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Frankensteel - Robin Craig

FrankensteelRobin Craig

Average wait: N/A

Hard science fiction with strong characters and a philosophical bent: if you like gripping, engaging fiction that also makes you think, you will love this book. It is the near future, and in the conflict between advancing high technology an… more

Robin Craig
Chasm - Viola Grace

ChasmViola Grace

Average wait: 400d, 4h

Razi has been digging into the past of the Alliance for years, but now she has found the Oefric origin world she has a problem. The world is disintegrating at an alarming rate so if they are going to find the origin of this species, they ha… more

Viola Grace
eXtasybooks , English
Paradigms - Derek Paterson

ParadigmsDerek Paterson

Average wait: N/A

An offworld research station is about to be fried unless its suspicious crew can learn to trust a rogue Artificial Intelligence to protect them. Sci-Fi short story, circa 8,000 words.

Derek Paterson
The Ascendant Stars (Humanit... - Michael Cobley

The Ascendant Stars (Humanit...Michael Cobley

War erupts in the depths of space…Battle-ready factions converge above Darien, all with the same objective: to control this newly discovered planet and access the powerful weapons at its heart. Despotic Hegemony forces dominate much of kn… more

The Ascendant Stars (Humanity’s Fire)
Michael Cobley
Orbit , English
Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo) - Raltia

Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo)Raltia

Average wait: N/A

AI’s exist in almost a separate world from their human creators. They perceive time at a different rate, they do not sleep, with no bodies their world is entirely digital. This means that on extended stays on stations for repairs or overh… more

Gray Mane Tavern (Lost Cargo)
Paper Man - Tom Jolly

Paper ManTom Jolly

Average wait: N/A

While humans and robots alike struggle to define the boundaries and rights of artificial intelligence, Clank, a jaded and sarcastic robot, encounters a new human-created AI so alien to both humans and robots that it reopens and broadens the… more

Paper Man
Tom Jolly
Fox & Raven Publishing , English
Religion and Science, Techno... - CJS Hayward

Religion and Science, Techno...CJS Hayward

Average wait: N/A

Preface”Religion and science” issues are often conceived of as harmonizing religion with scientific findings. At least that is putting it in pleasant language; some of the Church fathers might offer a less flattering paraphrase: “a syncopha… more

Religion and Science, Technology and Faith (The Collected Works of CJS Hayward)
CJS Hayward
Space Yankee: Quantum Misfor... - SAW

Space Yankee: Quantum Misfor...SAW

Average wait: N/A

Alex has cancer and just waiting to die. With death not coming soon enough he quickly gets bored and starts to work on various projects. Alex soon realizes that the cancer is not just killing him slowly its making him smarter. Languages … more

Space Yankee: Quantum Misfortune Book 1
SAW , English
Omnipunk Anthology Volume One - Elijah Stephens

Omnipunk Anthology Volume OneElijah Stephens

Average wait: N/A

Heavy in technology and ethical inquiry, Omnipunk is inclusive of all previous sub-genres and covers scientific progress from genetics and artificial intelligence to biomechanics and bioetherics.

Omnipunk Anthology Volume One
Elijah Stephens
Liquid Heaven Productions , English
A Reality Beyond Science; In... - Stephen VandeCarr

A Reality Beyond Science; In...Stephen VandeCarr

Average wait: N/A

The physical sciences do not digest the notions of intention, purpose and choice well. Yet the physical realities created by intention, purpose and choice are just as concrete and real as the realities resulting from impersonal “natural” pr… more

A Reality Beyond Science; Intention, Purpose and Choice in the Cosmos
Stephen VandeCarr
booksurge , English
Nambia (The Nambians Book 1) - Dominic Deveau

Nambia (The Nambians Book 1)Dominic Deveau

Average wait: N/A

(Revised Edition) In this epic Sci-fi adventure novel, a battle hardened corporate elite trooper will stop at nothing to find the key to the hidden old world, Earth, before his home planet’s sun dies. However, the key, a synthesized nambian… more

Nambia (The Nambians Book 1)
Dominic Deveau
Eyes in this World - Ray Melnik

Eyes in this WorldRay Melnik

Five humans and one AI are on an extraordinary mission to unlock the secrets of the cosmos. It takes the one among them least able to experience it, to help them understand. In what might be their final chance to unlock the collective knowl… more

Eyes in this World
Ray Melnik
iUniverse , English
Human AI (The Human AI Serie... - Richard HR Penn

Human AI (The Human AI Serie...Richard HR Penn

Average wait: N/A

This is the first book in a series where a man searches for artificial intelligence. Little does he know the proof has been with him all along. Troy has come up with an idea that Computers can develop an intelligence all their own and needs… more

Human AI (The Human AI Series Book 1)
Richard HR Penn
Richard HR Penn , English
The Highwayman's Talisman: A... - Sam London

The Highwayman's Talisman: A...Sam London

Average wait: N/A

A drunken promise finds Carla accompanying Xander to a deserted graveyard. Together, they search for the mysterious “Highwayman’s Talisman”. But they aren’t the only ones searching for something and more questions are revealed than answers…. more

The Highwayman’s Talisman: A Novella
Sam London
After Cognitivism - Karl Leidlmair

After CognitivismKarl Leidlmair

This book comprises a collection of papers dealing with the reassessment of thinking in Cognitive Science and in Philosophy today. Still dependent on basic assumptions of Cartesian philosophy, Cognitive Science took over the mistakes of cla… more

After Cognitivism
Karl Leidlmair
Springer Netherlands , English
The White Plague - H.D. Price

The White PlagueH.D. Price

Average wait: N/A

A series of stories connected by the theme of: ‘What if computers ever became self-aware?’ Nobody knows what will happen then.What we do know is that so far we have done a terrible job of managing our environment. The more powerful we becom… more

The White Plague
H.D. Price
Handbook of Knowledge Repres... - Frank van Harmelen

Handbook of Knowledge Repres...Frank van Harmelen

Knowledge Representation, which lies at the core of Artificial Intelligence, is concerned with encoding knowledge on computers to enable systems to reason automatically. The Handbook of Knowledge Representation is an up-to-date review of tw… more

Handbook of Knowledge Representation (Foundations of Artificial Intelligence)
Frank van Harmelen
Elsevier Science , English
The Insanity of Zero - Michael Offutt

The Insanity of ZeroMichael Offutt

Average wait: N/A

When an unforeseen event brings about the end of the world, a powerful artificial intelligence is born. Its task: save humanity from extinction. To understand those it must rescue, the computer decides to assimilate human emotions. But what… more

The Insanity of Zero
Michael Offutt
The Grasp (T.O.A.D. Book 6) - Keegan Hennis

The Grasp (T.O.A.D. Book 6)Keegan Hennis

Average wait: < 1h

Volume 6. When Time has passed and people return to a normal workflow, their project consumes them in a way that they didn’t think possible. This is because the project is moving into areas they never dreamed possible. They learn critical s… more

The Grasp (T.O.A.D. Book 6)
Keegan Hennis
Keegan Hennis , English
Darkness and the Radiance of Neamh - John Griffin

Darkness and the Radiance of NeamhJohn Griffin

Average wait: N/A

Edmund lived through an apocalyptic outbreak of influenza that killed damn-near everyone. He performed unspeakable acts in the name of survival. He thought his ordeal was over when he died. He was wrong.

ASA is an artificial consciousness … more

Darkness and the Radiance of Neamh
John Griffin