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The Wages of Sin - Audrey Carter

The Wages of SinAudrey Carter

Without question, some of the situations I’d gotten myself in don’t paint a pretty picture of the Laura Bradley-Hutchins that I used to be. But today, I’m a different person. Besides, whatever I did in my past doesn’t make me any worse than… more

The Wages of Sin
Audrey Carter
iUniverse , English
'Those Bones are Not My Chil... - Philip  Anderson

'Those Bones are Not My Chil...Philip Anderson

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A detailed academic examination of this moving fictional response to the Atlanta child murders of the 1980s.

Those Bones are Not My Child’ Toni Cade Bambara - A Critical Analysis
Philip Anderson
Dog’s Tail Books , English
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell - Cora Maxine

Somewhere Between Heaven and HellCora Maxine

What really caused Atlanta to burn during the Civil War? Was it the Union or a pair of lovers that met somewhere between heaven and hell?A short paranormal romance around 775 words long.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Cora Maxine
The loyal spectre, or, The t... - Edward Willett

The loyal spectre, or, The t...Edward Willett

The loyal spectre, or, The true hearts of Atlanta

The loyal spectre, or, The true hearts of Atlanta
Edward Willett
The Gates of Man (Jan Cox: P... - Jan M. Cox

The Gates of Man (Jan Cox: P...Jan M. Cox

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This handbook is a privately published summary of Jan’s early talks, including drawings of his initial maps, illustrations, and glossary definitions, as compiled by his original group in Atlanta, from 1981 to 1984. This is a companion piec… more

The Gates of Man (Jan Cox: Private Discourse to an American Work Group Book 1)
Jan M. Cox
J.L.F., Inc./C.S.I. Press , English
All A Dream (The Toronto Ser... - David N. Amar

All A Dream (The Toronto Ser...David N. Amar

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Book 2 of the Toronto Trilogy:After a fairy tale romance, Karen finally pushed Sam too far. Have they broken up? Sam accepts a special assignment to work in Atlanta. While they are sorting out how they really feel about each other, new roma… more

All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)
David N. Amar
Day Trips from Atlanta: Geta... - Janice McDonald

Day Trips from Atlanta: Geta...Janice McDonald

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Rediscover the simple pleasures of a day trip with Day Trips from Atlanta. This guide is packed with hundreds of exciting things for locals and vacationers to do, see, and discover within a two-hour drive of the Atlanta metro area.

Day Trips from Atlanta: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler (Day Trips Series)
Janice McDonald
Globe Pequot Press , English
Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM) - Shane Allison

Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM)Shane Allison

When the girlfriend’s away, horny Mike will play (with other men that is.) Mike is beside himself when his girlfriend breaks up with him, so what does he do, invites his gay friend over who has had a secret crush on him. Things take a lust… more

Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM)
Shane Allison
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
Apocalypse Atlanta - David Rogers

Apocalypse AtlantaDavid Rogers

1 rating
Average wait: 108d, 8h

We’ve all seen it on the news every year. A hurricane, a tornado, a tsunami, a flood. A BAD thing happens, and all hell breaks loose. Some people are caught in the chaos or become victims, others run or maybe wait for help, most sit at hom… more

Apocalypse Atlanta
David Rogers
Dave’s World Publishing , English
More than an Elf - Stephanie Beck

More than an ElfStephanie Beck

After surviving the War Between the States, Jessica wanted nothing more than to experience adventure and pleasure. Instead, she nearly freezes to death in a cabin, and then finds herself rescued by elves from a different land. Angry and res… more

More than an Elf
Stephanie Beck
Noble Romance Publishing , English
Malik - Matilda "Tillie" Wells

MalikMatilda "Tillie" Wells

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I’m with my Fraternity Brothers at College. We study hard, we work hard and we play hard. We get the most beautiful ladies to roll with us. But, there’s one flaw. My past has come to haunt me. See, I belonged to a notorious gang with the mo… more

Matilda “Tillie” Wells
Independent , English
The Real Block Wives Of Atlanta - Sevyn McCray

The Real Block Wives Of AtlantaSevyn McCray

1 rating

What do you do when the only leg you have left to stand on belongs to someone you barely know? Find out how five women learn there really is strength in numbers. They are stronger, smarter, and wiser than they ever knew. And when it comes t… more

The Real Block Wives Of Atlanta
Sevyn McCray
SBR Publications , English
Innocent's Revenge 4 - Leo Sullivan

Innocent's Revenge 4Leo Sullivan

1 rating

In the action packed second installment of the Innocent’s Revenge series, Innocent faces seemingly insurmountable odds in his quest to find the ruthless killer known only in the streets as Ghetto Bin Laden. Bin is the gangster responsible … more

Innocent’s Revenge 4
Leo Sullivan
Sullivan Productions, LLC , English
Trash - John David Hall

TrashJohn David Hall

Coming of age story about someone who sets his sights on a seductive shadow in the rain.

The main character breaks a piece of himself as he churns through a bareback sex and meth resurgence in 1990’s Atlanta.

John David Hall
Taunted by a Killer: Men of ... - Riley McKissack

Taunted by a Killer: Men of ...Riley McKissack

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Second time romance? Or second chance at heartache? Will Cassie and Forrester have their second chance at love? If she survives the serial killer who sets fires around his victims, then she can face the fire ravaging her heart. The fire tha… more

Taunted by a Killer: Men of the Badge
Riley McKissack
Riley McKissack LLC , English
1378 Oak Street - Lovely  Whitmore

1378 Oak StreetLovely Whitmore

1 rating
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Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia in the 80’s was filled with fun, friendship and lots of adventure. Especially for me and my siblings, on Oak Street!We weren’t rich, but we learned to take what we had and have fun with it. We played restauran… more

1378 Oak Street
Lovely Whitmore


Average wait: N/A

The drama of Atlanta continues to follow the stories of each character in this 3rd edition. Nariah finally meets her match, and my very last character of the series is introduced into the story. Love, heartbreak, wild parties, fights, and s… more

Desiree , English
Pretty Fly For a White Guy #Finale - Lena Skye

Pretty Fly For a White Guy #FinaleLena Skye

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Nicole has always wanted that special fairytale ending but fairytales are not real life and in real life not all endings can be happy ones. Now with the wedding edging closer there are some BIG decisions that need to be made down in Atlanta… more

Pretty Fly For a White Guy #Finale
Lena Skye
LenaSkye Publishing , English
Chasing Eden - Ashanti White

Chasing EdenAshanti White

Reegan lost herself. The moment she grasped sight of the mysteriously handsome gentleman with the striking, cold eyes. Everything told her to avoid Jackson —to walk away, but she did not. She fell in love despite her resolve not to, ignorin… more

Chasing Eden
Ashanti White
UrbanEdge Publishing.com , English
City Knight (City Knight #1) - T.A. Webb

City Knight (City Knight #1)T.A. Webb

3 ratings
Average wait: 100d, 16h

What happens when two broken men collide?

Marcus works the streets of Atlanta, determined to keep it a safe place. An ex-cop, he buried his heart years ago. Ben works the same streets, selling himself to pay for college. The victim of a ho… more

City Knight (City Knight #1)
T.A. Webb
A Bear on Books , English