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Burning Down the house - Sunnyside Sattler

Burning Down the houseSunnyside Sattler

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A private inventor discovers trouble with a fire department that leads to changes in the patent industry.The trouble started when firetruck was dispatched with women and minority that was hired because of Affirmative Action. Bill Clinton di… more

Burning Down the house
Sunnyside Sattler
Dennis Sattler , English
Presidential Anecdotes - Paul F. Boller

Presidential AnecdotesPaul F. Boller

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This is a collection of humorous stories about U.S. Presidents throughout history. Originally published in 1981, this edition is updated to include anecdotes on George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Presidential Anecdotes
Paul F. Boller
Oxford Paperbacks , English
All The Motherfu***ng Sh*t T... - German Alcala

All The Motherfu***ng Sh*t T...German Alcala

In this hilarious and sensitive book the topics range from Bill Clinton to the Pope! With life stories and opinions the book is a roller coaster of topics and crash lands into an array of subjects until finally exposing the Truth of America… more

All The Motherfu***ng Sh*t That’s Wrong With It (Allegedly)
German Alcala
German Alcala , English
The Memorable Quotations of ... - Alton Pryor

The Memorable Quotations of ...Alton Pryor

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Bill Clinton could controversial in his thinking, and his quotations showed his forceful thinking. Like him or hate him, he didn’t hesitate to meet problems head-on. Despite his shortcomings, he ran an efficient presidency.

The Memorable Quotations of President William Jefferson Clinton
Alton Pryor
Stagecoach Publishing , English
Noble Notes on Famous Folks - Richard Edward  Noble

Noble Notes on Famous FolksRichard Edward Noble

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A note from the author Noble Notes on Famous Folks is, first of all, a book of historical essays. This is to say that they contain the opinions, insights, and interpretations of the author along with historical facts, quotes and situations…. more

Noble Notes on Famous Folks
Richard Edward Noble
Noble Publishing , English
Bill Clinton: A Bibliography... - Allan Metz

Bill Clinton: A Bibliography...Allan Metz

Bill Clinton’s administration was filled with new policies and achievements for the nation’s future, but those achievements were easily overshadowed by personal flaws and scandal. Despite his personal problems, Clinton captured the American… more

Bill Clinton: A Bibliography (Bibliographies of the Presidents of the United States)
Allan Metz
Greenwood , English
Remember 9/11 The Memoirs of... - Dodge Bailey

Remember 9/11 The Memoirs of...Dodge Bailey

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Short Lived SPECIAL PRICE. Buy it now and save!!! Written in the famous bathroom off the hallway in which Bill Clinton supposedly “groped” Mrs. Willey, this book reveals Dubya’s interesting philosophy, his sketches of friends and relatives,… more

Remember 9/11 The Memoirs of G.W. Bush on Texas Two-Ply
Dodge Bailey
Klohs Encounters , English
Gotcha Liar! The 101 of Huma... - Christina Mayer

Gotcha Liar! The 101 of Huma...Christina Mayer

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I did not have sex with that woman.” — Bill Clinton

I’m so happy for you.” — A jealous friend

I swear, I don’t have any homework.” — Teenage daughter or son

The truth is, the world is full of liars. Whether it’s a spouse, a frie… more

Gotcha Liar! The 101 of Human Lie Detection
Christina Mayer
Bill Clinton Trivia Quiz Book - Trivia Quiz Book

Bill Clinton Trivia Quiz BookTrivia Quiz Book

Bill Clinton Trivia Quiz Book is the latest title to test your knowledge in the Trivia Quiz Book series.

