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Funny books for kids: Billy'... - Samantha Foster

Funny books for kids: Billy'...Samantha Foster

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The Fart Book:

Billy’s Farting Adventure” is a funny story about little Billy who loved his brother Benjamin teaches a valuable lesson.

One day Billy was disappointed when his brother came home with his friends and he knew that they wou… more

Funny books for kids: Billy’s Farting Adventure.(Funny Books for Boys) (Farts around the world. Book 1)
Samantha Foster
Giving Up the V - Serena Robar

Giving Up the VSerena Robar

1 rating

Spencer “Responsible” Davis is nowhere ready to “give up the V,” as opposed to her hormonally crazed crew of friends, obsessed with the who-what-when-where-how of it all. “It” being … well, you get it. Even Spencer’s male friends, who c… more

Giving Up the V
Serena Robar
Simon Pulse , English
Benjamin's Cap - Kenneth Evans

Benjamin's CapKenneth Evans

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Benjamin’s Cap records the progress of ten year old Benjamin who suffers from complete and irreversible baldness due to contracting tuberculosis followed by scarlet fever and diphtheria. He develops a phobia and refuses to go to school wher… more

Benjamin’s Cap
Kenneth Evans
Elizabeth, His Lordship's De... - Alex Carlsbad

Elizabeth, His Lordship's De...Alex Carlsbad

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Strong, big, dark-haired and severe, Lord Benjamin is scouring his lands for someone young and submissive, willing to do his bidding and follow his every wish.

Naturally demure, young Elizabeth quickly discovers that she simply doesn’t … more

Elizabeth, His Lordship’s Demure Body-Servant (Elizabeth, His Lordship’s Demure Body-Servant Book 1)
Alex Carlsbad
All's Well that Ends Well (S... - C.E. Wilson

All's Well that Ends Well (S...C.E. Wilson

When Hannah’s world falls apart after graduation, she finds that there are only two things from her old life that she can trust: her best friend Constance, and her fascination with Constance’s cousin Benjamin. But when Benjamin snubs her … more

All’s Well that Ends Well (Shakespeare for Everyone Else Book 3)
C.E. Wilson
Demon Child (The Hayle Coven... - Patti Larsen

Demon Child (The Hayle Coven...Patti Larsen

1 rating

Battle of WillsI stood in the misty rain talking to my mom about the demon who lived inside me like she didn’t belong there. That felt wrong. And weird. But more wrong.Mom guided me to Erica’s van and helped me in the back seat while I whin… more

Demon Child (The Hayle Coven Novels Book 3)
Patti Larsen
Patti Larsen Books/Purely Paranormal Press , English
Amish Brides of Willow Creek... - Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Amish Brides of Willow Creek...Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Bethany has led a spoiled life, thanks to her older sister, Levinia, who always did everything for her while raising her. Being a domestic failure, Bethany decides it’s time she learned those skills so she can find a husband. With the help… more

Amish Brides of Willow Creek: Sweet Nothings: Willow Creek Novella: Book #3
Samantha Jillian Bayarr
Livingston Hall Publishers,LLC , English
The Lost Opportunity - Ginger Lee Lewis Petrucci

The Lost OpportunityGinger Lee Lewis Petrucci

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A diary of young lovers, Gianna, 16, a young and naïve island girl, and Benjamin, 26, a marine, who are immediately attracted to each other but their love is washed away because of deception and jealousy from an outsider. These two lovers… more

The Lost Opportunity
Ginger Lee Lewis Petrucci
Twice Upon a Time #1: Rapunz... - Wendy Mass

Twice Upon a Time #1: Rapunz...Wendy Mass

Average wait: 1088d, 22h

The girl’s stuck in a tower. The boy’s stuck in a castle. There are two sides to every story….Rapunzel is having the ultimate bad day. She’s been stolen by a witch, may have a ghost for a roommate, and doesn’t even have a decent brush for… more

Twice Upon a Time #1: Rapunzel, the One With All the Hair
Wendy Mass
Scholastic Paperbacks , English
When the Wrong One Loves You... - J. D.  Willd

