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In the Midst of It All - Tiffany L. Warren

In the Midst of It AllTiffany L. Warren

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All her life, Zenovia has struggled with the burden of caring for her schizophrenic mother, Audrey, alone. Until one day, God seems to offer support in the form of two members of a church called the Brethren of the Sacrifice, who knock at t… more

In the Midst of It All
Tiffany L. Warren
Someone Familiar - Holly Love

Someone FamiliarHolly Love

Someone FamiliarAn Erotic Short       Audrey lifted her shirt over her head, and Eric had a quick flashback to the beach, when he had last seen her naked breasts. She had been so nervous and ashamed. He gripped their perfect heft in his han… more

Someone Familiar
Holly Love
Gangbang @ The Local Sex Spot - Clara Cummings

Gangbang @ The Local Sex SpotClara Cummings

A married woman finds out about a local group sex spot, she convinces her husband to let her enjoy and become the center of a gang bang.ExcerptThe two men moved forward and Audrey felt herself being roughly pulled to her feet. She gasped as… more

Gangbang @ The Local Sex Spot
Clara Cummings
Screwing Mr. Melty: A Romant... - G.G. Andrew

Screwing Mr. Melty: A Romant...G.G. Andrew

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Warning: this story contains profanity, sex, and gratuitous descriptions of ice cream. Proceed with caution and BYOS (Bring Your Own Spoon).

Meet Jason: twentysomething caterer, bonafide slut, and hater of processed foods—especially Mr. Me… more

Screwing Mr. Melty: A Romantic Comedy (The Complete First Season)
G.G. Andrew
Lost And Found (The Coulter ... - Rachel Hanna

Lost And Found (The Coulter ...Rachel Hanna

When big-city girl Audrey wakes up on the cold, front porch of a working ranch, she’s got lots of questions. But before she can answer them, she’s greeted by three handsome brothers — cowboys — and their Ma, complete with a warm feast and a… more

Lost And Found (The Coulter Brothers Book 1)
Rachel Hanna
Pimped: An Office FemDom Novelette - Joe Brewster

Pimped: An Office FemDom NoveletteJoe Brewster

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Novella Length Adult Erotica * Kirby, too timid to approach a girl on his own, submits to the demands of workplace shrew, hard-ass Jen, in order to get close to Audrey, the office’s beautiful new-hire.Jen exploits Kirby for her own pl… more

Pimped: An Office FemDom Novelette
Joe Brewster
The Seduction of Amara - Chasta Schneider

The Seduction of AmaraChasta Schneider

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Amara dreams of him. He terrifies her but deep within her, she feels the vibration of her desire.When Amara inherited a farmhouse in Louisiana, she thought it would be nice to have a fresh start. Painfully shy, she had been sheltered afte… more

The Seduction of Amara
Chasta Schneider
Dark Star - Bethany Frenette

Dark StarBethany Frenette

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In the beginning, before the time of words and wheels and flint to make fire, there was the Old Race. They lived Beneath, and knew neither love nor malice. When humans first appeared on earth, the Old Race became fascinated with them. So th… more

Dark Star
Bethany Frenette
Disney Hyperion , English
When Lightning Flashed - Jeanne Allen

When Lightning FlashedJeanne Allen

When Lightning Flashed…a heroic tale of love, honor, and destiny across worlds. Lightning flashes…and the knight Randwulf, wounded on a battlefield, awakens from an elaborate dream about coming to the aid of a woman in a strange, future… more

When Lightning Flashed
Jeanne Allen
Double Dragon eBooks , English
In the Midst of It All - Tiffany L. Warren

In the Midst of It AllTiffany L. Warren

All her life, Zenovia has struggled with the burden of caring for her schizophrenic mother, Audrey, alone. Until one day, God seems to offer support in the form of two members of a church called the Brethren of the Sacrifice, who knock at t… more

In the Midst of It All
Tiffany L. Warren
Grand Central Publishing , English
The Beast's Mate (Forced and... - Jillian Cumming

