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A Passage from Afar (Collect... - Bradley J Barnes

A Passage from Afar (Collect...Bradley J Barnes

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” A Passage from Afar features a compilation of poetic pieces captured over a one year period of my life. The setting is Australia. This book will take you through the story of one person’s life and one person’s perspective. The poems compi… more

A Passage from Afar (Collected Verse)
Bradley J Barnes
AuthorHouse , English
Psychic Investigator - Louise Maria

Psychic InvestigatorLouise Maria

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This story will take you from the leafy lanes of Kent, into the affluent area of Bloomsbury,and ultimately as far away as Australia.. Feel the adrenalin rush as the suspense begins to build and thoughts veer from certainty and reassurance t… more

Psychic Investigator
Louise Maria
Penal Culture and Hyperincar... - Eileen Baldry, David Brown, ...

Penal Culture and Hyperincar...Eileen Baldry, David Brown, ...

Using penal culture as a conceptual and theoretical vehicle, and Australia as a case study, this book analyses international developments in penality and imprisonment. Authored by some of Australia’s leading penal theorists, the book consid… more

Penal Culture and Hyperincarceration (Advances in Criminology)
Eileen Baldry, David Brown, Mark Brown, Melanie Schwartz and Alex Steel Chris Cunneen
Ashgate , English
Strange Constellations: A Hi... - Russell Blackford, Van Ikin,...

Strange Constellations: A Hi...Russell Blackford, Van Ikin,...

Australia has long been thought of by Europeans as an exotic and mysterious land. During the nineteenth century, it was envisioned much as the moon and Mars are today: a distant and uncharted place with hidden possibilities for explorations… more

Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy)
Russell Blackford, Van Ikin, Sean McMullen
Praeger , English
Shark!: Killer Tales from th... - Robert Reid

Shark!: Killer Tales from th...Robert Reid

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Personal accounts of encounters with sharks from shark hunters, divers, biologists, and everyday swimmers who meet up with sharks either deliberately or by accidentFamous shark hunters and other adventurers speak for the first time about th… more

Shark!: Killer Tales from the Dangerous Depths
Robert Reid
Allen & Unwin , English
Your Marketing Sucks and You... - Mal Emery

Your Marketing Sucks and You...Mal Emery

Your Marketing Sucks and You Know It” by Australia’s ‘Millionaire Maker’, Mal Emery, is absolutely for you if your answer is YES to any of the following questions:1. Have you ever wondered why your advertising and marketing never seems to … more

Your Marketing Sucks and You Know It (Exposed)
Mal Emery
Fast World Publishing , English
Intimate Secrets: 10 (Touche... - Emily Jane Trent

Intimate Secrets: 10 (Touche...Emily Jane Trent

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Natalie keeps a secret from Tanner.Irrational fears haunt her.“Sensual urges that were so much a part of her…she was unable to separate from them…blossomed within the loving confines of her marriage. It made her wonder if she was differ… more

Intimate Secrets: 10 (Touched By You)
Emily Jane Trent
Camden Lee Press, LLC , English
Out on the Never Never (Arou... - Jan Hawkins

Out on the Never Never (Arou...Jan Hawkins

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Two Grannies, Two Dogs and a Bitch Box. A rollicking great adventure of a lifetime travelling across the Australian continent.Join our Grannies as they tour across the Nullabor and travel through the Outback of Australia having an adventur… more

Out on the Never Never (Around the Campfire)
Jan Hawkins
Jan Hawkins , English
I Just Want You To Be Happy:... - Professor Leanne Rowe, Profe...

I Just Want You To Be Happy:...Professor Leanne Rowe, Profe...

