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Beginning Android 4 Games De... - Mario Zechner, Robert Green

Beginning Android 4 Games De...Mario Zechner, Robert Green

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Beginning Android 4 Games Development offers everything you need to join the ranks of successful Android game developers. You’ll start with game design fundamentals and programming basics, and then progress toward creating your own basic ga… more

Beginning Android 4 Games Development
Mario Zechner, Robert Green
Apress , English
A Simpler Guide to the best ... - Ceri Clark

A Simpler Guide to the best ...Ceri Clark

Finding useful apps on the marketplace can be daunting. A Simpler Guide to the best free Android Apps is not just a list of over a hundred free Android Apps but contains summaries and a rating system which helps you decide whether you want … more

A Simpler Guide to the best free Android Apps: 100+ apps to inform, entertain and organise
Ceri Clark
More Human Than Human - C. H. Raines

More Human Than HumanC. H. Raines

A woman discovers an abandoned android child and feels strangely compelled to take care of him, shortly discovering it possesses a connection to her muddled past.

More Human Than Human
C. H. Raines
The Essential Guide to Andro... - Shanzai

The Essential Guide to Andro...Shanzai

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Widgets can save you time and increase productivity and at the same time give you a practical way of personalizing your device, for that ultimate Android experience. Widgets provide information and/or tools right on your home screen. With a… more

The Essential Guide to Android Widgets (Top Ten Android Tips)
MetaPlume , English
Android Tablet Apads How to - Bill Rosoman

Android Tablet Apads How toBill Rosoman

An ebook, “Android Tablets Apad How to”, Some great Information for the use of Android Tablets. Tablets arethe device of the future.

Android Tablet Apads How to
Bill Rosoman
Bill Rosoman , English
The Candace Experience - Sci... - H. F. March

The Candace Experience - Sci...H. F. March

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Randolph is looking for something he hasn’t experienced with normal City girls, so he goes to an android brothel, where he finds something he never would have expected.This 4,000 word short contains rough m/f robot sex.

The Candace Experience - Scifi Erotica Short
H. F. March
Despicable Me: Minion Rush - Neuro Games

Despicable Me: Minion RushNeuro Games

Updated January 2013

The super hit game Despicable Me: Minion Rush is now available for Android and Apple!

Play the most addicting game Despicable Me: Minion Rush today.

Rated as one of the best games ever.

If you enjoy the game th… more

Despicable Me: Minion Rush
Neuro Games
Cats Do forgive My Forgivene... - Stefan Landauer

Cats Do forgive My Forgivene...Stefan Landauer

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eReading Edition: You have the best reading experiences on your Android phone, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Cats are vulnerable and at the same time vengeful animals. The slightest lack of attention, indifference, or any action that they t… more

Cats Do forgive My Forgiveness Coach on my Android
Stefan Landauer
Androids In The Classroom - Monica Sevilla

Androids In The ClassroomMonica Sevilla

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Androids in the 21st Century Classroom is an informative and useful book about using Android tablets and other Android devices in the classroom. This book will show teachers how to establish an Android -friendly classroom, how to develop a … more

Androids In The Classroom
Monica Sevilla
Monica Sevilla’s Books , English
Where's My Water? 2 - Neuro Games

Where's My Water? 2Neuro Games

Updated January 2013

The super hit game Where’s My Water? 2 is now available for Android and Apple!

Play the most addicting game Where’s My Water? 2 today.

Rated as one of the best games ever.

If you enjoy the game then you will defi… more

Where’s My Water? 2
Neuro Games
Don't Step the White Tile: T... - RAM Internet Media

Don't Step the White Tile: T...RAM Internet Media

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Don’t Step the White Tile Tips & Tricks Are you a fan of the Don’t Step the White Tile game? Ready to play Don’t Step the White Tile on both iOS and Android devices? Many users are frustrated by this game, and this guide contains tips and t… more

Don’t Step the White Tile: Tips & Tricks
RAM Internet Media
RAM Internet Media , English
Doodle Jump - Neuro Games

Doodle JumpNeuro Games

Updated January 2013

The super hit game Doodle Jump is now available for Android and Apple!

Play the most addicting game Doodle Jump today.

Rated as one of the best games ever.

If you enjoy the game then you will definitely enjoy hav… more

Doodle Jump
Neuro Games
First Class Science: The Ess... - Edward Thomson

First Class Science: The Ess...Edward Thomson

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The #1 Best Selling Guide For Science Students

First Class Science’ has been written by a recent first class graduate to provide you with the insider ‘know-how’ for scoring the best marks possible in the most efficient and ‘stress free’… more

First Class Science: The Essential Student Guide To Writing First Class Essays - Includes real first class essays
Edward Thomson
Glitch - N.M. Lombardi

GlitchN.M. Lombardi

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Responsible for reconditioning used androids for resale, Marguerite unexpectedly finds herself shepherd over Gabriel, a synthetic who’s suffered a lifetime of experimental abuse at the hands of a sadistic owner. Now she must address his ps… more

N.M. Lombardi
Idrambol Press , English
Android In Application Billi... - Mark Pearce

Android In Application Billi...Mark Pearce

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This book provides a guide for Android application developers implementing the Google Play version 3 In-Application Billing Service interface. The second edition has been extended to cover the support for subscriptions that has recently bee… more

Android In Application Billing - Developing Applications Using the Version 3 Billing Implementation (Android Development Guides)
Mark Pearce
Mark Pearce , English
The Quick and the Zed (Zed S... - Joel Woodard

The Quick and the Zed (Zed S...Joel Woodard

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Zed, a former warship turned foul mouthed android is given a second chance after a disastrous battle. The only catch? This second chance involves working on a broken down garbage scow crewed by a set of perverts and misfits.It’s an unfair u… more

The Quick and the Zed (Zed Set Book 1)
Joel Woodard
Drifting - Matthew Drury, Dave Cook

DriftingMatthew Drury, Dave Cook

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What is an android’s dream?”The Fury. An ancient force so vast and illusive that most believe it to be a fairy tale of space. Hibernating for billions of years, it is something that has returned countless times…Luna, an android, is the s… more

Matthew Drury, Dave Cook
Third Moon , English
Teleport This Trilogy - Christopher M. Daniels

Teleport This TrilogyChristopher M. Daniels

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The Teleport This Trilogy is a fast paced, science fiction comedy adventure that centers on Simon and Gilbert, two terrestrial physicists that stumble into and across a larger universe, trying desperately to find their way back to Earth in … more

Teleport This Trilogy
Christopher M. Daniels
The Skull Game (the Belle St... - Katina French

The Skull Game (the Belle St...Katina French

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She’s brave, crazy, dangerous… and your best shot at crossing the galaxy alive. An encounter with an android and an orphan has left Shaen unsettled. She’s the best coyote pilot in the galaxy, but the future for all coyote pilots is madness … more

The Skull Game (the Belle Starr chronicles Book 2)
Katina French
Gridlinked (Agent Cormac 1) - Neal Asher

Gridlinked (Agent Cormac 1)Neal Asher

In outer space you can never feel sure that your adversary is altogether human. The runcible buffers on Samarkand have been mysteriously sabotaged, killing many thousands and destroying a terraforming project. Agent Cormac must reach it by … more

Gridlinked (Agent Cormac 1)
Neal Asher
Tor , English