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True Tales of Jesse James - Brian Redman

True Tales of Jesse JamesBrian Redman

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This book summarizes various rumors surrounding Jesse James, the legendary Missouri bandit. Focused on is the period subsequent to his supposed death in 1882. A cousin of Jesse James, or one of three cousins all operating under that name, m… more

True Tales of Jesse James
Brian Redman
The Last Gunslinger - C G Feltham

The Last GunslingerC G Feltham

Cade Straw was a professional gunfighter, a gunslinger. In demand for jobs that nobody else wanted. Going up against other people’s enemies. Jase Strong set him one of the biggest challenges he’d ever met. The trouble was, the more efficien… more

The Last Gunslinger
C G Feltham
Wild West Women of Some Gump... - Marilyn M Schulz, Catherine Albina

Wild West Women of Some Gump...Marilyn M Schulz, Catherine Albina

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Wild West Women of Some Gumption Gumption: Also known as a bustle and a six-shooter.

Annie Oakley, Belle Starr, Calamity Jane—those were just the famous ones. This is a collection of stories about the other women who made the Ame… more

Wild West Women of Some Gumption (Historical Adventure Series - The American West)
Marilyn M Schulz, Catherine Albina
The Bacchi - Belinda McBride

The BacchiBelinda McBride

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Related Titles: Belle Starr; An Uncommon Whore; and When I FallGenre: LGBT Futuristic Science Fiction/FantasyAwards: Winner of 2013 EPIC in Science Fiction RomanceThe Bacchi Lefi Dhrahn lives a life of luxury and decadence, but is tortured … more

The Bacchi
Belinda McBride
Loose Id LLC , English
Belle Starr (Wild Hearts Book 1) - Deborah Camp

Belle Starr (Wild Hearts Book 1)Deborah Camp

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BELLE STARR is a romantic tale about the notorious Bandit Queen, Belle Starr, and her fiery relationships with some of the most infamous men of her time, including Jesse James and Cole Younger. The story follows her from her rebellious teen… more

Belle Starr (Wild Hearts Book 1)
Deborah Camp
Whiskey on the Rocks (the Be... - Katina French

Whiskey on the Rocks (the Be...Katina French

She’s brave, crazy, dangerous… and your best shot of crossing the galaxy alive.

Captain Shaen Morris may be certifiably insane. Her ship the Belle Starr may look like a rusty, lobster-shaped piece of junk. But for the right price, they’… more

Whiskey on the Rocks (the Belle Starr chronicles Book 1)
Katina French
Katina French , English
Hangman's Noose (An O'Brien ... - Ben Bridges

Hangman's Noose (An O'Brien ...Ben Bridges

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Freelance fighting man Carter O’Brien had five thousand reasons to go after the notorious Timberlake brothers. Each … more

Hangman’s Noose (An O’Brien Western Book 4)
Ben Bridges
Bookends , English
TREASURE KILLS (Legends of T... - Phil Truman

TREASURE KILLS (Legends of T...Phil Truman

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(Previously published as Legends of Tsalagee)

If you like Carl Hiaasen’s or Dave Barry’s mysteries, you’ll love this full-length novel from Phil Truman, “the Carl Hiaasen of Oklahoma.”

Legends from a small town come in many forms.

Near T… more

TREASURE KILLS (Legends of Tsalagee Book 1)
Phil Truman
Deadly Niche Press , English
When I Fall (An Uncommon Who... - Belinda McBride

When I Fall (An Uncommon Who...Belinda McBride

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Genre: LGBT Futuristic Fantasy/Space OperaSeries: An Uncommon Whore; Previous Book: An Uncommon WhoreRelated Title: Belle StarrAs king, Helios Dayspring is desperate to secure the future of his people and their new homeworld. His lost memor… more

When I Fall (An Uncommon Whore Book 2)
Belinda McBride
Loose Id LLC , English
The Ghost of Ginny McBride (... - Ermal Walden Williamson

The Ghost of Ginny McBride (...Ermal Walden Williamson

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While attempting to join up with her lover Matt Jorgensen as he joins Terry’s Texas Rangers, Ginny McBride is hit by a musketball from a Union rifle. She develops amnesia, losing all memory as to who and where she is. Matt spends his mili… more

The Ghost of Ginny McBride (Brazos Book 6)
Ermal Walden Williamson
Giant Shadow Publishing , English
The Rebel - Jan Hudson

