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2312: Rendezvous with Tetra - B.W. Berry

2312: Rendezvous with TetraB.W. Berry

A star explodes, a mysterious object is discovered, and a crew is dispatched: two androids and a hybrid biologic android. Their prophetic adventure leads inexorably to a Rendezvous with Tetra.

2312: Rendezvous with Tetra
B.W. Berry
Trafford Publishing , English
Bot is Lost: The Adventures ... - Tod Ryan

Bot is Lost: The Adventures ...Tod Ryan

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Bot is a young robot who has crash landed on a strange planet, a planet much like Earth. It is a world inhabited by motorized vehicles with personalities as diverse as their vehicle type: steam trains, 18-wheelers, construction trucks, trac… more

Bot is Lost: The Adventures (and Misadventures) of Bot!
Tod Ryan
The Hidden Meanings (The Wor... - Brandon Hill

The Hidden Meanings (The Wor...Brandon Hill

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Jenius Starmage and Raiya Ravensong, two detectives in the Android Equality force, are ordered on the case of their lives: tracking down a rogue android who committed an impossible atrocity of high magic. Uncovering the android’s past, the … more

The Hidden Meanings (The World of Five Nations)
Brandon Hill
RoguePhoenix Press , English
Beginning Android 4 Games De... - Mario Zechner, Robert Green

Beginning Android 4 Games De...Mario Zechner, Robert Green

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Beginning Android 4 Games Development offers everything you need to join the ranks of successful Android game developers. You’ll start with game design fundamentals and programming basics, and then progress toward creating your own basic ga… more

Beginning Android 4 Games Development
Mario Zechner, Robert Green
Apress , English
The Best Little Book On Comi... - Eddie Kim

The Best Little Book On Comi...Eddie Kim

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This guide is a customized set of articles from “The Best Book On Marketing Your Android App”. Check it out if you want the complete insider’s scoop on Android app marketing

The Best Little Book On Coming Up With Android App Ideas
Eddie Kim
Hyperink , English
The Underspace War: Volume 1... - Velerion Damarke

The Underspace War: Volume 1...Velerion Damarke

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Judas is one of the test pilots sent out among the stars, utilizing Underspace, which is like a parallel form of reality where the speed limitations the laws of physics in our universe impose on us can be bent if not broken entirely. Judas … more

The Underspace War: Volume 1 - The Judas Effect
Velerion Damarke
The Passing of The Armies - Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

The Passing of The ArmiesJoshua Lawrence Chamberlain

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Amazon.com reviewIt was after being shown the film “Gettysburg” in August 1997 I first heard of Joshua Lawrence Chamnberlain and the 20 Maine. I found the film very moving, and the serious, very human and very sensitive character of Chamber… more

The Passing of The Armies
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
AMA Publication , English
A Simpler Guide to the best ... - Ceri Clark

A Simpler Guide to the best ...Ceri Clark

Finding useful apps on the marketplace can be daunting. A Simpler Guide to the best free Android Apps is not just a list of over a hundred free Android Apps but contains summaries and a rating system which helps you decide whether you want … more

A Simpler Guide to the best free Android Apps: 100+ apps to inform, entertain and organise
Ceri Clark
More Human Than Human - C. H. Raines

More Human Than HumanC. H. Raines

A woman discovers an abandoned android child and feels strangely compelled to take care of him, shortly discovering it possesses a connection to her muddled past.

More Human Than Human
C. H. Raines
A Newbies Guide to Android I... - Minute Help Guides

A Newbies Guide to Android I...Minute Help Guides

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If you want to be prepared for the newest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich), then this is the guide for you.We’ve tried to make this guide simple and easy to read. Along those lines, there are plenty of illustrations and step by step … more

A Newbies Guide to Android Ice Cream Sandwich: Getting the Most Out of Android
Minute Help Guides
Minute Help Press , English
The Essential Guide to Andro... - Shanzai

The Essential Guide to Andro...Shanzai

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Widgets can save you time and increase productivity and at the same time give you a practical way of personalizing your device, for that ultimate Android experience. Widgets provide information and/or tools right on your home screen. With a… more

The Essential Guide to Android Widgets (Top Ten Android Tips)
MetaPlume , English
Runtime - Zahid  Zaman

RuntimeZahid Zaman

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When an android thinks it is alive and sentient, how will it react when its time for its termination.

Zahid Zaman
Nexus One Tips, Tricks, and ... - Glen Miller

Nexus One Tips, Tricks, and ...Glen Miller

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Learn how to get the most out of your Nexus One. The time and money you spend with this eBook will be repaid many times over as you save time and frustration with your Nexus One over the years. You don’t want to be that person who possesses… more

Nexus One Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide to Unlock the Power of your Nexus One
Glen Miller
Prisoner Sixty-Nine - Samantha Faulkner

Prisoner Sixty-NineSamantha Faulkner

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Who are you?’

The new Number Three.’

Who is Number One?’

You are Prisoner Sixty-Nine.’

I am not a Prisoner. I am an autonomous android! Hang on a minute…sixty-nine? Why sixty-nine?’

That was the year you were manufactured. 1969… more

Prisoner Sixty-Nine
Samantha Faulkner
Love That Speaks Its Name (1) - John Thompson

Love That Speaks Its Name (1)John Thompson

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This first story is about Ji Hoon that has gone to the past to help different people. The main person he is helping is Yeong. Yeong needs two things in his life. He needs a model for a photography exhibit he is going to have work displayed … more

Love That Speaks Its Name (1)
John Thompson
Elven Roses (The World of Fi... - Brandon Hill

Elven Roses (The World of Fi...Brandon Hill

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Aldrec was an elf who was mystery to all but himself. Keeping others at arm’s length, he lived each day staving off madness from his impossibly long and somewhat reclusive life. Mericlou was an Alerian model: an obsolete brand of android fr… more

Elven Roses (The World of Five Nations)
Brandon Hill
Rogue Phoenix Press , English
Best Android Apps - Mike Hendrickson, Brian Sawyer

Best Android AppsMike Hendrickson, Brian Sawyer

You can choose from thousands of apps to make your Android device do just about anything you can think of — and probably a few things you’d never imagine. There are so many Android apps available, in fact, that it’s been difficult to find … more

Best Android Apps
Mike Hendrickson, Brian Sawyer
O’Reilly Media , English
Android Tablet Apads How to - Bill Rosoman

Android Tablet Apads How toBill Rosoman

An ebook, “Android Tablets Apad How to”, Some great Information for the use of Android Tablets. Tablets arethe device of the future.

Android Tablet Apads How to
Bill Rosoman
Bill Rosoman , English
Making Money with Android - Richard Harris

Making Money with AndroidRichard Harris

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Making Money with Android is a guide to helping Android developers earn money by creating and distributing Android apps. It’s based on Moonbeam Development’s proven methods, with over 80 published Android apps and over 7 million downloads i… more

Making Money with Android
Richard Harris
Richard Harris , English
Membrane - Daniel Swensen, Robert Mende...

MembraneDaniel Swensen, Robert Mende...

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This book is different.

First, it’s chock-full of amazing art—twenty full-color pages—and boundary-crossing, far-out fiction… like a plague of clowns, an invasion of Nazi undead, a killer nun, a dead grandmother who gives relationship … more

Daniel Swensen, Robert Mendenhall, Aaron Renfro
Dreadful Cafe , English