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Power of Words: Voices of Poetry - John Alexanderson, Jamie Boq...

Power of Words: Voices of PoetryJohn Alexanderson, Jamie Boq...

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Power of Words, voices of poetry is a tribute to the 2011 winners of the Poetry matters Literary Prize. The poets range from middle and high school students,adults and seniors. Their voices hail from as far away as Australia, to all regions… more

Power of Words: Voices of Poetry
John Alexanderson, Jamie Boquist, Derek Berry, Winners 2011 Poetry Matters Literary Prize, Lauren Welch, Melissa Bouganim, Vinathi Prasad, Mack Crawley, Danielle O’Brien, Neil Oste
P.R.A. Publishing , English
A Massaging Rain: Two Very E... - Sometimes Deep

A Massaging Rain: Two Very E...Sometimes Deep

Enjoy these two sizzling short stories from Australia, told in thrilling second-person point-of-view narrative. In the first, explore a rainy forest alive with parrots while strolling hand-in-hand with two companions whose secret purpose in… more

A Massaging Rain: Two Very Erotic Stories from Downunder
Sometimes Deep
Sometimes Deep , English
Anna Funder's Stasiland: Ins... - Ruth Thomas

Anna Funder's Stasiland: Ins...Ruth Thomas

Stasiland Insight Text Guide has highly visual Character Map with notes on each character and their relationships; in-depth and comprehensive background and context notes; excellent notes on genre, style and structure; a chapter-by-chapter/… more

Anna Funder’s Stasiland: Insight Text Guide
Ruth Thomas
Insight Publications , English
The Swiss Family Robinson - Richard Blandford

The Swiss Family RobinsonRichard Blandford

When a boat travelling to Australia hits a reef and is destroyed, only one family survives. Shipwrecked on an island, and with no sign of rescue, the Robinsons are forced to use whatever means possible to stay alive.Through their struggles,… more

The Swiss Family Robinson
Richard Blandford
Campfire Graphic Novels , English
Recycled Racer - Sue Osborne

Recycled RacerSue Osborne

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This short true article would be helpful for anyone interested in adopting a retired racing greyhound. It’s set in Australia but would apply anywhere. Taking home a greyhound is a bit different to the average pooch, and this story will tell… more

Recycled Racer
Sue Osborne
Thoughter - Shane Jeffery

ThoughterShane Jeffery

A CONTROVERSIAL NOVEL ABOUT LIFE ON WELFARE IN AUSTRALIA Meet David Brenner. He’s just number 37 standing in line at Australia’s welfare office, Centrelink. He’s about to hand in his forms and lie about all the jobs he’s se… more

Shane Jeffery
AMAZING KANGAROOS: A Childre... - Anita Williams

AMAZING KANGAROOS: A Childre...Anita Williams

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KANGAROOS ARE HOPPINGLIMITED TIME DISCOUNT. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Samsung, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.Have you heard of the kangaroo? It is an amazing animal from Australia. It is common in… more

AMAZING KANGAROOS: A Children’s Book About Kangaroos Facts, Figures and Pictures: (Animal Books For Kids)
Anita Williams
12Amazing.com , English
Intimate Secrets: 10 (Touche... - Emily Jane Trent

Intimate Secrets: 10 (Touche...Emily Jane Trent

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Natalie keeps a secret from Tanner.Irrational fears haunt her.“Sensual urges that were so much a part of her…she was unable to separate from them…blossomed within the loving confines of her marriage. It made her wonder if she was differ… more

Intimate Secrets: 10 (Touched By You)
Emily Jane Trent
Camden Lee Press, LLC , English
People Power: The History an... - George Williams, David Hume

People Power: The History an...George Williams, David Hume

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A full history of constitutional change in Australia, this analysis examines the nation’s referendum record and explains why referendum approvals have been so rare. Including interviews with leading proponents for constitutional change as w… more

People Power: The History and Future of the Referendum in Australia
George Williams, David Hume
University of New South Wales Press , English
How to Write Essays, Speeche... - margaret stuart

How to Write Essays, Speeche...margaret stuart

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This little gem can be found in most schools and universities throughout Australia. It teaches you a simple yet brilliant technique that can be used from school to university and in the business world. Using the one technique you can write… more

How to Write Essays, Speeches, Summaries and Reports
margaret stuart
Magic in the Outback - Elyce Peterson

Magic in the OutbackElyce Peterson

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Ally always thought that her life might be a little backwards – but upside down? Dangling helplessly, still strapped in her seat, she thought there could never be anything worse than being in a plane crash. She was wrong.

Simple, insecure … more

Magic in the Outback
Elyce Peterson
Elyce Peterson , English
becoming amanda miller - Amanda Miller

becoming amanda millerAmanda Miller

A story of my life.i loved, i lost, i live.A dramatic look into how i grew up in Australia, with a travelling family and how i continued on after losing my baby.

becoming amanda miller
Amanda Miller
The Classic Works of Ernest Favenc - Ernest Favenc

The Classic Works of Ernest FavencErnest Favenc

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The Explorers of Australia and their Life-workThe History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888

The Classic Works of Ernest Favenc
Ernest Favenc
Spiralling Out of the Shadow... - Michelle Dennis Evans

Spiralling Out of the Shadow...Michelle Dennis Evans

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With her security tied up in great friendships, life for Tabbie was a breeze… until her best friend moved interstate. That’s when the exposing reality hit her. Who was she without her best friend? Forced to stand on her own, Tabbie finds a… more

Spiralling Out of the Shadow (The Spiralling Trilogy Book 2)
Michelle Dennis Evans
Lilly Pilly Press , English
The Mermaid's Chest - Donald Wigboldy

The Mermaid's ChestDonald Wigboldy

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When Phoebe flew to visit her cousins in the States, she figured that it would be an adventure just leaving her home of Australia for the first time. She could never have guessed that when they went exploring the islands near Charleston jok… more

The Mermaid’s Chest
Donald Wigboldy
Artist to the Core -

Artist to the Core

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A collection of 12 regarded fine artists from Australia. Their work has been acclaimed world wide and yet their soul is always home in their heart.

Artist to the Core
Soc Hedditch , English
Demented Mothers - Christine Gardner

Demented MothersChristine Gardner

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A Thesis on Infanticide and Child Murder in Australia in the Early 20th Century.

Demented Mothers
Christine Gardner
Christine Gardner , English
Out on the Never Never (Arou... - Jan Hawkins

Out on the Never Never (Arou...Jan Hawkins

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Two Grannies, Two Dogs and a Bitch Box. A rollicking great adventure of a lifetime travelling across the Australian continent.Join our Grannies as they tour across the Nullabor and travel through the Outback of Australia having an adventur… more

Out on the Never Never (Around the Campfire Book 6)
Jan Hawkins
Jan Hawkins , English
Narrative of a Survey of the... - Phillip Par

Narrative of a Survey of the...Phillip Par

Excerpt from the book…”THE rapidly-increasing importance to which the English Colonies inAustralia have now arrived, rendering every subject connected with thatextensive continent of the greatest interest

Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia Performed between the years 1818 and 1822-Phillip Par
Phillip Par
Book of the Dead: Dreams - LJ Bale

Book of the Dead: DreamsLJ Bale

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Warning - This short story contains a serial killer whose use of a knife leads to graphic and violent consequences; it also contains words your mother wouldn’t like. Mature readers only!

Through her dreams someone is trying to show Prim… more

Book of the Dead: Dreams
LJ Bale
Wonderland After Dark , English