The RebelJan Hudson

The Rebel In A Family Of OutlawsThe only girl in a large family dedicated to law enforcement, Belle Starr Outlaw has quit her job as an FBI agent and divorced her cheating husband. Starting over, and too independent to be taken care of by h… more

The Rebel
Jan Hudson
Harlequin American Romance Classic , English
100 OKLAHOMA OUTLAWS, GANGST... - Dan Anderson, Laurence Yadon

100 OKLAHOMA OUTLAWS, GANGST...Dan Anderson, Laurence Yadon

The only thing wilder than Oklahoma in the late nineteenth century are the tales that continue to surround it. In the days of the Wild West, Oklahoma was teeming with assassins, guerillas, hijackers, kidnappers, gangs, and misfits of every … more

Dan Anderson, Laurence Yadon
Pelican Publishing , English
Lily and PAWS: The Ghosts of... - Douglas Cobb

Lily and PAWS: The Ghosts of...Douglas Cobb

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Join the world’s best-known and most beloved terrier/pterodactyl, Lily, her fourteen-year-old “owner,” Celeste Quince, and the rest of PAWS (Private Army of Warrior Sleuths), Fuzzy Wally MacGee (a Chinese Crested/rhino), Lucy Marmoset Higgi… more

Lily and PAWS: The Ghosts of Summer (The Case Files of Lily and PAWS Book 2)
Douglas Cobb
Douglas R. Cobb , English
RENEGADE ROSE - Mark Bannerman


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When Rosie McGlowery accompanied her preacher father on the great trek to Oregon, she little suspected that she was destined to share the notoriety of female outlaws such as Belle Starr, Pearl Hart, Cattle Annie and Little Britches. Once t… more

Mark Bannerman
Mark Bannerman , English
American Auto Trail-Missouri... - Lyn Wilkerson

American Auto Trail-Missouri...Lyn Wilkerson

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This updated version of Missouri’s U.S. Highway 71 includes improved formatting and maps, additional points of interest in Kansas City, and GPS Coordinates for listed sites. The opening of the Santa Fe Trail in 1821 and the subsequent growt… more

American Auto Trail-Missouri’s U.S. Highway 71 (American Auto Trails)
Lyn Wilkerson
Caddo Publications USA , English
Tender Murderers: Women Who Kill - Trina Robbins

Tender Murderers: Women Who KillTrina Robbins

She wasn’t even five feet tall, weighed 90 pounds, wrote poetry, and died young, riddled with bullets and with a machine gun in her lap.” The infamous Bonnie Parker, immortalized in the movie Bonnie and Clyde, is only one of a select group… more

Tender Murderers: Women Who Kill
Trina Robbins
Conari Pr , English
I Dreamt I Was in Heaven - T... - Leonce Gaiter

I Dreamt I Was in Heaven - T...Leonce Gaiter

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In the waning days of Indian Territory, the multi-racial, teenaged Rufus Buck Gang embarked on a vicious, childish, and deadly 13-day rampage that shocked even this lawless place. Their goal was to take back Indian lands. Based on the true … more

I Dreamt I Was in Heaven - The Rampage of the Rufus Buck Gang
Leonce Gaiter
Legba Books , English
Memorable Films of the Forti... - John Howard Reid

Memorable Films of the Forti...John Howard Reid

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What memorable films they were! Here you’ll find complete details and all the background information anyone could desire on such outstanding films as Casablanca, The Paleface, Laura, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Cobra Woman, Meet Me in St Louis, Th… more

Memorable Films of the Forties (Hollywood Classics)
John Howard Reid
Lulu , English
Crossing The Dead Line - Douglas Cobb

Crossing The Dead LineDouglas Cobb

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You’ve heard of the book and movie True Grit, probably, the story of Rooster Cogburn and his exploits. But, have you heard of a deputy marshal who worked in Fort Smith for the court of the “Hanging Judge” Isaac C. Parker, Bass Reeves, a la… more

Crossing The Dead Line
Douglas Cobb
Douglas R. Cobb , English
Our American West: Volume II - Gary McCarthy

Our American West: Volume IIGary McCarthy

Our American West, Volume 2 begins with America’s first colonizers, the prairie dogs, and how out on the ranges they were so hated by ranchers that they were almost made extinct. Conestoga Wagons were once called “prairie schooners” crossin… more

Our American West: Volume II
Gary McCarthy
Canyon Country Books , English