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Milk Me, Please! (lactation ... - Ellie Saxx

Milk Me, Please! (lactation ...Ellie Saxx

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Great news! This title is now available as part of a 12-story, 300-page anthology of the hottest, wettest erotica in print…all for $4.99! Search for “Warm and Sweet Vol. 1” by Ellie Saxx and Jolene Avonn and enjoy a lot more bang(ing) for… more

Milk Me, Please! (lactation sex fantasy)
Ellie Saxx
Firewalker Press , English
Penguin (0) - Polly Dunbar

Penguin (0)Polly Dunbar

Ben is delighted when he rips open his present and finds a penguin inside. “Hello, Penguin!” says Ben. Penguin says nothing. Ben tickles Penguin; he pulls his funniest face; he puts on a happy hat, sings a silly song and does a dizzy dance…. more

Penguin (0)
Polly Dunbar
Walker , English
Waiting For Red - Dani Pass

Waiting For RedDani Pass

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This captivating thriller revolves around two very different people: Ben, a legend among the feuding criminal organisations, has a past buried deep beneath the reputation he has carved for himself; and John, the exact opposite, a profession… more

Waiting For Red
Dani Pass
Martyn J. Pass , English
Teaching the Bad Sitter - Anna Fock

Teaching the Bad SitterAnna Fock

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When Jack’s friend Ben asks him to go to his house and check on their babysitter, Jack doesn’t expect his night to end up like it does. He expects to find the babysitter asleep or making out with her boyfriend, definitely not ready for a ni… more

Teaching the Bad Sitter
Anna Fock
Role Model - Kathleen Kaska

Role ModelKathleen Kaska

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Katy never considered herself glamorous or alluring. But when she discovers that her high-school boyfriend, Ben, is cheating on her with the school tart, a girl known for her good looks and bad reputation, Katy decides to get even. Find out… more

Role Model
Kathleen Kaska
Kathleen Kaska , English
The Secret of the Old Mural - A. K. Huth

The Secret of the Old MuralA. K. Huth

Everything about 7-year-old Sun’s life seems ordinary, even the bully that harasses him at his school. But when the sudden appearance of a robed figure and a majestic black horse begin to haunt him from the school mural, his ordinary life b… more

The Secret of the Old Mural
A. K. Huth
A. K. Huth , English
The Price - Omar Gunne

The PriceOmar Gunne

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Ben felt a shiver crease the back of his neck. It is the first inkling Ben has that he feels he is being targeted. Can he out run the velocity of an assassin’s bullet … ?

The Price
Omar Gunne
Through my Eyes - Annette De Burgh

Through my EyesAnnette De Burgh

Baby Ben is a Border Collie pup who knows only darkness and hunger, having lived all of his short life locked away in a gloomy, dirty shed. Then comes daylight, the joy of birdsong and the sweet smell of grass as he is set ‘free’ to begin h… more

Through my Eyes
Annette De Burgh
www.fwwpublishing.co.uk , English
Fat Wife Sex Stories: Bigger... - Jill Andrews

Fat Wife Sex Stories: Bigger...Jill Andrews

Ben’s wife is overweight. Well, no she’s actually a bit fat. But in a good way.Little did you know Ben has more fun with her than most married couples do.Adults Only.

Fat Wife Sex Stories: Bigger is Better
Jill Andrews
The Missing Tree - Joanne Fradley

The Missing TreeJoanne Fradley

The Missing TreeAmy is eight years old when her friend Ben goes missing from their small Somerset town. She grows up struggling to understand the shock and fear in the community around her. As she gets older and tries to move on from the ha… more

The Missing Tree
Joanne Fradley
End Game - Jennifer Brooks

End GameJennifer Brooks

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Jessie was on the phone when his cousin, Ben, was attacked. Fifteen minutes later, when Jessie arrived at Ben’s condo, his cousin was dead. With life and death as close as a minute away, Jessie must work with his estranged lover, Mathew, to… more

End Game
Jennifer Brooks
Musa Publishing , English
Sleep Well (My Best Friend's... - JD Hanson

Sleep Well (My Best Friend's...JD Hanson

My best friend Ben asked me to keep an eye on his beautiful, 18-year-old daughter while he went out on the town with his girlfriend. When I suddenly find myself in the same room with this possibly passed out girl, what am I supposed to do?W… more

Sleep Well (My Best Friend’s Daughter) [mf sleeping reluctance erotica]
JD Hanson
Impersonating Sam (Seven Sin... - Leslie Lee Sanders

Impersonating Sam (Seven Sin...Leslie Lee Sanders

Sunni Mitchell is angry and rightfully so. Her boyfriend abruptly decided to leave her… for another man. While trying to overcome her pain and anger, she struggles to understand her best friend Joseph’s sexual relationship with his lover Be… more

Impersonating Sam (Seven Sins Series Book 1)
Leslie Lee Sanders
Ultimate Sacrifice - Madeleine Sara

Ultimate SacrificeMadeleine Sara

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When Lyndsay hears the terrible news about her soldier boyfriend, Ben, she knows she must be strong; but just how strong, she is yet to discover…The story encompasses young love, tragic circumstances of war, heart-breaking let downs, tempta… more

Ultimate Sacrifice
Madeleine Sara
The Great Wide Sea - M.H. Herlong

The Great Wide SeaM.H. Herlong

Ben, Dylan, and Gerry are still mourning their mother’s death when their dad decides to buy a boat and take them on a year-long sailing trip. Tensions flare between Ben and his father, but they gradually learn to live together in close quar… more

The Great Wide Sea
M.H. Herlong
Puffin , English
A Dog Named Ben and His Two ... - Sheila M. Brown

A Dog Named Ben and His Two ...Sheila M. Brown

The joy of a boy and girl having fun playing games with there best friend named Ben who is a loving dog that can be a mess sometimes when he plays with his two best friends.

A Dog Named Ben and His Two Best Friends
Sheila M. Brown
AuthorHouse , English
Banged by My Roommate (First... - Terra Stella

Banged by My Roommate (First...Terra Stella

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Alex knows his roommate plays fast and loose with the truth now that Ben’s white lies have launched Alex into the social arena. Alex likes the new found popularity at first, but finds himself craving more. It’s Ben he wants, not the crowd.W… more

Banged by My Roommate (First Time Gay Erotica)
Terra Stella
Diary of a Horny Wife: My Se... - GG

Diary of a Horny Wife: My Se...GG

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Diary of a Horny Wife - My Sexy Photo Shoot

GG may seem like a regular housewife and mother on the outside, but she’s one horny gal for her husband, Ben, and she wants to do something super special for him.

One day she is inspired by a … more

Diary of a Horny Wife: My Sexy Photo Shoot
Marriage Heat Publishing , English
Oakley goes geocaching (The ... - Linda Moorhouse

Oakley goes geocaching (The ...Linda Moorhouse

Uncle Ben & Aunty Helen take Oakley geocaching. What is geocaching? This is a fun introduction to geocaching for 2 to 5 year olds. Another adventure for Oakley the Border Terrier - he is such a lucky dog!

Oakley goes geocaching (The Adventures of Oakley the Border Terrier Book 3)
Linda Moorhouse
Linda Moorhouse , English
Unspoken - Hyacinth Andersen

UnspokenHyacinth Andersen

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Ben married the woman of his dreams, or so he thought. But Stacy is more like a nightmare, and Ben is trapped in the middle of it.

Hyacinth Andersen