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One of the most challenging and problematic issues facing Australia today is the increasing rate of youth depression and the high suicide rates of our young people. When most parents only want their teenagers to be happy, it is distressing … more

I Just Want You To Be Happy: Preventing and Tackling Teenage Depression
Professor Leanne Rowe, Professor David Bennett, Professor Bruce Tongue
Allen & Unwin , English
The Big End of Town: Big Bus... - Grant Fleming

The Big End of Town: Big Bus...Grant Fleming

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Tracing the evolution of large business enterprises in Australia, from the giants of the nineteenth century to the contemporary leaders, this study delves into why the market leaders became the major players. It examines the crucial element… more

The Big End of Town: Big Business and Corporate Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia
Grant Fleming
Cambridge University Press , English
Diseases of Vegetable Crops ... -

Diseases of Vegetable Crops ...

Diseases of Vegetable Crops in Australia provides a diagnostic guide and a key reference for diseases affecting vegetable crops in Australia. This is an extensively revised and expanded edition of a previous publication that was a standard … more

Diseases of Vegetable Crops in Australia (Landlinks Press)
Hello Soldier - Edward Dyson

Hello SoldierEdward Dyson

AUSTRALIA, my native land, A stirring whisper in your ear— ”Tis time for you to understand Your rating now is A1, dear. You”ve done some rousing things of late. That lift you from the simple state In which you chose to vegetate.”

Hello Soldier
Edward Dyson
Artist to the Core -

Artist to the Core

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A collection of 12 regarded fine artists from Australia. Their work has been acclaimed world wide and yet their soul is always home in their heart.

Artist to the Core
Soc Hedditch , English
The Classic Works of Ernest Favenc - Ernest Favenc

The Classic Works of Ernest FavencErnest Favenc

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The Explorers of Australia and their Life-workThe History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888

The Classic Works of Ernest Favenc
Ernest Favenc
The Swiss Family Robinson or... - Johann David Wyss

The Swiss Family Robinson or...Johann David Wyss

When a boat travelling to Australia hits a reef and is destroyed, only one family survives. Shipwrecked on an island, and with no sign of rescue, the Robinsons are forced to use whatever means possible to stay alive.Through their struggles,… more

The Swiss Family Robinson or, Adventures on a Desert Island (ILLUSTRATED)
Johann David Wyss
Demented Mothers - Christine Gardner

Demented MothersChristine Gardner

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A Thesis on Infanticide and Child Murder in Australia in the Early 20th Century.

Demented Mothers
Christine Gardner
Christine Gardner , English
Spiralling Out of the Shadow... - Michelle Dennis Evans

Spiralling Out of the Shadow...Michelle Dennis Evans

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With her security tied up in great friendships, life for Tabbie was a breeze… until her best friend moved interstate. That’s when the exposing reality hit her. Who was she without her best friend? Forced to stand on her own, Tabbie finds a… more

Spiralling Out of the Shadow (The Spiralling Trilogy)
Michelle Dennis Evans
Lilly Pilly Press , English
Aboriginal Dreams - Erica B.  Johnson

Aboriginal DreamsErica B. Johnson

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Aboriginal Dreams is one author’s attempt to explain the unexplainable, by describing her recurrent dreams from childhood. These dreams took her to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, deep in the heart of Australia. Befriending an Aboriginal g… more

Aboriginal Dreams
Erica B. Johnson
Fair Work Act (Australia) - Legal literature

Fair Work Act (Australia)Legal literature

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Fair Work Act 2009Act No. 28 of 2009 as amendedThis compilation was prepared on 29 July 2011taking into account amendments up to Act No. 40 of 2011As of 15/11/2011Australia

Fair Work Act (Australia)
Legal literature
Prospekt LLC , English
Masters of Photography Vol 3... - Paul G Roberts, Wellington Heidi

Masters of Photography Vol 3...Paul G Roberts, Wellington Heidi

Australians are said to “punch above their weight” in many classes of artistic and sporting endeavour. Australia has given the film art and fashion worlds some of the biggest talents working today. In this edition we meet the top Australian… more

Masters of Photography Vol 3 Australians
Paul G Roberts, Wellington Heidi
Fashion Industry Broadcast , English