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Where old ghosts meet - Mary Boersma

Where old ghosts meetMary Boersma

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A pigeon flying into an upstairs window in 1970’s Belfast leads to devastating consequences as Annie recalls how a random event changed her life forever.

Where old ghosts meet
Mary Boersma
Die Hard Mod - Charlie McQuaker

Die Hard ModCharlie McQuaker

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I know she was gorgeous ‘n all but there was just a vibe I got off her that creeped me out - I always thought that girl was bad news - really bad news’. One perfect summer, Steve the Mod got his kicks with the beautiful but wild Jeanie - n… more

Die Hard Mod
Charlie McQuaker
Pulp Press , English
The Boundary - Leif Bodnarchuk

The BoundaryLeif Bodnarchuk

A ghost haunts a house in the Shankill area of Belfast. Over time he learns what has happened to him and must decide how to spend eternity.

The Boundary
Leif Bodnarchuk
Lulu.com , English
The Doings of the Fifteenth ... - Lord Edward Gleichen

The Doings of the Fifteenth ...Lord Edward Gleichen

In accordance with the order received at Belfast at 5.30 P.M. on the 4th, the 15th Brigade started mobilizing on the 5th August 1914, and by the 10th was complete in all respects.

The Doings of the Fifteenth Infantry Brigade
Lord Edward Gleichen
Belfast Through The Years: A... - Joe Graham

Belfast Through The Years: A...Joe Graham

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-A Chronology Of Belfast From Its Earliest Origins. -With origins of Belfast Street names. -Tales and facts of Old Belfast.

Belfast Through The Years: A Chronology Of Belfast From Its Earliest Origins (Rushlight: The Belfast Magazine Book 8)
Joe Graham
Rushlight Publications , English
Works: 10 - Kyle Mullan

Works: 10Kyle Mullan

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Works: 10 [526,322]:

25 Sketches of a Giant [14,178]; Belfast [72,555]; Cheers, Lessov [36,100]; Doc, I Failed? I Failed, Doc [86,362]; The Fisherman [41,509]; I Despise Short Fiction [49,035]; Leo and DeLaCroix [41,726]; Mindset! … more

Works: 10
Kyle Mullan
Kyle Mullan , English
Mystery Man - Colin Bateman

Mystery ManColin Bateman

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A superbly gripping and blackly funny mystery by the king of the comic crime caper. He’s the Man With No Name and the owner of No Alibis, a mystery bookshop in Belfast. But when a detective agency next door goes bust, the agency’s clients s… more

Mystery Man
Colin Bateman
CB Creative Books , English
Salt (Salt Series Part 2 Vam... - J.D Layton

Salt (Salt Series Part 2 Vam...J.D Layton

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Belle is up to her old tricks. She has been invited to the mansion of the richest man on the island. Well known for his orgiastic parties, she resists. But something in Belle wants to know about this Thomas Belfast. Why is he so keen on get… more

Salt (Salt Series Part 2 Vampire Erotica Series): Another Pinch Of Salt
J.D Layton
James D. Layton , English
The Truth About Ulster - Frank Frankfort Moore

The Truth About UlsterFrank Frankfort Moore

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Fighting Ulster - Mob rule in Belfast - The true Ulsterman - A practical community - The Ulsterman on his guard and more.Originally published 1914. Illustrated.

The Truth About Ulster
Frank Frankfort Moore
The Vicar And The Village - Jayne Lind

The Vicar And The VillageJayne Lind

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When a new vicar arrives in a small village, ‘she’ is not what was expected. Fresh from Cambridge, where she thrived on the intellectual stimulation, Annie, who grew up in Belfast, finds village life a culture shock. Dealing with the idiosy… more

The Vicar And The Village
Jayne Lind
CreateSpace , English
The Waiting Room (#4 - The C... - Catriona King

The Waiting Room (#4 - The C...Catriona King

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Belfast’s sinister secret.

When powerful people gather, it opens the door for evil to grow. International money believing in its own immunity. An innocent victim, trying to escape control at home.

