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Sound Judgment - Michael  Cornwall

Sound JudgmentMichael Cornwall

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Several years ago, I was asked to teach a course on the mental health diagnostic process. I knew I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing, e.g., simply teach each of the Axes and show a video or two. Because I view the mental health… more

Sound Judgment
Michael Cornwall
Michael Cornwall PhD LLC , English
Christian Singles: Where's my mate? - Bethany K. Scanlon

Christian Singles: Where's my mate?Bethany K. Scanlon

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When I was single, most of the Christian books for singles I read were written by people who were STILL SINGLE! If I had followed their advice, I would still be single like them.Tired of being single? Need God’s intervention to meet and mar… more

Christian Singles: Where’s my mate?
Bethany K. Scanlon
Planet Teach Publications , English
Sidepassing to You On the Gr... - Keith Hosman

Sidepassing to You On the Gr...Keith Hosman

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This trick, “Sidepassing to You On the Ground,” with its huge “wow” factor, is actually rather easy to teach to horses of any age! Originally written for the adult horse, this exercise also lends itself to teaching the yearling or even bab… more

Sidepassing to You On the Ground (Your Foal: Essential Training)
Keith Hosman
release fireflies unillustra... - steven hubbell

release fireflies unillustra...steven hubbell

This poetry collection contains sixty-seven poems (written from 1982-2012) selected by the author to deliver a hypnotic, intense, provocative, playful, pleasant, and meaningful experience to the contemplative reader. The title represents … more

release fireflies unillustrated edition
steven hubbell
Too Many Dandelions And Other Tails - Sarah Mankowski

Too Many Dandelions And Other TailsSarah Mankowski

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Too Many Dandelions And Other Tails, available exclusively for Kindle on Amazon.comToo Many Dandelions - Three female cats, each named for the same cartoon character back when their human friends were little, now face changes that bring ter… more

Too Many Dandelions And Other Tails
Sarah Mankowski
WordThunder Publications , English
Little Maid Marian (Christma... - Amy E. Blanchard

Little Maid Marian (Christma...Amy E. Blanchard

Christmas Classics” is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. Besides best-known classics we also offer a huge variety of out-of-print books and titles long forgotten. … more

Little Maid Marian (Christmas Classics)
Amy E. Blanchard
Jazzybee Publishing , English
Christian Living: Win Your Battles - Bethany K. Scanlon

Christian Living: Win Your BattlesBethany K. Scanlon

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Win Your Battles takes you step by step through the scripture and some of my personal battles so you too will begin to Win Your Battles. Read this scripture-based book and trust in God, receiving His perspective on your problems and start w… more

Christian Living: Win Your Battles
Bethany K. Scanlon
Planet Teach Publications , English
Rosemary - A Christmas Story... - Charles Norris Williamson, A...

Rosemary - A Christmas Story...Charles Norris Williamson, A...

Christmas Classics” is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. Besides best-known classics we also offer a huge variety of out-of-print books and titles long forgotten. … more

Rosemary - A Christmas Story (Christmas Classics)
Charles Norris Williamson, Alice Muriel Williamson
Jazzybee Publishing , English
Senate Healthcare Bill - United States Senate

Senate Healthcare BillUnited States Senate

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A little light reading for everyone. I would have made it free, but Amazon.com requires that I set a price of at least $0.99.

Senate Healthcare Bill
United States Senate
Some Babies... (Children's P... - C.D. Morgan

Some Babies... (Children's P...C.D. Morgan

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adorable”“this little book is perfect”“wonderful for bed time, play time or even just bonding time”Prepare to brighten your day with this delightful, rhyming romp through 21 pages of babies: the good, the bad and the pouty. Guaranteed to b… more

Some Babies… (Children’s Picturebooks and Bedtime Stories)
C.D. Morgan
Morgan Books , English
2012 (Notes) ... (a Celtic Design) - Lisa Osen

2012 (Notes) ... (a Celtic Design)Lisa Osen

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(NOTE: This is an empty notebook for storing text only notes … It is designed to take almost no space.)

