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Touchstones: Stories for Liv... - Charlene Costanzo

Touchstones: Stories for Liv...Charlene Costanzo

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What happens when we tap into rich resources we all have within us? Ordinary days sparkle with extraordinary moments and all areas of our lives are enriched. In this empowering book, Costanzo shares examples of triumphs, transformations, an… more

Touchstones: Stories for Living The Twelve Gifts
Charlene Costanzo
Featherfew Ltd. , English
Angels, Demons & Gods of the... - Lon Milo DuQuette

Angels, Demons & Gods of the...Lon Milo DuQuette

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A delightfully entertaining liberal arts education in Western Hermeticism with one of America’s most knowledgeable and engaging authorities! Each chapter is a self-contained monograph on one of 7 topics critical tounderstanding modern magic… more

Angels, Demons & Gods of the New Millennium: Musings on Modern Magick
Lon Milo DuQuette
Weiser Books , English
Pentacle - A Self Collection - Tom Piccirilli

Pentacle - A Self CollectionTom Piccirilli

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PENTACLE collects the classic tales of an unnamed Necromancer and his demonic familiar “Self” as they wander the spectral highways of America incurring the wrath of both heaven and hell.

Praise for PENTACLE:

I was delighted with the assu… more

Pentacle - A Self Collection
Tom Piccirilli
Crossroad Press & Macabre Ink Digital , English
Alone Together: How Marriage... - Paul R. Amato

Alone Together: How Marriage...Paul R. Amato

Based on two studies of marital quality in America twenty years apart, Alone Together shows that while the divorce rate has leveled off, spouses are spending less time together. The authors argue that marriage is an adaptable institution, a… more

Alone Together: How Marriage in America Is Changing
Paul R. Amato
Harvard University Press , English
Love The Art of Leadership - Shaun A Sullivan

Love The Art of LeadershipShaun A Sullivan

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Love has the potential to make leadership into a great form of art. Both have their points of origin, some consider that both are learned, while others think they are existent in the cosmos and available to anyone. The intent of this projec… more

Love The Art of Leadership
Shaun A Sullivan
How to Be a Perfect Stranger... -

How to Be a Perfect Stranger...

A straightforward guide to the rituals and celebrations of the major religions and denominations in America from the perspective of an interested guest of any other faith. The second in a two-volume set, the book is based on information obt… more

How to Be a Perfect Stranger: Volume 2: A Guide to Etiquette in Other People’s Religious Ceremonies
Jewish Lights Publishing , English
Death by Mastication: Eating... - NASM-CPT,NASM-PES Tory Robin...

Death by Mastication: Eating...NASM-CPT,NASM-PES Tory Robin...

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I know you are familiar with the #1 killer in America, obesity. But now I want to ask you a very pointed question:“What have You done to improve your health?”I apologize if that question is too direct, or makes you defensive. Before you ans… more

Death by Mastication: Eating Ourselves to Death and the Cure
Lady: A Novel - Thomas Tryon

Lady: A NovelThomas Tryon

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A young man becomes transfixed by a beautiful widow with a shadowy pastIn Pequot Landing, there are two sights to see: the largest elm in America, which dominates the stately old village green, and the house of Lady Harleigh. When the Great… more

Lady: A Novel
Thomas Tryon
Open Road Media , English
The Peacekeepers Book 14 Redemption - Ricky Sides

The Peacekeepers Book 14 RedemptionRicky Sides

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Division within the ranks of the peacekeepers threatens to tear them apart as they battle the Colombian drug cartel and a mystery enemy. Adding to their growing list of problems is the fact that the unidentified enemy is attempting to maste… more

The Peacekeepers Book 14 Redemption
Ricky Sides
What To Do At the End of the World - Lee Pierce

What To Do At the End of the WorldLee Pierce

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C-level entertainer Jackson Wild has just found out that the sky is falling. Literally. He’s been hired by the government to do a public service announcement convincing the public that everything will be okay, when, in reality, no one has m… more

What To Do At the End of the World
Lee Pierce
Drive-in Movie Massacre - M. Patton, Jeremy Estes

Drive-in Movie MassacreM. Patton, Jeremy Estes

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Two horror stories set in 1950s America. Milkshakes, rock and roll, and serial killers.

Drive-in Movie Massacre
M. Patton, Jeremy Estes
RBF Publishing , English
Models of the Church (Image ... - Avery Dulles

Models of the Church (Image ...Avery Dulles

There is today a dramatic reexamination of structure, authority, dogma — indeed, every aspect of the life of the Church is held up to scrutiny. Welcoming this as a sign of vitality, Avery Dulles has carefully studied the writings of contem… more

Models of the Church (Image Classics)
Avery Dulles
Image , English
The Varieties of Religious E... - William James

The Varieties of Religious E...William James

Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best nonfiction books of all time”The Varieties of Religious Experience is certainly the most notable of all books in the field of the psychology of religion and probably destined to be the m… more

The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature (Penguin American Library)
William James
Penguin Classics , English
Daughter of Fortune: The Bet... - Sherrie S. McLeRoy

Daughter of Fortune: The Bet...Sherrie S. McLeRoy

The real story of a woman who epitomized America’s Golden Age and represented the changing face of the Victorian woman at the turn of the century.

Daughter of Fortune: The Bettie Brown Story (Women of the West (Republic of Texas))
Sherrie S. McLeRoy
Taylor Trade Publishing , English
Rest in the Day of Trouble - Robert B. Thompson

Rest in the Day of TroubleRobert B. Thompson

It is of great importance to note the condition on which Divine protection depends. The condition is that we dwell in the shelter of the Most High.It is not enough to have “accepted Christ.” Taking the four steps of salvation is not a ticke… more

Rest in the Day of Trouble
Robert B. Thompson
Robert B. Thompson , English
Setting Goals God's Way - Ronald R. Mikell

Setting Goals God's WayRonald R. Mikell

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A Workbook For:Best Selling Motivational & Self Development BooksThousands of Copies are Sold AnnuallyMy curiosity began when I was in my late teens and focused on how do we become successful and how do we become what we want to become. I… more

Setting Goals God’s Way
Ronald R. Mikell
Xulon Press , English
Jacked: How Conservatives Ar... - Nomi Prins

Jacked: How Conservatives Ar...Nomi Prins

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Jacked reveals how the “conservative” agenda affects your wallet - and not just your money. Linking each card in a typical wallet to shortsighted policies, blunders, and scandals, Prins shows how skewed national policies have diminished Ame… more

Jacked: How Conservatives Are Picking Your Pocket
Nomi Prins
Polipoint Press/Nomi Prins, LLC , English
Murder With A Deadly Weapon - Thomas Overton

Murder With A Deadly WeaponThomas Overton

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How does a single glock nine-millimeter reach the hands of several different individuals to be used as the weapon for diverse malicious crimes? It’s amazing how this occurs, but it happens all throughout America everyday, especially in the … more

Murder With A Deadly Weapon
Thomas Overton
Live2Die Publishing , English
Squatters in Paradise: A Yel... - James Perry

Squatters in Paradise: A Yel...James Perry

Squatters in Paradise is the long-awaited cri-de-coeur of Yellowstone employees - savages - and gleefully exposes the dark and ticklish underbelly of seasonal work in America’s first national park. Written with unapologetic irreverence, the… more

Squatters in Paradise: A Yellowstone Memoir
James Perry
iUniverse , English