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Hello Soldier - Edward Dyson

Hello SoldierEdward Dyson

AUSTRALIA, my native land, A stirring whisper in your ear— ”Tis time for you to understand Your rating now is A1, dear. You”ve done some rousing things of late. That lift you from the simple state In which you chose to vegetate.”

Hello Soldier
Edward Dyson
The Swiss Family Robinson or... - Johann David Wyss

The Swiss Family Robinson or...Johann David Wyss

When a boat travelling to Australia hits a reef and is destroyed, only one family survives. Shipwrecked on an island, and with no sign of rescue, the Robinsons are forced to use whatever means possible to stay alive.Through their struggles,… more

The Swiss Family Robinson or, Adventures on a Desert Island (ILLUSTRATED)
Johann David Wyss
Power of Words: Voices of Poetry - John Alexanderson, Jamie Boq...

Power of Words: Voices of PoetryJohn Alexanderson, Jamie Boq...

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Power of Words, voices of poetry is a tribute to the 2011 winners of the Poetry matters Literary Prize. The poets range from middle and high school students,adults and seniors. Their voices hail from as far away as Australia, to all regions… more

Power of Words: Voices of Poetry
John Alexanderson, Jamie Boquist, Derek Berry, Winners 2011 Poetry Matters Literary Prize, Lauren Welch, Melissa Bouganim, Vinathi Prasad, Mack Crawley, Danielle O’Brien, Neil Oste
P.R.A. Publishing , English
Australian Magpie: Biology a... - Gisela T. Kaplan

Australian Magpie: Biology a...Gisela T. Kaplan

The warbling and carolling of the Australian magpie are familiar to many although few of us recognise that it ranks among the foremost songbirds of the world. Its impressive vocal abilities, its propensity to play and clown, and its willing… more

Australian Magpie: Biology and Behaviour of an Unusual Songbird (Australian Natural History)
Gisela T. Kaplan
AUSTRALIA The Red Centre (A ... - Ray Madeline Van Dinther

AUSTRALIA The Red Centre (A ...Ray Madeline Van Dinther

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AUSTRALIA The land below, the ocean below, is part of me. These accents are my accent. These meandering rivers winding through the country belong to me. My parents ashes lie in this soil beneath me together with the remains of my three unbo… more

AUSTRALIA The Red Centre (A Personal Collection)
Ray Madeline Van Dinther
Guide to Australia - Euprintpress Publishing

Guide to AustraliaEuprintpress Publishing

The bible of Australia includes all you need to prepare in advance and adore your city trip. It contains the most interesting sights, restaurants, shops and advises what to do when you are in Australia as well as some useful information abo… more

Guide to Australia
Euprintpress Publishing
Aden (Blood-Rose Guardians Book 4) - Daisy-Jane  Maxwell

Aden (Blood-Rose Guardians Book 4)Daisy-Jane Maxwell

Aden is the first tale of alliance in the Blood-Rose Guardians series. It follows the story of Peter’s ally, a phoenix, who he meets at university. Aden has lived for millennia, and as a result, has many memories of a changing world. Her hu… more

Aden (Blood-Rose Guardians Book 4)
Daisy-Jane Maxwell
Bookpal , English
Kimberley Kids - Dennis Butler

Kimberley KidsDennis Butler

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In the isolated North Western part of Australia the Kimberley region is the home of sprawling cattle stations, often larger than some small European countries.It is in this environment while fishing for a huge elusive and legendary barramun… more

Kimberley Kids
Dennis Butler
Dennis Butler , English
A Massaging Rain: Two Very E... - Sometimes Deep

A Massaging Rain: Two Very E...Sometimes Deep

Enjoy these two sizzling short stories from Australia, told in thrilling second-person point-of-view narrative. In the first, explore a rainy forest alive with parrots while strolling hand-in-hand with two companions whose secret purpose in… more

A Massaging Rain: Two Very Erotic Stories from Downunder
Sometimes Deep
Sometimes Deep , English
Wildfire: Code Red - Chris Ryan

Wildfire: Code RedChris Ryan

Ben gets the chance for a trip of a lifetime when his mum is invited to attend a big conference in Australia. In the midst of a drought, it’s hot. And it’s dry. Drier than it’s been for years. And it only takes a spark to set off a fire… … more

Wildfire: Code Red
Chris Ryan
RHCP Digital , English
Just for Fun - Brigitte Stotzka

Just for FunBrigitte Stotzka

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Candy finds her Sugar, Jessica inherits a sheep station in Australia, a tree with a face, journey through Space to find a new Earth …..and lots more. A bunch of short stories, something for everyone..

