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Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo)Raltia

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AI’s exist in almost a separate world from their human creators. They perceive time at a different rate, they do not sleep, with no bodies their world is entirely digital. This means that on extended stays on stations for repairs or overh… more

Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo)

6 Robots Novels (Science Fiction)Mike ARYAN

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In this ebook, Mike ARYAN writes 5 science fiction short novels. This is the first ebook of a new serial. These novels are :- G528 thoughts- Robotic- Out of time- Drones, the team and Carissa- Robots vs. DjangoHere is the beginning of one … more

6 Robots Novels (Science Fiction)
Publisher M.P.B. , English

Appreciative Inquiry Handboo...Diana Whitney, David L Coope...

Appreciative Inquiry Handbook explains in-depth what AI is and how it works, and includes stories of AI interventions and classic articles, sample project plans, interview guidelines, participant worksheets, a list of resources, a glossary… more

Appreciative Inquiry Handbook: For Leaders of Change
Diana Whitney, David L Cooperrider, Jacqueline M Stavros
Berrett-Koehler Publishers , English

The Ascendant Stars (Humanit...Michael Cobley

War erupts in the depths of space…Battle-ready factions converge above Darien, all with the same objective: to control this newly discovered planet and access the powerful weapons at its heart. Despotic Hegemony forces dominate much of kn… more

The Ascendant Stars (Humanity’s Fire)
Michael Cobley
Orbit , English

The Grasp (T.O.A.D.)Keegan Hennis

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Volume 6. When Time has passed and people return to a normal workflow, their project consumes them in a way that they didn’t think possible. This is because the project is moving into areas they never dreamed possible. They learn critical s… more

The Grasp (T.O.A.D.)
Keegan Hennis
Keegan Hennis , English

Namboya, Hunt For The Old WorldDominic Deveau

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(Revised second edition) A battled hardened corporate elite trooper will stop at nothing to find the key to the hidden old world, Earth, before his home planet’s sun dies. However, the key, a synthesized nambianoid, named Namboya, may h… more

Namboya, Hunt For The Old World
Dominic Deveau

Mobile Robot Localization an...Jose A. Castellanos, Juan D. Tardós

During the last decade, many researchers have dedicated their efforts to constructing revolutionary machines and to providing them with forms of artificial intelligence to perform some of the most hazardous, risky or monotonous tasks his… more

Mobile Robot Localization and Map Building: A Multisensor Fusion Approach
Jose A. Castellanos, Juan D. Tardós
Springer , English

Handbook of Knowledge Repres...Frank van Harmelen

Knowledge Representation, which lies at the core of Artificial Intelligence, is concerned with encoding knowledge on computers to enable systems to reason automatically. The Handbook of Knowledge Representation is an up-to-date review of tw… more

Handbook of Knowledge Representation (Foundations of Artificial Intelligence)
Frank van Harmelen
Elsevier Science , English

The Highwayman's Talisman: A...Sam London

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A drunken promise finds Carla accompanying Xander to a deserted graveyard. Together, they search for the mysterious “Highwayman’s Talisman”. But they aren’t the only ones searching for something and more questions are revealed than answers…. more

The Highwayman’s Talisman: A Novella
Sam London

A Mirrored Soul Part OneRobert Young

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A lonely scout pilot creates an Artificial Intelligence to help him handle the long months of exploration. The AI takes on a life of her own and becomes the most important person in his life.

A Mirrored Soul Part One
Robert Young

"Furin." (Lesbian Erotic Rom...Hildred Billings

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The RENAI RENSAI (Serial of Love) series is an ongoing look into one lesbian relationship over the span of decades, told in non-chronological order in novel, novella, novelette and short story formats.”FURIN.”Approximately 12,500 words.Aik… more

Furin.” (Lesbian Erotic Romance) (Ren’Ai Rensai Shorts)
Hildred Billings
Barachou Press , English

Omnipunk Anthology Volume OneElijah Stephens

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Heavy in technology and ethical inquiry, Omnipunk is inclusive of all previous sub-genres and covers scientific progress from genetics and artificial intelligence to biomechanics and bioetherics.

Omnipunk Anthology Volume One
Elijah Stephens
Liquid Heaven Productions , English

Zhao Hua Xi Shi(Little libra...Lu Xun

The book is the only essay collection to record memories of Lu Xun. He describes his various experiences in different life periods. Many stories are about children and every essay shows the social reality and folk culture and reveals Lu Xun… more

Zhao Hua Xi Shi(Little library Classic Literature Series) (Chinese Edition)
Lu Xun
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press , Chinese

Human AI (The Human AI Series)Richard HR Penn

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This is the first book in a series where a man searches for artificial intelligence. Little does he know the proof has been with him all along. Troy has come up with an idea that Computers can develop an intelligence all their own and needs… more

Human AI (The Human AI Series)
Richard HR Penn
Richard HR Penn , English

The Killing MachineMichael Tinker Pearce

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This short story was the author’s first published work of fiction in 1991. It has been presented in its original form with minimal editing.A young soldier must work with an alien. Not an extraterrestrial, but one of our own making; an Auto… more

The Killing Machine
Michael Tinker Pearce

Crystalogue one - EstablishPeter Eerden

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The AI Hussein has a few issues, the least of which is a huge object heading in his direction and threatening to destroy his pet experimental projects. Add to that a temperamental Scholarite that transmogrifies at will and the weirdness jus… more

Crystalogue one - Establish
Peter Eerden

Darkness and the Radiance of NeamhJohn Griffin

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Edmund lived through an apocalyptic outbreak of influenza that killed damn-near everyone. He performed unspeakable acts in the name of survival. He thought his ordeal was over when he died. He was wrong.

ASA is an artificial consciousness … more

Darkness and the Radiance of Neamh
John Griffin

Religion and Science, Techno...CJS Hayward

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Preface”Religion and science” issues are often conceived of as harmonizing religion with scientific findings. At least that is putting it in pleasant language; some of the Church fathers might offer a less flattering paraphrase: “a syncopha… more

Religion and Science, Technology and Faith (The Collected Works of CJS Hayward)
CJS Hayward

The Last BroadcastChristopher Ruz

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The colony ship known as the Vale has been spiralling towards Epsilon Eridani for four millennia, and Barry - the semi-sentient AI set to guard its frozen human cargo - has had a long time to question the nature of his mission. There are to… more

The Last Broadcast
Christopher Ruz
Christopher Ruz , English

A Reality Beyond Science; In...Stephen VandeCarr

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The physical sciences do not digest the notions of intention, purpose and choice well. Yet the physical realities created by intention, purpose and choice are just as concrete and real as the realities resulting from impersonal “natural” pr… more

A Reality Beyond Science; Intention, Purpose and Choice in the Cosmos
Stephen VandeCarr
booksurge , English