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Chasing Eden - Ashanti White

Chasing EdenAshanti White

Reegan lost herself. The moment she grasped sight of the mysteriously handsome gentleman with the striking, cold eyes. Everything told her to avoid Jackson —to walk away, but she did not. She fell in love despite her resolve not to, ignorin… more

Chasing Eden
Ashanti White
Urban Edge Publishing , English
Storming the Gates (Jan Cox:... - Jan M.  Cox

Storming the Gates (Jan Cox:...Jan M. Cox

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In this privately published exposition to The Gates of Man, members of Jan’s Atlanta group describe and expand on his early lectures and maps. Thus, this handbook provides more in-depth descriptions as well as unique insights into lessons l… more

Storming the Gates (Jan Cox: Discourse to an American Work Group Book 2)
Jan M. Cox
J.L.F., Inc./C.S.I. Press , English
Marching through the Apocalypse - David Rogers

Marching through the ApocalypseDavid Rogers

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Many things might be happening when a zombie apocalypse begins. For some of the most genre aware people in Atlanta, their survival wasn’t so much who or where they were, but rather what they were wearing when people started getting hungry.

Marching through the Apocalypse
David Rogers
Dave’s World Publishing , English
A Field Guide to The Atlanta... - John Richardson

A Field Guide to The Atlanta...John Richardson

A Field Guide to the Atlanta & St Andrews Bay Railroad (aka The Bay Line) is a small collection of information regarding this historic Northwest Florida short line. This guide is a work in progress and is an attempt to act as a central poi… more

A Field Guide to The Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Railroad
John Richardson
Power - Joy Deja King

PowerJoy Deja King

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Alex and Deion were born in the projects of Atlanta. Their mutual determination to escape their poverty stricken existence fueled a friendship that was unbreakable. But as they grew from to boys to men, the trappings of the streets introduc… more

Joy Deja King
A King Production , English
N.B.A. 2 "Never Betray Anyon... - Bo-Legs

N.B.A. 2 "Never Betray Anyon...Bo-Legs

Due to a technical court appeal, Bo-legs is finally free after serving five long years in prison. With only money, murder and revenge on his mind, he hits the mean streets of Atlanta running. Debts must be paid by anyone who had a hand in … more

N.B.A. 2 “Never Betray Anyone” (G Street Chronicles Presents)
G Street Chronicles , English
Pretty Fly For A White Guy #Trouble - Lena Skye

Pretty Fly For A White Guy #TroubleLena Skye

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A truly ADDICTIVE IR Romance, guaranteed page turner”African American Nicole and her fly white guy lover Kenneth have a huge bust up at the Summer Ball. He thinks she cheated. She thinks he cheated, and neither are in the mood to sort it a… more

Pretty Fly For A White Guy #Trouble
Lena Skye
You Got Me Fxcked Up - Anique

You Got Me Fxcked UpAnique

Meet kasey and jayden who seem to have the perfect marriage but behind closed doors that’s far from the case. Jayden being the hottest radio personality in Atlanta is also being exposed to beautiful women. This time it seems that he has mis… more

You Got Me Fxcked Up
Don Dyvas Publications , English
Cook's Choice (Somethin' Coo... - RaeLynn Blue

Cook's Choice (Somethin' Coo...RaeLynn Blue

Some scars aren?t visible on the surface. Sienna?s spent her entire life working at Maze?s tourist trap restaurant. She learned the ropes, and became the head cook. No way was she giving up her spot to some rookie hot shot from Atlanta.

Cook’s Choice (Somethin’ Cookin’ Book 2)
RaeLynn Blue
Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC , English
Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5):... - E.R. Davis

Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5):...E.R. Davis

Steamy - for readers 18 and older Paranormal Romance Serial Novel | 11,000 Words | Part 5 of 5

There’s only one substance on earth that can create a new vampire–the blood of a Chalice, a rare individual with magic in her veins. Atlant… more

Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5): Steamy Vampire/Paranormal Romance
E.R. Davis


WRITERS NOTE:: THE WHOLE BOOK HAS BEEN RELEASED ALREADY. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT>> A new wave of urban fiction writing has arrived! A collection of multiple stories, different situations, and drama that’s unheard of that touches on the ster… more

Desiree , English
Silo Saga: The Law Man (Kind... - Wilson Harp

Silo Saga: The Law Man (Kind...Wilson Harp

On the day of the event, mankind was virtually wiped out. Humanity as we knew it ceased to exist. Only those who had prepared for the day had a chance at survival. Beneath the shadows of the ruined city of Atlanta, those inside the silo bel… more

Silo Saga: The Law Man (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Hart’s Folly Book 1)
Wilson Harp
Kindle Worlds , English
Copper Cousins - Del Landis

Copper CousinsDel Landis

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Before it is too late, a Native American woman must find female cousins with partial clues to a hidden treasure because one is dying and one is being stalked by a serial killer. For four months, near modern Atlanta, the search is on for a c… more

Copper Cousins
Del Landis
Ohio Writing & Consulting , English
Heart of the Streets (1) - Chenae Glaze

Heart of the Streets (1)Chenae Glaze

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Corinne is running from the pain of her past but she can’t seem to run fast enough. Jabari thought he had it all but even with everything, something is still missing.

Follow Corinne and Jabari through the streets of Atlanta as she offers h… more

Heart of the Streets (1)
Chenae Glaze
Illustrated history of Atlanta -  Edward Young Clarke

Illustrated history of Atlanta Edward Young Clarke

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DEDICATION. To the Women of Atlanta, ever foremost in the Charities and Amenities, great and small, projected for the uplifting of Humanity, as abundantly evidenced by their labors(…)”

Illustrated history of Atlanta
Edward Young Clarke
Guide to Atlanta - Euprintpress Publishing

Guide to AtlantaEuprintpress Publishing

The bible of Atlanta includes all you need to prepare in advance and adore your city trip. It contains the most interesting sights, restaurants, shops and advises what to do when you are in Atlanta as well as some useful information about i… more

Guide to Atlanta
Euprintpress Publishing
OnCall, Escorting In Atlanta - Ceasar  Mason

OnCall, Escorting In AtlantaCeasar Mason

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OnCall Escorting In Atlanta is a gritty reality outside of the glitz and glamor of escorting; this is not a pretty woman story. Two young women from opposite sides of the track create an unlikely bond when they meet at the escort agency. Th… more

OnCall, Escorting In Atlanta
Ceasar Mason
770 Empire Publishing , English
Railroad Man - Alle Wells

Railroad ManAlle Wells

Railroad Man…A Portrait of a Man…There are no boundaries within a man’s heart…A 1930s love story that will capture your heart!

Set in the mid-twentieth century, this is the story of one man’s life, his love, his success, and his sorr… more

Railroad Man
Alle Wells
Down-Azz Chick - Mirage

Down-Azz ChickMirage

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Chyna is determined to go to college in Atlanta and do something good with her life, but the streets of Queens, NY, have different plans. She wants to be the first in her family to get a college degree, but drama is never far behind. Not on… more

Down-Azz Chick
Marlon Green Entertainment , English
Frost Moon (The Skindancer Series) - Anthony Francis

Frost Moon (The Skindancer Series)Anthony Francis

In an alternate Atlanta where magic is practiced openly, where witches sip coffee at local cafes, shapeshifters party at urban clubs, vampires rule the southern night like gangsters, and mysterious creatures command dark caverns beneath the… more

Frost Moon (The Skindancer Series)
Anthony Francis
Bell Bridge Books , English