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Dark Eagle (Interesting Char... - Gene Ligotti

Dark Eagle (Interesting Char...Gene Ligotti

He was our greatest patriot and most beloved hero and today his name is synonymous with treason. What caused such a complete turnabout? What factors could so radically change a man’s heart and soul? This, the last of the trilogy, is that st… more

Dark Eagle (Interesting Characters of the American Revolution)
Gene Ligotti
The Notorious Benedict Arnol... - Steve Sheinkin

The Notorious Benedict Arnol...Steve Sheinkin

Most people know that Benedict Arnold was America’s first, most notorious traitor. Few know that he was also one of its greatest war heroes. This accessible biography introduces young readers to the real Arnold: reckless, heroic, and driven… more

The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery
Steve Sheinkin
Flash Point , English
The Classic Works of John Ja... - John Jay Chapman

The Classic Works of John Ja...John Jay Chapman

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Emerson and Other Essays The Treason and Death of Benedict Arnold - A Play for a Greek Theatre

The Classic Works of John Jay Chapman
John Jay Chapman
Beware the Fury - Theodore Sturgeon

Beware the FuryTheodore Sturgeon

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Meet Wolf Reger—traitor. Compared to him Benedict Arnold was a national hero and Judas Iscariot a paragon of virtue. At least that’s the way it showed in the Major’s notes….But traitors aren’t born that way. Something has to happen to them … more

Beware the Fury
Theodore Sturgeon
Wonder Publishing Group , English
Ascent of the Dark Eagle - USMC Command and Staff Colle...

Ascent of the Dark EagleUSMC Command and Staff Colle...

Benedict Arnold was a rebel, a patriot, a supremely brave battlefield commander, and George Washington’s most favored general. Beyond those accolades Arnold was “no bit actor but a marquee performer in establishing the conditions that ultim… more

Ascent of the Dark Eagle
USMC Command and Staff College, Andrew Murray
Pennyhill Press , English


The author of the Dare Boys is specially equipped through long study and research to write upon the life and adventures of the revolutionary period. Every item of historical reference is absolutely correct. The trials and inherent bravery o… more

The Treason and Death of Ben... - John Jay Chapman

The Treason and Death of Ben...John Jay Chapman

This book include information meaning Fantasy genre,Fiction,Autobiography”OVER 20,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: The Treason and Death of Benedict Arnold A Play for a Greek TheatreAuthor: John Jay Chapman 1911

The Treason and Death of Benedict Arnold A Play for a Greek Theatre (Annotated)
John Jay Chapman
Watch Out for My Girl - Joan Johnston

Watch Out for My GirlJoan Johnston

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This is a VERY short story (14 pages) which was originally part of a hardcover collection with other suspense and romantic suspense authors. It’s available here so you don’t have to buy the hardcover to read it. Nash Benedict finds himsel… more

Watch Out for My Girl
Joan Johnston
Joan Mertens Johnston, Inc. , English
Chasing The Future: The nove... - C. T. Brown

Chasing The Future: The nove...C. T. Brown

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Over 300 copies downloaded! Don’t miss out on this exciting sequel to the thriller Sovereign Nation from C. T. Brown, get your copy today . . .

A new substance, able to amplify the power of a battery or increase the destructive potential o… more

Chasing The Future: The novella sequel to Sovereign Nation (The Carters Book 2)
C. T. Brown
Great Court-Martial Cases - Joseph DiMona

Great Court-Martial CasesJoseph DiMona

Great Court-Martial Cases is a history of the military trials that shook the nation, from Benedict Arnold to Lieutenant Calley, taken from recently released official trial records.

Great Court-Martial Cases
Joseph DiMona
Premier Digital Publishing , English
Ben's Tale - Arnold Patrick Parker

Ben's TaleArnold Patrick Parker

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With a different take on the life of Benedict Arnold, Ben’s Tale reveals an epic story of greed and glory, family and friendship, treason and truthfulness. Told by a history buff who is also a London physician, the drama unfolds as the doct… more

Ben’s Tale
Arnold Patrick Parker
Xlibris , English
The Accidental Spy - J. R. Lindermuth

The Accidental SpyJ. R. Lindermuth

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Dandy Dan McCracken is a rogue wandering around eastern Pennsylvania during the American Revolution. Wounded and on the run from the law, he’s rescued and nursed to health by the lovely ward of Benedict Arnold’s procurement officer. When th… more

The Accidental Spy
J. R. Lindermuth
J. R. Lindermuth , English
Obama's Ineptopia: An inconv... - Arturo Raymond

Obama's Ineptopia: An inconv...Arturo Raymond

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Why is Obama flooding illegal alien criminals into the country, destroying our currency, our healthcare system, the middle class, and American businesses? Why does Obama want to turn America into a Soviet trash heap? How does Obama get away… more

Obama’s Ineptopia: An inconvenient truth
Arturo Raymond
Double Up Press , English
George Washington and Benedi... - Dave Richard Palmer

George Washington and Benedi...Dave Richard Palmer

From 1775 through 1777, George Washington and Benedict Arnold were America’stwo most celebrated warriors. Their earlier lives had surprisingly parallel paths. They were strong leaders in combat, they admired and respected each other, and th… more

George Washington and Benedict Arnold: A Tale of Two Patriots
Dave Richard Palmer
Regnery History , English
Abducting Arnold - Becky Akers

Abducting ArnoldBecky Akers

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Benedict Arnold is the archetypal traitor—or was he? Abducting Arnold richly dramatizes the American Revolution’s most brilliant officer while turning little-known history into an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Cry, laugh, exult and rage as … more

Abducting Arnold
Becky Akers
Quackenduck Books , English
What They Didn't Teach You A... - Mike Wright

What They Didn't Teach You A...Mike Wright

What made the founding fathers so great (Or were they?). And don’t forget the founding mothers. We have intrigue and skulduggery with spies from Nathan Hale to Benedict Arnold, including enlightening stops on the distaff side of espionage f… more

What They Didn’t Teach You About the American Revolution
Mike Wright
Presidio Press , English
Prelude to Glory Vol. 4: Han... - Ron Carter

Prelude to Glory Vol. 4: Han...Ron Carter

In 1777, aiming to crush the American rebellion and win for himself a lasting fame, British General John Burgoyne sets out from Canada with a massive army. Losing the help of his Indian allies and slowed by the nearly impassable terrain, th… more

Prelude to Glory Vol. 4: Hand of Providence (Prelude to Glory, Vol 4)
Ron Carter
Shadow Mountain , English
The True Account of Benedict... - Henry William Elson, William...

The True Account of Benedict...Henry William Elson, William...

Benedict Arnold was a general during the American Revolutionary War who originally fought for the American Continental Army, but switched sides to the British Empire. As a general still on the American side, he obtained command of the fort … more

The True Account of Benedict Arnold Traitor
Henry William Elson, William Moore, Archibald M. Howe
MacMay , English
Crossed Swords - A Canadian-... - Mary Wilson Alloway

Crossed Swords - A Canadian-...Mary Wilson Alloway

This digital book includes an annotated bibliography of select works associated with Canada (added 2011).Historical novel set during 1775 attack on Quebec by American forces led by Richard Montgoery and Benedict Arnold, repulsed by the Brit… more

Crossed Swords - A Canadian-American Tale of Love and Valor (Annotated)
Mary Wilson Alloway
George Washington's Secret N... - James L. Nelson

George Washington's Secret N...James L. Nelson

Complements the author’s last book, the well-received Benedict Arnold’s Navy Details an important but rarely mentioned event in American history

George Washington’s Secret Navy: How the American Revolution Went to Sea
James L. Nelson
International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press , English