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Second Wave (The World of Acorna) - Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth A....

Second Wave (The World of Acorna)Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth A....

It is difficult growing up in the shadow of heroes revered throughout the galaxy. But that is the lot of young Khorii—daughter of the legendary Acorna and her lifemate, Aari—who must now follow her own destiny through a fantastic universe o… more

Second Wave (The World of Acorna)
Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth A. Scarborough
HarperCollins e-books , English
35 Famous Hindi Thoughts and... - Arvind Katoch

35 Famous Hindi Thoughts and...Arvind Katoch

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This book is about 35 best of Motivational and Life related Hindi Thoughts and Quotes which stored deep meanings in them. You will enjoy these Hindi Thoughts in the form of HD Picture Messages. English Translation is written below all thes… more

35 Famous Hindi Thoughts and Quotes (HD Picture Messages)
Arvind Katoch
Katoch Solutions , English
The Candace Experience - Sci... - H. F. March

The Candace Experience - Sci...H. F. March

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Randolph is looking for something he hasn’t experienced with normal City girls, so he goes to an android brothel, where he finds something he never would have expected.This 4,000 word short contains rough m/f robot sex.

The Candace Experience - Scifi Erotica Short
H. F. March
Where's My Water? 2 - Neuro Games

Where's My Water? 2Neuro Games

Updated January 2013

The super hit game Where’s My Water? 2 is now available for Android and Apple!

Play the most addicting game Where’s My Water? 2 today.

Rated as one of the best games ever.

If you enjoy the game then you will defi… more

Where’s My Water? 2
Neuro Games
Darwin - John Gibson

DarwinJohn Gibson

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A rogue band of humans fight the last of the large corporations on Earth. The threat is a new prototype of android developed by this evil corporation. The last remaining groups of humans after the great world war are determined to thwart th… more

John Gibson
Ame-Comi V: Supergirl #2 - Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti

Ame-Comi V: Supergirl #2Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti

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Power Girl and Supergirl fight valiantly against the invasion of Brainiac’s android army, but even their mighty powers cannot defeat the bots. When help arrives in the form of their super heroine friends, will it be enough? Or will one of t… more

Ame-Comi V: Supergirl #2
Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti
DC , English
Cats Do forgive My Forgivene... - Stefan Landauer

Cats Do forgive My Forgivene...Stefan Landauer

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eReading Edition: You have the best reading experiences on your Android phone, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Cats are vulnerable and at the same time vengeful animals. The slightest lack of attention, indifference, or any action that they t… more

Cats Do forgive My Forgiveness Coach on my Android
Stefan Landauer
The Caline Conspiracy - M.H. Mead

The Caline ConspiracyM.H. Mead

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Calines are the perfect pets. Smarter than border collies, playful as otters, elegant as cats, calines have been genetically engineered to be everything an owner could want.

And one of them might be a killer.

The world is shocked when a f… more

The Caline Conspiracy
M.H. Mead
Ion Productions , English
The Hidden Meanings (The Wor... - Brandon Hill

The Hidden Meanings (The Wor...Brandon Hill

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Jenius Starmage and Raiya Ravensong, two detectives in the Android Equality force, are ordered on the case of their lives: tracking down a rogue android who committed an impossible atrocity of high magic. Uncovering the android’s past, the … more

The Hidden Meanings (The World of Five Nations Book 1)
Brandon Hill
RoguePhoenix Press , English
Create Your First Android Ga... - Adam Hassan

Create Your First Android Ga...Adam Hassan

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This ebook shows in detail how you can create a fully functional game in Android in just seven days. The book covers the entire process step by step and has the full source code for the sample game app. It is a must for those interested in … more

Create Your First Android Game/App In Seven Days
Adam Hassan
Teleport This Trilogy - Christopher M. Daniels

Teleport This TrilogyChristopher M. Daniels

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The Teleport This Trilogy is a fast paced, science fiction adventure that centers on Simon and Gilbert, two terrestrial physicists that stumble into and across a larger universe, trying desperately to find their way back to Earth in one pie… more

Teleport This Trilogy
Christopher M. Daniels
Membrane - Daniel Swensen, Robert Mende...

MembraneDaniel Swensen, Robert Mende...

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This book is different.

First, it’s chock-full of amazing art—twenty full-color pages—and boundary-crossing, far-out fiction… like a plague of clowns, an invasion of Nazi undead, a killer nun, a dead grandmother who gives relationship … more

Daniel Swensen, Robert Mendenhall, Aaron Renfro
Dreadful Cafe , English
Free Apps for Android - Russell Lee

Free Apps for AndroidRussell Lee

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There are lots of great free apps that you can download for your Android device. This book gives you the author’s recommended choices for which free apps you should download. They are split up into 29 categories, so anything you are looking… more

Free Apps for Android
Russell Lee
Don't Step the White Tile: T... - RAM Internet Media

Don't Step the White Tile: T...RAM Internet Media

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Don’t Step the White Tile Tips & Tricks Are you a fan of the Don’t Step the White Tile game? Ready to play Don’t Step the White Tile on both iOS and Android devices? Many users are frustrated by this game, and this guide contains tips and t… more

Don’t Step the White Tile: Tips & Tricks
RAM Internet Media
RAM Internet Media , English
Android Apps for Absolute Beginners - Wallace Jackson

Android Apps for Absolute BeginnersWallace Jackson

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Anybody can start building simple apps for the Android platform, and this book will show you how! Android Apps for Absolute Beginners takes you through the process of getting your first Android applications up and running using plain Englis… more

Android Apps for Absolute Beginners
Wallace Jackson
Apress , English
First Class Science: The Ess... - Edward Thomson

First Class Science: The Ess...Edward Thomson

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The #1 Best Selling Guide For Science Students

First Class Science’ has been written by a recent first class graduate to provide you with the insider ‘know-how’ for scoring the best marks possible in the most efficient and ‘stress free’… more

First Class Science: The Essential Student Guide To Writing First Class Essays - Includes real first class essays
Edward Thomson
Ame-Comi V: Supergirl #1 - Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti

Ame-Comi V: Supergirl #1Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti

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Why has Supergirl come to Earth, and what’s the connection between her appearance and Brainiac? Power Girl better figure it out fast, because Brainiac’s android army is about to attack!

Ame-Comi V: Supergirl #1
Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti
DC , English
The Quick and the Zed (Zed S... - Joel Woodard

The Quick and the Zed (Zed S...Joel Woodard

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Zed, a former warship turned foul mouthed android is given a second chance after a disastrous battle. The only catch? This second chance involves working on a broken down garbage scow crewed by a set of perverts and misfits.It’s an unfair u… more

The Quick and the Zed (Zed Set Book 1)
Joel Woodard
Bot is Lost: The Adventures ... - Tod Ryan

Bot is Lost: The Adventures ...Tod Ryan

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Bot is a young robot who has crash landed on a strange planet, a planet much like Earth. It is a world inhabited by motorized vehicles with personalities as diverse as their vehicle type: steam trains, 18-wheelers, construction trucks, trac… more

Bot is Lost: The Adventures (and Misadventures) of Bot!
Tod Ryan
Best Android Apps - Mike Hendrickson, Brian Sawyer

Best Android AppsMike Hendrickson, Brian Sawyer

You can choose from thousands of apps to make your Android device do just about anything you can think of — and probably a few things you’d never imagine. There are so many Android apps available, in fact, that it’s been difficult to find … more

Best Android Apps
Mike Hendrickson, Brian Sawyer
O’Reilly Media , English