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Angel Burn - L.A. Weatherly

Angel BurnL.A. Weatherly

4 ratings

Willow knows she’s different from other girls, and not just because she loves tinkering with cars. Willow has a gift. She can look into the future and know people’s dreams and hopes, their sorrows and regrets, just by touching them. She has… more

Angel Burn
L.A. Weatherly
Candlewick , English
The Art of Seeing - Your Psy... - Nathaniel

The Art of Seeing - Your Psy...Nathaniel

Clairvoyance manual, this book will teach you how to develop and use the psychic ability of clairvoyance. Learn aura view, chakra reading and psychic reading. Learn how to receive messages through clairvoyance and how to perceive spirits, g… more

The Art of Seeing - Your Psychic Intuition, Third Eye, and Clairvoyance. A Practical Manual for Learning and Improving Your Clairvoyant Abilities
A State Of Mind , English
Trial of Marriage (Second Edition) - R. Lynn Archie

Trial of Marriage (Second Edition)R. Lynn Archie

Edited Version - Second Edition

Trey Moretti has it all, dream job, loving wife Angelique, and finally a baby on the way. What he does not plan on is his past sneaking up on him. Gradually things start to unravel as Trey fight to keep hi… more

Trial of Marriage (Second Edition)
R. Lynn Archie
Indie World Publishing & Author Services , English
Destiny the Rock Star Fairy ... - Daisy Meadows

Destiny the Rock Star Fairy ...Daisy Meadows

Rock on!Destiny the Rock Star Fairy has a very important job. She helps rock stars everywhere shine! But when her magic is stolen, everything starts to go wrong. Even Rachel and Kirsty’s favorite music group, The Angels, is in trouble! Ever… more

Destiny the Rock Star Fairy (Rainbow Magic Special Edition)
Daisy Meadows
RosettaBooks , English
Big As All Hell And Half Of ... - Marlayna Glynn Brown

Big As All Hell And Half Of ...Marlayna Glynn Brown

Average wait: N/A

Marlayna Glynn Brown became an unlikely voice when she burst onto the literary scene with OVERLAY, the Next Generation prize winning memoir of her early childhood in 1970s Las Vegas. Then came CITY OF ANGELES, the author’s account of her de… more

Big As All Hell And Half Of Texas (Memoirs of Marlayna Glynn Brown Book 3)
Marlayna Glynn Brown
Bawer House Artisanal Publishing , English
Secrets - David J. Ferguson

SecretsDavid J. Ferguson

Average wait: N/A

A teenage boy wakes up injured in the middle of a desert, with a rusted hulk behind him that looks like the wreckage of an aircraft. Unable to remember who he is, he has only the woman he calls “Angel” - a soldier trapped behind enemy lines… more

David J. Ferguson
Angel Wisdom: 365 Meditation... - Terry Lynn Taylor

Angel Wisdom: 365 Meditation...Terry Lynn Taylor

Like a guardian angel whispering in your ear…’Angel Wisdom’ puts you in touch with the warmth, encouragement, and insight of your heavenly helpers every day.Some say angels- intermediaries from on high- have always been among us to

Angel Wisdom: 365 Meditations and Insights from the Heavens
Terry Lynn Taylor
HarperCollins e-books , English
Rough Sex Stories: Baby Like... - Leonna Black

Rough Sex Stories: Baby Like...Leonna Black

Angel lived in what was considered to be the nice upscale area of town. She attended the best private school in the city and her father’s money made sure that she had the best of everything. As far as her sex life was there was not much to … more

Rough Sex Stories: Baby Likes It Rough
Leonna Black
My Lady Angel - Joanna Maitland

My Lady AngelJoanna Maitland

Was Lady Angelina Penrose some grasping harpy?Or the beautiful widow longing for love that others saw? The Earl of Penrose wanted to think the worst. But when he learned otherwise, Frederick doubted he could ever make amends for their unfor… more

My Lady Angel
Joanna Maitland
Harlequin Historical , English
My Forever Charlie - Angel Truly

My Forever CharlieAngel Truly

Single mother Angel, has completely sworn off men. This does not stop Charlie, her much older and very married new neighbor who can’t keep his eyes off of her. After a chance early morning encounter, Angel finds herself under Charlie’s spel… more