When the Wrong One Loves You...J. D. Willd

David and Benjamin have been together since high school, and while their love has never really changed, their sex life is another story. The passion that once burned bright now flickers in the wind. When out of nowhere, they discover a sec… more

When the Wrong One Loves You (Mike Reese)
J. D. Willd
Willd Ink , English
Stargazing and Other Short Stories - David Swartz

Stargazing and Other Short StoriesDavid Swartz

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The stars can show the future, and only students like Trevor and his younger brother, Benjamin, have the capabilities to read it. Like any ten-year-old boy, Benjamin dreams of catching up to his brother and to one day become the best Predic… more

Stargazing and Other Short Stories
David Swartz
Erotic Express (Random Encou... - D.A. Ryder

Erotic Express (Random Encou...D.A. Ryder

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In Erotic Express, the second short story of the Random Encounters erotic series, Benjamin and Anita meet on the express bus from downtown and immediately hit it off. While exploring each other’s talents under the partial cover of a big pu… more

Erotic Express (Random Encounters Book 2)
D.A. Ryder
Inspected: A Medical Short - Anastacia Cross

Inspected: A Medical ShortAnastacia Cross

Average wait: 5h

Summer is back for yet another medical study with handsome Dr. Benjamin. This time she’s bound, clamped, spread and filled until she fears she’ll burst! Then her most private orifice gets a very thorough examination. Is Summer in over he… more

Inspected: A Medical Short
Anastacia Cross
Only for Mormons:  King Benj... - Debbie Nicholson

Only for Mormons: King Benj...Debbie Nicholson

Average wait: N/A

After finishing Alma Reveals His Entrepreneurial Secrets, I knew that there was to be another book taken from the writings we are taught in Mosiah. So upon the appointed day that I should start this book, which incidentally was several day… more

Only for Mormons: King Benjamin By Debbie Nicholson
Debbie Nicholson
The Dinosaur Gambit (The Adv... - Jory Minyen

The Dinosaur Gambit (The Adv...Jory Minyen

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Dr. Benjamin, a mad scientist and inventor who wants to rule the world, has taken control on an entire island of dinosaurs. It is up to super powered heroes Ethan and Adon to set the animals free and attempt to capture the elusive doctor a… more

The Dinosaur Gambit (The Adventures of Ethan and Adon the Heroes Book 1)
Jory Minyen
Translation and the Nature o... - Andrew Benjamin

Translation and the Nature o...Andrew Benjamin

This engrossing study, first published in 1989, explores the basic mutuality between philosophy and translation. By studying the conceptions of translation in Plato, Seneca, Davidson, Walter Benjamin and Freud, Andrew Benjamin reveals the i… more

Translation and the Nature of Philosophy (Routledge Revivals): A New Theory of Words
Andrew Benjamin
Routledge , English
Real Love - Deborah Elliott

Real LoveDeborah Elliott

What happens when the man you’ve always expected to marry does you wrong, and something better; something REAL comes along? Fall in Real Love with Kristen and Benjamin.

Real Love
Deborah Elliott
Deborah Elliott , English
Lair of the White Wyrm - Lea Ryan

Lair of the White WyrmLea Ryan

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Sometimes when you run from your problems, they follow you.

Eric Duncan wants nothing more than to be an ordinary, sane guy. He believes he can escape his troubled past by leaving home. However, the voice in his head, that of his dead frie… more

Lair of the White Wyrm
Lea Ryan
CreateSpace , English
She Devil - Melissa Kendall

She DevilMelissa Kendall

A Sexy-Explict Erotic ShortConstance is a Vampire with a heavy appetite, who works as a stripper to find her meals. She is wanton, luscious and wicked—she craves more than just blood.Benjamin and Jonathon are vampire outcasts who exist by … more

She Devil
Melissa Kendall
City Knight - Compilation - T.A. Webb

City Knight - CompilationT.A. Webb

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“Once upon a time, in the kingdom of the south, there was a scared young man named Sir Benjamin. Now, Sir Benjamin, he’d been alone since he was a young man, and nobody wanted him and he didn’t want anyone. At least, he didn’t think he did…. more

City Knight - Compilation
T.A. Webb
A Bear on Books , English