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Islamic Proverbs in World Languages - Seckin Islamoglu

Islamic Proverbs in World LanguagesSeckin Islamoglu

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Islamic Proverbs in World LanguagesHundreds of ProverbsThis book includes hundreds of Islamic Proverbs in World Languages (as English). Source Languages/Cultures of The Proverbs are: African, American, Arabic, Balkans, Baltic, Chinese, Dani… more

Islamic Proverbs in World Languages
Seckin Islamoglu
Human Judgment and Social Po... - Kenneth R. Hammond

Human Judgment and Social Po...Kenneth R. Hammond

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From the O.J. Simpson verdict to peace-making in the Balkans, the critical role of human judgement—complete with its failures, flaws, and successes—has never been more hotly debated and analyzed than it is today. This landmark work exami… more

Human Judgment and Social Policy: Irreducible Uncertainty, Inevitable Error, Unavoidable Injustice
Kenneth R. Hammond
Oxford University Press , English
The nomads of the Balkans, a... - Alan John Bayard Wace, Mauri...

The nomads of the Balkans, a...Alan John Bayard Wace, Mauri...

The nomads of the Balkans, an account of life and customs among the Vlachs of Northern Pindus. 410 Pages

The nomads of the Balkans, an account of life and customs among the Vlachs of Northern Pindus
Alan John Bayard Wace, Maurice Scott Thompson
The Politics of Territory: P... - Brendan Murtagh

The Politics of Territory: P...Brendan Murtagh

This book explores the relationship between land use planning and ethno-religious segregation. It draws on a range of empirical research and case studies to explore the meaning attached to land in contested places, the challenges these pres… more

The Politics of Territory: Policy and Segregation in Northern Ireland
Brendan Murtagh
Palgrave Macmillan , English
Life Can Be a Miracle - Ivinela Samuilova

Life Can Be a MiracleIvinela Samuilova

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Life Can Be a Miracle’ is possibly the most unexpected course in miracles (in a novel) you may encounter. It will instill a sense of wonderment and amazement in you.Warning: This book takes a unique and refreshing approach to reality that … more

Life Can Be a Miracle
Ivinela Samuilova
Tapper George - Stewart Alexander

Tapper GeorgeStewart Alexander

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The story of Tapper George starts in Croatia before the First World War, it was here in the Balkans that a secretive criminal organization called the Apis attempted a daring assassination which they thought had little chance of success. It … more

Tapper George
Stewart Alexander
Stewart Alexander , English
The Football Pink: Issue 5 -

The Football Pink: Issue 5

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Coming out, as it does, around the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, this edition is dedicated to the footballing men and women of that brutal conflict. Indeed, the theme of the entire magazine is given over to the l… more

The Football Pink: Issue 5
The Passing of the Turkish E... - B. Granville Baker

The Passing of the Turkish E...B. Granville Baker

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Pyrrhus Press specializes in bringing books long out of date back to life, allowing today’s readers access to yesterday’s treasures. This title discusses the history of the Ottoman Turks and their often hostile relations with Europe, and it… more

The Passing of the Turkish Empire in Europe
B. Granville Baker
Pyrrhus Press , English
The Dracula Chronicles: The ... - Shane KP O'Neill

The Dracula Chronicles: The ...Shane KP O'Neill

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THE PATH TO DECAY is Book #2 in the Vlad Dracula arc and Book #2 of The Dracula Chronicles.

An epic historical novel of Gothic horror; political intrigue; war; violence; dark paranormal fantasy; strong emotions; and deep romance set in the… more

The Dracula Chronicles: The Path To Decay
Shane KP O’Neill
Shane KP O’Neill , English
Cambridge Medieval History: ... - E.W. Brooks, Albert Vogt, Ch...

Cambridge Medieval History: ...E.W. Brooks, Albert Vogt, Ch...

