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Some Babies... (Children's P... - C.D. Morgan

Some Babies... (Children's P...C.D. Morgan

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adorable”“this little book is perfect”“wonderful for bed time, play time or even just bonding time”Prepare to brighten your day with this delightful, rhyming romp through 21 pages of babies: the good, the bad and the pouty. Guaranteed to b… more

Some Babies… (Children’s Picturebooks and Bedtime Stories)
C.D. Morgan
Morgan Books , English
Beyond Yesterday (The Yester... - Tim Beresford

Beyond Yesterday (The Yester...Tim Beresford

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The Yesterday Trilogy is a three volume work of science fiction, set on Earth in the near future. Each volume is a full-length novel and tells a complete story, while the overall work relates an unfolding sequence of events to which the pri… more

Beyond Yesterday (The Yesterday Trilogy)
Tim Beresford
Inchworms (Little Leaf Learn... - Piper Meadow

Inchworms (Little Leaf Learn...Piper Meadow

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From The Little Leaf Learning Series: Inchworms

Full of fun facts, “Inchworms” teaches young children about the curious little creature that travels along so uniquely.

This short story will entertain your little ones and explain why In… more

Inchworms (Little Leaf Learning Series)
Piper Meadow
Little Leaf Publishing , English
Demons and Other Inconveniences - Dan Dillard

Demons and Other InconveniencesDan Dillard

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Enjoyable and nasty: the stories are impressive.” 5 Stars.”Icky.” 5 Stars”Humor and horror and shivers, excellent combination.” 5 Stars”Dan Dillard has written a great book, loaded with some creepy short stories.” 5 Stars”…this book will… more

Demons and Other Inconveniences
Dan Dillard
Prophecy in the Parables - Dr. James P. Dawson

Prophecy in the ParablesDr. James P. Dawson

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A comparison of the teachings from the parables of Matthew 13. The basic interpretation points to the end times and the conditions of the churches and the world. Also available on CD from Amazon.com.

Prophecy in the Parables
Dr. James P. Dawson
Aaron C Ministries , English
The Christmas Tree And The W... - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The Christmas Tree And The W...Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Christmas Classics” is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. Besides best-known classics we also offer a huge variety of out-of-print books and titles long forgotten. … more

The Christmas Tree And The Wedding (Christmas Classics)
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Jazzybee Publishing , English
Encounter With An Angel: He ... - Stanley G Buford

Encounter With An Angel: He ...Stanley G Buford

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In this book, “Encounter With An Angel: He Always Paved My Way” Steve Lynwood, a high school senior confronts his fears as he prepares to go off to pursue his illusive dream of college life! A woman appears out of nowhere and asks him a que… more

Encounter With An Angel: He Always Paved My Way
Stanley G Buford
I am the Wendigo - Matthew W. Quinn

I am the WendigoMatthew W. Quinn

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Many tales have been told about the Wendigo, the man-eating horror of Algonquin legend. But how many times has the Wendigo ever spoken for himself?

Step inside and take a gander at the mind of the North Woods’ top predator. First published… more

I am the Wendigo
Matthew W. Quinn
Pound It Home - A.T. Parks

Pound It HomeA.T. Parks

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Red-hot erotica!” - Amazon.com

Pound It Home
A.T. Parks
A Magical Little Bit More of... - Annette Aiea Day

A Magical Little Bit More of...Annette Aiea Day

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A Magical Little Bit of Art Therapy—Book Two: Turn Your Imagination Into Amazing Yet Simple Art Creations builds upon the work that we started in A Little Bit of Art Therapy—Book One, by taking those processes into deeper layers of Self-exp… more

A Magical Little Bit More of Art Therapy: Turn Your Imagination into Simple and Amazing Art Creations
Annette Aiea Day
How to Write Descriptions of... - Val Kovalin

How to Write Descriptions of...Val Kovalin

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This book is for fiction writers who love physical descriptions of characters. Each section centers on a type of description, such as Eye Color (for example, Crystal blue eyes), or Appearance of the Eye (for example, Beady eyes or Bedroom e… more

How to Write Descriptions of Eyes and Faces
Val Kovalin
VK-Now Books , English
Christian Living: Addiction ... - Bethany K. Scanlon

Christian Living: Addiction ...Bethany K. Scanlon

Is life dragging you down? A sense of confusion about your destiny? A feeling like you don’t belong? Authority addicted people sometimes sense hopelessness and they can’t figure out why! Available covered on Amazon.com!

Christian Living: Addiction to Authority
Bethany K. Scanlon
Planet Teach Publications , English
The Jesus of History (Annotated) - T. R. Glover

The Jesus of History (Annotated)T. R. Glover

Add Biography !!Language: EnglishInitials: yesSeparate Chapters: yesSuperior Kindle Formatting: yesInteractive Table of Contents: yesLending Allowed: yesAmazon.com reviewI can sum up my views on this collection of essays in a single sentenc… more

The Jesus of History (Annotated)
T. R. Glover
AMA Publication , English
Bellmere Common - M. Steen

Bellmere CommonM. Steen

Patrick is informed that he had a long lost Aunt that died 12 months previously. He takes his family to sort through her belongings. Hoping it would give his wife a much needed break from her recent recurring nightmares. Everything starts o… more

Bellmere Common
M. Steen
Mark Steen , English
Total Health For Life, Mind ... - Rico Connor

Total Health For Life, Mind ...Rico Connor

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If you want to achieve optimal health and fitness, build a lean, muscular body, knock 10 or more years off your life, be disease-free, train your mind to be successful at anything, and live the highest quality of life possible, then this is… more

Total Health For Life, Mind and Body “The Baby Boomer’s Bible of Health” (Total Health For Life Mind and Body (The Baby Boomer’s Bible of Health))
Rico Connor
Rico Connor , English
Happiness: How To Win The Wa... - Aren Vega

Happiness: How To Win The Wa...Aren Vega

Note: This book has been revised and republished under the title “Unconditional Happiness” and it is now available on Amazon.com. Print copies will be available soon.

No fluff, no nonsense, and no empty promises. Stop chasing happines… more

Happiness: How To Win The War In A Mental Minefield
Aren Vega
Aren Vega , English
Milked for Community Service... - Penelope Stone

Milked for Community Service...Penelope Stone

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Deep within the darkest cracks of the internet, you can find some information about what actually happens at the ‘Wet-Teat Ranch’. It’s a farm where young women are committed to give back to society by donating their own precious, unmatchab… more

Milked for Community Service (Vol.1 Books 1-3)
Penelope Stone
Lungeing a Horse (Round Penning) - Keith Hosman

Lungeing a Horse (Round Penning)Keith Hosman

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Lungeing your horse can offer great benefits, but you gotta use the time wisely. Here’s how, when and why.This is a one-chapter excerpt from the book “Round Penning: First Steps to Starting a Horse” This material was pulled directly from t… more

Lungeing a Horse (Round Penning)
Keith Hosman
Overcoming Obstacles - Christopher Roberts

Overcoming ObstaclesChristopher Roberts

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Overcoming Obstacles’ is the first book in the series, of ‘A Pilgrim’s Guide To Christianity.

The short mini chapters in this book, are designed to give you a taste of the deeper things that God wants to do in your life.

Overcoming Obstacles
Christopher Roberts
English in Table (Brief Guide) - Nina Dobrynina

English in Table (Brief Guide)Nina Dobrynina

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A Study Guide introduces the basics that should be learnt first to move along: sounds, parts of speech, sentences. All of these are illustrated by numerous examples and practice. The book can successfully be used by students of any level. T… more

English in Table (Brief Guide)
Nina Dobrynina