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Touchstones: Stories for Liv... - Charlene Costanzo

Touchstones: Stories for Liv...Charlene Costanzo

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What happens when we tap into rich resources we all have within us? Ordinary days sparkle with extraordinary moments and all areas of our lives are enriched. In this empowering book, Costanzo shares examples of triumphs, transformations, an… more

Touchstones: Stories for Living The Twelve Gifts
Charlene Costanzo
Featherfew Ltd. , English
The Official Wall Street Songbook - Howard Bryan Bonham

The Official Wall Street SongbookHoward Bryan Bonham

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This is an updated edition, with new images and revised text, of the book that dares to poke fun at a sacred cow, or perhaps a sacred bull is a more appropriate sobriquet for Wall Street. Few centers of power in America are as influential a… more

The Official Wall Street Songbook
Howard Bryan Bonham
HoeBoe Press , English
Breaking Through: Catholic W... - Helen Alvare

Breaking Through: Catholic W...Helen Alvare

Catholic women are some of the most maligned, most caricatured, and most intriguing people in American society. America is flirting with the idea that being a Catholic female means saying “yes” to the faith as a private source of comfort, b… more

Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves
Helen Alvare
Our Sunday Visitor , English
Alive, Again-This Next Life ... - Jul on Shumm

Alive, Again-This Next Life ...Jul on Shumm

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I remember my last birth life. I remember America, Terra and her wonders.

I do not remember anything after that death, or after these last twenty deaths.

And yet I remember the lives.

The memories are not present, just like in a normal l… more

Alive, Again-This Next Life (Jul on Book 1)
Jul on Shumm
Uncover Publishing , English
Natasha's Journey - Nicole Draylock

Natasha's JourneyNicole Draylock

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Natasha, a young Ukrainian woman whose sisters have already turned to prostitution to feed their family, finds a foreign husband from America. Her journey to meet this man is nothing compared to the sexual journey that he takes her on. Grap… more

Natasha’s Journey
Nicole Draylock
Nicole Draylock Erotica , English
Avoiding Road Rage - David Rankin

Avoiding Road RageDavid Rankin

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What message are you sending to other drivers? Dangerous and aggressive driving is on the rise in America, but acts of “road rage” may not be entirely random. Some drivers may be provoking others by their driving habits, either intentionall… more

Avoiding Road Rage
David Rankin
David Rankin , English
A history of the Bethune fam... - Jane Lee Hunt Weisse, André ...

A history of the Bethune fam...Jane Lee Hunt Weisse, André ...

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A history of the Bethune family : together with a sketch of the Faneuil family, with whom the Bethunes have become connected in America.

A history of the Bethune family : together with a sketch of the Faneuil family, with whom the Bethunes have become connected in America
Jane Lee Hunt Weisse, André Du Chesne
Performing Sex - Breanne Fahs

Performing SexBreanne Fahs

A candid and provocative critique of women’s sexual liberation in America.

Performing Sex
Breanne Fahs
State University of New York Press , English
The Keeper of The Darkness - Christopher Hunt

The Keeper of The DarknessChristopher Hunt

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Sam has always believed his father died in a tragic fire. But now he’s not so sure.After raising himself on the family farm, Sam’s solitary life is changed forever when an old man arrives, claiming that his father is not only still alive, b… more

The Keeper of The Darkness
Christopher Hunt
Guns on the Early Frontiers:... - Carl P. Russell

Guns on the Early Frontiers:...Carl P. Russell

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Thoroughly documented reference identifies guns used in America during eastern settlement and westward expansion. The highly readable survey describes the traders, trappers, soldiers, and Native Americans who used and sold weapons as well a… more

Guns on the Early Frontiers: From Colonial Times to the Years of the Western Fur Trade (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor)
Carl P. Russell
Dover Publications , English
War Dream - Grant Fetters

War DreamGrant Fetters

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A War zone is a horrific place to be and some days it’s the pits. Your first mission begins with a run for your life, and jumping off the skid of the chopper. You know this is going to be a bad day. The Generals in charge are playing soldie… more

War Dream
Grant Fetters
GEF Designs , English
Metas: The Complete Series: ... - Kelly Meding

Metas: The Complete Series: ...Kelly Meding

Now available together as an ebook boxed set, four action-packed urban fantasy novels (Trance, Changeling, Tempest, and Chimera) about an X-Men-like group of young people with superpowers.In a future America that’s been devastated by battle… more

Metas: The Complete Series: Trance, Changeling, Tempest, Chimera
Kelly Meding
Pocket Star , English
Erotic Fairy Tales - Snow Wh... - Sasha Collins

Erotic Fairy Tales - Snow Wh...Sasha Collins

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Warning: Explicit Content - Only for 18+(Includes: Rough Sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex and other graphic sexual scenes)Snow White & Her Seven Men (An Erotic Fairy Tale)”Awesome, This is Snow White as you never seen her before!”In modern day Amer… more

Erotic Fairy Tales - Snow White & Her Seven Men
Sasha Collins
SinfulBooks.com , English


Even casual observation sadly reveals that most otherwise intelligent and educated Americans know little or nothing about the heart and soul of America: how it was conceived, how the principles of freedom, justice, and independence is, toda… more

Jim Moore
iUniverse , English
Common Sense - Jonathan Girgis

Common SenseJonathan Girgis

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America is unique. Most Americans take their freedom and their rights for granted, while many others can only dream of having those same things. It’s about time to get serious and realize the importance of government, how it works, and the … more

Common Sense
Jonathan Girgis
My House Ran Away - Andrew Tell

My House Ran AwayAndrew Tell

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Don pulls up to his dream house with his entire life packed in a moving van, ready for his early retirement. The only problem is that his house has just run away on its stilts. So, he does the only logical thing he can think of- he hires an… more

My House Ran Away
Andrew Tell
Common Sense (Optimized for ... - Thomas Paine

Common Sense (Optimized for ...Thomas Paine

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Common Sense (Optimized for Kindle Viewing)
Thomas Paine
Cossacks, Indians and Buffalo Bill - Richard Alexis  Georgian

Cossacks, Indians and Buffalo BillRichard Alexis Georgian

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Follow the adventures, romances, and tragedies of Georgian men and women who were seduced by the promise and opportunity of making a living in America. Their thrilling feats of horsemanship captured the imagination of the American cowboys t… more

Cossacks, Indians and Buffalo Bill
Richard Alexis Georgian
Barringer Publishing , English
The Enchanters - Edwyne Rouchelle

The EnchantersEdwyne Rouchelle

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Nineteen ninety-nine. The year the world held its breath. America needed a hero. She got three. When one century ends and another begins, questions that are as old as civilization return to send fear, doubt, and uncertainty coursing throug… more

The Enchanters
Edwyne Rouchelle
RoseDog Books , English