All of our trivia quiz books were written to keep you entertained while challenging you to some tough trivia questions on Bill Clinton… more

Bill Clinton Trivia Quiz Book
Trivia Quiz Book
Mega Media Depot , English
Mind Control Secrets - William Horton

Mind Control SecretsWilliam Horton

Mind Control Secrets Learn how to get others to do what you want and have them think it was their idea, in Sales and marketing, Sex Dating and Relationships, Influence and persuasion. This will give you the long help secrets to Subconscious… more

Mind Control Secrets
William Horton
Bill Clinton is the incarnat... - Temitope Joshua

Bill Clinton is the incarnat...Temitope Joshua

I tell you something. Something big, something wonderful. I have held this back for years, but now I can say it openly. The Messiah has come. I have met president Bill Clinton many times and felt the light in him. Recently I saw the light…. more

Bill Clinton is the incarnation of Jesus
Temitope Joshua
The Clinton Diaries - Fred Petrovsky

The Clinton DiariesFred Petrovsky

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In this novel, Bill Clinton offers the pages from his secret journal that cover his affair with Monica Lewinsky. His voice. His rationale. His addiction. Clinton, obsessed and beleaguered, tells the story as only he can. Private encounters … more

The Clinton Diaries
Fred Petrovsky
CreateSpace , English
Condamne a la pauvreté: Une ... - Alix Michel

Condamne a la pauvreté: Une ...Alix Michel

Parler de croissance économique pour réduire la pauvreté dans laquelle Haïti se trouve condamnée, parait comme tenter de résoudre le dilemme de l’œuf et de la poule. L’économie haïtienne est marquée par sa faible capacité a exporter, une… more

Condamne a la pauvreté: Une analyse des causes de l’effroyable misère du peuple haïtien (French Edition)
Alix Michel
Trafford , French
The Clinton Charisma: A Lega... - Donald T. Phillips

The Clinton Charisma: A Lega...Donald T. Phillips

It is often overlooked, but Bill Clinton assumed the presidency in one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history. The country was in a deep recession, the end of the Cold War had created new threats to our national security, and o… more

The Clinton Charisma: A Legacy of Leadership
Donald T. Phillips
St. Martin’s Press , English
Weed: 420 Things You Didn't ... - I.M. Stoned

Weed: 420 Things You Didn't ...I.M. Stoned

Weed. Pot. Mary Jane. Grass. No matter what you call marijuana, it’s still dope.In this irreverent and all-inclusive look at cannabis, you will learn all there is to know about the psychoactive substance Bill Clinton didn’t inhale - but man… more

Weed: 420 Things You Didn’t Know (or Remember) about Cannabis
I.M. Stoned
Adams Media , English
Corsairs & Freebooters: A Co... - Edward Cline

Corsairs & Freebooters: A Co...Edward Cline

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A third anthology of the author’s published essays and commentaries on a wide-ranging field of subjects, from the nemesis of Islam, the rise of OWS, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. It follows “Running Out My Guns” and “Broadsides.” Its subti… more

Corsairs & Freebooters: A Collection of Pungent Remarks (The War of Ideas Book 3)
Edward Cline
The Patrick Henry Press , English
30 Secrets for Bigger Arms! - Maik Wiedenbach

30 Secrets for Bigger Arms!Maik Wiedenbach

Spark new growth in your arms!

So your arm training has stalled since Bill Clinton left office and Al Gore blew it. Despite blitzing and bombing, super-sets, drop sets, and trying every supplement under the sun, not much has happened in y… more

30 Secrets for Bigger Arms!
Maik Wiedenbach
The Pun Also Rises: How the ... - John Pollack

The Pun Also Rises: How the ...John Pollack

A former word pun champion’s funny, erudite, and provocative exploration of puns, the people who make them, and this derided wordplay’s remarkable impact on history. The pun is commonly dismissed as the lowest form of wit, and punsters ar… more

The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History, and Made Wordplay M ore Than Some Antics
John Pollack
Gotham , English
Reflexions on Bill Clinton - Junichiro Koizumi

Reflexions on Bill ClintonJunichiro Koizumi

After participating in a friendly poker game former president Bill Clinton must use all his acumen and strength to stay ahead of the killer as the poker players die one by one. While the police has no idea what is happening our hero travels… more

Reflexions on Bill Clinton
Junichiro Koizumi
Bill Clinton and the Deadly ... - Harry Disco

Bill Clinton and the Deadly ...Harry Disco

After participating in a friendly poker game former president Bill Clinton must use all his acumen and strength to stay ahead of the killer as the poker players die one by one. While the police has no idea what is happening our hero travels… more

Bill Clinton and the Deadly Poker Game
Harry Disco