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The Rule of Three: How To Be... - Richárde

The Rule of Three: How To Be...Richárde

Jennifer goes from Atlanta good girl to Hollywood bad girl in the blink of an eye as she employs mind games, people using and bizarrely helpful rules to get her way. As she seeks more fame, fortune and success, she soon cannot separate her … more

The Rule of Three: How To Be Successful in Life Without Being Famous, Rich, Good Looking, Well Connected, Talented Or Nice
Three Legged Toad Press , English
Silo Saga: The Law Man (Kind... - Wilson Harp

Silo Saga: The Law Man (Kind...Wilson Harp

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On the day of the event, mankind was virtually wiped out. Humanity as we knew it ceased to exist. Only those who had prepared for the day had a chance at survival.Beneath the shadows of the ruined city of Atlanta, those inside the silo beli… more

Silo Saga: The Law Man (Kindle Worlds Novella)
Wilson Harp
Kindle Worlds , English
Chasing Eden - Ashanti White

Chasing EdenAshanti White

Reegan lost herself. The moment she grasped sight of the mysteriously handsome gentleman with the striking, cold eyes. Everything told her to avoid Jackson —to walk away, but she did not. She fell in love despite her resolve not to, ignorin… more

Chasing Eden
Ashanti White
UrbanEdge Publishing.com , English
Down-Azz Chick - Mirage

Down-Azz ChickMirage

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Chyna is determined to go to college in Atlanta and do something good with her life, but the streets of Queens, NY, have different plans. She wants to be the first in her family to get a college degree, but drama is never far behind. Not on… more

Down-Azz Chick
Marlon Green Entertainment , English
ATL Nappy Heads: A Journey I... - Travis Josh Edwards

ATL Nappy Heads: A Journey I...Travis Josh Edwards

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ATL Nappy Heads is a project that set out to subdue the curiosity of the author. It gives intimate profiles of individuals in the great city of Atlanta, GA who have locs. One will enter their lives as he reads why individuals decided to loc… more

ATL Nappy Heads: A Journey In their Own Words
Travis Josh Edwards
Xlibris , English
Frost Moon - Anthony Francis

Frost MoonAnthony Francis

In an alternate Atlanta where magic is practiced openly, where witches sip coffee at local cafes, shapeshifters party at urban clubs, vampires rule the southern night like gangsters, and mysterious creatures command dark caverns beneath the… more

Frost Moon
Anthony Francis
Bell Bridge Books , English
Against the Odds - J Adams

Against the OddsJ Adams

There was a quiet tenseness in the air, but as the nameless cowboy continued to work, I soon found that my fascination was divided between him and the birth of the foal. I couldn’t help noticing the way the muscles of his tanned back rippl… more

Against the Odds
J Adams
iUniverse , English
Day Trips from Atlanta: Geta... - Janice McDonald

Day Trips from Atlanta: Geta...Janice McDonald

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Rediscover the simple pleasures of a day trip with Day Trips from Atlanta. This guide is packed with hundreds of exciting things for locals and vacationers to do, see, and discover within a two-hour drive of the Atlanta metro area.

Day Trips from Atlanta: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler (Day Trips Series)
Janice McDonald
GPP Travel , English
The Wages of Sin - Audrey Carter

The Wages of SinAudrey Carter

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Without question, some of the situations I’d gotten myself in don’t paint a pretty picture of the Laura Bradley-Hutchins that I used to be. But today, I’m a different person. Besides, whatever I did in my past doesn’t make me any worse than… more

The Wages of Sin
Audrey Carter
iUniverse , English
The Real Block Wives Of Atlanta - Sevyn McCray

The Real Block Wives Of AtlantaSevyn McCray

1 rating

What do you do when the only leg you have left to stand on belongs to someone you barely know? Find out how five women learn there really is strength in numbers. They are stronger, smarter, and wiser than they ever knew. And when it comes t… more

The Real Block Wives Of Atlanta
Sevyn McCray
SBR Publications , English
Copper Cousins - Del Landis

Copper CousinsDel Landis

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Before it is too late, a Native American woman must find female cousins with partial clues to a hidden treasure because one is dying and one is being stalked by a serial killer. For four months, near modern Atlanta, the search is on for a c… more

Copper Cousins
Del Landis
Ohio Writing & Consulting , English
Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM) - Shane Allison

Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM)Shane Allison

When the girlfriend’s away, horny Mike will play (with other men that is.) Mike is beside himself when his girlfriend breaks up with him, so what does he do, invites his gay friend over who has had a secret crush on him. Things take a lust… more

Mike and Danielle Broke Up (MM)
Shane Allison
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
A Woman Scorned - Ericka Williams

A Woman ScornedEricka Williams

1 rating
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Meet Brielle, a woman who had been mistreated by men from birth. She thought she’d finally found the man of her dreams Dante, until she realized he was also no good. Unfortunately, Brielle snaps and gets revenge, not only on Dante but on an… more

A Woman Scorned
Ericka Williams
Life Changing Books , English
Rupert & Me: Dear Rupert - Jason Krumbine

Rupert & Me: Dear RupertJason Krumbine

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Prepare yourselves for the wit and wisdom of the one known as Rupert.In this full color special collection, Rupert shares his thoughts and advice on a multitude of topics such as:-Relationship problems-Household repairs-World dominationYou … more

Rupert & Me: Dear Rupert
Jason Krumbine
One Stray Word , English
Guide to Atlanta - Euprintpress Publishing

Guide to AtlantaEuprintpress Publishing

The bible of Atlanta includes all you need to prepare in advance and adore your city trip. It contains the most interesting sights, restaurants, shops and advises what to do when you are in Atlanta as well as some useful information about i… more

Guide to Atlanta
Euprintpress Publishing
2012/13 Atlanta Restaurants ... - Zagat Survey

2012/13 Atlanta Restaurants ...Zagat Survey

Whether you’re looking for fine dining or a quick bite, this insider’s pocket guide takes you to the best places to eat in Atlanta, its outlying areas and Savannah. You’ll find trusted ratings and reviews for hundreds of restaurants based o… more

2012/13 Atlanta Restaurants (ZAGAT Pocket Guides)
Zagat Survey
Zagat Survey , English
Rhino - Siike Donnelly

RhinoSiike Donnelly

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Machiavelli “Mac” Essex is new to Atlanta, but he has a plan… deception, misdirection, and murder are all involved.In less than a week Mac must convince the cops he’s not a criminal, convince the criminals he’s not a cop, and keep both pa… more

Siike Donnelly
Exploding Bullets , English
Illustrated history of Atlanta -  Edward Young Clarke

Illustrated history of Atlanta Edward Young Clarke

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DEDICATION. To the Women of Atlanta, ever foremost in the Charities and Amenities, great and small, projected for the uplifting of Humanity, as abundantly evidenced by their labors(…)”

Illustrated history of Atlanta
Edward Young Clarke
Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell - Cora Maxine

Somewhere Between Heaven and HellCora Maxine

What really caused Atlanta to burn during the Civil War? Was it the Union or a pair of lovers that met somewhere between heaven and hell?A short paranormal romance around 775 words long.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Cora Maxine
KISS RIDE - Caroline Clemens

KISS RIDECaroline Clemens

This sweet southern story of two forty somethings meeting on an Atlanta train is based on a true story. Desire and fate combine, closing their emptiness and loneliness. Together this companionship eases the distance between them. You never … more

Caroline Clemens