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Down-Azz Chick - Mirage

Down-Azz ChickMirage

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Chyna is determined to go to college in Atlanta and do something good with her life, but the streets of Queens, NY, have different plans. She wants to be the first in her family to get a college degree, but drama is never far behind. Not on… more

Down-Azz Chick
Marlon Green Entertainment , English
Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5) - E.R. Davis

Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5)E.R. Davis

Steamy - for readers 18 and older Paranormal Romance Serial Novel | 11,000 Words | Part 5 of 5

There’s only one substance on earth that can create a new vampire–the blood of a Chalice, a rare individual with magic in her veins. Atlant… more

Chalice Blood: CREATOR (#5)
E.R. Davis
The Gates of Man (Jan Cox: P... - Jan M. Cox

The Gates of Man (Jan Cox: P...Jan M. Cox

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This handbook is a privately published summary of Jan’s early talks, including drawings of his initial maps, illustrations, and glossary definitions, as compiled by his original group in Atlanta, from 1981 to 1984. This is a companion piec… more

The Gates of Man (Jan Cox: Private Discourse to an American Work Group Book 1)
Jan M. Cox
J.L.F., Inc./C.S.I. Press , English
Chasing Eden - Ashanti White

Chasing EdenAshanti White

Reegan lost herself. The moment she grasped sight of the mysteriously handsome gentleman with the striking, cold eyes. Everything told her to avoid Jackson —to walk away, but she did not. She fell in love despite her resolve not to, ignorin… more

Chasing Eden
Ashanti White
Urban Edge Publishing , English
The Walking Dead #2 - Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead #2Robert Kirkman

Rick heads to Atlanta where he hopes to find his wife and son.

The Walking Dead #2
Robert Kirkman
Image Comics , English
Pretty Fly For a White Guy #Finale - Lena Skye

Pretty Fly For a White Guy #FinaleLena Skye

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Nicole has always wanted that special fairytale ending but fairytales are not real life and in real life not all endings can be happy ones. Now with the wedding edging closer there are some BIG decisions that need to be made down in Atlanta… more

Pretty Fly For a White Guy #Finale
Lena Skye
LenaSkye Publishing , English
School's In-Atlanta, City of... - Susie Redfern

School's In-Atlanta, City of...Susie Redfern

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Comprehensive directory of private elementary and secondary schools in the City of Atlanta, with detailed listings of several dozen schools and basic information on all schools.

School’s In-Atlanta, City of Atlanta
Susie Redfern
Susie Redfern/ParentLink Info Services , English
KISS RIDE - Caroline Clemens

KISS RIDECaroline Clemens

This sweet southern story of two forty somethings meeting on an Atlanta train is based on a true story. Desire and fate combine, closing their emptiness and loneliness. Together this companionship eases the distance between them. You never … more

Caroline Clemens
Storming the Gates (Jan Cox:... - Jan M.  Cox

Storming the Gates (Jan Cox:...Jan M. Cox

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In this privately published exposition to The Gates of Man, members of Jan’s Atlanta group describe and expand on his early lectures and maps. Thus, this handbook provides more in-depth descriptions as well as unique insights into lessons l… more

Storming the Gates (Jan Cox: Discourse to an American Work Group Book 2)
Jan M. Cox
J.L.F., Inc./C.S.I. Press , English
Illustrated history of Atlanta -  Edward Young Clarke

Illustrated history of Atlanta Edward Young Clarke

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DEDICATION. To the Women of Atlanta, ever foremost in the Charities and Amenities, great and small, projected for the uplifting of Humanity, as abundantly evidenced by their labors(…)”

Illustrated history of Atlanta
Edward Young Clarke
ATL Nappy Heads: A Journey I... - Travis Josh Edwards

ATL Nappy Heads: A Journey I...Travis Josh Edwards

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ATL Nappy Heads is a project that set out to subdue the curiosity of the author. It gives intimate profiles of individuals in the great city of Atlanta, GA who have locs. One will enter their lives as he reads why individuals decided to loc… more

ATL Nappy Heads: A Journey In their Own Words
Travis Josh Edwards
Xlibris , English
Power - Joy Deja King

PowerJoy Deja King

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Alex and Deion were born in the projects of Atlanta. Their mutual determination to escape their poverty stricken existence fueled a friendship that was unbreakable. But as they grew from to boys to men, the trappings of the streets introduc… more

Joy Deja King
A King Production , English
Pretty Fly For A White Guy -... - Lena Skye

Pretty Fly For A White Guy -...Lena Skye

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Pretty Fly For A White Guy Episode II - #Revenge (Interracial Romance BWWM)Nicole, Kenneth and the gang jet back to Atlanta where they will all have to face up to the consequences of the events that went down in Vegas.However, some new face… more

Pretty Fly For A White Guy - #Revenge
Lena Skye
The loyal spectre, or, The t... - Edward Willett

The loyal spectre, or, The t...Edward Willett

The loyal spectre, or, The true hearts of Atlanta

The loyal spectre, or, The true hearts of Atlanta
Edward Willett
OnCall, Escorting In Atlanta - Ceasar  Mason

OnCall, Escorting In AtlantaCeasar Mason

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OnCall Escorting In Atlanta is a gritty reality outside of the glitz and glamor of escorting; this is not a pretty woman story. Two young women from opposite sides of the track create an unlikely bond when they meet at the escort agency. Th… more

OnCall, Escorting In Atlanta
Ceasar Mason
770 Empire Publishing , English
Taunted by a Killer: Men of ... - Riley McKissack

Taunted by a Killer: Men of ...Riley McKissack

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Second time romance? Or second chance at heartache? Will Cassie and Forrester have their second chance at love? If she survives the serial killer who sets fires around his victims, then she can face the fire ravaging her heart. The fire tha… more

Taunted by a Killer: Men of the Badge
Riley McKissack
Riley McKissack LLC , English
Leaving Atlanta - Tayari Jones

Leaving AtlantaTayari Jones

An award-winning author makes her fiction debut with this coming-of-age story of three young black children set against the backdrop of the Atlanta child murders of 1979.

Leaving Atlanta
Tayari Jones
Grand Central Publishing , English


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The drama of Atlanta continues to follow the stories of each character in this 3rd edition. Nariah finally meets her match, and my very last character of the series is introduced into the story. Love, heartbreak, wild parties, fights, and s… more

Desiree , English
Deacons Wives' Love Journal 2 - Hattie Bethan-Yaad

Deacons Wives' Love Journal 2Hattie Bethan-Yaad

MATURE AUDIENCE: sexual content (57+ scenes or conversations)Setting: Atlanta, US city in the South with church, coffee shop, and bedroom scenesReligion mentioned for contextReality fictionTRILOGY BOOK 2: In Book 1, two Atlanta women journa… more

Deacons Wives’ Love Journal 2
Hattie Bethan-Yaad
MagdalenDocs , English
'Those Bones are Not My Chil... - Philip  Anderson

'Those Bones are Not My Chil...Philip Anderson

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A detailed academic examination of this moving fictional response to the Atlanta child murders of the 1980s.

Those Bones are Not My Child’ Toni Cade Bambara - A Critical Analysis
Philip Anderson
Dog’s Tail Books , English