My Forever Charlie
Angel Truly
Uncanny X-Force Vol. 3: Dark... - Rick Remender

Uncanny X-Force Vol. 3: Dark...Rick Remender

Collects Uncanny X-Force #8-13. The Age of Archangel! X-Force has returned from the twisted Age of Apocalypse to prevent their friend Angel from transforming into the monstrous Archangel, heir to Apocalypse. But X-Force is too late: Archan… more

Uncanny X-Force Vol. 3: Dark Angel Saga Book 1
Rick Remender
Marvel , English
Paka and the Rosebush - E. T. Weller

Paka and the RosebushE. T. Weller

Meet Paka, a happy puppy who loves playing with her best friend, Angel. The puppies play everyday until a mean rosebush appears in Paka’s yard and stops her playtime. Colorful pictures in cute anime style tell the story of Paka’s journey to… more

Paka and the Rosebush
E. T. Weller
Ensanguined (Sanguinary Book 3) - Emma L Edwards

Ensanguined (Sanguinary Book 3)Emma L Edwards

Average wait: N/A

Till death do us part.Have Ash and Angel found their happy ever after?Witnessing the death of the slayer cleared the way for the future they both wanted, the future they both needed, for without one there cannot be the other. They are the a… more

Ensanguined (Sanguinary Book 3)
Emma L Edwards
Coming Out Story - ANGEL B

Coming Out StoryANGEL B

Average wait: N/A

Hello my name is Angel, 19 years old, male and this is my coming out for everyone to read.

Coming Out Story
Angel , English
Angel: After The Fall Vol.3 - David Messina, Nick Runge, J...

Angel: After The Fall Vol.3David Messina, Nick Runge, J...

Full graphic novel, collecting issues #9-12: The main After the Fall storyline is back in the crosshairs in this 3rd volume of the series! Now that we’ve seen not only what happened after that epic, show-ending alley battle, but also experi… more

Angel: After The Fall Vol.3
David Messina, Nick Runge, Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch, Stephen Mooney
IDW Publishing , English
Uncanny X-Force Vol. 4: Dark... - Rick Remender

Uncanny X-Force Vol. 4: Dark...Rick Remender

Collects Uncanny X-Force #14-19. The Age of Archangel! X-Force has returned from the twisted Age of Apocalypse with their only hope to prevent their friend Angel from transforming into the monstrous Archangel, heir to Apocalypse. But X-For… more

Uncanny X-Force Vol. 4: Dark Angel Saga Book 2
Rick Remender
Marvel , English
Angel's Futa Cake: A Futanar... - Penelope Wilson

Angel's Futa Cake: A Futanar...Penelope Wilson

Average wait: N/A

When Madam Esmeralda decided to give my girlfriend Angel a birthday cake, I was mostly confused. She had never been particularly approving of our lesbian relationship, and insisted that the best thing for a woman was a (well-equipped) male…. more

Angel’s Futa Cake: A Futanari Erotica Story
Penelope Wilson
Romania (Around the World in... - Brandi Ratliff, Rebecca Ratliff

Romania (Around the World in...Brandi Ratliff, Rebecca Ratliff

Average wait: N/A

This is book nineteen of an eighty part series.

After her time off with her best friend, Angel, Morgan meets a gentle giant and gets more than she bargains for when she tries to break him out of his shell.

**Special Note to readersmore

Romania (Around the World in 80 Men Book 19)
Brandi Ratliff, Rebecca Ratliff
Dragon Rider (DragonMage Sag... - S.P. Platt

Dragon Rider (DragonMage Sag...S.P. Platt

Average wait: N/A

Angel was born into a Dragon Rider family. Generations of his family have been Riders. He was now to be a rider. Until the dragons he once played with tried to kill him. His world suddenly collapsed as Magic came upon him. Everyone knows t… more

Dragon Rider (DragonMage Saga Book 1)
S.P. Platt
Molly and the Grumpy Angel (... - Ellen M James

Molly and the Grumpy Angel (...Ellen M James

Average wait: N/A

This is the story of a girl who decides to go on an adventure - all by herself. Or at least that’s what she thinks. In fact, she is allocated a rather grumpy Angel for her journey; an Angel who would much rather prefer to be helping old c… more

Molly and the Grumpy Angel (THE ANGEL ADVENTURES Book 1)
Ellen M James
Ellen M James , English