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The High School Athlete's Gu... - College Bound Sports

The High School Athlete's Gu...College Bound Sports

This is a guide for high school athletes who wish to leverage their talent to get into the best possible college of their choice. In addition to ranking schools according to value, academics, best housing, and even “hot and trendy,” the boo… more

The High School Athlete’s Guide to College Sports: How to Market Yourself to the School of Your Dreams
College Bound Sports
Taylor Trade Publishing , English
Gay Stories from Church and ... - John Edward Hicks

Gay Stories from Church and ...John Edward Hicks

— a Catholic boy’s education leads to thrilling lessons down the road;— an athlete felled by AIDS starts a new life:The tales in Gay Stories from Church and School show the search for love and meaning in life in ways that are in turn funny,… more

Gay Stories from Church and School (Fiction)
John Edward Hicks
John Edward Hicks , English
The Heart of an Athlete: Dai... - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Heart of an Athlete: Dai...Fellowship of Christian Athletes

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Athletes have a passion for sports that makes them unique, viewing life through a competitive lens. The desire to compete and their drive for success can mean seeing friends, family, church and school as distractions. Usually the first to b… more

The Heart of an Athlete: Daily Devotions for Peak Performance
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Regal , English
TAKEN AT THE TRACK: Reluctan... - Jane Kemp

TAKEN AT THE TRACK: Reluctan...Jane Kemp

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Nina loves running, but she’s a little put out by the creepy man who seemed to watch her on her last run. So, perhaps she should never have taken the shortcut into the dark area beneath the bleachers. Before she knows it, this lovely athl… more

TAKEN AT THE TRACK: Reluctance Under the Bleachers (Taken Again)
Jane Kemp
Naughty Daydreams Press , English
How To Jump Higher: Learn To... - Victor Rourke

How To Jump Higher: Learn To...Victor Rourke

Each athlete wants to be able to add inches to their vertical leap and be able to leap over other athletes on their way to the rim. But it requires dedication and following all the proper vertical leap exercises. In many sports it is the at… more

How To Jump Higher: Learn To Increase Your Vertical Leap
Victor Rourke
Sports Hypnosis - Unlimited ... - Stephen Mycoe

Sports Hypnosis - Unlimited ...Stephen Mycoe

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Also available in Paperback.Providing powerful mental techniques and strategies Sports Hypnosis - Unlimited Sports Success shows how we all have the potential to elevate our athletic performance to the next level. You will be guided on the … more

Sports Hypnosis - Unlimited Sports Success (Sports Books)
Stephen Mycoe
Authordox Publishing , English
Athletes Volume 1 (The 7 Series) - Anthony Daniels II

Athletes Volume 1 (The 7 Series)Anthony Daniels II

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Are you a mom who sees no hope at all?Are you a dad who is stressed out over your role?Are you in the workforce? Do you ever feel appreciated for what you do?Do you want words of inspiration?Do you need spiritual nourishment? Is it possibl… more

Athletes Volume 1 (The 7 Series)
Anthony Daniels II
Anthony Daniels II , English
My Funny Sex Stories: Famous... - Wes Davidson

My Funny Sex Stories: Famous...Wes Davidson

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Men often hear the same words over and over again when trying to get in a woman’s pants. “I’m not going to sleep with you!” It is a disclaimer that most women use to prevent a man from thinking that he will get to sleep with them. Famous… more

My Funny Sex Stories: Famous Last Words
Wes Davidson
Beezy Publishers , English
The Life Stealer - Charles E. Parmele

The Life StealerCharles E. Parmele

A teenager who is considered ‘sub-nerd’ by all around him, finds a way to trade lives with the most popular athlete at his shcool. The only question: How far will he go?

The Life Stealer
Charles E. Parmele
Charles E. Parmele , English
To an Athlete Dying Young - A. E. Housman

To an Athlete Dying YoungA. E. Housman

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The famous poem To an Athlete Dying Young by A. E. Housman.

