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Sweet Temptations - Nikki Winter

Sweet TemptationsNikki Winter

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She tempted him beyond all reason… There was only so much a man could take, and Evan Halima found himself taking a lot. His best friend’s pretty eyes and siren’s smile had been calling to him since they were kids, but he chose to ignore tha… more

Sweet Temptations
Nikki Winter
Beautiful Trouble Publishing , English
The Sweet Series - Nikki Winter

The Sweet SeriesNikki Winter

ST: Evan Halima has been hopelessly devoted to Bianca Grayson—and her culinary confections—from the moment she took pity of his poor, wayward, little soul, choosing to share her smile and a cookie with him at an impressionable age. That i… more

The Sweet Series
Nikki Winter
Nikki Winter Publishing , English