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Curious George Goes Bowling ... - H. A. Rey

Curious George Goes Bowling ...H. A. Rey

Can Curious George find a way to bring the hot air balloon down before it soars out to sea?Curious George and the man with the yellow hat are planning on taking a ride in a hot air balloon, but as George climbs in, he releases the rope teth… more

Curious George Goes Bowling (CGTV Lift-the-Flap 8x8)
H. A. Rey
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English
Jenny - Shooter3704


Average wait: N/A

My name is Jennifer, but everybody calls me Jenny. Bill, my husband, and I started dating in high school, and continued to date until we graduated. We were sexually active from the second date. I wasn’t what I’d consider easy. Most boys di… more

Fiction4All , English
A Baby for My Best Friend's ... - Zoe West

A Baby for My Best Friend's ...Zoe West

When Maddy arrives back from her first semester of college, there’s only one person she wants to see: her best friend’s daddy, Bill. The last time she saw him, he took her virginity and told her how much he wanted her to have his baby. And … more

A Baby for My Best Friend’s Daddy (Bred by My Best Friend’s Daddy)
Zoe West
Sexy Teenage Vampires - Tom Lichtenberg

Sexy Teenage VampiresTom Lichtenberg

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You live long enough you see everything. That’s what old Bill told himself. Working down in the underground train station all those years he figured he’d pretty much seen it all, until they showed up, first one, and then the other. A love s… more

Sexy Teenage Vampires
Tom Lichtenberg
The Final Gift - Beverly Galante

The Final GiftBeverly Galante

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Two young women, friends since grade school, start having visions that mysteriously link them to a catastrophic event in the past. Roberta’s husband Bill releases his wife’s repressed memories while attempting to show off his ability to hyp… more

The Final Gift
Beverly Galante
Beverly Galante , English
Big Brother - John M Fitzgerald

Big BrotherJohn M Fitzgerald

Sister and brother story - This is a true story about me and my brother Bill, and I apologize to no one about our relationship. So there!

Big Brother
John M Fitzgerald
John M Fitzgerald , English
The Zombie Chronicles 4: Emergence - Mark Clodi

The Zombie Chronicles 4: EmergenceMark Clodi

2 ratings
Average wait: 7d, 20h

Nick is all alone, a situation he has no one to blame for but himself. Six years ago his father had left him and his sister, vowing to return to them…and he never had. But Bill had; remote and sullen at losing his best friend, Bill made lit… more

The Zombie Chronicles 4: Emergence
Mark Clodi
Dominating the Mob's 18-Year-Old - MJ Pierce

Dominating the Mob's 18-Year-OldMJ Pierce

Average wait: 1h

Don’t mess with mob. The well endowed ex-Navy SEAL made that mistake and he paid for it.

The mob hit back.

Now, for revenge, he’s gonna seduce the woman that The Don cares about more than anyone. The shits about to go down.


Bil… more

Dominating the Mob’s 18-Year-Old
MJ Pierce
Space Burial - Lew Merrill

Space BurialLew Merrill

Spicy-Adventure Stories, February 1941SPACE BURIALby Lew MerrillIt was a challenge Bill couldn’t ignore. His mortal enemy had dared him to combat in that space more than five astronomical units from earth. Though he knew his weapons were fa… more

Space Burial
Lew Merrill
Peril Press , English
Lust for the Vampire - Jillian Cumming

Lust for the VampireJillian Cumming

Bill likes to go on walks through the park at night. He’s just broken up with his girlfriend, and they give him time to think. However, he is lonely, so lonely that he just doesn’t know how he can take it any longer. On one walk, he meets a… more

Lust for the Vampire
Jillian Cumming
A Very Special Treat (An Ero... - Salie Havette

A Very Special Treat (An Ero...Salie Havette

Bill’s wife and kids are off trick-or-treating, giving him ample time to finally sit back, relax, and have some time for himself. That time is cut short, however, when a sexy and barely legal young girl arrives on his doorstep. Bill can’t g… more

A Very Special Treat (An Erotic Halloween Short)
Salie Havette
They're Waiting - Tony Rabig

They're WaitingTony Rabig

Average wait: N/A

As a child, Bill believed in ghosts, but put that behind him as he grew up. Sixty now and divorced, with his mother dead and his father dying in a nursing home, he’s finding reason to believe in ghosts all over again. But his ghosts aren’… more

They’re Waiting
Tony Rabig
For One Night -M/f Penetrati... - Jen Jacobs

For One Night -M/f Penetrati...Jen Jacobs

Discrepancy at work causes a husband to allow his wife to be with his boss for a night…


Cindy was shocked at what she felt rubbing against her. It felt hard as iron and impossibly long. She submitted to his grinding motion part… more

For One Night -M/f Penetration/Indecent Proposal Erotica
Jen Jacobs
Till Death Do Us Part - Gori Suture

Till Death Do Us PartGori Suture

In this horror short story, the price of love is a violent embrace. Elise, a practicing Satanist, went to prison for disfiguring her toddler. Her ex-husband Bill thought he had finally put their terrible past behind him, until the day of … more

Till Death Do Us Part
Gori Suture
Inside Henry’s Head , English
The Devil's Closet (.99 cent... - William O'Bannion

The Devil's Closet (.99 cent...William O'Bannion

A five year old boy named Bill had to go stay with his Grandparents. It would be the first time for him to be separated from his family. He would have to learn that farm life was not what he thought it was. But then he wasn’t prepared for w… more

The Devil’s Closet (.99 cent e books)
William O’Bannion
W. N. O’Bannion , English
The Happy Haven - James Gerard

The Happy HavenJames Gerard

For young Bill, the one time child mathematical prodigy, life is good—very, very good. After graduation from one of the finest universities in the world, he and three of his fellow child prodigies are hired by a private business consortiu… more

The Happy Haven
James Gerard
BookRix , English
Curious George Up, Up, and A... - H. A. Rey

Curious George Up, Up, and A...H. A. Rey

Curious George and the man with the yellow hat are planning on taking a ride in a hot air balloon, but as George climbs in, he releases the rope tethering the balloon to the ground.  George and his friend, Bill, float away with the man with… more

Curious George Up, Up, and Away (CGTV 8x8)
H. A. Rey
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English
The Mysterious "O" Letters - David H Fears

The Mysterious "O" LettersDavid H Fears

Average wait: N/A

SHORT STORY (5,500+ words). Bill lived alone with his dog Ahab in a grand old house in the woods that his Uncle and late Father built in the 1930s. After Uncle Orville left him with a half-remodeled house and a leaky roof, Bill began receiv… more

The Mysterious “O” Letters
David H Fears
The Last Straw: Anna's Story - Brandy Teschner

The Last Straw: Anna's StoryBrandy Teschner

“That’s okay sweetheart, just don’t do it again,” Bill said softly. He brought his rough hands up to Anna’s face and cupped her cheeks, pulling her face close to his. “Because you know what will happen if you ever doubt me again.” Anna’s ey… more

The Last Straw: Anna’s Story
Brandy Teschner
Brandy Teschner , English
Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pan... - Bill Scott

Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pan...Bill Scott

Six-year-old Bill learns— Jesus was not swallowed by a whale— radioactive Jolly Ranchers won’t give you a super power— viscous bovine secretions are best left in the udder.

Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pansy vs world
Bill Scott