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Android Love: The Saga of Or... - Azure Whittemore

Android Love: The Saga of Or...Azure Whittemore

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Von was just an android Ortesia kept reminding herself. Why was it then that he made her blush and stirred feelings that she hadn’t felt in so long. Could it be that she was falling for an android? Her job was to teach Von how to become a s… more

Android Love: The Saga of Orestia & Von
Azure Whittemore
Harvey 467 Makes a Bride - Mark Terence Chapman

Harvey 467 Makes a BrideMark Terence Chapman

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Harvey-467 is a typical 25th century android—blond, blue-eyed, and perfect in every way. Except he’s constrained by his programming. He yearns to be creative, but it’s impossible. Everything in his life is planned, deliberate, precise.One … more

Harvey 467 Makes a Bride
Mark Terence Chapman
Red Rose Publishing , English
Love That Speaks Its Name (1) - John Thompson

Love That Speaks Its Name (1)John Thompson

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This first story is about Ji Hoon that has gone to the past to help different people. The main person he is helping is Yeong. Yeong needs two things in his life. He needs a model for a photography exhibit he is going to have work displayed … more

Love That Speaks Its Name (1)
John Thompson
The Passing of The Armies - Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

The Passing of The ArmiesJoshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Amazon.com reviewIt was after being shown the film “Gettysburg” in August 1997 I first heard of Joshua Lawrence Chamnberlain and the 20 Maine. I found the film very moving, and the serious, very human and very sensitive character of Chamber… more

The Passing of The Armies
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
AMA Publication , English
Prisoner Sixty-Nine - Samantha Faulkner

Prisoner Sixty-NineSamantha Faulkner

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Who are you?’

The new Number Three.’

Who is Number One?’

You are Prisoner Sixty-Nine.’

I am not a Prisoner. I am an autonomous android! Hang on a minute…sixty-nine? Why sixty-nine?’

That was the year you were manufactured. 1969… more

Prisoner Sixty-Nine
Samantha Faulkner
Alice's Garden - Tom G. Wolfe

Alice's GardenTom G. Wolfe

A young woman who feels alone in the world has a chance meeting with an android who may have a bigger impact on her life than she thought possible.

Alice’s Garden
Tom G. Wolfe
Tom G. Wolfe , English
A Newbies Guide to Android I... - Minute Help Guides

A Newbies Guide to Android I...Minute Help Guides

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If you want to be prepared for the newest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich), then this is the guide for you.We’ve tried to make this guide simple and easy to read. Along those lines, there are plenty of illustrations and step by step … more

A Newbies Guide to Android Ice Cream Sandwich: Getting the Most Out of Android
Minute Help Guides
Minute Help Press , English
The Remaking of Sigmund Freud - Barry N. Malzberg

The Remaking of Sigmund FreudBarry N. Malzberg

O Brave New World … When man roamed freely among the planets and away to the stars, spacecraft had to carry the best advisers with them, for outside help was usually too far off to do any good in emergencies. And so the android simula… more

The Remaking of Sigmund Freud
Barry N. Malzberg
Gateway , English
Android Wife - Sally Hollister

Android WifeSally Hollister

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Imagine having an android wife made to your own specifications. She would be the perfect partner, able to carry out any domestic task superbly. And, of course, the sex would be just the way you like it.An early model is Audrey, who tells he… more

Android Wife
Sally Hollister
Android Application Testing Guide - Diego Torres Milano

Android Application Testing GuideDiego Torres Milano

Adroid Application Testing Guide is a highly detailed book which gives step-by-step examples for a great variety of real-world cases, providing professional guidelines and recommendations that will be extremely valuable for optimizing your … more

Android Application Testing Guide
Diego Torres Milano
Packt Publishing , English
Become Like a God: Science F... - McCamy Taylor

Become Like a God: Science F...McCamy Taylor

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A collection of science fiction short stories and one novella based upon myth and theology. Enkidu and Gilgamesh meet among the stars. Young Arthur encounters an alien bearing gifts. An android Joseph is sold into slavery. A Hindu deity is … more

Become Like a God: Science Fiction Stories of Myths and Deities
McCamy Taylor
Androids In The Classroom - Monica Sevilla

Androids In The ClassroomMonica Sevilla

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Androids in the 21st Century Classroom is an informative and useful book about using Android tablets and other Android devices in the classroom. This book will show teachers how to establish an Android -friendly classroom, how to develop a … more

Androids In The Classroom
Monica Sevilla
Monica Sevilla’s Books , English
Surprise! (HD Fire Edition f... - David Hamer

Surprise! (HD Fire Edition f...David Hamer

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— Fire Edition for Android —A young child waits for Grandmother who is bringing a present and wonders what it can be. This rhythmic, rhyming book, tickles your child’s imagination as you and your little one have the chance to anticipate, … more

Surprise! (HD Fire Edition for Android)
David Hamer
David Hamer , English
create android app without c... - Eslam Rabie

create android app without c...Eslam Rabie

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Gain the money from android apps in a short time learn a lot of strategies to to keep programs on the permanent use - The do and don’ts -Easy steps and tools of make android apps -Start Create your 1st App -Development Apps - Multiple Andro… more

create android app without coding and start make money in a short time: Gain the money from android apps in a short time
Eslam Rabie
solom rabie , English
Maid of Temptation - Eden Redd

Maid of TemptationEden Redd

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Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of inner most desire that knows no bounds. It crosses barriers and should be read with an open mind and a darkly passionate heart. It is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. Thi… more

Maid of Temptation
Eden Redd
Passive Income with Android - Raj Patel

Passive Income with AndroidRaj Patel

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Passive income with Android applications happens to be one of the many sought after luxuries, but what exactly is passive income? Essentially, it is the key to your financial freedom. It is something that requires work upfront, but is hands… more

Passive Income with Android
Raj Patel
Raj Patel , English
Nexus One Tips, Tricks, and ... - Glen Miller

Nexus One Tips, Tricks, and ...Glen Miller

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Learn how to get the most out of your Nexus One. The time and money you spend with this eBook will be repaid many times over as you save time and frustration with your Nexus One over the years. You don’t want to be that person who possesses… more

Nexus One Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide to Unlock the Power of your Nexus One
Glen Miller
The Cindy Chronicles: Cupcak... - Tsukasa Ito

The Cindy Chronicles: Cupcak...Tsukasa Ito

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              Part One of The Cindy ChroniclesIt is Cindy's eighteenth birthday and she plans to have some fun. Her sister gives her four-hundred credits for her birthday and she decides to spend it all on a shopping spree.However, what... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00EZR6XVO/#editorial-review">more</a>
The Cindy Chronicles: Cupcake (Lesbian Gender Swapping Erotica)
Tsukasa Ito
Second Wave (The World of Acorna) - Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth A....

Second Wave (The World of Acorna)Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth A....

It is difficult growing up in the shadow of heroes revered throughout the galaxy. But that is the lot of young Khorii—daughter of the legendary Acorna and her lifemate, Aari—who must now follow her own destiny through a fantastic universe o… more

Second Wave (The World of Acorna)
Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth A. Scarborough
HarperCollins e-books , English
Android In Application Billi... - Mark Pearce

Android In Application Billi...Mark Pearce

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This book provides a guide for Android application developers implementing the Google Play version 3 In-Application Billing Service interface. The second edition has been extended to cover the support for subscriptions that has recently bee… more

Android In Application Billing - Developing Applications Using the Version 3 Billing Implementation (Android Development Guides Book 1)
Mark Pearce
Mark Pearce , English