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A Mirrored Soul Part One - Robert Young

A Mirrored Soul Part OneRobert Young

Average wait: N/A

A lonely scout pilot creates an Artificial Intelligence to help him handle the long months of exploration. The AI takes on a life of her own and becomes the most important person in his life.

A Mirrored Soul Part One
Robert Young
Frankensteel - Robin Craig

FrankensteelRobin Craig

Average wait: N/A

Hard science fiction with strong characters and a philosophical bent: if you like gripping, engaging fiction that also makes you think, you will love this book. It is the near future, and in the conflict between advancing high technology an… more

Robin Craig
Chasm - Viola Grace

ChasmViola Grace

Average wait: 400d, 4h

Razi has been digging into the past of the Alliance for years, but now she has found the Oefric origin world she has a problem. The world is disintegrating at an alarming rate so if they are going to find the origin of this species, they ha… more

Viola Grace
eXtasybooks , English
Paradigms - Derek Paterson

ParadigmsDerek Paterson

Average wait: N/A

An offworld research station is about to be fried unless its suspicious crew can learn to trust a rogue Artificial Intelligence to protect them. Sci-Fi short story, circa 8,000 words.

Derek Paterson
Quantifiers in Language and Logic - Stanley Peters, Dag Westerståhl

Quantifiers in Language and LogicStanley Peters, Dag Westerståhl

Average wait: N/A

Quantification is a topic which brings together linguistics, logic, and philosophy. Quantifiers are the essential tools with which, in language or logic, we refer to quantity of things or amount of stuff. In English they include such expres… more

Quantifiers in Language and Logic
Stanley Peters, Dag Westerståhl
Clarendon Press , English
Stone Mind's Masters - A. R.  Aston

Stone Mind's MastersA. R. Aston

Average wait: N/A

The titular artificial intelligence guides their world ship. Aestaban woke humanity from its stasis sleep. However, once humanity learns of Stone Mind’s genetic experimentation they are appalled and strip the super computer of many responsi… more

Stone Mind’s Masters
A. R. Aston
Books to Go Now , English
Zechs - Will Bell

ZechsWill Bell

Average wait: N/A

The last of his kind this unknown being explores every corner of space with his custom made ship with it’s own artificial intelligence. This is just the First of many adventures soon to come in this introduction story to a series of short s… more

Will Bell
William Bell , English
What a hero does - Jeriho Chrono

What a hero doesJeriho Chrono

It is the near future. Computers are getting better and better. In a small room a group of computer engineers created a computer that can fool humans. Then it starts taking control. How good is it really. For how long can humans stay oblivi… more

What a hero does
Jeriho Chrono
The Ascendant Stars (Humanit... - Michael Cobley

The Ascendant Stars (Humanit...Michael Cobley

War erupts in the depths of space…Battle-ready factions converge above Darien, all with the same objective: to control this newly discovered planet and access the powerful weapons at its heart. Despotic Hegemony forces dominate much of kn… more

The Ascendant Stars (Humanity’s Fire)
Michael Cobley
Orbit , English
The Last Broadcast - Christopher Ruz

The Last BroadcastChristopher Ruz

Average wait: N/A

The colony ship known as the Vale has been spiralling towards Epsilon Eridani for four millennia, and Barry - the semi-sentient AI set to guard its frozen human cargo - has had a long time to question the nature of his mission. There are to… more

The Last Broadcast
Christopher Ruz
Christopher Ruz , English
Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo) - Raltia

Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo)Raltia

Average wait: N/A

AI’s exist in almost a separate world from their human creators. They perceive time at a different rate, they do not sleep, with no bodies their world is entirely digital. This means that on extended stays on stations for repairs or overh… more

Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo)
The Price of Free Will: The ... - Christopher Dorda

The Price of Free Will: The ...Christopher Dorda

Average wait: N/A

If sci-fi novels were music, this book would be punk. Get the guilty. Give birth to AI. Let the Singularity sort ‘em out.The world is broken and corrupt. Alistair Maxwell knows this for a fact. He has proof. Of everything. This is the story… more

The Price of Free Will: The Singularity Cometh
Christopher Dorda
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
Paper Man - Tom Jolly

Paper ManTom Jolly

Average wait: N/A

While humans and robots alike struggle to define the boundaries and rights of artificial intelligence, Clank, a jaded and sarcastic robot, encounters a new human-created AI so alien to both humans and robots that it reopens and broadens the… more

Paper Man
Tom Jolly
Fox & Raven Publishing , English
Zhao Hua Xi Shi(Little libra... - Lu Xun

Zhao Hua Xi Shi(Little libra...Lu Xun

The book is the only essay collection to record memories of Lu Xun. He describes his various experiences in different life periods. Many stories are about children and every essay shows the social reality and folk culture and reveals Lu Xun… more

Zhao Hua Xi Shi(Little library Classic Literature Series) (Chinese Edition)
Lu Xun
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press , Chinese
Hard Jack - John David Hanna

Hard JackJohn David Hanna

Average wait: N/A

Jack lives a normal life in a declining world only to be awakened after his death. Others of the dead convince him that he could have done better and may even save the world from the impending doom that claimed his life. Jack agrees to t… more

Hard Jack
John David Hanna
Book Surge , English
Namboya, Hunt For The Old World - Dominic Deveau

Namboya, Hunt For The Old WorldDominic Deveau

(Revised second edition) A battled hardened corporate elite trooper will stop at nothing to find the key to the hidden old world, Earth, before his home planet’s sun dies. However, the key, a synthesized nambianoid, named Namboya, may h… more

Namboya, Hunt For The Old World
Dominic Deveau
Centuries - A. A. Attanasio

CenturiesA. A. Attanasio

Average wait: N/A

“One of the most magnificently baroque science fiction stylists of his generation, Attanasio writes books that combine robust adventures old as humanity with metaphysical, hallucinogenic mindtrips.”—The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fict… more

A. A. Attanasio
Phoenix Pick , English


Average wait: N/A

Encounters of the 1st kind are sightings of alien presences. Encounters of the 2nd kind are physical signs of alien visitation. Encounters of the 3rd kind are first meetings/contact with alien beings. Encounters of the 4th kind are sexual… more

Ford Allen
Sizzler Editions , English
Crystalogue one - Establish - Peter Eerden

Crystalogue one - EstablishPeter Eerden

Average wait: < 1h

The AI Hussein has a few issues, the least of which is a huge object heading in his direction and threatening to destroy his pet experimental projects. Add to that a temperamental Scholarite that transmogrifies at will and the weirdness jus… more

Crystalogue one - Establish
Peter Eerden
Religion and Science, Techno... - CJS Hayward

Religion and Science, Techno...CJS Hayward

Average wait: N/A

Preface”Religion and science” issues are often conceived of as harmonizing religion with scientific findings. At least that is putting it in pleasant language; some of the Church fathers might offer a less flattering paraphrase: “a syncopha… more

Religion and Science, Technology and Faith (The Collected Works of CJS Hayward)
CJS Hayward