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Eyes in this World - Ray Melnik

Eyes in this WorldRay Melnik

Five humans and one AI are on an extraordinary mission to unlock the secrets of the cosmos. It takes the one among them least able to experience it, to help them understand. In what might be their final chance to unlock the collective knowl… more

Eyes in this World
Ray Melnik
iUniverse , English
After Cognitivism - Karl Leidlmair

After CognitivismKarl Leidlmair

This book comprises a collection of papers dealing with the reassessment of thinking in Cognitive Science and in Philosophy today. Still dependent on basic assumptions of Cartesian philosophy, Cognitive Science took over the mistakes of cla… more

After Cognitivism
Karl Leidlmair
Springer Netherlands , English
Handbook of Knowledge Repres... - Frank van Harmelen

Handbook of Knowledge Repres...Frank van Harmelen

Knowledge Representation, which lies at the core of Artificial Intelligence, is concerned with encoding knowledge on computers to enable systems to reason automatically. The Handbook of Knowledge Representation is an up-to-date review of tw… more

Handbook of Knowledge Representation (Foundations of Artificial Intelligence)
Frank van Harmelen
Elsevier Science , English
Mathematics and the Roots of... - Vladimir Tasi'c

Mathematics and the Roots of...Vladimir Tasi'c

This is a charming and insightful contribution to an understanding of the “Science Wars” between postmodernist humanism and science, driving toward a resolution of the mutual misunderstanding that has driven the controversy. It traces the r… more

Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought
Vladimir Tasi’c
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Augmented Dreams: The Singul... - Stephen Kagan

Augmented Dreams: The Singul...Stephen Kagan

Average wait: N/A

It is the year 2048 and information has seeped into all the nooks and crannies of the world from layers of useful augmentations to vast virtual game worlds. Most people now access this web of information directly through nano built neural i… more

Augmented Dreams: The Singularity Palimpsest
Stephen Kagan
Zechs - Will Bell

ZechsWill Bell

Average wait: N/A

The last of his kind this unknown being explores every corner of space with his custom made ship with it’s own artificial intelligence. This is just the First of many adventures soon to come in this introduction story to a series of short s… more

Will Bell
William Bell , English
A Mirrored Soul Part One - Robert Young

A Mirrored Soul Part OneRobert Young

Average wait: N/A

A lonely scout pilot creates an Artificial Intelligence to help him handle the long months of exploration. The AI takes on a life of her own and becomes the most important person in his life.

A Mirrored Soul Part One
Robert Young
Quantifiers in Language and Logic - Stanley Peters, Dag Westerståhl

Quantifiers in Language and LogicStanley Peters, Dag Westerståhl

Average wait: N/A

Quantification is a topic which brings together linguistics, logic, and philosophy. Quantifiers are the essential tools with which, in language or logic, we refer to quantity of things or amount of stuff. In English they include such expres… more

Quantifiers in Language and Logic
Stanley Peters, Dag Westerståhl
Clarendon Press , English
Paranoia - Francesco Urbano

ParanoiaFrancesco Urbano

Average wait: N/A

Excerpt: “I am very efficient in everything I do. I proofread and print documents, I manage the appointment calendar, plan the activities of the production departments as well as coordinate the activities of the commercial sector. All this … more

Francesco Urbano
Little Boy Found - Mark Lord

Little Boy FoundMark Lord

Average wait: N/A

Alone in space, one little boy is a long way from home. He is the sole survivor of a damaged Kesian spaceship. The Kes believe in the power of magic to navigate the stars and are in a bitter war against a rival civilization who use the powe… more

Little Boy Found
Mark Lord
Alt Hist Press , English
Zhao Hua Xi Shi(Little libra... - Lu Xun

Zhao Hua Xi Shi(Little libra...Lu Xun

The book is the only essay collection to record memories of Lu Xun. He describes his various experiences in different life periods. Many stories are about children and every essay shows the social reality and folk culture and reveals Lu Xun… more

Zhao Hua Xi Shi(Little library Classic Literature Series) (Chinese Edition)
Lu Xun
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press , Chinese
Mask of the Overlord - Viola Grace

Mask of the OverlordViola Grace

1 rating
Average wait: 64d, 18h

When her ship’s AI forces a landing on Priznik, Hellara knows that everything around her is about to change, possibly with devastating results. She is pampered, primped and produced in a ballroom with two dozen other women, waiting for a da… more

Mask of the Overlord
Viola Grace
extasy books , English
Centuries - A. A. Attanasio

CenturiesA. A. Attanasio

Average wait: N/A

“One of the most magnificently baroque science fiction stylists of his generation, Attanasio writes books that combine robust adventures old as humanity with metaphysical, hallucinogenic mindtrips.”—The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fict… more

A. A. Attanasio
Phoenix Pick , English
Crystalogue one - Establish - Peter Eerden

Crystalogue one - EstablishPeter Eerden

Average wait: < 1h

The AI Hussein has a few issues, the least of which is a huge object heading in his direction and threatening to destroy his pet experimental projects. Add to that a temperamental Scholarite that transmogrifies at will and the weirdness jus… more

Crystalogue one - Establish
Peter Eerden
"Hatsukoi." (Lesbian Erotic ... - Hildred Billings

"Hatsukoi." (Lesbian Erotic ...Hildred Billings

Average wait: N/A

The RENAI RENSAI (Serial of Love) series is an ongoing look into one lesbian relationship over the span of decades, told in non-chronological order in novel, novella, novelette and short story formats.”HATSUKOI.”Approximately 83,500 wordsI… more

Hatsukoi.” (Lesbian Erotic Romance) (Ren’Ai Rensai Book 2)
Hildred Billings
Barachou Press , English
The Killing Machine - Michael Tinker Pearce

The Killing MachineMichael Tinker Pearce

Average wait: N/A

This short story was the author’s first published work of fiction in 1991. It has been presented in its original form with minimal editing.A young soldier must work with an alien. Not an extraterrestrial, but one of our own making; an Auto… more

The Killing Machine
Michael Tinker Pearce
Extinction Protocol - C.J. Anderson

Extinction ProtocolC.J. Anderson

In a post-apocalyptic future, an artificial intelligence will sentence all humans incapable of emotion to death. Within a military bunker are 70 survivors, possibly the last remnant of humanity, who face execution by a synthetic being.

Extinction Protocol
C.J. Anderson
6 Robots Novels (Science Fic... - Mike ARYAN

6 Robots Novels (Science Fic...Mike ARYAN

Average wait: N/A

In this ebook, Mike ARYAN writes 5 science fiction short novels. This is the first ebook of a new serial. These novels are :- G528 thoughts- Robotic- Out of time- Drones, the team and Carissa- Robots vs. DjangoHere is the beginning of one … more

6 Robots Novels (Science Fiction Book 1)
Publisher M.P.B. , English
Slant - Greg Bear

SlantGreg Bear

In the sixth decade of the twenty-first century, Earth has been transformed. Nanotechnology has been perfected, giving humans the ability to change their environment and themselves down to the cellular level. And the study of the mind has b… more

Greg Bear
Tor Books , English
Heretics: Apotheosis: Book Two - S. Andrew Swann

Heretics: Apotheosis: Book TwoS. Andrew Swann

Brand new in the action-packed Apotheosis epic Adam, an AI creation of an alien race, prepares to launch a conquest that has been centuries in the making, and if he succeeds he will rule over all humankind-over all sentient life-forms-as … more

Heretics: Apotheosis: Book Two
S. Andrew Swann
DAW , English