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The Burglar And The Blizzard... - Alice Duer Miller

The Burglar And The Blizzard...Alice Duer Miller

Christmas Classics” is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. Besides best-known classics we also offer a huge variety of out-of-print books and titles long forgotten. … more

The Burglar And The Blizzard - A Christmas Story (Christmas Classics)
Alice Duer Miller
Jazzybee Publishing , English
StepSmut Erotica Bundle (Fou... - Lyla Luray

StepSmut Erotica Bundle (Fou...Lyla Luray

Four hot and steamy romantic encounters between stepfamily members! Three are stepbrother/sister; one is stepmother/son. Over 23,000 words featuring virgins, college kids, masturbation, inappropriate touching, one skimpy pink bikini, and lo… more

StepSmut Erotica Bundle (Four Stories) (taboo family sex)
Lyla Luray
Lyla Luray , English
Inside the Giant Machine: An... - Kalpanik S.

Inside the Giant Machine: An...Kalpanik S.

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Author’s Response to the call for banning this Book: The book captures my true feelings about working at Amazon which were recorded as they happened, and cover both the good & the bad. Some Amazon managers & fans are uncomfortable about the… more

Inside the Giant Machine: An Amazon.com Story (“Breaking Away Chains” Cover)
Kalpanik S.
Center of Artificial Imagination, Inc. , English
Sound Judgment - Michael  Cornwall

Sound JudgmentMichael Cornwall

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a course on the mental health diagnostic process. I knew I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing, e.g., simply teach each of the Axes and show a video or two. Because I view the mental health… more

Sound Judgment
Michael Cornwall
Michael Cornwall PhD LLC , English
Chapter by Chapter (In The B... - F.D. Davis

Chapter by Chapter (In The B...F.D. Davis

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This is the third installment of the chapter by chapter version of, the trials and tribulations of Adam Omega. Vampire. The book in its entirety is available on Amazon. comThe chapter by chapter version is intended to be a quick fun read, a… more

Chapter by Chapter (In The Beginning)
F.D. Davis
Complex Regional Pain Syndro... - Dr. G. R. Lauder, Roslyn Massey

Complex Regional Pain Syndro...Dr. G. R. Lauder, Roslyn Massey

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You may also purchase copies of this book through Amazon.com.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Explained: For Teenagers, By Teenagers
Dr. G. R. Lauder, Roslyn Massey
Xlibris , English
Lux 1.3 Alliance (Lux The Series) - Jalex Hansen

Lux 1.3 Alliance (Lux The Series)Jalex Hansen

Alliance is the third book in the Lux series.Lux Omnibus Volume 1, containing Seeds, Call to Arms, and Alliance is now available from Amazon.***As Angine ascends to power, the Lux and the underground resistance draw together, forming allian… more

Lux 1.3 Alliance (Lux The Series)
Jalex Hansen
Jalex Hansen , English
Micromance: Single Dad - Robert Mathews

Micromance: Single DadRobert Mathews

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Micromance:  A mini romance approximately as long as a single chapter.Monica is a struggling college student buried in school and her career. Can she manage to land Chris the single dad and doctor or will she just wind up playing doctor by … more

Micromance: Single Dad
Robert Mathews
Senate Healthcare Bill - United States Senate

Senate Healthcare BillUnited States Senate

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A little light reading for everyone. I would have made it free, but Amazon.com requires that I set a price of at least $0.99.