The Beast's Mate (Forced and...Jillian Cumming

Audrey is still captor to the powerful alpha werewolf Caleb. He keeps her for himself, defeating all challengers who would take her from him. But Audrey’s presence in the pack is disruptive. Especially to Caleb’s former she-wolf, Arianna. F… more

The Beast’s Mate (Forced and Bred for the Werewolf #2) (Paranormal Monster Erotica)
Jillian Cumming
The Act Of Laughing - Patrick Walts

The Act Of LaughingPatrick Walts

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Evan Barnes and his wife Audrey have just moved into their dream home, located in the exclusive gated community of Blackwell Estates. As they begin to delve deeper into the lives of their strange and somewhat eccentric neighbors, however, d… more

The Act Of Laughing
Patrick Walts
A Squire's Tale - Erik Petersen

A Squire's TaleErik Petersen

When hometown hero Sir Rex is kidnapped from his medieval village, his young squire, Chase, decides to embark on a mission to rescue him. With the help of a former thief named Audrey, Chase must brave a treetop town, a cursed garden, terrif… more

A Squire’s Tale
Erik Petersen
Elven Press , English
The Pack: Howling Lust (Were... - Ashley Alberti

The Pack: Howling Lust (Were...Ashley Alberti

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When scientist Audrey undertakes a field study of the wolves in the nearby woods, she very quickly realizes that the objects of her study are no ordinary wolves. They can transform into lusty men in an instant and local women are lining up… more

The Pack: Howling Lust (Werewolves Gangbang Erotica)
Ashley Alberti
Ashley Alberti , English
The Story of Us; Beginnings ... - Jennie May

The Story of Us; Beginnings ...Jennie May

This is the story of an ageplay/domestic discipline relationship and how it began for two people. Audrey and David found each other when she was homeless in the alley behind his hardware store. From there they developed a love that included… more

The Story of Us; Beginnings (Spanking & Ageplay)
Jennie May
Jennie May , English
Twenty-Four Robbers (Child's... - Audrey Wood

Twenty-Four Robbers (Child's...Audrey Wood

Twenty-four robbers display their cooking talents in this retelling of the traditional skipping rhyme. In Audrey Wood’s joyful celebration of this traditional skipping rhyme, twenty-four robbers return to the same house again and again. Wha… more

Twenty-Four Robbers (Child’s Play Library)
Audrey Wood
Child’s Play, Int’l. , English
Our Babies Daddy Part 1  (Th... - Cinnamon Brown

Our Babies Daddy Part 1 (Th...Cinnamon Brown

WARNING: THIS STORY IS FOR WOMEN OVER AGE 30 ONLY!!!!!!!! You’ll never trust your girlfriends around your man after you read this story! With their biological clocks ticking, three beautiful, educated and successful African American women … more

Our Babies Daddy Part 1 (The Most Ratchet Story Ever Told): Treacherous Bitches
Cinnamon Brown
Bittersweet Hope - Ryann Jansen

Bittersweet HopeRyann Jansen

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With a hooker for a mother, seventeen-year-old Audrey Emerson is pretty sure her life can’t get any more screwed up. Until, that is, her mom is murdered and she and her sisters are put in separate foster homes. That is like, the definition … more

Bittersweet Hope
Ryann Jansen
The Audrey Green Chronicles ... - Darren Callahan

The Audrey Green Chronicles ...Darren Callahan

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The Audrey Green Chronicles” are three interlocking novels (“The Numbing of Audrey Green,” “The Search for Audrey Green,” and “The Travels of Audrey Green”) about a group of English children who discover they are connected by tunnels betwe… more

The Audrey Green Chronicles (Master Edition)
Darren Callahan
Brazilbook , English
The Sky Is Falling - H.J. Rethuan

The Sky Is FallingH.J. Rethuan

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Do you remember your final year of high school? Do you remember all the plans you had made, all the dreams you had for the future? Audrey will always remember her final year. It was the year the world ended. Audrey Little is your typical Au… more

The Sky Is Falling
H.J. Rethuan