The Cambridge Medieval History collection on the Eastern Roman Empire is a must-have for anyone interested in the history of the Eastern Empire, from the Balkans to Armenia. The collection is an exhaustive resource, discussing the empire fr… more

Cambridge Medieval History: The Eastern Roman Empire
E.W. Brooks, Albert Vogt, Charles Diehl, J.B. Bury, Edwin Pears, Ferdinand Chalandon, Thomas Arnold, William Miller, Paul Collinet, Herbert Loewe
Le Chateau Noir (French Edition) - Gaston Leroux

Le Chateau Noir (French Edition)Gaston Leroux

Rouletabille est en Bulgarie pour couvrir la guerre des Balkans, en compagnie de son collègue La Candeur et de son interprète Vladimir. Il y retrouve la belle Ivana, qu’il a connue à Paris, et qui se dit menacée par un certain Gaulow. Notre… more

Le Chateau Noir (French Edition)
Gaston Leroux
Anders Lewis Publishing Inc , French
The Sapphire Elixir - F. Voutsakis

The Sapphire ElixirF. Voutsakis

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“Elegant, erudite, sensual. Infused with lush detail and a deepsense of humanity.”Joan Harrison, Editor, Thedesna PressIn the early 1920s, a handful of interminable exiles,forced to flee their homesin Anatolia, repatriate to the mountains o… more

The Sapphire Elixir
F. Voutsakis
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Collapse Theory, Yugoslavia ... - Benedict Weiss

Collapse Theory, Yugoslavia ...Benedict Weiss

The goal of this book is to explain circumstances which lead to formation of 5 state-based communities under the name of Yugoslavia. Regarding to geostrategic and geopolitical situation in the region in which those communities were organize… more

Collapse Theory, Yugoslavia - state according to needs
Benedict Weiss
www.domovinskirat.tk , English
Between Two Worlds: The Cons... - Cemal Kafadar

Between Two Worlds: The Cons...Cemal Kafadar

Cemal Kafadar offers a much more subtle and complex interpretation of the early Ottoman period than that provided by other historians. His careful analysis of medieval as well as modern historiography from the perspective of a c… more

Between Two Worlds: The Construction of the Ottoman State
Cemal Kafadar
University of California Press , English
Blood Of Montenegro - Bajram Angelo Koljenovic, Ja...

Blood Of MontenegroBajram Angelo Koljenovic, Ja...

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The history of my people is written in blood.” So begins this rich and personal epic historical novel, a drama of three generations of the Koljenovic family and their influence on the history of Montenegro, the Balkans, the rise and fall o… more

Blood Of Montenegro
Bajram Angelo Koljenovic, James Nathan Post
iUniverse , English
A Monetary History of the Ot... - Sevket Pamuk

A Monetary History of the Ot...Sevket Pamuk

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The Ottoman empire stood at the crossroads of intercontinental trade at the dawn of the era of capitalism. This volume examines the monetary history of that empire from its beginnings in the fourteenth century to the end of the first world … more

A Monetary History of the Ottoman Empire (Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization)
Sevket Pamuk
Cambridge University Press , English
The Transformation of the Wo... - Kobi Michael, David Kellen, ...

The Transformation of the Wo...Kobi Michael, David Kellen, ...

With the end of the Cold War, the euphoria of the Gulf War of the 1990s and the avowal of a New World Order, peace-operations were declared as the recipe for a better world through international intervention in conflict arenas. However, the… more

The Transformation of the World of War and Peace Support Operations (Praeger Security International)
Kobi Michael, David Kellen, Eyal Ben-Ari
Praeger , English
The Construction of Fear as ... - Kirk Boyle

The Construction of Fear as ...Kirk Boyle

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SynopsisThis book critically examines the various causes claimed for the dissolution of Yugoslavia to conclude that the construction of fear was of paramount importance.Many contributory and causal factors have been identified as operating … more

The Construction of Fear as the Primary Cause of War in the Former Yugoslavia.
Kirk Boyle
Kirk Boyle , English
Why Kosovo Matters - Denis MacShane

Why Kosovo MattersDenis MacShane

A short polemical appeal by Dennis MacShane (Minister for Europe 2005-2010) for policy-makers to re-engage with the Western Balkans before it is too late. Drawing on his experience as a Minister for the Balkans between 2001-2010, MacShane h… more

Why Kosovo Matters
Denis MacShane
Haus Publishing , English