To an Athlete Dying Young
A. E. Housman
Scientific Sports Findings: ... - Brandon Olson

Scientific Sports Findings: ...Brandon Olson

For Cyclists, Runners, and any Athlete who wants to increase endurance. The methods exposed in this book are being used by athletes around the world to get incredible gains in endurance. They are able to go longer, faster, and at a lower he… more

Scientific Sports Findings: The #1 Key to Massive Endurance Gains & Super Fast Recovery
Brandon Olson
Stop Whining and Start Thriv... - Michael L. Taylor

Stop Whining and Start Thriv...Michael L. Taylor

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Hi!. My name is Michael L. Taylor and in this book I will present you with the secret you seek, for achieving the success you desire and deserve in your life.

I have written this book based on a multitude of other self-help books written b… more

Stop Whining and Start Thriving: The Fundamentals of Success Achievers
Michael L. Taylor
The Mountain - C Allen

The MountainC Allen

James has lived his life without fear. He had become a successful athlete and dynamic person with amazing support from his family and friends. His life was seemingly perfect until one horrible event tore it apart. Can he ever become who he … more

The Mountain
C Allen
Get in the Game: A Spiritual... - Tony Evans, Jonathan Evans

Get in the Game: A Spiritual...Tony Evans, Jonathan Evans

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A competitive athlete trains for one thing- the game. Having the skills and knowing how to play aren’t enough- you need to perform when it matters. Yet so many of those same athletes live in a spiritual offseason. They have faith. They know… more

Get in the Game: A Spiritual Workout For Athletes
Tony Evans, Jonathan Evans
Moody Publishers , English
Love by the Numbers - S. L. Danielson

Love by the NumbersS. L. Danielson

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Jared was the star athlete, the jock, the popular blond kid everybody liked. Scott was the academic star, the nerd, the recluse. He has a heart of gold that no one ever saw.Fate would bring them together; love would make them stay together…. more

Love by the Numbers
S. L. Danielson
Romance First Publishing , English
50 Incredibly Difficult Triv... - Jim Gratiot

50 Incredibly Difficult Triv...Jim Gratiot

Do you know who was the last person to walk on the moon? Or who was the highest-earning female athlete of the 1970s?This is a short and sweet trivia book—50 trivia questions about the groovy decade of the 1970s. And I can almost guarante… more

50 Incredibly Difficult Trivia Questions about THE SEVENTIES
Jim Gratiot
My Funny Sex Stories: When t... - Wes Davidson

My Funny Sex Stories: When t...Wes Davidson

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They say for every action there is a reaction. Thunderous banging on the headboard will cause loud banging on the front door by the police. Having rough sex in the bedroom can have its unexpected consequences. In this comical story, find… more

My Funny Sex Stories: When the Cops Come Knockin’
Wes Davidson
Beezy Publishers , English
1970s TRIVIA (TRIVIA by Todd... - Todd J. Brock

1970s TRIVIA (TRIVIA by Todd...Todd J. Brock

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Peace, man.

Do you know who was the last person to walk on the moon? Or who was the highest-earning female athlete of the 1970s?

This is a short and sweet trivia book—201 trivia questions about the groovy decade of the 1970s. And I can… more

1970s TRIVIA (TRIVIA by Todd Brock Book 2)
Todd J. Brock
Dare Diary - Amy Black

Dare DiaryAmy Black

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I was a good little girl. I was an academic over-achiever, a varsity all-star athlete, a straight-as-an-arrow all-American girl with ambition and a future that was all planned out. I had no time for friends, love and romance. Then came the … more

Dare Diary
Amy Black
The Ethics of Doping and Ant... - Verner Møller

The Ethics of Doping and Ant...Verner Møller

In this radical and provocative critique of current anti-doping policy and practice, Verner Møller argues that the fight against doping – promoted as an initiative to cleanse sport of cheats – is at heart nothing less than a battle to save … more

The Ethics of Doping and Anti-Doping: Redeeming the Soul of Sport? (Ethics and Sport)
Verner Møller
Routledge , English