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Zechs - Will Bell

ZechsWill Bell

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The last of his kind this unknown being explores every corner of space with his custom made ship with it’s own artificial intelligence. This is just the First of many adventures soon to come in this introduction story to a series of short s… more

Will Bell
William Bell , English
Paranoia - Francesco Urbano

ParanoiaFrancesco Urbano

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Excerpt: “I am very efficient in everything I do. I proofread and print documents, I manage the appointment calendar, plan the activities of the production departments as well as coordinate the activities of the commercial sector. All this … more

Francesco Urbano
6 Robots Novels (Science Fic... - Mike ARYAN

6 Robots Novels (Science Fic...Mike ARYAN

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In this ebook, Mike ARYAN writes 5 science fiction short novels. This is the first ebook of a new serial. These novels are :- G528 thoughts- Robotic- Out of time- Drones, the team and Carissa- Robots vs. DjangoHere is the beginning of one … more

6 Robots Novels (Science Fiction Book 1)
Publisher M.P.B. , English
Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo) - Raltia

Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo)Raltia

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AI’s exist in almost a separate world from their human creators. They perceive time at a different rate, they do not sleep, with no bodies their world is entirely digital. This means that on extended stays on stations for repairs or overh… more

Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo)
Artificial Intelligence: A M... - Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig

Artificial Intelligence: A M...Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include anymedia, website access codes, or print supplements that may comepackaged with the bound book.Artificial Intelligence: A ModernApproach, 3e offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date… more

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3/e
Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig
Prentice Hall , English
Appreciative Inquiry Handboo... - Diana Whitney, David L Coope...

Appreciative Inquiry Handboo...Diana Whitney, David L Coope...

Appreciative Inquiry Handbook explains in-depth what AI is and how it works, and includes stories of AI interventions and classic articles, sample project plans, interview guidelines, participant worksheets, a list of resources, a glossary… more

Appreciative Inquiry Handbook: For Leaders of Change
Diana Whitney, David L Cooperrider, Jacqueline M Stavros
Berrett-Koehler Publishers , English
Minecraft Chronicles: The Ad... - R Christopher

Minecraft Chronicles: The Ad...R Christopher

Minecraft is no longer just a game. It’s alive.

What happens when the rise of artificial intelligence sets the world of Minecraft free?

A future where the human race no longer visits the world they created.

A future where not only are th… more

Minecraft Chronicles: The Adventure Begins
R Christopher
Space Yankee: Quantum Misfor... - SAW

Space Yankee: Quantum Misfor...SAW

Alex has cancer and just waiting to die. With death not coming soon enough he quickly gets bored and starts to work on various projects. Alex soon realizes that the cancer is not just killing him slowly its making him smarter. Languages … more

Space Yankee: Quantum Misfortune Book 1
SAW , English
A Reality Beyond Science; In... - Stephen VandeCarr

A Reality Beyond Science; In...Stephen VandeCarr

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The physical sciences do not digest the notions of intention, purpose and choice well. Yet the physical realities created by intention, purpose and choice are just as concrete and real as the realities resulting from impersonal “natural” pr… more

A Reality Beyond Science; Intention, Purpose and Choice in the Cosmos
Stephen VandeCarr
booksurge , English
Religion and Science, Techno... - CJS Hayward

Religion and Science, Techno...CJS Hayward

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Preface”Religion and science” issues are often conceived of as harmonizing religion with scientific findings. At least that is putting it in pleasant language; some of the Church fathers might offer a less flattering paraphrase: “a syncopha… more

Religion and Science, Technology and Faith (The Collected Works of CJS Hayward)
CJS Hayward
Paper Man - Tom Jolly

Paper ManTom Jolly

While humans and robots alike struggle to define the boundaries and rights of artificial intelligence, Clank, a jaded and sarcastic robot, encounters a new human-created AI so alien to both humans and robots that it reopens and broadens the… more

Paper Man
Tom Jolly
Fox & Raven Publishing , English
Attack Of The Drone - Evan Jacobs

Attack Of The DroneEvan Jacobs

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Ethan, Elijah and Rayer are the best of friends. At the core of this friendship is a love for RC helicopters. This is all the boys think about. They even have a name for their flying group … the Elite Fleet.

It is the summer before the b… more

Attack Of The Drone
Evan Jacobs
Ronni’s Books , English
Human AI (The Human AI Serie... - Richard HR Penn

Human AI (The Human AI Serie...Richard HR Penn

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ON SALE, SPRING 2015, for $2.99. This is the first book in a series where Troy searches for artificial intelligence. Little does he know the proof has been with him all along. Troy has come up with an idea that Computers can develop an inte… more

Human AI (The Human AI Series Book 1)
Richard HR Penn
Richard HR Penn , English
The Retro War - Dietmar Wehr

The Retro WarDietmar Wehr

The Synchronicity War is over and the Insectoid beachheads in our spiral arm have been destroyed but the aftermath of the war holds some nasty surprises for Humanity and its loyal AI allies. Somebody is messing with the human timeline. Is i… more

The Retro War
Dietmar Wehr
Dietmar Arthur Wehr , English
The Insanity of Zero - Michael Offutt

The Insanity of ZeroMichael Offutt

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When an unforeseen event brings about the end of the world, a powerful artificial intelligence is born. Its task: save humanity from extinction. To understand those it must rescue, the computer decides to assimilate human emotions. But what… more

The Insanity of Zero
Michael Offutt
Perfect Enemy - Alex Beyman

Perfect EnemyAlex Beyman

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Efficiency was the name of the game at Jeremy’s school, as with every other. Paper clothing, plastic chairs, carefully rationed synthetic meals. The entire Earth had been reorganized as an engine of production for the war effort long before… more

Perfect Enemy
Alex Beyman
The White Plague - H.D. Price

The White PlagueH.D. Price

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A series of stories connected by the theme of: ‘What if computers ever became self-aware?’ Nobody knows what will happen then.What we do know is that so far we have done a terrible job of managing our environment. The more powerful we becom… more

The White Plague
H.D. Price
Appreciative Inquiry: Change... - Jane Magruder Watkins, Berna...

Appreciative Inquiry: Change...Jane Magruder Watkins, Berna...

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Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of Appreciative Inquiry offers OD and HR professionals a user-friendly resource for discovering how they can tap into the power of the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process. An innovative proce… more

Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination (J-B O-D (Organizational Development))
Jane Magruder Watkins, Bernard J. Mohr, Ralph Kelly
Pfeiffer , English
The Last Broadcast - Christopher Ruz

The Last BroadcastChristopher Ruz

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The colony ship known as the Vale has been spiralling towards Epsilon Eridani for four millennia, and Barry - the semi-sentient AI set to guard its frozen human cargo - has had a long time to question the nature of his mission. There are to… more

The Last Broadcast
Christopher Ruz
Christopher Ruz , English
The Nambians: Hunt for the O... - Dominic Deveau

The Nambians: Hunt for the O...Dominic Deveau

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A battle hardened corporate elite trooper will stop at nothing to find the key to the hidden old world, Earth, before his home planet’s sun dies.

The Nambians: Hunt for the Old World
Dominic Deveau