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Touchstones: Stories for Liv... - Charlene Costanzo

Touchstones: Stories for Liv...Charlene Costanzo

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What happens when we tap into rich resources we all have within us? Ordinary days sparkle with extraordinary moments and all areas of our lives are enriched. In this empowering book, Costanzo shares examples of triumphs, transformations, an… more

Touchstones: Stories for Living The Twelve Gifts
Charlene Costanzo
Featherfew Ltd. , English
The Juggler's Journey - Megan Emily Asad

The Juggler's JourneyMegan Emily Asad

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Alex lost his family when he was nine years old and has been searching for them ever since. His search leads him to America, where he is kidnapped and held for ranson. Only his wits and juggling talents help him to survive. When he meets Lo… more

The Juggler’s Journey
Megan Emily Asad
Mundania Press LLC , English
The American Book of Craft B... - Dan Koester

The American Book of Craft B...Dan Koester

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Some say that craft beer is responsible for human evolution and innovation. At every stage in our history and culture, craft beer has changed, adapted and grown alongside us. When craft beer is on the rise, so is technology—that’s a fact. … more

The American Book of Craft Breweries
Dan Koester
Ameriland - Melody Kay Danals

AmerilandMelody Kay Danals

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Ameriland is a planet discovered far into the future. Ameriland became one of America’s colonies. Years later the planet Ameriland was at war with a nearby planet called Russo. American students are on the planet Ameriland. It will be up to… more

Melody Kay Danals
The Wisdom of the Benedictin... - Mark W. McGinnis

The Wisdom of the Benedictin...Mark W. McGinnis

This intimate, vibrant, and deeply moving portrait of monastic life in America today examines the long-debated question of whether the spiritual life can be led in the everyday world or whether it must, in its highest and truest forms, invo… more

The Wisdom of the Benedictine Elders: Thirty of America’s Oldest Monks and Nuns Share Their Lives’ Greatest Lessons
Mark W. McGinnis
BlueBridge , English
Robbie Velez and The Key To ... - A.J. Arias

Robbie Velez and The Key To ...A.J. Arias

Are Robbie’s real parents still alive? Dark dreams haunt the high school freshman from the future as he discovers his parents are not who they claim to be. Robbie’s memory continues to block anything before his move to the mechanical Rocket… more

Robbie Velez and The Key To Rocket City (Book One of The Robbie Velez Series)
A.J. Arias
A.J. Arias , English
Democracy and Political Igno... - Ilya Somin

Democracy and Political Igno...Ilya Somin

One of the biggest problems with modern democracy is that most of the public is usually ignorant of politics and government. Often, many people understand that their votes are unlikely to change the outcome of an election and don’t see the … more

Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government Is Smarter
Ilya Somin
Stanford Law Books , English
Don't Follow Me - Dr. Lawanda Rutledge-Gordon

Don't Follow MeDr. Lawanda Rutledge-Gordon

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Leadership is one of the most diverse topics discussed in the corporate arena as well as ministry. We often describe the church as a business. If this is true, we really need to redefine the roots of our existence. As a body, wh… more

Don’t Follow Me
Dr. Lawanda Rutledge-Gordon
Authorhouse , English
Religion and The American Co... - John Witte Jr.

Religion and The American Co...John Witte Jr.

This new edition offers a novel reading of the American constitutional experiment in religious liberty. Lucid and engaging, this volume serves as a provocative primer for students, and a pristine restatement for specialists in law, religion… more

Religion and The American Constitutional Experiment
John Witte Jr.
Westview Press , English
Dog Breed Facts for Fun! Book O-R - Wyatt Michaels

Dog Breed Facts for Fun! Book O-RWyatt Michaels

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Dog Breed Facts for Fun! will help you find out how much you know (or don’t know) about different breeds of dogs? Can you name which breed was the most registered dog in America during the 1990’s? Which one was intended to be on the laps of… more

Dog Breed Facts for Fun! Book O-R
Wyatt Michaels
Thomas Jefferson and the New... - Merrill D. Peterson

Thomas Jefferson and the New...Merrill D. Peterson

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The definitive life of Jefferson in one volume, this biography relates Jefferson’s private life and thought to his prominent public position and reveals the rich complexity of his development. As Peterson explores the dominant themes guidi… more

Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation: A Biography (Galaxy Books)
Merrill D. Peterson
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Land of the Free, Home of th... - Peter Marx

Land of the Free, Home of th...Peter Marx

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An historical novel about an Italian stone cutter who leaves his family and friends behind to find a new life in America. This is part one of a tetralogy.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave: Book 1 of 4 (Land of the Free, Home of the Brave)
Peter Marx
Peter Marx , English
Living by the Swamp - Alice Crooker

Living by the SwampAlice Crooker

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This book contains a collection of true, character building stories from the 1950s in rural America. Suitable for children four-twelve years of age. An excellent resource for both teachers and parents who wish to instill timeless values in … more

Living by the Swamp
Alice Crooker
Mandinam Press , English
(Cons)piracy In New World Order - Salik Shah

(Cons)piracy In New World OrderSalik Shah

Piracy is typically portrayed as the vice of only those who wish to steal media for the sake of self-indulgent entertainment. But ‘file sharing’ is also, for some, the only means of gaining access to educational material or information cens… more

(Cons)piracy In New World Order
Salik Shah
DiscipleShift: Five Steps Th... - Jim Putman, Bobby William Ha...

DiscipleShift: Five Steps Th...Jim Putman, Bobby William Ha...

Over the last thirty years, many influential church leaders and church planters in America have adopted various models for reaching unchurched people. An “attractional” model will seek to attract people to a local church. Younger leaders ma… more

DiscipleShift: Five Steps That Help Your Church to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples (Exponential Series)
Jim Putman, Bobby William Harrington, Robert Coleman
Zondervan , English
College Leadership Crisis: T... - Jann M. Contento, Jeffrey Ross

College Leadership Crisis: T...Jann M. Contento, Jeffrey Ross

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A Crisis in Community College Leadership: The Phillip Dolly Affair is literary in development but grounded in “chaotic” community college daily experience. The novel is comic, satiric, quasi-politically correct, edgy, and richly descriptive… more

College Leadership Crisis: The Philip Dolly Affair
Jann M. Contento, Jeffrey Ross
Rogue Phoenix Press , English
Chinese Slavery in America -  Charles Frederick Holder

Chinese Slavery in America Charles Frederick Holder

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Chinese Slavery in America

Chinese Slavery in America
Charles Frederick Holder
A Kiss of Promise - Elaine Violette

A Kiss of PromiseElaine Violette

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Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).Suffering under the scandalous circumstances surrounding her father’s death, only Alaina’s love for Martin and the memory of their one stolen kiss have kept Al… more

A Kiss of Promise
Elaine Violette
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English