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Some Babies... (Children's P... - C.D. Morgan

Some Babies... (Children's P...C.D. Morgan

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adorable”“this little book is perfect”“wonderful for bed time, play time or even just bonding time”Prepare to brighten your day with this delightful, rhyming romp through 21 pages of babies: the good, the bad and the pouty. Guaranteed to b… more

Some Babies… (Children’s Picturebooks and Bedtime Stories)
C.D. Morgan
Morgan Books , English
Prophecy in the Parables - Dr. James P. Dawson

Prophecy in the ParablesDr. James P. Dawson

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A comparison of the teachings from the parables of Matthew 13. The basic interpretation points to the end times and the conditions of the churches and the world. Also available on CD from Amazon.com.

Prophecy in the Parables
Dr. James P. Dawson
Aaron C Ministries , English
Christian Living: Addiction ... - Bethany K. Scanlon

Christian Living: Addiction ...Bethany K. Scanlon

Is life dragging you down? A sense of confusion about your destiny? A feeling like you don’t belong? Authority addicted people sometimes sense hopelessness and they can’t figure out why! Available covered on Amazon.com!

Christian Living: Addiction to Authority
Bethany K. Scanlon
Planet Teach Publications , English
Overcoming Obstacles - Christopher Roberts

Overcoming ObstaclesChristopher Roberts

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Overcoming Obstacles’ is the first book in the series, of ‘A Pilgrim’s Guide To Christianity.

The short mini chapters in this book, are designed to give you a taste of the deeper things that God wants to do in your life.

Overcoming Obstacles
Christopher Roberts
The Book of Beings: Delivera... - Liz Seach

The Book of Beings: Delivera...Liz Seach

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  1. The Book of Beings is a serial narrative!Please don’t read Episode Eight unless you have read episodes one through seven first!Episodes one through seven are available for download at Amazon.com.2. These episodes are in beta. They have n… more
The Book of Beings: Deliverance (Volume Three, Episodes 8-11)
Liz Seach
Summit Ranch Press , English
The Burglar And The Blizzard... - Alice Duer Miller

The Burglar And The Blizzard...Alice Duer Miller

Christmas Classics” is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. Besides best-known classics we also offer a huge variety of out-of-print books and titles long forgotten. … more

The Burglar And The Blizzard - A Christmas Story (Christmas Classics)
Alice Duer Miller
Jazzybee Publishing , English
Basic meditations for beginn... - Merlyn Seeley

Basic meditations for beginn...Merlyn Seeley

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What happened to the Buddha that fateful day when he decided he was tired of all the trials and errors to no end, to no enlightenment? Well he sat down under the Bodhi tree as the story goes, and stated that he would not move from his seate… more

Basic meditations for beginners Book 2
Merlyn Seeley
Merlyn Seeley , English
Sex Shooter (A Kindle Serial) - A.T. Parks

Sex Shooter (A Kindle Serial)A.T. Parks

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This is what hardboiled erotica is all about!” - Amazon.com

Sex Shooter (A Kindle Serial)
A.T. Parks
Dezirae (A Short Paranormal ... - Michael Wilson

Dezirae (A Short Paranormal ...Michael Wilson

Emerging from the depths of a mystical fog filled forest two mysterious characters that are sure to stimulate your senses collide. As Dezirae strolls through natural surroundings she quickly finds herself entangled by wild ivy and vines. On… more

Dezirae (A Short Paranormal Fantasy Romance)
Michael Wilson
Un Guide Pour Débutants du K... - Minute Help Guides

Un Guide Pour Débutants du K...Minute Help Guides

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Amazon a placé la barre encore plus haute avec sa nouvelle ligne de tablettes Kindle HD. Loin de se reposer sur sa réputation de leader mondial dans la vente de livres numériques, Amazon répond à Apple avec des équipements à haute performa… more

Un Guide Pour Débutants du Kindle Fire HD
Minute Help Guides
Minute Help Press , English
StepSmut Erotica Bundle (Fou... - Lyla Luray

