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The Headless Cupid (The Stan... - Zilpha Keatley Snyder

The Headless Cupid (The Stan...Zilpha Keatley Snyder

When the four Stanley children meet Amanda, their new stepsister, they’re amazed to learn that she studies witchcraft. They’re stunned to see her dressed in a strange costume, carrying a pet crow and surrounded by a pile of books about the … more

The Headless Cupid (The Stanley Family)
Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Atheneum Books for Young Readers , English
Prom Night Fun! (Taboo Forbi... - Vera Saint-Luc

Prom Night Fun! (Taboo Forbi...Vera Saint-Luc

Average wait: N/A

Amanda looks like a little kid, even though she’s eighteen, so no guys wanted to ask her to prom! What’s a nice guy to do?

So, like a boy and role model, I decided to take Amanda to prom—it’ll sure make things easier when we get home! Lit… more

Prom Night Fun! (Taboo Forbidden Erotica)
Vera Saint-Luc
Blow Me (The Book of Fetishes 1) - JC Fetish

Blow Me (The Book of Fetishes 1)JC Fetish

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Ever since Daniel was young, he has always had a strange obsession with balloons. Now that he’s older, it’s become something much more. When he shares his secret with his girlfriend, Amanda, he finds that she’s much more accepting than he c… more

Blow Me (The Book of Fetishes 1)
JC Fetish
Tender Passionate Kisses - M... - Jasmin Rain

Tender Passionate Kisses - M...Jasmin Rain

Caution: This story contains a Lot of Erotic Sex!Excerpt:Amanda’s beautiful washboard stomach, her long blonde hair falling down over Amanda’s body. Nicole loved this, she loved to see the pleasure that she gave to a woman, and she also lov… more

Tender Passionate Kisses - M/F/F Menage - Erotica
Jasmin Rain
Michelle's Sexual Awakening - Crimson Rose

Michelle's Sexual AwakeningCrimson Rose

This is the story of Michelle, an inexperienced college girl that has a sexual awakening thanks to her roommate Amanda and April, Amanda’s lover. After a bad day, Michelle walks in on her roommate having sex with another girl. She tries to… more

Michelle’s Sexual Awakening
Crimson Rose
Forbidden Love - My Brother'... - Cecilia Smith

Forbidden Love - My Brother'...Cecilia Smith

Ethan’s stay at his stepsister Amanda’s place soon turned from just a few days to several weeks. Amanda desperately wants to get her life back on track but Ethan’s presence isn’t allowing her to do so. When she finally secures a job intervi… more

Forbidden Love - My Brother’s Secret (Stepbrother/sister Sex, Pseudo-Incest, and Taboo Sex)
Cecilia Smith
Cecilia Smith , English
The Courtship of Amanda Timm... - Sharon Flesch

The Courtship of Amanda Timm...Sharon Flesch

Average wait: N/A

When Amanda’s abusive husband is about to be charged with a crime, he commits suidide, leaving her and their five young children with nothing. Having no other choice, she moves back to her hometown to live with her father and stepmother un… more

The Courtship of Amanda Timmons (Timmons Saga Book 1)
Sharon Flesch
The Non Withdrawal Method 1 - Scarlett Skyes

The Non Withdrawal Method 1Scarlett Skyes

Average wait: N/A

I might not be able to talk him into being gentle for my first time. When inexperienced brat Amanda’s boyfriend cheats on her the night she was going to let him be her first she leaves the party in tears. Arriving home to find Harley, the … more

The Non Withdrawal Method 1
Scarlett Skyes
Mastering Amanda (The Master... - Shannon West

Mastering Amanda (The Master...Shannon West

Average wait: N/A

After ten years of working and pining for her gorgeous boss, Mac MacAllister, Amanda fears their relationship might be coming to an end. Surprisingly, Mac has made her an offer she shouldn’t be able to refuse—marry him and be a good wife a… more

Mastering Amanda (The Masters Trilogy Book 1)
Shannon West
Bred By The Fae (a paranorma... - Rose Black

Bred By The Fae (a paranorma...Rose Black

Average wait: N/A

A Top 100 Kindle Erotica Best Seller!Amanda’s romantic weekend trip with her boyfriend is a major disappointment. Instead of the relaxing spa getaway she wanted, she’s stuck camping in the woods. To make matters worse, her boyfriend is more… more

Bred By The Fae (a paranormal fairy breeding erotica)
Rose Black
Haint: A Tale of Extraterres... - Joy Ward, William Wegman

Haint: A Tale of Extraterres...Joy Ward, William Wegman

How did we evolve? Did we have help? In a world torn apart by cataclysmic climate changes, survivors learn answers to these immortal questions as they join together based on their love of various dog breeds. Two voices, the weimaraner Hain… more