For individuals who might want to record things that happened in 2012 as they consolidate notes, this document will be available unt… more

2012 (Notes) … (a Celtic Design)
Lisa Osen
AeviVision(TM) , English
Shattered (The Vampire Years... - Chance Valentine

Shattered (The Vampire Years...Chance Valentine

Book Two in The Vampire YearsHaving survived her first months as a fledgling vampire, things are only getting worse for Lee. Her refusal to help her lover find the vampire clan that attacked her is driving a wedge between them. At the same … more

Shattered (The Vampire Years Book 2 - Erotic Romance)
Chance Valentine
Saturn 8 Media , English
English In The Tables - A Br... - Nina Dobrynina

English In The Tables - A Br...Nina Dobrynina

What is the basic structure of the English language? Which rules are a must for every learner of English? How to get a vivid picture of the whole language system? A Brief Study Guide introduces the basics that should be learnt first to move… more

English In The Tables - A Brief Guide to Sounds and Grammar
Nina Dobrynina
Grocery List Shopping With Y... - Cynthia Marr

Grocery List Shopping With Y...Cynthia Marr

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This Kindle book was created to make your grocery shopping easier and more fun. The graphical Table of Contents has eight categories from which to choose items.All that is needed is to put a mark or icon, using Kindle’s method of creating n… more

Grocery List Shopping With Your Kindle
Cynthia Marr
AEES , English
Beyond Yesterday (The Yester... - Tim Beresford

Beyond Yesterday (The Yester...Tim Beresford

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The Yesterday Trilogy is a three volume work of science fiction, set on Earth in the near future. Each volume is a full-length novel and tells a complete story, while the overall work relates an unfolding sequence of events to which the pri… more

Beyond Yesterday (The Yesterday Trilogy)
Tim Beresford
Inchworms (Little Leaf Learn... - Piper Meadow

Inchworms (Little Leaf Learn...Piper Meadow

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From The Little Leaf Learning Series: Inchworms

Full of fun facts, “Inchworms” teaches young children about the curious little creature that travels along so uniquely.

This short story will entertain your little ones and explain why In… more

Inchworms (Little Leaf Learning Series)
Piper Meadow
Little Leaf Publishing , English
Demons and Other Inconveniences - Dan Dillard

Demons and Other InconveniencesDan Dillard

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Enjoyable and nasty: the stories are impressive.” 5 Stars.”Icky.” 5 Stars”Humor and horror and shivers, excellent combination.” 5 Stars”Dan Dillard has written a great book, loaded with some creepy short stories.” 5 Stars”…this book will… more

Demons and Other Inconveniences
Dan Dillard
Prophecy in the Parables - Dr. James P. Dawson

Prophecy in the ParablesDr. James P. Dawson

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A comparison of the teachings from the parables of Matthew 13. The basic interpretation points to the end times and the conditions of the churches and the world. Also available on CD from Amazon.com.

Prophecy in the Parables
Dr. James P. Dawson
Aaron C Ministries , English
Mr. Kris Kringle - A Christm... - Silas Weir Mitchell

Mr. Kris Kringle - A Christm...Silas Weir Mitchell

Christmas Classics” is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. Besides best-known classics we also offer a huge variety of out-of-print books and titles long forgotten. … more

Mr. Kris Kringle - A Christmas Tale (Christmas Classics)
Silas Weir Mitchell
Jazzybee Publishing , English
Gurdjieff A Beginner's Guide - Gil Friedman

Gurdjieff A Beginner's GuideGil Friedman

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Excerpts of several of the sixteen five-star reviews on Amazon.comThe clearest and most useful book on the basics: This book presents an excellent and comprehensive overview of Gurdjieff’s “the work” with wonderfully clear examples and expl… more

Gurdjieff A Beginner’s Guide
Gil Friedman
Yara Press , English