StepSmut Erotica Bundle (Fou...Lyla Luray

Four hot and steamy romantic encounters between stepfamily members! Three are stepbrother/sister; one is stepmother/son. Over 23,000 words featuring virgins, college kids, masturbation, inappropriate touching, one skimpy pink bikini, and lo… more

StepSmut Erotica Bundle (Four Stories) (taboo family sex)
Lyla Luray
Lyla Luray , English
Make Money With Your Own Facebook! - Adam Miller

Make Money With Your Own Facebook!Adam Miller

No editorial review available.
Make Money With Your Own Facebook!
Adam Miller
Sandy the Snowman & Friends:... - Ashley Brayden

Sandy the Snowman & Friends:...Ashley Brayden

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Entertain and delight young kids with this fun ‘What’s Missing’ book from Ashley Brayden’s ‘My First Seek and Find’ book series. Your child will have fun trying to spot the differences in the snowmen in this ‘Sandy the Snowman & Friends’ ch… more

Sandy the Snowman & Friends: What’s Missing? (My First Seek and Find Book Book 1)
Ashley Brayden
Tao and the Art of Being a B... - Christopher James, Jessica Taylor

Tao and the Art of Being a B...Christopher James, Jessica Taylor

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The Tao of BadassYou’ve probably come across them. The badasses. Men you’ve seen that always seem to have effortless success with women. They have what appears to be an endless stream of women chasing them. Yes, they’re confident and outgoi… more

Tao and the Art of Being a Badass: The ancient secret to becoming a complete badass with women
Christopher James, Jessica Taylor
Aciddrop Ltd , English
The Beautiful Garden - Freya Watson

The Beautiful GardenFreya Watson

Intimate relationships are the source of life. They offer such promise of joy and nurturing, yet so often end up being the opposite of what we had hoped for. Some of us are dreamers, others are pragmatists. But, regardless, we all have a… more

The Beautiful Garden
Freya Watson
The Red Squirrel Sisters (Th... - Linda Strother

The Red Squirrel Sisters (Th...Linda Strother

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The Red Squirrel Sisters, join Manni the Long Tailed Raccoon in our second book in the children’s short fiction eBook collection. This time we follow Manni the long tailed raccoon as she meets two little red squirrels.The three become fast … more

The Red Squirrel Sisters (The Adventures of Manni the Long Tailed Raccoon Book 2)
Linda Strother
Linda Strother BeckLee Cottage Designs , English
Too Many Dandelions And Other Tails - Sarah Mankowski

Too Many Dandelions And Other TailsSarah Mankowski

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Too Many Dandelions And Other Tails, available exclusively for Kindle on Amazon.comToo Many Dandelions - Three female cats, each named for the same cartoon character back when their human friends were little, now face changes that bring ter… more

Too Many Dandelions And Other Tails
Sarah Mankowski
WordThunder Publications , English
release fireflies unillustra... - steven hubbell

release fireflies unillustra...steven hubbell

This poetry collection contains sixty-seven poems (written from 1982-2012) selected by the author to deliver a hypnotic, intense, provocative, playful, pleasant, and meaningful experience to the contemplative reader. The title represents … more

release fireflies unillustrated edition
steven hubbell
Inside the Giant Machine: An... - Kalpanik S.

Inside the Giant Machine: An...Kalpanik S.

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Author’s Response to the call for banning this Book: The book captures my true feelings about working at Amazon which were recorded as they happened, and cover both the good & the bad. Some Amazon managers & fans are uncomfortable about the… more

Inside the Giant Machine: An Amazon.com Story (“Breaking Away Chains” Cover)
Kalpanik S.
Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc. , English
Sound Judgment - Michael  Cornwall

Sound JudgmentMichael Cornwall

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a course on the mental health diagnostic process. I knew I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing, e.g., simply teach each of the Axes and show a video or two. Because I view the mental health… more

Sound Judgment
Michael Cornwall
Michael Cornwall PhD LLC , English