Senate Healthcare Bill
United States Senate
Christian Living: Win Your Battles - Bethany K. Scanlon

Christian Living: Win Your BattlesBethany K. Scanlon

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Win Your Battles takes you step by step through the scripture and some of my personal battles so you too will begin to Win Your Battles. Read this scripture-based book and trust in God, receiving His perspective on your problems and start w… more

Christian Living: Win Your Battles
Bethany K. Scanlon
Planet Teach Publications , English
Back in Black - A.T. Parks

Back in BlackA.T. Parks

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Red hot, white on black erotica!” - Amazon.com

Back in Black
A.T. Parks
20 Ways to Save Money Using ... - Lauren Johnson, Lawrence Johnson

20 Ways to Save Money Using ...Lauren Johnson, Lawrence Johnson

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Everyday thousands of items are offered by Amazon at reduced or discounted rates. No gimmicks, no rebates or closeouts and no strings attached. Some of these offerings are for a limited time while other items are permanently discounted. … more

20 Ways to Save Money Using Amazon.com
Lauren Johnson, Lawrence Johnson
Snowflakes: What's Missing? ... - Ashley Brayden

Snowflakes: What's Missing? ...Ashley Brayden

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Entertain and delight young kids with this fun ‘What’s Missing’ book from Ashley Brayden’s ‘My First Seek and Find’ book series. Your child will have fun trying to spot the differences in the snowflakes in this ‘Snowflakes: What’s Missing?’… more

Snowflakes: What’s Missing? (My First Seek and Find Book Book 2)
Ashley Brayden
Gravity Defined - David Woodin

Gravity DefinedDavid Woodin

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Gravity Defined is just that. A workable definition of Gravity. No Mystery.
No Hype.
Easy to understand.
An explanation based on the information in my book “Getting Science Back to Basics” on Amazon.com.

Gravity Defined
David Woodin
Christian Singles: Where's my mate? - Bethany K. Scanlon

Christian Singles: Where's my mate?Bethany K. Scanlon

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When I was single, most of the Christian books for singles I read were written by people who were STILL SINGLE! If I had followed their advice, I would still be single like them.Tired of being single? Need God’s intervention to meet and mar… more

Christian Singles: Where’s my mate?
Bethany K. Scanlon
Planet Teach Publications , English
Kindle Bestseller List - 299... - Marc Stein

Kindle Bestseller List - 299...Marc Stein

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An easy to read list of bestselling Kindle books in 2013, with reviews. The book includes up to ten bestselling books in more than 25 categories.

There is also a comprehensive overview of what makes an Amazon.com and Kindle bestseller.


Kindle Bestseller List - 299 Kindle Book Bestsellers
Marc Stein
Kindle Publishing Group , English
Everyday Carry Gear: Never L... - Jon Woodward

Everyday Carry Gear: Never L...Jon Woodward

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This book is designed to be an easy to use guide to everyday carry gear. I will explain why it is important to have an EDC gear pack. It does not matter if you are a male or female. Everyone should have an EDC kit. I hope to explain in deta… more

Everyday Carry Gear: Never Leave Home Without It
Jon Woodward
Gurdjieff A Beginner's Guide - Gil Friedman

Gurdjieff A Beginner's GuideGil Friedman

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Excerpts of several of the sixteen five-star reviews on Amazon.comThe clearest and most useful book on the basics: This book presents an excellent and comprehensive overview of Gurdjieff’s “the work” with wonderfully clear examples and expl… more

Gurdjieff A Beginner’s Guide
Gil Friedman
Yara Press , English
Mr. Kris Kringle - A Christm... - Silas Weir Mitchell

Mr. Kris Kringle - A Christm...Silas Weir Mitchell

Christmas Classics” is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. Besides best-known classics we also offer a huge variety of out-of-print books and titles long forgotten. … more

Mr. Kris Kringle - A Christmas Tale (Christmas Classics)
Silas Weir Mitchell
Jazzybee Publishing , English
Rosemary - A Christmas Story... - Charles Norris Williamson, A...

Rosemary - A Christmas Story...Charles Norris Williamson, A...

Christmas Classics” is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. Besides best-known classics we also offer a huge variety of out-of-print books and titles long forgotten. … more

Rosemary - A Christmas Story (Christmas Classics)
Charles Norris Williamson, Alice Muriel Williamson
Jazzybee Publishing , English