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Family Ties (G Street Chroni... - George Sherman Hudson

Family Ties (G Street Chroni...George Sherman Hudson

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Skylar had everything a woman could hope for. She had the money, clothing, jewels and the perfect man to finance it all. She was living in the lap of luxury, until it all came crashing down after her boyfriend was murdered, during a drug de… more

Family Ties (G Street Chronicles Presents)
George Sherman Hudson
G Street Chronicles , English
The loyal spectre, or, The t... - Edward Willett

The loyal spectre, or, The t...Edward Willett

The loyal spectre, or, The true hearts of Atlanta

The loyal spectre, or, The true hearts of Atlanta
Edward Willett
OnCall, Escorting In Atlanta - Ceasar  Mason

OnCall, Escorting In AtlantaCeasar Mason

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OnCall Escorting In Atlanta is a gritty reality outside of the glitz and glamor of escorting; this is not a pretty woman story. Two young women from opposite sides of the track create an unlikely bond when they meet at the escort agency. Th… more

OnCall, Escorting In Atlanta
Ceasar Mason
770 Empire Publishing , English
Leaving Atlanta - Tayari Jones

Leaving AtlantaTayari Jones

An award-winning author makes her fiction debut with this coming-of-age story of three young black children set against the backdrop of the Atlanta child murders of 1979.

Leaving Atlanta
Tayari Jones
Grand Central Publishing , English
Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM) - Shane Allison

Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM)Shane Allison

When the girlfriend’s away, horny Mike will play (with other men that is.) Mike is beside himself when his girlfriend breaks up with him, so what does he do, invites his gay friend over who has had a secret crush on him. Things take a lust… more

Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM)
Shane Allison
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
Rhino - Siike Donnelly

RhinoSiike Donnelly

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Machiavelli “Mac” Essex is new to Atlanta, but he has a plan… deception, misdirection, and murder are all involved.In less than a week Mac must convince the cops he’s not a criminal, convince the criminals he’s not a cop, and keep both pa… more

Siike Donnelly
Exploding Bullets , English
Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5) - E.R. Davis

Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5)E.R. Davis

Steamy - for readers 18 and older Paranormal Romance Serial Novel | 11,000 Words | Part 5 of 5

There’s only one substance on earth that can create a new vampire–the blood of a Chalice, a rare individual with magic in her veins. Atlant… more

Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5)
E.R. Davis
KISS RIDE - Caroline Clemens

KISS RIDECaroline Clemens

This sweet southern story of two forty somethings meeting on an Atlanta train is based on a true story. Desire and fate combine, closing their emptiness and loneliness. Together this companionship eases the distance between them. You never … more

Caroline Clemens
Storming the Gates (Jan Cox:... - Jan M.  Cox

Storming the Gates (Jan Cox:...Jan M. Cox

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In this privately published exposition to The Gates of Man, members of Jan’s Atlanta group describe and expand on his early lectures and maps. Thus, this handbook provides more in-depth descriptions as well as unique insights into lessons l… more

Storming the Gates (Jan Cox: Discourse to an American Work Group Book 2)
Jan M. Cox
J.L.F., Inc./C.S.I. Press , English
Trash - John David Hall

TrashJohn David Hall

“Will smiled before saying ‘what is written across my face? That I have the guilt of a Catholic, the shame of a Jew, and the scruples of a whore?’”

Trash is a fictional novel which explores the underside of Atlanta’s gay night life in th… more

John David Hall
The Walking Dead #2 - Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead #2Robert Kirkman

Rick heads to Atlanta where he hopes to find his wife and son.

The Walking Dead #2
Robert Kirkman
Image Comics , English
Day Trips from Atlanta: Geta... - Janice McDonald

Day Trips from Atlanta: Geta...Janice McDonald

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Rediscover the simple pleasures of a day trip with Day Trips from Atlanta. This guide is packed with hundreds of exciting things for locals and vacationers to do, see, and discover within a two-hour drive of the Atlanta metro area.

Day Trips from Atlanta: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler (Day Trips Series)
Janice McDonald
GPP Travel , English
YEAR of LITTLE LESSON PLANS:... - Courtney Loquasto

YEAR of LITTLE LESSON PLANS:...Courtney Loquasto

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Amazon #1 Bestseller and Indie Book Award RecipientSure, we’d love to talk to our kids about interesting, relevant topics each weekday. Of course we’d love to supplement what they’re learning in school and keep them sharp in the summer. Yes… more

YEAR of LITTLE LESSON PLANS: 10 Minutes of Smart, Fun Things to Teach Your Little Ones Ages 3-8 Each Weekday
Courtney Loquasto
Railroad Man - Alle Wells

Railroad ManAlle Wells

Railroad Man…A Portrait of a Man…There are no boundaries within a man’s heart…A 1930s love story that will capture your heart!

Set in the mid-twentieth century, this is the story of one man’s life, his love, his success, and his sorr… more

Railroad Man
Alle Wells
Apocalypse Atlanta - David Rogers

Apocalypse AtlantaDavid Rogers

1 rating
Average wait: 108d, 8h

Follow-up to this book now available! http://www.amazon.com/Apocalypse-Aftermath-David-Rogers-ebook/dp/B00KKB43E8

We’ve all seen it on the news every year. A hurricane, a tornado, a tsunami, a flood. A BAD thing happens, and all hell break… more

Apocalypse Atlanta
David Rogers
Dave’s World Publishing , English
School's In-Atlanta, City of... - Susie Redfern

School's In-Atlanta, City of...Susie Redfern

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Comprehensive directory of private elementary and secondary schools in the City of Atlanta, with detailed listings of several dozen schools and basic information on all schools.

School’s In-Atlanta, City of Atlanta
Susie Redfern
Susie Redfern/ParentLink Info Services , English
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere - ZZ Packer

Drinking Coffee ElsewhereZZ Packer

Chosen by John Updike as a Today Show Book Club Pick.Already an award-winning writer, ZZ Packer now shares with us her debut, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere. Her impressive range and talent are abundantly evident: Packer dazzles with her command… more

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere
ZZ Packer
Riverhead , English
Against the Odds - J Adams

Against the OddsJ Adams

There was a quiet tenseness in the air, but as the nameless cowboy continued to work, I soon found that my fascination was divided between him and the birth of the foal. I couldn’t help noticing the way the muscles of his tanned back rippl… more

Against the Odds
J Adams
iUniverse , English
Pretty Fly For a White Guy #Finale - Lena Skye

Pretty Fly For a White Guy #FinaleLena Skye

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Nicole has always wanted that special fairytale ending but fairytales are not real life and in real life not all endings can be happy ones. Now with the wedding edging closer there are some BIG decisions that need to be made down in Atlanta… more

Pretty Fly For a White Guy #Finale
Lena Skye
LenaSkye Publishing , English
Power - Joy Deja King

PowerJoy Deja King

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Alex and Deion were born in the projects of Atlanta. Their mutual determination to escape their poverty stricken existence fueled a friendship that was unbreakable. But as they grew from to boys to men, the trappings of the streets introduc… more

Joy Deja King
A King Production , English