Haint: A Tale of Extraterrestrial Intervention and Love Across Time and Space
Joy Ward, William Wegman
Trafford Publishing , English
Curvy Girls Do It Harder wit... - Ulriche Kacey Padraige

Curvy Girls Do It Harder wit...Ulriche Kacey Padraige

Average wait: N/A

Curvy Girls Do It Harder with Rock Stars: Short Erotic Romance - Book 7

Mature Content Warning: This short erotic romance book contains very strong language and steamy adult entertainment - Strictly for Adults

It took a little … more

Curvy Girls Do It Harder with Rock Stars: Short Erotic Romance
Ulriche Kacey Padraige
Courtney Gets Caught - JJ Argus

Courtney Gets CaughtJJ Argus

Average wait: N/A

Courtney is a young, nearly virginal college girl with little experience in life or love. An ordinary, but beautiful girl, she finds herself being seduced by her best friend Amanda, seduced into lesbian games and sex, and then bondage. By t… more

Courtney Gets Caught
JJ Argus
ebookblue.com , English
Daddy, What If Mommy Caught ... - Christian A. Turner

Daddy, What If Mommy Caught ...Christian A. Turner

DESCRIPTION: Whenever I was around my stepdaughter, Amanda, I always seemed to be walking on egg shells. She was always looking at me funny, watching me, and sneaking up on me making me feel as if I was doing something wrong in my own house… more

Daddy, What If Mommy Caught Us (The Dirty Daddy-Daughter Sex) - A Short Erotic Story
Christian A. Turner
She Needs Two: (Interracial ... - Dusky Jewel

She Needs Two: (Interracial ...Dusky Jewel

Average wait: N/A

They’ve been talking about it for years, but it’s finally time to put up or shut up. Amanda and her husband Will are on vacation when they run into a dark, handsome stranger…and Amanda decides it’s time to unleash the hotwife inside her. … more

She Needs Two: (Interracial Hotwife Erotica) (She Needs More Book 1)
Dusky Jewel
Cocoa, Cornbread and Vanilla... - TerryAnn  Moore

Cocoa, Cornbread and Vanilla...TerryAnn Moore

Average wait: N/A

Cocoa, Cornbread and Vanilla are 3 adorable mischievous ducklings that go home with 9 year-old Amanda. The book recounts their adventures together (and sometimes apart), and includes age-appropriate recipes for some of the treats Amanda ma… more

Cocoa, Cornbread and Vanilla (An Amanda Cooks Book)
TerryAnn Moore
Before And After The Impossi... - Valerie Brook

Before And After The Impossi...Valerie Brook

Average wait: N/A

Seventeen-year-old Amanda has an impossible secret and a powerful enemy who doesn’t want her to tell. When the enemy threatens to steal what she cares most about, Amanda must find a long-term plan to best them at their game. But can she sur… more

Before And After The Impossible (The Flipside Book 2)
Valerie Brook
Two Lights Press , English
Books For Kids: Amanda and t... - Shelley Admont

Books For Kids: Amanda and t...Shelley Admont

Average wait: N/A

Books For Kids: Amanda and the Lost Time (motivational book for kids) (Kids Books, Children’s Books, Free Stories, Short stories, Series Books For Kids Ages 4-6 6-8, 9-12) Winning and Success Skills Children’s Books Collection “Mom, I will… more

Books For Kids: Amanda and the Lost Tome (motivational book for kids): (Kids Books, Children’s Books, kids free, Short stories, Series Books For Kids Ages … Success Skills Children’s Books Collection)
Shelley Admont
Shelley Admont Publishing , English
Books For Kids: Amanda's Dre... - Shelley Admont

Books For Kids: Amanda's Dre...Shelley Admont

Average wait: N/A

Books For Kids: Amanda’s Dream (motivational book for kids) (Kids Books, Children’s Books, Free Stories, Short stories, Series Books For Kids Ages 4-6 6-8, 9-12) Winning and Success Skills Children’s Books Collection

In this insightful ch… more

Books For Kids: Amanda’s Dream (motivational book for kids): (Kids Books, Children’s Books, Free Stories, Short stories, Series Books For Kids Ages 4-6 … Success Skills Children’s Books Collection)
Shelley Admont
Shelley Admont Publishing , English
Soul Retribution - H.B. Salzer

Soul RetributionH.B. Salzer

Average wait: N/A

Driven by the untimely death of her mother, Amanda is compelled to seek out Adam, the man responsible for deceiving her mother during a spell gone awry, and sacrifice his soul to save her mother’s. Soul Retribution takes you through Amanda… more

Soul Retribution
H.B. Salzer