Just for Fun
Brigitte Stotzka
Brigitte Stotzka , English
Altar(ed) Girl: One Woman's ... - C.M. Morgan

Altar(ed) Girl: One Woman's ...C.M. Morgan

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Author C.M. Morgan recounts the forty-year journey of recovering from childhood clergy sexual abuse. From traveling to another state and having a face-to-face conversation with her perpetrator, to enduring five long years of litigation aga… more

Altar(ed) Girl: One Woman’s True Story of Confronting Clergy Sexual Abuse
C.M. Morgan
BalboaPress , English
Lifeboat Cities: Making a New World - Brendan Gleeson

Lifeboat Cities: Making a New WorldBrendan Gleeson

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Hopeful and provocative, this account considers the principle social and ecological threats facing Australia and outlines the ways in which these crises need to be confronted and addressed. Taking a radical approach to climate change preven… more

Lifeboat Cities: Making a New World
Brendan Gleeson
University of New South Wales Press , English
Alexander, Who's Not (Do You... - Judith Viorst

Alexander, Who's Not (Do You...Judith Viorst

When Alexander feels mad or dad he wants to move to Australia. But most of the time he likes it right where he is. So when his mom and dad say that they’re moving a thousand miles away, Alexander decides that he’s not going.Never, Not ever…. more

Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move
Judith Viorst
Atheneum Books for Young Readers , English
The Last Mile Home - Di Morrissey

The Last Mile HomeDi Morrissey

From one of Australia’s finest storytellers comes a classic love story… It is 1953 in a small Australian country town, a time of postwar prosperity and hope. The Holtens are wealthy, yet austere graziers who have lived on the land for g… more

The Last Mile Home
Di Morrissey
Macmillan Australia , English
Cursed Within: A Banks Series - K.L Stone

Cursed Within: A Banks SeriesK.L Stone

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K. L. Stone lives in a small country town in Australia. She is happily married to her adoring husband and has two beautiful children, who have a passion for writing just as much as she does. She is from a screen-writing background and decid… more

Cursed Within: A Banks Series
K.L Stone
Xlibris AU , English
Contemporary Politics in Australia -

Contemporary Politics in Australia

Contemporary Politics in Australia provides a lively and wide-ranging introduction to the study of Australian politics. Written by a diverse range of experts, the book offers a comprehensive overview of current theories, debates and researc… more

Contemporary Politics in Australia
Cambridge University Press , English
Strong Opinions: J.M. Coetze... - Chris Danta, Julian Murphet,...

Strong Opinions: J.M. Coetze...Chris Danta, Julian Murphet,...

This new collection of essays on Coetzee examines how his novels create and unsettle literary authority. Its unique contribution is to show how Coetzee provokes us into reconsidering certain basic formal and existential questions such as th… more

Strong Opinions: J.M. Coetzee and the Authority of Contemporary Fiction
Chris Danta, Julian Murphet, Sue Kossew
Continuum , English
Billabong Baby - Linda A. B. Davis

Billabong BabyLinda A. B. Davis

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This historical fantasy short story features Louise, an English immigrant to Australia in the early 1900s, whose father hunts diamonds in the northern country. While exploring from camp one day, Louise comes upon a sparkling billabong with … more

Billabong Baby
Linda A. B. Davis
Wicked Wings Stories , English
Moving to Australia - Stephen Wright

Moving to AustraliaStephen Wright

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More people than ever are choosing to move to Australia, thanks to its high salaries and strong economy.This guide will help you through the many pitfalls you’ll face while building your dream life down under. As well as a handy outline of … more

Moving to Australia
Stephen Wright