâce à une fiche de lecture aussi complète que détaillée.

La rédaction, claire et accessible, a été confiée à un spécialiste universitai… more

Fiche de lecture L’Arrache-cœur de Boris Vian (complète) (French Edition)
Les Éditions de l’Ebook malin
Les Éditions de l’Ebook malin , French
Undenied: A Novella (The Amo... - Sara Humphreys

Undenied: A Novella (The Amo...Sara Humphreys

Enjoy a taste of The Amoveo Legend in Sara Humphreys’ riveting paranormal romance short story expanding on the world of the Amoveo-beautiful, secretive shapeshifters whose very existence is threatened by an age-old enemy and warring faction… more

Undenied: A Novella (The Amoveo Legend)
Sara Humphreys
Sourcebooks Casablanca , English
Fiche de lecture L'Écume des... - Les Éditions de l'Ebook malin

Fiche de lecture L'Écume des...Les Éditions de l'Ebook malin

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La collection Fichebook vous offre la possibilité de tout savoir de L’Écume des jours de Boris Vian grâce à une fiche de lecture aussi complète que détaillée.La rédaction, claire et accessible, a été confiée à un spécialiste universitaire.N… more

Fiche de lecture L’Écume des jours de Boris Vian (complète) (French Edition)
Les Éditions de l’Ebook malin
Les Éditions de l’Ebook malin , French
The Vegas Knockout - Tom Schreck

The Vegas KnockoutTom Schreck

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Duffy Dombrowski just accepted a dream job: chief sparring partner for Russian heavyweight contender Boris Rusakov in Vegas. His obstinate basset hound, Al, and a few friends join Duffy for the ride—but before Duffy knows it, his trip turns… more

The Vegas Knockout
Tom Schreck
Thomas & Mercer , English
Boris and Doris the Christma... - Rosie Hawkins

Boris and Doris the Christma...Rosie Hawkins

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The first two Boris and Doris stories combined (with drawings). Two kittens are given at Christmas to two children who live next door to each other. They get up to lots of mischief, and have fun and adventures together that Christmas and t… more

Boris and Doris the Christmas Kittens and Boris and Doris and the Alley Cat Gang (A Tale of Two Cats)
Rosie Hawkins
Rosie Hawkins , English
Lenin - Dmitri Volkogonov

LeninDmitri Volkogonov

The special assistant to Boris Yeltsin radically alters the traditional image of Lenin with a biography based on secret Soviet archives, revealing the Founding Father as a cruel, totalitarian leader who was responsible for the worst excesse… more

Dmitri Volkogonov
Free Press , English
The Preposterous Adventures ... - Jackie Vandall Thomas III

The Preposterous Adventures ...Jackie Vandall Thomas III

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Join Michael and his seven-foot-tall purple dragon friend Boris as they embark on adventures through the strangest landscapes possible, meeting talking beans and polar bears and anything else you could dream up. On this particular day Micha… more

The Preposterous Adventures of Michael Mattingly: Chicken Rock Dungeon (The Ridiculous Adventures of Michael Mattingly)
Jackie Vandall Thomas III
Golden [Bedtime Stories 1] (... - Joyee Flynn

Golden [Bedtime Stories 1] (...Joyee Flynn

[Menage and More ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fairy Tale Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, bondage, spanking, HEA] When the man Golden grew up loving as his father sells him into slavery after his … more

Golden [Bedtime Stories 1] (Siren Publishing Menage and More ManLove)
Joyee Flynn
Siren Publishing , English
Broken Harmony (New Song Ser... - Brenda Barrett

Broken Harmony (New Song Ser...Brenda Barrett

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Aaron Lee, New Song Band saxophonist, is in competition with his brother, Boris, for the top position in the family company. However, there is a moral clause that they both must fulfill before either brother can get the position. Aaron is c… more

Broken Harmony (New Song Series: Book 4)
Brenda Barrett
Jamaica Treasures , English
Advanced Smash Repairs Seaso... - Dave Cornford

Advanced Smash Repairs Seaso...Dave Cornford

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Advanced Smash Repairs Season 1. Craig runs a small workshop, and with the help of his staff – lead mechanic Pavel, apprentice Clint and the enigmatic test driver Boris – he fixes cars in unconventional ways, and in the process ends up sol… more

Advanced Smash Repairs Season One Six Pack
Dave Cornford
Spillage: Advanced Smash Rep... - Dave Cornford

Spillage: Advanced Smash Rep...Dave Cornford

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Introducing Advanced Smash Repairs. Spillage is the first tale in a quirky six-part series about a smash repair business that knows too much. Get the bargain bundle of the whole series here: amazon.com/dp/B00CR3PGA2

Craig runs a small wo… more

Spillage: Advanced Smash Repairs Episode 1
Dave Cornford
Les éditions du Scorpion (19... - Etienne Borgers, François D...

Les éditions du Scorpion (19...Etienne Borgers, François D...

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Version “juin 2013” de l’étude sur les mythiques éditions du Scorpion qui publièrent entre 1946 et 1969 les Vian/Sullivan, Guérin, Queneau, Malet, Chase, Raphaël, Dekobra, Sadoul, par Darnaudet et Borgers, avec les toutes dernières découver… more

Les éditions du Scorpion (1946-1969) : de Boris Vian à Maurice Dekobra suivi par Boris Vian, le pasticheur plagié : un plagiat britannique de Vernon Sullivan (French Edition)
Etienne Borgers, François Darnaudet
Psychology And Dreams - The ... - Arius De Winter, Frederick Morris

Psychology And Dreams - The ...Arius De Winter, Frederick Morris

The study of Psychology has long been at issue with the general population, partly perhaps in that we can all see ourselves in the issues presented. We are all from the same fabric, all human, and none of us want to be seen as weak out unim… more

Psychology And Dreams - The Gay Wonderland
Arius De Winter, Frederick Morris
Snippets of Boris Johnson - Dave Farnham

Snippets of Boris JohnsonDave Farnham

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Over the years, Boris Johnson has become one of the best known faces in British politics, with his unorthodox style and regular blunders. To some he is a loveable buffoon who can’t help but keep putting his foot in it; to others he is an ev… more

Snippets of Boris Johnson
Dave Farnham
Selected Poems of Love, Libe... - George Bradford Patterson II

Selected Poems of Love, Libe...George Bradford Patterson II

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This book of selected poems is a universal manifestation of the themes of love, liberation, & beauty. It makes use of traditional and modern literary forms –- haiku, sijo, free verse, the influences of Octavio Paz and Boris Pasternak ….. more

Selected Poems of Love, Liberation & Beauty
George Bradford Patterson II


The medical profession is justly conservative. Human life should not be considered as the proper material for wild experiments.Conservatism, however, is too often a welcome excuse for lazy minds, loath to adapt themselves to fast changing c… more

Sigmund Freud
LE DIEU VENU D'UN AUTRE MOND... - Boris Darnaudet


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Mille ans avant l’ère des grandes cités sumériennes, une expédition militaire dirigée par des prêtres kashzapus met à jour au fond d’une grotte un artefact en forme de cube. Cette découverte va déclenche… more

Boris Darnaudet
Archangel Saga I - Boris Townsend

Archangel Saga IBoris Townsend

Mr. Boris Townsend book Archangel I is a novel that paints a picture about the war between God and Satan. His book reveals the conflict within the natural and spiritual realm. This book introduces powerful demon lords that war against the a… more

Archangel Saga I
Boris Townsend