D.C.I. Marc Craig follows a trail of deat… more

The Waiting Room (#4 - The Craig Crime Series)
Catriona King
Crooked Cat Publishing Ltd , English
The Coercion Key: (#7 - The ... - Catriona King

The Coercion Key: (#7 - The ...Catriona King

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Belfast’s Suicide

When a series of suicides occurs within a short period of time, and every one is committed by a person with everything to live for, Marc Craig’s suspicions begin to rise.

On investigating, Craig’s team enters a world t… more

The Coercion Key: (#7 - The Craig Crime Series)
Catriona King
Crooked Cat Publishing , English
Rise of the Titan - Morgan Robertson, Logan Bruc...

Rise of the TitanMorgan Robertson, Logan Bruc...

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Morgan Robertson’s “The Wreck of the Titan” is a novella that has developed a certain infamy over the years. The greatest passenger liner ever built sets sail on its maiden voyage and encounters an iceberg … The story (which so closely re… more

Rise of the Titan
Morgan Robertson, Logan Bruce, Dr S.R. Logan
The ORB , English
Angel Doll - Glenn L Goettel

Angel DollGlenn L Goettel

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A love triangle too beautiful and strange to be pure fiction. Set amidst the bucolic peace and beauty of an old New England church: from the slums of strife-torn Belfast; from the netherworld of Institutional America; lastly, from the battl… more

Angel Doll
Glenn L Goettel
Glenn L Goettel , English
Iron Fist Velvet Glove - Gary Yeagle

Iron Fist Velvet GloveGary Yeagle

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Following eight hundred years of political strife and religious hatred, the people of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Catholic and Protestant alike still struggle with their differences. Two young boys, one Catholic, the other Protestant, both f… more

Iron Fist Velvet Glove
Gary Yeagle
BlackWyrm Publishing , English
The Slowest Cut (#6 - The Cr... - Catriona King

The Slowest Cut (#6 - The Cr...Catriona King

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Belfast’s Torment.

When a woman’s body is found in the grounds of a school, it leads Marc Craig and his team into a darker world than they’ve ever been in before. How is her death linked to a young couple? What’s the significance of a red… more

The Slowest Cut (#6 - The Craig Crime Series)
Catriona King
Crooked Cat Publishing Ltd , English
Salt (The Black Widow Vampir... - J.D Layton

Salt (The Black Widow Vampir...J.D Layton

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Belle Brown and Thomas Belfast have an odd relationship. But some wondered how it all began. How did they kiss in the first place? How does Thomas offer himself as a tribute so easily? This is the scene where it all began. It doesn’t fit th… more

Salt (The Black Widow Vampire Erotica Series): How Thomas And Belle First Kissed
J.D Layton
James D. Layton , English
Insider: Gerry Bradley's Lif... - Gerry Bradley, Brian Feeney

Insider: Gerry Bradley's Lif...Gerry Bradley, Brian Feeney

BRADLEY SPEAKS OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME – WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE IRA The IRA was Gerry Bradley’s life. His sole interest was in ‘ops’ – carrying out on-the-ground war. Inspired, initially, to defend his home place against Loyalist thr… more

Insider: Gerry Bradley’s Life in the IRA
Gerry Bradley, Brian Feeney
The O’Brien Press , English
Sister Genevieve: The Inspir... - John Rae

Sister Genevieve: The Inspir...John Rae

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Sister Genevieve had no idea that the neighbourhood surrounding St Louise’s would soon become a war zone. In fact, Catholic families would be routed out of their homes by Protestant bombs, street battles would rage be… more

Sister Genevieve: The Inspirational Story of One Headteacher at the Heart of the Troubles
John Rae
Thistle Publishing , English
The Politics of Language in ... - Tony Crowley, Dr Tony Crowle...

The Politics of Language in ...Tony Crowley, Dr Tony Crowle...

For almost a thousand years language has been an important and contentious issue in Ireland but above all it reflects the great themes of Irish history: colonial, invasion, native resistance, religious and cultural difference.Collected here… more

The Politics of Language in Ireland 1366-1922: A Sourcebook
Tony Crowley, Dr Tony Crowley (S Editor)
Routledge , English